What Is A Menstrual Cup?

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A menstrual cup (in its most recently-used material) is the latest advancement in period protection, that is worn inside the vagina and collects your menstrual fluid (blood) instead of absorbing it– making it cleaner and more “green” alternative to tampons.  It is also cheaper in the long-run, and new brands are springing up all over the world!

Picture 97

To describe it better– it is a soft and flexible bell-shaped cup; most are made out of medical grade silicone, and some are made of TPE (the material used to make catheters).  But don’t worry–  Its not the same kind of silicone used in breast implants.  This is a  different kind, which has been used as artificial heart valves in heart patients for the past 50 years.

First, the silicone starts out as a liquid, then it is heated to extremely high temperatures, and cooled into a flexible, rubber-like material, much like a baby bottle nipple.  Then the outside is specially cured to resist the growth and absorption of bacteria.

Picture 128

They are reusable, so you only need one.  A cup may cost a bit more (usually around 30 dollars), but that’s because they can last for many years!  So in the end, they turn out to be less expensive than disposables.

The cups are worn until they are full, then they are removed, emptied, cleaned, and reinserted.

Now, when most women hear about a reusable menstrual product, they think,

“Is that safe?”

Absolutely!  Remember, the material has been used internally for decades.  And it has natural antibacterial properties.  So the cups are perfectly safe to clean and re-use, as recommended by the companies.  That is why they are so different, and remarkable!

Also, there are plenty of other things that are worn/inserted vaginally, but are also reusable– and the public has never had issues with them.  Things like diaphragms (which doctors actually prescribe), or “personal items” that adults/couples use.  So when you think about it, reusable and washable vaginal products are really quite normal.

Picture 133

With a menstrual cup, you can have all the same benefits of tampons– but you’ll never run out of anything, the cost over time is lower, and menstrual cups have NOT been associated with TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).  The cups leave no traces of bleach, damaging rayon fibers, or dioxin, the way most tampons do.

Picture 134

They can even be worn during sports, sleeping, swimming…  Anything you would do while wearing a tampon!  Another benefit they offer is a cleaner feeling, without the common odors during your period.

Picture 135

But perhaps the biggest benefit, is that menstrual cups do not interfere with the chemical environment of the vagina.  They do not expose you to chemicals or fibers, and they do not dry you up inside.  They simply allow your body’s fluids to flow naturally, without disrupting your delicate ph levels.

Picture 131

My Personal Feelings:

To start with, I will admit that I was not always such a big fan of menstrual cups.  In fact, I was a faithful tampon user until around January, 2009.  Through my own observation, I have noticed that many women go through several stages of reaction before deciding to switch to menstrual cups.  Even I myself went through this…

Picture 466

First they might feel surprised, shocked, confused, curious, wary…  Many of them will completely reject the idea at first, because it is something new and unfamiliar, and that is often human nature to do so.  But eventually, curiosity drives them to find out more.  And the more they learn, the better the idea sounds.  Until finally, they take the plunge, and buy a cup.

Picture 132

It’s true– and I’ll tell you, my own first thoughts were:  “Wouldn’t that spill if you tried to remove it?  Isn’t it a lot of hassle?  Is it safe?”

Picture 468

Yes, I was one of the women who completely rejected it at first.  But after doing a lot of research and talking to women who have used them, I realized that it was a wonderful solution!  Also, the material holds its shape during removal, so with a little practice, its really not messy at all.

Picture 467

Certainly not as much as a pad, and about the same as a tampon, often even less.  There are women who have been using even the earlier models, for 10 and 20 years!   Today, I own many brands, and I make videos about cups and their use for YouTube.  I LOVE  helping to educate women on these wonderful items.

Picture 173

QUESTION:   “Ok, so…  If these things are so great, then how come I’ve never heard of them?  How come I’ve never seen them in a TV commercial, or on the store shelves?  How come every woman in the world isn’t aware of them?”

ANSWER:  Those are the most common questions I hear.  Honestly, the biggest reasons are because 1– In most cases, cups cannot be made in large factories, by the thousands.  They have to be made carefully, in a very clean (often surgery-quality) room.  The material and labor costs are a bit higher, which is why one cup ranges around 30 dollars, for most brands.

Picture 469

2– The business of manufacturing and selling cups is mostly a labor of love.  Many of the companies are small, and lucky if they break even after the business loans, approval fees, and various other expenses.

Picture 470

Menstrual cups last so long, the companies simply do not get the high numbers of repeat sales that the disposable product companies do.

Picture 580

So they usually cannot afford the multi-thousand-dollar TV commercial ads, and publicity.  It is mainly up to the distributors’  internet sites, and word-of-mouth by faithful and adoring cup users, to spread the word.

Picture 332

At first, many people are not aware of all this, and they assume that since cups are not all over TV and on every store shelf…  They must be a bad idea.   But one of my favorite examples to use is:

“We don’t see prosthetic limbs or pacemakers in commercials, or on every store shelf either.  But that doesn’t mean they are a bad idea…”

Picture 413

I hope I have been able to help ease some the concerns and apprehension some of you out there may have about these wonderful products.  For some women (especially young girls), its difficult to stand in line at the grocery store, purchasing disposable products.  Particularly when there are boys or men in line behind you, or if the cashier is a man…  But for a cup user, All that is in the past.

Picture 414

Cups really are amazing, and women who use them actually look forward to getting their period!  Particularly when they are waiting to try their new cup for the first time.

Picture 516

And even after that, each time they empty their cup, they are reminded of how free they are from a life of disposables, and that they will never run out of  anything again.  When have women ever been able to say that before?

Picture 471

The nature of these cups, along with the cute little storage pouches are giving us women exactly what we love to have– choices.   And with these choices, cups are more like fashion accessories, rather than sanitary products.  There is finally a period solution that women can keep– even grow to love!  And we cup users do.

Picture 353

Over to the right under “pages”, you will find my reviews of brands that I own, with photos.  Also some helpful information on the brands that I do not own.  Thank you for visiting my blog, and have fun browsing!

Picture 382



  1. ness said,

    Great page!! I absolutely fell in love with these cups. Pages like these help to spread the word. So many women still don’t know about it.

    I would just like to point out to you that cups are NOT the “latest advancement in period protection”. No, they’ve been there way before tampons. They have been taken off the market because –guess why– its hard to make money with a product that women only need to buy once or twice in a lifetime. And thats the real scandal! Its so much easier to make money with tampons! (same with tights that do not rip, have been taken off the market in the early 20th C)

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      True, there have been much, much earlier models back as early as the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Then Keeper made the first success at it. Sad that they didn’t come on to the scene as strongly as they are now, long ago though… (sigh)

      • Techiexx said,

        I actually have a keeper cup. First cup I bought and I LOVE it. It’s the best thing I’ve EVER spent money on. I got it from Glad Rags which is a company I found online that also makes reusable pads.

        I’ve only had my keeper cup for 2 years and I’ve saved myself so much money and time spent buying other products. Not to mention scrubbing horrible stains out of clothing. I could never use tampons because they always leaked too much.

        I recommend that every woman gets one of these wonderful things.

  2. Michelle said,

    I saw your video on youtube and wanted to visit your page too.

    I kept getting infections from using tampons and my Dr told me I needed to stop using them. Not wanting to use pads, I searched online and discovered menstrual cups. I bought one and did have to get used to it. But now I LOVE it!! I’ve been a happy menstrual cup user for three years now.

    Thank you for spreading the word.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Your welcome. I would also like to encourage any and all cup users to get a webcam if they can, and post some videos on YouTube. The more of us who do it, the bigger they will be! 🙂

  3. Emelie Fredriksson said,

    I’ve just find out about the menstrualcup and I’m super excited but i can’t find anywhere to buy it. I live in Sweden and I have no idea where to buy it from. Many american online stores dont ship to Sweden :

    If you know any site that ships to sweden please tell me ! 😀

    Thanks for the great info //Emp

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Try some of the European brands, or brands from other countries around the world (Meluna, Femmecup, MoonCup from U.K., Lunette, LadyCup, Miacup, etc. Do a search on those names. Or go to feminine wear.co.uk and ask Teresa if she ships to Sweden. She works from the U.K. and she carries all those brands.

  4. Emelie Fredriksson said,

    Hello it’s me again 😉 Haha, i’ve just order my first menstrualcup, i chose the small MeLuna because i have a very light flow. But the thing i wanted to ask is about cleaning it. Do you think that i could clean it with a product thats made for cleaning sextoys? I mean its antibacterial (sorry for my spelling) and made for cleaning stuff that goes into your body. Thanks again ! 😀

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Some cups are made of medical silicone, some are made from the same material as catheters. Usually, a mild, perfume free soap is ok (like Dove unscented). I guess it depends on what is in the cleaner. Probably a good idea to email the seller and ask if the ingredients on the cleaner’s bottle are ok witht he material.

    • Techiexx said,

      I just use a mild soap and warm water with mine.

  5. Amber said,

    How do you get it in? it looks big and awkward.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Its folded into a smaller shape (see the folding link) and inserted like a non-applicator tampon. Then it expands when its inside.

  6. Melissa Hedwall said,

    I love the concept of these, however I am concerned with cleanliness. For example, I work in a huge company with public bathrooms. How do you clean these in a public bathroom? I don’t think anyone wants to see my cup full of blood and coagulation while i rinse it in the sink. Also, what if someone at work has a disease carried in their blood and they don’t clean up after themselves in the sink?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      In public bathrooms, most women bring bottled water in their purse into the stall, so they can clean it privately. The water bottle is great, it can be refilled. That way, you won’t have to worry about touching faucet handles, or anyone else seeing it. You just do it over the toilet, it works like a charm.

  7. Samantha said,

    Hey, I have been using the Divacup for a couple years, but I find it pretty uncomfortable. It is too long for me, and I feel like I have to force it in and it is a pain to get out. I think I am going to try a Meluna. I have a really heavy flow for a couple days, so I think I am going to get a medium and a large, since the large is close in size to the small Diva. My question is, what stem would you recommend, for someone who tends to have problems pulling it out? I was thinking of a ball for the medium and maybe the ring for the large, since you can get your finger through it, but I worry it would be uncomfortable on the edges. You’d have to pinch the bottom of it to really get it out anyway, so the ring wouldn’t be that useful, right? Any opinions? So many decisions! Then I have to choose the color! Thanks!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Honestly, if you are short inside, aka, if Diva is too long for you (like me) you will probably be able to remove a large Meluna with a ball stem just fine. And I think the ball stem will bemore comfortable. For the medium, it may be slipepry to remove, regardless of the stem. So besure to keep some toilet paper in your hand and re-dry your fingers a couple of times during removal, so you have better grip. For large meluna, inserting a finger helps with removal. For medium and small, its better to pinch the bottom and tilt the cup from left to right while pulling down.

    • Emelie Fredriksson said,

      I’ve just got my first Meluna and it’s a small one with a ring. It’s not uncomfortable and very easy to grab onto 🙂

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        That’s great news, glad its working out for you 🙂

  8. SAS said,

    Thank you for your wonderful site. I just purchased my first Diva Cup as I am travelling to SE Asia over the holidays and saw the product listed in a traveller’s guide. I ran out to Whole Foods and bought one. Did a test run on insertion and removal and I think I’m in love, I hope this works as well as I think it will.

    I think you are the companies official spokesperson and I hope they appreciate your hard work!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Thank you very much 🙂 I try to help the companies as much as possible by spreading the word. I too hope they like what I’m doing, and find it helpful for business.

  9. Kelly said,

    I just got a diva cup and have practiced with insertion a few times and when it’s insreted it doesn’t pop open. That’s what I’m having trouble with. Maybe I’m not putting it in far enough. I am very excited and curious to use it so any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      When you fold it, try keeping at least on of the holes inside the fold crease, this keeps it exposed to air longer. Also keeping a finger along side the cup, kind of inside the fold crease, easing it open, helps it pop open better too, for the same reason. Air has to be able to get inside the cup in order for it to pop open.

  10. Cherie said,

    First of all I want to thank you Melissa. You are the one who made me convert to a cup. I consider you the Goddess of Cups or guru, you pick. You are a wealth of information.

    I use the large Diva and have had 3 major removal issues in the 8 cycles I have used it. It sits pretty high. I cannot get two fingers to pinch the bottom. I can only get one finger and press against the cup and pull down. I cut off the stem, it irritated. Not sure it would help since I cannot get two fingers in there.

    I ordered a large Meluna Ring cup. I hope that I can actually use the ring to help with removal.

    My question is, “What is the longest cup?”

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hmmm, depends if you’re tlaking abotu body length or over all legth (with the stem). Over all length, the keeper and keeper moon cup from USA are the longest, because of their stems. Well, the bodie’s are sorta short, but the stems are lengthy. In matters of body length, Its either Large Diva, Large Miacup, or Large Fleurcup (Fleurcup doesn’t ship to USA though). I’ve never seen the larges of those brands up close, I only have the smalls. But even my smalls are longer that the other smalls, and even some of the other larges.

      Although body wise, I strongly suspect it may be Diva… However, the large meluna with the ring stem is nice, I have one, its pretty easy to grab.

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        PS– thank you for the kind words, glad I could help with your choice to switch 🙂

  11. Nadia! said,

    The elimination of disposables makes cups ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY!
    Saving the earth every cycle 😀

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      True that 🙂

  12. SpiceyMom said,

    Thank You Thank You. I bought a Diva Cup almost 3 years ago after I had my first baby. I love love love it. Before I had switched from tampons to using Instead, actually at the suggestion of my boyfriend (now hubby). When buying cloth diapers for my new baby, I discovered the DIVA and am so thankful I did. I recommend it to friends, even though they look at me funny. But I think it it less gross than dealing with my kid’s poopy diapers. Great site and I am now sending friends to it.

  13. Cherie said,

    I have used the Meluna Large with the ring now for a couple cycles. I really like it. It is shorter than the Diva Cup but it does not seem to go up as high. I still have leakage problems but no longer have the removal problem. The ring makes removal so much easier. I love my Meluna.

    Thanks again for keeping us on the GREEN track.

  14. T said,

    Are these safe to drink from? I’m interested in collecting menses for my boyfriend to drink.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Well the cup alone would be safe to drink water from, perhaps…

      But there are certain dangers in drinking raw blood. You can get too much iron in your system. A certain amount is healthy, but too much can be a problem. Blood is very high in iron. Also, even if you enjoy blood and you are not squeamish about it, it can still make you sick. Not because of disease, even healthy blood can make you vomit. There is a reason for this, our bodies aren’t really designed for the digestion of it. Even in slaughter houses, they often turn the animal upside-down and decapitate it, to ensure that as much blood as possible is drained from the body, before chilling the meat, cutting it up, and packaging it. As a general rule of thumb, blood does not sit well in most human stomachs.

      As for taking up something such as fad-like vampirism, raw blood can coagulate in the stomach, and cause digestive problems, similar so swallowing a rubber ball.

      Generally, drinking blood its not really good for you. Some native tribes drink blood, but their people’s health is usually not as good as people who don’t. Also, they often boil it or mix it with certain cereals or even milk to eliminate some of the effects on the system. Not many will drink it straight.

      Finally, there are certain natural bacteria’s in regular menstrual fluid or cervical mucus which may not be the best thing to ingest. Just because the vagina can handle it, doesn’t mean the stomach can. And vise-versa. Different parts of our body were designed to handle different types of organisms.

  15. WeyrCat said,

    SO I was flipping through a digital issue of Yoga Life and stumbled on an add for a “period alternative”. After seeing their menstrual cup and thinking “weird” but intrigued I googled it and found you. Your page made me a believer. I’ve been through every page you have! I was even about to make a chart with the various information you have to help better choose the cup I wanted when one of your links took me to:

    Using that information I was able to make an education decision based on what size would be best for me. Between the two of you, I’m already telling other people about these awesome little tools, while still waiting for mine in the mail!

    Thank you so much for putting so much work into this!

  16. silken said,

    thank you so much for all the information you have gathered and share with everyone in such a professional, sensitive, discreet and forthright (at the same time!) manner. your information and particularly your informative videos have helped me in choosing to try a diva cup. I have only used it on one cycle, as I was participating in a triathlon at the time of my cycle. It worked well!! thank you again and I hope to become a full time cup user before too many more cycles.

    I also wrote a short blog post about menstrual cups and linked to your site here and your you tube video as well.

  17. ltlmiss said,

    Hi – Great site with lots of helpful information! I’m looking to try a cup. I wanted to get on your new discussion board, but never got the confirmation email …

    I saw you had a comparison chart on firmness. It would be interesting to have a table that compares the brands on multiple characteristics like size, firmness, stem type, ease of insertion and removal, etc.


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hmm, those are interesting ideas fo other charts I could possibly fix up one day 🙂

      As for the confirmation email… Did you check you spam folder? Sometimes they can get lost in that. Also, double check to see if it will allow you to resend the email, or if the email you typed in was incorrect?


      • ltlmiss said,

        Not in spam and couldn’t find a resend link. 😦 Maybe I’ll try again with a different email and choose a new forum name.

  18. Dra said,

    Melissa- you are wonderful! I’m a brand new user of menstrual cups and was a little intimidated. Watching your videos put me at ease and made my first cycle with a cup an absolute breeze! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I work in the public health field and I wish I could have all your videos distributed to health/sex ed classes. Most young women are never exposed to menstrual cups (I wasn’t and I’m in the medical field!). Your videos would be a great way to point girls in a more economic, healthy, and environmentaly friendly direction!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I’ve given a few classes on it. What I did was bring my laptop and play the videos in front of the class for everyone to see. Super easy, and it explained a lot! 🙂

  19. Amy Wing said,

    Fantastic page! Thank you SOOOO much for the demo videos!

  20. lalis said,

    Please I am from Spain, it is the first time I see this, could you recomended me one?
    I need big, I have 36 years old and a son, I need it would be secure… thanksssssss

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If you are 36 and have a child, you shoudl get a large. Divacup, Large Lunette, Large Yuuki, Large Fleurcup– all these hold a lot of liquid 🙂

  21. Katie said,

    All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU & THANK YOU. I have searched and searched for alternatives to having to constantly buy pads and tampons. I am 21 and I have one child and after having a child my menstrual flow became a lot heavier so something different became a must. I found your page through watching random youtube videos,I knew then that it was a sign. With all of you very helpful and extensive information I ordered a size A Keeper Mooncup,and I think I am in LOVE with it. You are wonderful.Thank you again for putting this information out there if you hadn’t I would have never known menstrual cups existed.Please keep up the awesome info. Once again THANK YOU sooooo much

  22. mizzfrank said,

    Hi Melissa,

    Great blog!!

    I am working for a progressive, women’s health non-profit and we are trying to asses women’s attitudes about menstruation and use of the menstrual cup. Would you mind posting this survey on your blog? Positive feedback on this survey will help us educate women in our community about the cup and it’s benefits.




    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Sure, I’ll add a page in the right-hand collumn for it 🙂

  23. Pam said,

    Hi Melissa,

    Just wanted to add my thanks to you for this great blog. I ordered my Meluna a few months ago, and am so thankful I came across your blog with all the information I needed to make an informed choice, both about switching to a menstrual cup and about the different brands available. I had so many problems with pads and tampons, but the cup is wonderful and gives me such freedom. I can say I no longer dread my period and the hassles that come with it.

    Keep educating people about the benefits of menstrual cups! You are helping so many people make their lives better!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Thank you so much for the kind words, that’s always very encouraging to hear! 🙂

  24. April said,

    Hi I just received my first ever cup today. I ordered the Diva size 2. I just finished my period a little over a week ago. I thought I would just try and practice today. Well, ouch…i had some issues with inserting before the cup opened and the one time i did get it in it burned like no ones business! Could it be that im just not moist enough an need a lube to help? I gave up after the burning ….ill try again but just curious to your thoughts! btw….love all of your youtube videos! so informative!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Different folds can help, there is a video on folds on my YouTube channel 🙂 Lube can help too. But I strongly suggest applying the lube the the vaginal opening, instead of the cup (it can make the cup to difficult to hold on to). Always insert down/back toward the rectum or tail bone, since that is the natural slanted angle of the vagina. Never aim straight up.

      Its also ok to let the cup pop open a bit or even completely when its about halfway inserted, and then just coax it up (if that’s possible, some people cant). Try inserting witht he folded crease facing down, it pops open better that way for some.

  25. April said,

    Hi, So I finally have gotten to use my large diva. I can insert and remove fine but I am a leaky mess! It leaks like crazy. My cervix tilts way back and ive tried several different directions. One attempt i was able to collect some flujd but not all. Do I need a wider cup perhaps? The dive is long and narrow .I have a heavy flow so I need something with capacity too! Thanks for your help!

  26. JOe said,

    gosh I wrote a comment but it disappeared…
    I really would like to try a cup, but I don’t know how to choose and which one…
    Here in my country this things are still nearly unknown… (evend doctors and gynaecologists don’t know a lot about it :o( ) so I’m really interested but confused as well.
    any ckue for me?

    Anyway thank you, this blog and this post are great. Really appreciate all these informations

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi JOe, I put a reply on you fist comment. The comment probably seemed to disappear because I have my settings so that comments have to be approved by me before they appear. 🙂

      • JOe said,

        Thank you so much for the reply.
        Actually I still can’t see my first comment on the blog, but i could see your complete reply on my alert email, so it’s ok (sorry if I repeated the comment) Maybe is a problem of my computer or my account wordpress/settings.

        I’m still a bit confused about my choice, but I’m working on it and your infos were very useful.
        I’m nearly 30 but never had children and I’m very narrow. I’m not sure about my flow (i thought I was sure..but after reading everyone discovered their flows where lighter than they thought and so on..probably I have a lighter flow as well) So probably I don’t need a big capacity (I also don’t mind emptying the cup a few time more often).
        Now it came out a friend of mine is about tu switch to cup as well, and she has other friends who make collective orders online..so probably I’ll go with them and get a Mooncup (european version! 😛 ) And then in 2 weeks I have to go to Germany and stay there some months…so I could get a Meluna very easily since Meluna is German 😉

        Thank you again for all the infos, and for this blog which is great (I’ll add it to my blogroll if you don’t mind)
        Sorry for my english..I’m still working on it too ^___^, and if maybe I reapeated some questions/matters other people already wrote.

  27. Melody said,


    I just wanted to say thanks for putting together such a great website and youtube videos. I made the decision a few weeks ago to try the DivaCup. I’d been intrigued by menstrual cups for a few months, but I hadn’t decided to buy one until it looked like my period was going to ruin my long-awaited Caribbean vacation. I’ve never been comfortable with tampons (too afraid of TSS) and decided to give the cup a try. I’m so glad I did!

    I really appreciate your videos. They helped a lot with some questions I had. And my vacation was great by the way! I hardly knew I even had my period! For the first time, I was actually able to SWIM with my period! I can’t believe I hadn’t tried out the cup sooner…it’s totally changed my life! 🙂

    As weird as this may sound, I’m almost looking forward to my period again just so I can try it again and get some more practice, lol. I don’t think I’ll go back to pads and my only regret was that before I bought the cup, I stocked up on a ton of Always! LOL

    Thanks again, and keep doing what you do! I think more women should know about this fabulous product! 🙂

  28. KD said,


    I am sooooo glad you have this information, your blog is BY FAR the best as far as non-biased information goes, and reading about menstrual cups here helped me get over my initial repulsion. I found out about cups from researching cloth pads, I wanted to have something reusable, but I wasn’t thrilled about giving up tampons, and wasn’t interested in using sea sponge. After spending about 3 days researching and reading every article on your site I bought the Lunette Selene from your store.

    Thank you very much for this wealth of information you’ve brought us women, I will be telling my earth conscious friends about cups, and I’m very excited to try out my cup when it comes in the mail! The only thing I’m disappointed about is that my period JUST ended.

    I cannot thank you enough!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      KD– Thank you very much for those encouraging words, it always makes me happy to know that these pages are still helping lots of people! 🙂 Let me know when you get your cup, I also personally use a small Lunette 🙂

  29. christina miller said,

    Its so true that if the companies cant find a way to keep us coming for more of the product, it jut will fall off the publics raidar. I hate tampons!

  30. jenn said,

    Great article, I am subscribing.

  31. Michelle said,

    Hi Melissa,

    Just wanted to say that you’ve provided such an amazing resource for women around the world! I hope you know what an impact you’ve made. Your comparison videos are priceless… really, it’s such a hard decision to choose a cup. Without actually trying a bunch of different brands, reading this website is the second-best option! I’ve spent weeks researching cups, and finally decided on a small lunette. I can’t even feel it, it’s so comfortable! I’m 100% shocked and amazed!

    I really think that menstrual cups are life-changing and are certainly really important for the environment. I can’t imagine using tampons/disposable pads anymore. Like you, I’m a cup convert for life.

    I just wanted to sincerely thank you for all the information you’ve provided! All the best in the future!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Thank you very much for your words of encouragement! 🙂 I certainly plant to continue building this blog, so everyone can get the information they need, and I am very glad it helps people. When I first started out, I rememebr wishing there were a place where I could see photos, videos and reviews of them all, and there were none… So I figured I should just make one myself, and maybe it would help others 🙂 I certainly intend to leave all this up so it can continue to be a resource.

  32. JJ's Mom said,

    Quick question. I just started using menstrual cups. Currently use the diva size 2 and Have no leakage and no problems inserting. I’ve cut the stem off completely but the cup base still sits low enough to feel outside (when wiping, when walking I can feel it against my underwear, etc). Is there another cup you would recommend trying that might be shorter in length since the size itself seems to be fine. I’m 31 years old and has had two children.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      The good news is, almost all of them are shorter than Diva. But there are still some that are equally long, which you should avoid:

      Large yuuki
      large or X large Meluna
      Natural Mamma
      Large NaturCup

      But any of the others will be shorter, so you can pretty much pick and choose 🙂 Its just a matter of price, availability and any other little preferences you might have.

  33. ruvy may said,

    it would be helpfull if you add the brand name to each pic. I had many information about this products by now, thanks I will think about buying one 😀

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