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PLEASE NOTE:  This brand is no available to be shipped to the United States, so U.S. customers can order them at the original Fleurcup company website!  I will update the video with this information soon.

I got this Fleurcup thanks to a personal friend.  When I opened up the Fleurcup package I received in the mail, I was favorably impressed!  In my opinion, this is a very good quality cup.  Included was of course the small lilac Fleurcup I asked for, a black, satiny drawstring pouch, and multi-lingual instructions in French, English and German.

The Cup:

The old Fleurcup’s material was virtually the same in stiffness and feel as the large Lunette.  But I have been told that now the new Fleurcup is much softer. The suction release holes are up than a few other brands, which is something a lot of people are looking for.  There is only one rim, which is kind of flared out, rather than being a thicker ring around the top.  In other words, this cup has more of a distinctive “bell” shape than other brands do.  This is different for me, but I like it.

The actual “cup” part is shorter than many other brands, but because of the higher holes, it still has great capacity.   It holds 20ml, the same as a small lunette, and only slightly less than a small Diva.  So if you need something close to Diva or Lunette in capacity, but still short, this cup is a good choice.

When I tried this cup out, I did notice the flared rim during insertion, but it was still comfortable. Especially with a punch-down fold.   I usually let a cup pop open a bit, before I get it all the way in.  Then I coax it the rest of the way up.  With Fleurcup, coaxing goes a little slower with the rim, but again, its comfortable because of how smooth the material is.  There is no writing on the cup at all, and the only texture is at the bottom– the grip rings.

I thought I was going to feel the rings while wearing it (because I’m “short” in that area).  But surprisingly, I really didn’t feel them much at all.  Probably because the cup is so much shorter in the body than Diva (I do feel Diva’s, so I turn it inside-out).  The stem I could feel though.   But as I always say, that can be trimmed away.  So to me, its not a problem.

Removal— with this brand, I find that the old “pinch and tilt” method works bets (pinch the base of the cup, and tilt it from left to right).     I suppose you could insert a finger to break the suction if you wanted to, but I honestly didn’t have to do that, so I didn’t try it.  Also, in the case of cups with flared rims (Fleurcup, MoonCup UK, Femmecup), the rim usually prevents you from being able to reach up far enough to dent in the rim.  Which is why I recommend the “pinch and tilt” method for such brands.

Again, very impressed with this cup, and if you want something with plenty of capacity, but is small and opens easily, I so go for this one 🙂


I have recieved a large pink Fleurcup to go with the small.  So I’m providing my thoughts and some new photos:

Large Fleurcup:

For capacity, I give this one a “Grade A”.  Exactly to the holes, it takes about the same as a large Lunette.  But some people need that more defined rim for extra seal.  With both large and small Fleurcup, I find the punch-down fold more comfortable.  And the texture of the outside allows it to go in very smoothly and easily (true for both sizes).

My large Fleurcup is the “pink” color.  Its very close to the color of flesh, and its cute as can be next to the small purple.  I find the suction on both fairly easy to break, because their sides are easier to manipulate as a whole, with just a single indention.



  1. Alisa said,

    Thanks for the great review! I just ordered a fleurcup (I live in germany so it’s no problem getting one). It is going to be my first menstrual cup ever, and your blog and videos got me all excited about it, your are really doing a great job!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Thanks, let me know how it works for you 🙂

  2. Alisa said,

    Hi Melissa, I absolutely love my fleurcup, but I got a large Meluna now for my heavy days.
    I ‘ll never go back to tampons again, I gave them all away, the cups are so much more comfortable and it is so convenient not having to carry tampons or pads to the bathroom (always hoping nobody notices I got my period).

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      That’s wonderful! I’m glad its working out so well for you. I still have a box of tampons from a year ago, when I switched to cups… It sits under my bathroom sink. I keep it around in case there is another woman who needs them, as I can’t loan out my cups, lol. But I do tell other women about cups all the time, just so they know what else is out there.

  3. fabs said,

    Hi Melissa, I am trying out a Fleurcup (small in purple ;)) at the moment, and so far it seems very comfortable. I had to get rid of the stem as it was poking me and to be honest, I find it unnecessary (I have learned to squeezing it with my muscles and pinching it out). I decided to get the fleurcup as my backup cup to my Mooncup UK (small) and for the heavier days.

    As my period normally starts very lightly, I also had a chance to try out my new small meluna (ball stem in purple). I wore it for about 6 hours and it was 2/3 full and no leaking. It did feel a little stiffer than my mooncup when taking it out, and also noticed that it kind of went up further, making it a *little* more difficult to grab, but I did it without much problem (I also noticed it became a little more slippery than my other cups). But it’s a nice cup overall, I will use it for the last days of my period.

    Let’s see how we do with my Fleucup in the next few days. I will keep you posted 🙂

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I like Fleurcup too. I too would trim the stem if it were my regular personal cup, but I don’t want to ruin mine, because they are extremely difficult to get in the USA, so I want to keep it perfect for pictures, and such, lol.

      But I agree, meluna is great for my light days. and Frank who works with Meluna is such a nice man, he’s been very kind to me.

      Keep us posted on yoru progress 🙂

  4. Diana said,

    Hi, Melissa!
    First, I wanted to say that your website & videos are absolutely amazing & so informative!
    After reading everything on here, I decided to get a small purple Fleurcup, it will be my first one, I really hope it will work nicely for me!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Thanks Diana, the smalle purple is the same one I have. Its so pretty, and easy to pop open because its firmer. So cute, it looks like a little pale-purple bell, lol

  5. bea said,

    Hello Melissa,
    Thank you for the great job you do!!!It’s so precious!
    Here is my situation:
    I got a lady cup (size 2) for 1 year, and wore it only the night untill my last period: It never stay in my vagina while standing.(two babies, vaginaly birth) By reading and testing myself I’ve understood that I have a very low cervix on days 2 to 4 and a very high on days 1-2 and 5. On my last period,I tried an origami fold, that works very well the first two days (I was so joyfull!!)but, the following days, back to the bad experience with the cup getting out)
    I want to by a smaller one and I am hesitating beetween the small fleurcup and the medium MeLuna. ( My days 2 and 3 are very profuse ,due to my IUD). What do you think about it regarding your great experience? You may have another idea?
    I didn’t mention that I have a light prolaps blader and rectum but it doesn’t bother the days when my cervix is high so I don’t think it is so significant.
    Sorry for the broken english.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Your English was great, actually, I understood you very well 🙂

      It sounds like your low cervix may have been pushing your cup out of you. Sometimes that can happen if a cup is too long.

      Between medium Meluna and small Fleurcup (and your heavy period as you say), Fleurcup would hold more liquid. You would be happy to know that small Fleurcup holds as much liquid (to the holes) as a large ladycup (to the lowest holes), so for that reason, you might like Fleurcup better. Weather you should get large or small, after 2 children would be the big question…. I only have the small Fleurcup, so I’m not sure how large Fleurcup compares in length to a small ladycup. My only concern is that small fleurcup, while shorter, also has less width. Which is also the case with all other short cups…

      But if you don’t think width would be a problem, then it would be worth trying Fleurcup. 🙂 I hope that helps,


      • bea said,

        Thank you very much for the quick answer. I’ll let you know how it works for me.

  6. Diana said,

    Hi again, Melissa!

    I finally got my small Fleurcup & used it for the first time yay! I love it so far, it’s leaking a little bit during the night, but I’m not so good with the insertion yet, I hope I’ll get the hang of it soon. 🙂

    But other than that I love it – on my heaviest day, I filled only half of it in 8 hours! It’s really comfortable too, it sits really low and the stem is almost all out, but I don’t think I’ll even cut it, I don’t feel it at all.

    And I wanted to ask something – how would you compare a small Meluna to the Fleurcup? It’s pretty much the same width but lots shorter, right? And what about the stiffness & material, are they similar?
    Because I’m thinking about getting a small Meluna for my ligher days, because obviously I won’t need such a big capacity! (ahh I’ll become a cup addict, I’ve only used this once and I’m thinking of getting another one :D)

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Congrats! Thanks for updating 🙂

      Meluna and Fleurcup are pretty different… Meluna has a much thicker rim, and is mroe cone-shaped. While Fleurcup is mroe bell whapes. Meluna does provide a good seal though, witht he suction for most. I personally will use a small meluna on my last/light days. I like the ball stem. The material is different too. Its TPE tather than silicone. It is firm, but it just has a slightly different feel. Very smooth, so keep tissue in your hand during removal to re-dry your fingers a few times. That gives you good grip. They are quite comfy for a lighter day, the cone shape puts less rpessure on the bladder because the end is tapered smaller. So if you want a nice small cup for those lighter days, its a good one 🙂

      • Diana said,

        Thank you for the reply, Melissa!! xx

  7. Lisa said,

    Hi Melissa!

    Thank you so much for sharing all this! I just tried out my first menstrual cup, a small Fleurcup, and found your blog while looking for more information about handling etc.
    You answered all of my questions, you’re really doing a great job!

    Greetings from Germany


  8. Ana said,

    Hi all & Melissa!

    Congratulations for your great web! I found a lot of info and I’m only missing the videos now.

    I was doubtful to go for a Lunette or a Fleurcup, finally went for the Fleurcup since it was easier for me to buy in a local shop.I got a size 2 since I have 2 children.

    It feels great, I don’t even notice it once I wear it!! Now the questions I have as a cup first time user are: is it normal to ‘feel’ it right after putting it? I mean, I have to walk a few steps to stop feeling it.

    My second question is about breaking the suction. I don’t know if I’m doing good or not, but it takes me a lot of effort, I pinched the base with no trouble and tried to tilt sideways but it doesn’t move. I then tried to break the seal with my finger and nothing. After some effort the suction broke half way out…. Is that the way it should be?? how can I know I am doing it right? :$

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It is normal to feel it for a minute or so, particularly if you have a low cervix and the cup sits a little lower. Also, if the cup has defined grip rings (which Fleurcp does).

      With the suction, I think you’re ok… It doesn’t always break immediately. It also depends on the brand. Because of Fleurcup’s wider rim, breaking the seal can take a few seconds longer than some other brands. It also depends on yoru cervix position. If it comes down lower, and partially sits inside your cup, that can make it take a little longer for the suction to break, because you also have contact with the cups walls comming from the inside.

      One tip, however, is that if you can possibly keep track of what side the holes are on, like remembering where they were from when you inserted, sometimes it helps to tilt the cup so that the holes are more exposed to air. Some women have beter luck tilting to more to one side that the other. For example– me. Suction just seems to break better for me if I tilt it mroe like this: Right, right, left. Right, right, left.

      For some odd reason (probably because I’m right-handed?), one side’s suction breaks faster than the other, lol. You can try that, maybe it can help. Or a comination of tilting and breaking it with a finger. Some women do that.

      Its nothing to really worry about, just be patient with your cup until the suction does break, and of course, be gentle and all. 🙂

  9. Marjolein H. said,

    Hello Melissa,

    Thank you for all your information about the Fleurcup. I live in the Netherlands, and it’s not quite accepted for women to use the menstrual cup here. It’s not like it’s not allowed, it’s more like; “the menstruation period is a dirty one, and you should use disposables, or else you’ll have bloody hands all the time.”

    However, I’m personally very happy to try a menstrual cup; the large pink Fleurcup is in order at the moment. I have a very heavy flow, so I need the big capacity.

    However, I do have one question; I’ve been sexually active for quite some time, but my gyneacologist discovered that I still have my hymen. I have a so called septate hymen, which is so thick, with vains and nerves running through it, that it can only by broken by a surgeon with a scalpel. Luckily, it does not bother me with sex, but it does need to be removed in order to make normal childbirth possible. So if my boyfriend and I have plans of that matter, we live together, I have to book a consult with the surgeon.

    For this reason, I have developed a certain method of inserting and removing a tampon, or else it’ll get stuck behind the hymen. I reckon the insertion of a cup won’t be the issue, just the removal. I need to pull a tampon forward, not downward, to be able to remove it. But if I pull a full menstrual cup forward, it’ll empty itself when it’s still inside of me, right? Do you have any tips in this matter?

    Or do you think it won’t be a problem, because a cup is rounded on the bottom, where a tampon has hard, corner-like edges? So the cup will go around my hymen, rather than getting stuck behind it?

    Sorry for the large post, hoping to hear from you!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Its really quite common to have to pull forward in order to remove almost anything (comfortably) from the vagina, even for women who do not have a hymen. Because our entire vaginal canal points back toward our rectum. Not up. We are almost parallel to the floor, because for heterosexual humans, we are the only creature on earth who has sexual intercourse with the male comming from in front of us. So the vgina is pointed in that direction to make it easier. We can force the muscles upward with a rigid object (aka certain positions), but that’s not our natural angle…

      So during removal of a menstrual cup (or a tampon) it is better to pull forward. However, with a menstrual cup, the trick to not spilling is to begin easing it into an upright position, just as you begin to ease out the rim. I strongly recomend easing out only one edge fo the rim at a time, this give you less bulk to reome all at once. But as soon as that one edge is out, instantly move the cup into an upright position.

      Cups are pretty amazing, because they can be partially folded during removal without spilling (as long as you don’t flatten it too much, and you empty it often enough to where its no too full).

      As for the shape of the cup, I will be the first to say being round and flexible does help. And makes a cup very different in every way from a tampon. If you aim the cup back toward the rectum, and remove slowly as described above, there should be no issues with removing it the way you have become accustomed to 🙂 Of course, you may need a little extra finesse, due to your hymen, but it should be possible… 🙂 You can also try leaning forward a bit during removal, to help witht he angle, and not spilling.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have other questions,


      • Marjolein H. said,

        Hi there again!

        Thank you for your kind response. I see that I forgot to mention that I also need to pull a tampon to the far left to be able to get it out. So; far left, pull forward.

        Thank you also for the tip of removing the cup rim by rim; I hadn’t thought of that.

        However, I just received my cup yesterday. Inserting, as I expected, is not the problem. I find that the push-fold works best for me. I can’t seem to hold the C-fold long enough, it has popped out of my hand already, LOL.

        The removal is horror though; I just can NOT seem to break the seal properly. In the review, I read about the pinch and tilt method, which I’ve tried. It doesn’t work, at least not right away. I think I’m a bit impatient though; I received the cup less than 24 hours ago, LOL.

        My period has been shortened by a day also, ’cause normally I also bled during the 6th day, which is today. I haven’t seen any blood yet, so I figure my period is over.

        I think I’ll try a dry run with the removal in a few days, maybe I’ll get the hang of it. If I still don’t get the hang of it in, let’s say three months, can I assume that the cup’s too big? Should I try a small Fleurcup then, or do you recommend any other brand?

        I don’t feel the cup in any way when it’s properly inside of me, that’s good, right? The manual says that you need to double check the popping out of the cup by turning it around. If you’re not able to turn it, the cup isn’t placed correctly, according to the manual. I can’t turn the cup at all, but if I feel along the rim, the cup’s clearly popped open, and my cervix is inside of the cup correctly. Is that good, or do I really need to be able to turn the cup?

        Last but not least; do you have a tip about leaking through? While the cup is inside of me, I still have one drop of blood in my underwear, which I think is already in my vagina during insertion. Obviously, I bought the cup to get rid of all disposables, so if I still need to wear anything to get that one drop of blood……

        Thank you Melissa, for all of your help you give all of us first-timers!

        P.S. I also wanted to ask you about Lactacyd. It’s a feminine intimate hygiene soap, sold all over Europe. It also has travelling cloths, drenched in the soap. They’re packed individually. I feel that it’s a good alternative over taking a bottle of water with you to clean the cup in a public restroom. Maybe you can add the brand in your cleaning-section?

  10. loucheena said,

    You don’t have to turn your cup. I never did when I first started using cups( I can turn it now if I want to, but the cup still works fine either way) and everything went fine. And to get rid of that extra blood, (if you can) sweep your finger around the outside of your cup while it’s inside of you so your finger catches the extra blood.

  11. Janine said,

    Hi! Do you believe there is a notable difference between capacity of the Femmecup and Fleurcup size L? It seems that Femmecup has about 15 ml of capacity and Fleurcup L has 29 ml! That feels like a really big difference.. but is it really? With Femmecup I have to empty it about 3-4 times a day. It would be great to only have to empty it about 1-2 times a day! 🙂 That is why I’m wondering about buying the Fleurcup L. So have you noticed that the capacity really has made a difference for your emptying times?


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I think it does make a difference, you would be surprised how much… I mean, even my SMALL Fleurcup holds a good amount more than my femmecup, to the holes.

      In terms of exact ml. it may not seem like a lot, but then again, before most cups users heard of cups, we didn’t know how little we really bled. Most of us thought it was cups and cups of blood, but really its not. So just a few ml. can usually buy you quite a bit more time, depending on your flow levels.

      • Janine said,

        Thanks for the reply. Wonderful to hear! I just ordered my L Fleurcup, hope it comes soon 🙂

  12. samantha said,

    Hi. I wish you could get a large size Fleurcup. I would love to see a capacity comparison between all of your large size cups. on your MPowercup review you say Mpower has really good capacity but I think large Fleurcup has more.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I’d like to see a large Fleur too, lol. That, and a large Yuuki, so I can compare.

  13. Anna said,

    Melissa if you send me an email I will be able to send a picture comparing the L Fleurcup and the L Meluna.

    I love the work you do.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh, thank you, that would be great! I’ll send an email in just a moment. May I have permission to use the photos on the websites? I will of course credit them to you.


  14. Anna said,

    Please use the pictures!!

  15. Jacky said,

    Yay! Finally available outside europe. but how does the small fleurcup compare to the small lunette in width?

  16. Erin said,

    I have a large Diva and find it too long. It is OK turned inside out all the time, but then the writing is irritating. I’m looking to try another brand. The two that I can most easily get are Fleurcup and Lady cup. I hear the LadyCup is slippery to get out. Is the Fleur cup easier to remove? Which is easier to get open? I don’t need a large capacity, but I’m over 30 and do have kids.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Regardless of capacity, you can still get a large if you think it will form a better seal 🙂 Fleurcup is MUCH easier to open. Easier to remove too, I think. It is much firmer than both Diva and Ladycup, so you may feel it more during insertion and removal. In terms of less fuss though, its great. 🙂

      • Erin said,

        Well, I got the small based on how the Diva fit and I’m really glad I did. It fits perfectly. I guess if you are aggressive with your kegels after delivery, large might not be a given.

  17. Viera said,

    Hi Melissa
    I`ve been very happy user of menstrual cup from April this year and managed to convert few other ladies 🙂 .I own small UK MOONCUP and medium MeLuna ( I am 26 ,no children) .I tested them in bath and they were O.K. but recently I start doing aquarobic ( aerobic in water) and I test them in pool while excercising.After I got home I pulled cup out and there was water inside but nothing leaked out until I get home .What went wrong? I was thinking water got in through holes or cup doesn`t seal well? Do You think large cup could be better? I am thinking about Fleurcup or Lunette.Any advice appreciate.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Its strange that is actually very common! For some odd reason, when people go swimming with a cup, some water foes in, but so far, I’ve never heard anyone say that any blood came out. I’m not sure why things go in but not out with those cases… I’m also not sure if a different cup would prevent that. I haven’t heard much about it. I personally think that its the suction– A light suction is formes inside which holds the cup in. If water gets in the vagina while swimming, it can get pulled into the cup by the suction, throught he suction release holes. But because there is still a suction, the blood does not leak out…? Its the only thing I can think of.

      You can try a different cup, but again so far, I haven’t heard much about a specific brand that prevents this. It doesn’t seem to be a problem thoguh, hopefully it will remain so 🙂

  18. Viera said,

    Thanks a lot Melissa 🙂

    • Viera said,

      So I`ve tried large Fleucap and it`s same.Water gets iside…anyway Fleurcap is very good cup the best one from three that I now own,but small size would fit me better 🙂

  19. jmarquet said,

    Thank you for all the wonderful information you supplied about the different brands of cups and their specifications. I had it narrowed down between the Small Lunette Selene and the Small Violet Fleurcup, even though I have a fairly heavy flow, but decided to go with the Fleurcup because it was slightly cheaper. If it works well, I will try the Lunette as well. When I checked before and during my period, I seem to have a very short vaginal canal, so hopefully the small Fleurcup will work. I am glad I found your sites because I think I would have been VERY unhappy with the Diva, which would have been my first purchase. Cheers!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      That’s great! 🙂 I hope you will update on Fleurcup, and how it works for you.

      • jmarquet said,

        So far (two cycles), I do like using a cup rather than have to worry about tampons. Those really get old towards the end of my cycle. I have been having some issues with leaking when I workout and when I lay down for a long time though (even with the cup only being half full when I take it out). I think I am getting a good seal, but I might try a different fold.

        I was thinking about upgrading to the large size to see if that would help, but I don’t know if it will be too wide and long. I am in my early 20s and a virgin, do you think I should wait on trying a larger size (since I saw on one of your pages that having a cup that is too big can actually make it leak more)?

        As a side note, I am really glad I find out about cups because I will be going overseas for a year and now I won’t have to worry about taking a bunch of tampons and pads over there. Yay!

        One more question (sorry), between the DivaWash and the Lunette Feelbetter wash, which do you prefer? I haven’t decided which one to try yet. I like the fewer ingredients in the Lunette brand.

  20. Thicker than Water (a menstrual cup post) « ohbeau said,

    […] Fleurcup Review […]

  21. Libby said,

    Melissa, can you help me decide what brand to buy???

    Because it was easy to buy, I have been using the DIVA large and it feels heavy and hangs low even with the stem cut all the way off. I have had kids and have a low cervix at the start of my cycle. My pelvic muscles seem weak too (since the Diva feels heavy) I was thinking I needed a firmer cup with a wider–shorter combo. I was thinking about a Fleurcup……but then I wonder if I should instead go for just a SMALL LadyCup. Maybe a very short and lightweight cup would feel better. I just don’t want that saggy feeling… I don’t have a heavy flow or anything, just normal, sometimes light.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Erin said,

      Libby I had the same problems and my small fleurcup is perfect. I still had to cut the stem, but it is way better than the Diva.

      I would also add that I went to see a physiotherapist who has special training to help women rebuild their pelvic floor after pregnancy. It has made a HUGE difference. But most people don’t even know there is such a thing.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi there,

      Having a low cervix (like I do) you’re right that tis best to stick with shorter cups. The Divacup hangs out because your vaginal canal is short, due to your cervix being down low. The good news is, you have a normal to light flow, which gives you more choices. You can use small sizes for your light flow– but only if you don’t think width would be an issue. If not, you can use a large. Most larges are still shorter than even a small Diva. These would be good shorter options:

      * Fleurcup (firmer with a flared rim for better seal)
      * Medium Meluna (Also firmer with a mroe defined rim, but holds less than Fleur)
      * Ladycup (Thick rim, but soft mid and lower body)
      * Lunette (small is medium in firmness, large is firmer, both have a subtle design)
      * Small Yuuki ( also medium firmness and sublte design)
      * Keeper/Moon Cup U.S. ( firmer, flared rim)
      * UK Mooncup (medium firmness, flared rim)

      I think it just depends on price, availability, and if you want something firmer, medium, or softer. You can compare their sizes here with my photo library:

      Also take a look at the stiffness comparison at the bottom of my size chart page, so compare the above brands to Diva:

      As for the two you were considering, Ladycup and Flerucup (even a small) — with a medium-light flow, either one should work. I hope this helps,


  22. Libby said,

    Erin…thanks for sharing your experience. I was unsure about going with a small, so you helped me decide.

    Melissa, your info was sooooo valuable. Thanks for you help 🙂 I ended up ordering the small Fleurcup and will repost when I test it out!

  23. bar said,

    hi Melissa,
    first of all, many thanks for your wonderful reviews, videos and photos.

    i am 30 year old, no kids. i have a very heavy flow. I bought a large size fleurcup which is not comfortable. i feel it pressing against my vaginal walls and it causes cramps. I am not sure if it is because of the size or the stiffness or the strong suction.
    should i switch to a softer cup or a smaller cup or will i get used to my fleurcup?
    please advise.
    thank you

  24. Diana said,

    Hi, Melissa!

    I kind of gave up on my small Fleurcup the last few months, because it was always leaking (a little, or not so little), plus it started to hurt during removal (I guess I wasn’t doing it properly) but now I’ve started using it again and I really REALLY want to make it work this time.

    My question I have now is – I think I have a very low cervix, so I’m trying to insert the cup just a little, pop open and then move further (so that the cervix sits in the cup if needed) but I just can’t get the cup to fully open so early. And I know the Fleur is one of the easiest to pop open, so I don’t know what’s wrong. I always use the C-fold (I tried the punch down once, but I couldn’t do anything with it) but I can’t get it to pop open until it’s almost completely inside (and I guess sometimes it never pops open or my cervix misses it and that explains the heavy leaking on occasions).

    I can’t seem to grab the base and twist it like I’ve read, once it’s in, it doesn’t move at all. I can let air in by reaching the rim with my finger though, but it doesn’t seem to help much.

    So, I’m not sure what to do – try the punch down again or try harder with twisting? Or something else?

    Thank you very much for always being so helpful!
    Diana xoxo

    • Diana said,

      Edit: I started leaking again, so I re-inserted it by looking at a mirror lol, I saw it opening up completely when it was halfway in, but even so it was leaking again. 😦
      Is it possible that my cervix is so low, that I can’t get it in the cup? I think I can feel it with my middle finger only half in, to the left but I’m not sure.. But then again, there is liquid in the cup too, I’ve filled half of it tops, so I’m really confused what’s going on..

      • Erin said,

        You could check out some of the advice on the Live Journal site. There are enough posts there that they usually have the answers. The thing that comes to my mind is How much is it leaking? If it is just a little, it might not be “leaking” but left overs that were already on the way out when the cup went in.

  25. Min said,

    Hey there, I’ve been reading and rereading your blog for about 3 months along with the livejournal community about menstrual cups. After a lot of reading I’m down to choosing between the large Fleurcup for the large Lunette. I have a really heavy flow and I normally go through a super tampon in about an hour/ hour and a half. I’m frankly tired of bleeding out and these two seem the best for a heavy flow but I’m not sure which to choose. From what I’ve read their both comparable.
    Can you give me any advice so I can figure which way to go?

    Thanks for all your critiques. It really helped me get this far.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I think the main deciding factors between large Lunette and large Fleurcup are:

      Price range, Fleurcup is cheaper. But if you live in the USA Lunette is closer.

      Color range, Fleurcup does have more colors.

      Grips, they differ greatly. You will feel Fleurcup’s textures more, Lunette’s are more subtle, yet still helpful.

      Rim, Fleurcups is more flared out, while Lunette’s is more subtle. A flared rim may help with a seal, but a subtle rim is more comfortable to insert and remove.

      Capacity wise, you may also want to check into large Yuuki, that holds the most. It is bigger than the other cups, so if you are very small inside or have a low cervix, then it might be big for you. It is also much softer than Lunette and Fleurcup, squishy I mean. Firmer cups are easier to pop open, soft ones take a little more coaxing. But softer ones can be more comfortable to wear.

      A fun way to pick one is to write a pro/con list. Put down the pros and cons of each brand, and circle all the pros that are really important to you, and circle all the cons you think you could live with. The cup with the most circles would win 🙂

      Hope this helps,


      • Min said,

        Thanks for your input. I’ve just been told by my gyno that a possible cause for my heavy bleeding is a giant fibroid in my uterus. I’m having surgery to remove so I think I’ll wait to buy a cup until I can see what my flow will be after the surgery.

  26. Katelyn said,

    Hi. I am 12 years old, almost 13, and no period yet. However, I’ve been researching tampon alternatives and cups seem so much nicer. I am super small down there, and assume I will have a pretty light period. I think I would get a small lunette (nice capacity, suppposedly good for teens) or a small ladycup (look small and comfy-plus, they’re so cute!) or maybe a small meluna or something. But fleurcup or iriscup or something like that is still an option. I know diva would be way to big (long), and I don’t want disposables like insteads. If you could give me some advice, that’d be great. Like I said, I’m SMALL down there. (i can only get like 1 finger in) One time I tried a tampon and got it in. It was a slender light Kotex and hurt so darn bad going in and out. I was totally dry, so that’s a factor, and then it broke…ouch! Anyway, I’d love some feedback. BTW, any suggestions for how I can ask my mom for one? I mean, I can’t just say ” can i get a menstrual cup” lol! Thanx

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hmmm, you can try sending your mom here to this blog, so she can read up on this. And I certainly welcome her to ask me any questions she might have, please let her know that.

      As for a good brand, it sounds like you have a pretty good handle on things yourself 🙂 those are the brands and sizes I would suggest. But you will need to get your body more used to internal things first. Just to prepare you, when fully opened, most menstrual cups are about as wide as 2 fingers, only round. And nearly as long. So that’s basically your goal of what should be able to fit. However, a tampon is nearly the same width when fully absorbed, just not as round, perhaps. I would suggest getting a good water-based lube to help ease insertion. But apply it to your skin, not the cup, as it can make the cup slippery to hold onto.

      I remember when I first tried a tampon at the age of 12…. Oh, it just… Didn’t work, lol. Wouldn’t fit, got stuck. And because I have a low cervix, even when I was 27, I found them a little painful to insert especially on a light flow day when I was dry. But A cup was smoother for me, because it wasn’t’ dry, and absorbing all my natural moisture. Of course, a cups learning curve may be a bit steeper. But if you still with it, you will get it.

  27. Katelyn said,

    Thank you so much. Yeah, I talked to my mom about menstrual cups last night and she was really open to it. ( yay) But do you think femmecup/meluna/shecup whatever would be good options?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh that’s great! Hmmm, Meluna or Shecup might be better comfort wise. Just in the case of Meluna, select small or medium based on flow.


      • Purple said,

        I think it’s awesome your mum was open to it. Months ago I finally bothered to ask my mum because all the menstrual cups are available online and at the time I hadn’t a clue how to pay or anything online.

        Thing was, I thought I could only get The Keeper because I’m Australian and my mum just went ‘No. You’ll get latex intollerance” and that was that. And months later after having gotten familiar with the world of online payment I finally ordered a menstrual cup!

        Like many others, I’m getting the Fleurcup Small in Purple. I’m so so excited!

        Anyway, awesome info on here; truly great.

  28. kate said,

    I need help!

    I trade a new L meluna for a used S fleurcup to give to a girl who was interesting in using M-cups, my problem is the cup smell.

    After cleaning and boiling etc, the smell stil there.

    What can I do?

    I can not give a cup like that.

    What a deal ha.

    Thanks for your help.

  29. Kate said,

    Thanks a lot.

    I did some of the suggestions but nothing change.

    Any other advice?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I’ve actually never personally had issues with odor on the cup. But there are literally hundreds of tips there, further back in the threads. I’m not sure why this happens with some people, but not others, it is interesting……

  30. Sarah Eliza said,

    Hi Melissa! I am going to order a fleurcup soon, and I am not sure whether I should order the small or the large. Currently I use a small lunette and a small diva. I know the lunette is very close to the diva in capacity, but for some reason I have to change it quite a bit more often than the diva. I am very comfortable with cups, so I think I could use a large, but I don’t want to get something unnecessary. Then again if I have a particularly heavy period it would be useful. What do you think?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If you are confident that you could use a large, and if you would value having more time to spare between the times you empty your cup, then I think a large might be worth it. 🙂

  31. Karen said,

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for the info. I live in Australia, and my fleurcup, which is also my first cup, just arrived (after 14 business days for the other aussies who are curious), and despite the stiffness (which certainly made me a bit nervous) had no trouble with insertion after a couple of tries. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into this site, really gave me a lot of confidence to try cups!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You are very welcome 🙂

  32. kate said,

    Thanks for your help, I just needed to place the cup to get some air and sun to be free of smell.

    You are the best 🙂

  33. Chloe said,

    Hi! I am 12 (13 in may, already started my period) and i have been researching all about cups and i have some questions.

    How should i ask my mum for one? I can’t just say “mum can i have a menstrual cup?” (i don’y use tampons, never have, only pads)

    What brand should i get and what size? (i was thinking of a small fleurcup? I’m quite small down there, can only get one finger in so would it fit?)

    Do you think my mum would let me have one?

    I am starting to get fed up with pads and would really like to try cups. Please try to help me as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Erin said,

      Chloe – I buy them for my daughters (13 and 14). The big thing for me is that there is no real chance of Toxic shock syndrome. I would go for the health angle in talking to her. Tampons aren’t sterile, but you can boil a cup so they pretty much are. Plus you won’t have to send her to the drug store at 3am in case of emergency. Talk about how they have to be regulated according the medical standards and tampons and pads don’t.

      Have a bunch of info ready to go.

      Seriously, there is nothing wrong with starting a conversation with ‘Mom, can I have a menstrual cup?” If your really need to work up to it, you could start with “mom, I need to talk to you about my period and I’m a little embarrassed.” Also TELL her that you have done a bunch of research. I always take my girls more seriously when I know they are serious and not just following what their friends are doing.

      I can’t tell you what your mom will do, but if it comes down to cups versus tampons, cups are SO much safer I can’t see it being much of a contest. However, some moms aren’t comfortable with tampons or anything internal.

      Also, I know that this is a cup page, but there are some really good cloth pads out there. I highly recommend Homestead Emporium if your mom won’t go for a cup and you hit your breaking point with the regular pads. Or as back up. Some people just don’t have the right body chemistry to where regular pads without problems. I don’t know how wide spread this is, but my gyno recommended cups when I started having problems with pads. It is possible to develop allergies to the disposable products, but not to a silicone cup.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,


      It might be good to start by letting your mom read the main page of my blog here. There is a lot of information there that can answer some of the questions that parents may have. Also, if she wants to ask specific questions herself, she is welcome to ask me.

      Young women usually prefer either small Ladycup, small or medium Lunette, small Fleurcup, small Yuuki, or Small Lunette. Those are all the smallest ones, but it also depends on the price, and how heavy your flow is. If your flow is light, then Meluna or Ladycup. If its heavier, then Lunette, Fleur, or Yuuki.

      As for fitting, the smallest part of the vagina is the very opening. But just past that up inside, is actually fairly roomy, even in the case of a virgin. So once a cup gets past the first 1/2 inch or so, it should fit fine. Most cups are about the width of 2 finger, but round. So I usually suggest that younger women gradually adjust their nerves to that. Virgins nerves are usually still quite raw, so it is an adjustment. While you are waiting for your mom to decide, you can possibly try the non-applicator tampons, just until you get a cup. It may help you get used to the whole concept. But note that tampons are more rigid and dry than a cup, because they tend to absorb all the moisture. Some people find that with a small pointed fold (like punch-down, or origami), a cup inserts more smoothly than tampons.

      To make everything easier, I would also suggest a water-based vaginal lube (for tampons and a cup) but its better to apply it to the skin down there, rather than the cup (tends to make the cup slippery to hold on to). Never use oil-based lubricants, because they really don’t get along with the vagina’s ph, and can cause infections.

      I hope your mom takes an interest, but sometimes they just need time. Even though I’ an adult, my own mom freaked out a little bit at first. But after a while she took an interest, and now she’s my biggest supporter. The biggest concern she will likely have if cleanliness, or germs. So its best to stress how the menstrual cup has natural anti-bacterial properties, and that germs really don’t absorb into the material, or grow on it. That’s what makes it safe to wash and use. But really, she can get tons of helpful info from my main blog page: https://menstrualcupinfo.wordpress.com/

      Best of luck, let me know if you need more info,


      • Chloe said,

        Thank you for the quick reply.

        I am considering showing my mum that website (https://menstrualcupinfo.wordpress.com/) to try and convince her. But first i think i will try to fit 2 fingers.

        thanks for the help.

        I will keep you updated.

  34. Rose Hill said,

    Wow! I love all the research you have done and offer!! I am a little overwhelmed right now. I had no idea there were more options than the Diva cup! I had purchased the Instead cups years ago but talked myself out of it and returned them. I have a very odd question. I am looking for something other than just for my period. Maybe I will end up using it for that but right now I am interested in perhaps using a cup during my Ovulation time. I have so much cervical mucous that I walk around feeling very wet. Then I tend to get irritated. I hate using liners. Since having 2 kids I have really increased over the years in how much of the mucous I have also. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve wet myself. I know. How embarrasing. And the fact that I had to share it on a website… LOL! Have you or anyone else ever tried a cup for this purpose? I was debating the Fleurcup or the Lunette. I’m really not set on what. I guess I wish someone would say “This is the best one. Buy it.” I am terrible at making decisions. LOL! I have debated using one for my period as well. I have been a life-long tampon user. I would much rather buy something that would suit all purposes. I want to make the best financial decision as well. So overwhelmed… LOL!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hahaha, I know how you feel. I can’t pick for you, because only you know your body. But— I can help you narrow some of the choices down significantly, and make the choice easier 🙂

      Some people do use a cup daily. Even the companies say you can wear it when you are not on your period (like a day or so in advance, when you are expecting your period). Although the companies do not recommend every-day use, because cups have not been medically approved for anything other than the use of collecting menstrual fluid… So if people use them every day, its basically a personal choice, against the company’s advice. 🙂

      Having 2 children, you should be able to use a large (even most sexually active women can). And it should be comfortable for frequent use. You can use a firmer cup but you may feel it slightly, depending on how high up it sits.

      The pros and cons of soft cups vs firm cups are:

      Soft– More comfort, but take extra coaxing to pop it open.
      Firm– Very easy to pop open, but if you are extra sensitive, you may be more aware of it.

      As for brands, it mostly depends on how heavy your period flow is (because you wanted something that would serve all purposes). So if you favor the pros and cons of a softer cup, and your flow is light, you could go for a Ladycup. If your flow is heavy (and again, for a softer cup), there is large Miacup, large Yuuki (its the largest), or large DivaCup (not as soft as the others).

      But if you would rather not fuss with popping open, you could use the stiffer cups like large Lunette, or large Flerucup. Pricing, color preferences, and availability would be factors for you.

      Hope this helps,


      • Rose said,

        Thank you! I truly appreciate all of your help. I had myself convinced on the Fleurcup. Because I too like the purple. Then low and behold today I see Lunette has purple!! And coral for that matter. Love them both!! I am seriously going to give it a shot for while on my period as well. I had my little visitor and after watching the video of the tampons in water that was about enough to convince me. Then I used a tampon. I have decided that is part of my problem. I think that’s why some tampons cause me discomfort is because some of them are too long. Which ruled out the Diva cup and any other longer cup. I am so excited! Now to stalk and see who will have the pretty purple first. LOL! I hope its more purplish than the picture I found on FB also. That looked almost brownish.

      • Rose said,

        I have an incredibly dumb question… I’ve seen people say they love these for swimming. So that means the stems aren’t long like a tampon. The stems aren’t visible in any way are they?

  35. Zuzanna said,

    Hello there,
    my name is Zuzanna and I’m 14. I just recieved my small Lunette a few weeks ago. I wanted to try it before my period starts, so I put it in, but it was really painful and I was bleeding. That was probably because my hymen broke. After a week or so, i tried to put it in again, and to my surprise, i didn’t feel any pain. In fact, it was very easy to put it in and take it out. I never thought i would have said that but, i can’t wait till my period starts, so I can use it. I think it will be very usefull, beacuse i play in the national junior first division volleyball team, and my periods and the pad are really uncomfortable. Just thought i would let you know.

    PS your blog really helped me out to pick which cup will be best for me. Although my mum bought me one, she is still not very covienced, but i hope i can change that. maybe one day she will want to use one as well ?


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Zuzanna (lovely name, by the way),

      That is wonderful! I’m glad this blog could help, its always nice to hear that it is serving the purpose I wanted it to serve. I certainly hope you will give and update on how everything goes. In the mean time, you could send your mom over to this blog. The main page has a lot of information she might want to see 🙂


      • Zuzanna said,

        Hello back (:

        so the time of the week came, and I have a chance to use my Lunette for the first time. I boiled it first, and put it in. It is very comfortable( i cannot even feel it ), and after 3 hours or so, I was out skating and running around with my dog, which I would never do with a pad. I didn’t experience any leakage, although I decided to put in a pad for the first couple of days. but it’s still less than normal. Only one pad a day, and not 4 or 5.


  36. Mamatotwo said,

    I’m interested in trying a cup but have no idea which to go with.

    I’m in my mid thirties with 2 children. I have a lot of damage caused by the first birth, which means my pelvic floor muscles are weak. I also have a mild uterine prolapse. When I use tmapons I have to use the superplus and on my heaviest day I need to change them every 2-3 hours. But part of that is because they feel so heavy and start to fall out. Can I still use a cup and do you have any recommendations, please?

    Thank you

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Of course if there are any medical conditions, you should always get your doctor’s permission to try something different. But if he/she says its a good idea, then for a heavy flow, you can go for the cups that have good capacity: Large Lunette, large Fleircup, large Yuuki (it holds the most and is softer, but also the largest).

      You can see comparisons here: http://menstrualcups.friendhood.net/f52-moderator-s-photo-library

      Hope this helps

  37. Zen said,

    Ever since I first got my period, I have hated tampons. Pads too, they are just too cumbersome and uncomfortable and make my period into a bigger hassle than it needs to be. Anyone who has ever inserted a dry, scratchy wad of cotton into their vagina can tell you it is not a pleasant sensation, especially at the beginning and end of the menstrual cycle when the the flow is lighter. Luckily,

    • Zen said,

      Got cut off in that first message. As I was saying, menstrual cups are amazing. They are leagues better than any other “feminine hygene product” and cost less, too. To really get the hang of it, you can’t be shy about feeling around inside yourself, but you shouldn’t be shy about that anyways. I recommend maintaining a shorter nail length as well, to avoid scratching any sensitive areas. Other than that, it is incredibly easy to use, and has made me stop dreading that time of the month. I have a small Fleurcup, and it is very soft and flexible, I like it a lot. I can’t even feel it while it’s in, and I have had zero leak problems so far. I recommend them to everyone.

  38. Ashy said,


    I have just ordered the large violet Fleurcup today and am hoping I might be lucky enough to get it before my period which should be in a week or so. I decided to try the large Fluercup first since I live in France (American expat), I’ve had children, and I have a few days of pretty heavy flow. I thought about alternatives to the normal years ago but didn’t know about menstrual cups until recently. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across your videos on youtube, but they definitely made me want to give the cup a go. When I lived in the states I had wanted to try cloth pads but moving here and not having our own washer and dryer, I pretty much gave up on that idea. Who wants to be hand washing their pads constantly? My final breaking point for ‘I have got to do something else now’ came last month with a slightly more sporadic period than normal and trying to remove an almost completely dry tampon. Ugh! See my period fluctuates a lot and I’ll have one day in the middle which I call my ‘break’, during which I’ll have a day of pretty much no flow. After my break it varies on whether it’s heavy or light, so using tampons can be hit or miss and I haven’t found any pads here that I like using. France doesn’t seem to have quite the selection as the US where that’s involved, which was frustrating since I went several years not using tampons.

    Anyway, I do have some misgivings about using the cup. Nothing to do with it being gross, or not being comfortable with touching myself, or dirty. Mostly that my cervix sits fairly low. I have read a few statements where it became either difficult to remove from the cervix or impossible and a doctor had to remove it. If I’m understanding it correctly it shouldn’t be around your cervix anyway.. but as mine is low that this may happen? I did opt for the larger size of the Fleurcup since it didn’t seem much longer than the smaller size. Do you think that will be alright for the lower cervix thing? I’m sure I’ll probably end up trimming the ends of it.

    I pointed one of my friends to this site and was a bit surprised by her reaction of “Oh my god that’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen!” I could not understand that reaction since having accidents can be far messier than dealing with a cup. Not to mention she has a newborn baby, how does she deal with changing diapers and think that’s disgusting I wonder.

    I don’t believe I have any other questions. Thank you so much for providing such thorough videos. I also wanted to say that you have a lovely voice and it made watching the videos that much nicer. 😉

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Ashy,

      Thank you for the compliments, I’m glad the websites and videos helped 🙂

      I know how you feel about the low cervix thing… I myself have QUITE a low cervix. I did make a video about how the cervix works with a cup, if you are ever on my youtube channel again… But whether or not your cup will be near the cervix really depends on how low or high yours is. Usually, a cups is only very difficult to get out if your cervix is very high, and the cup has enough room to wander so far up, you cannot reach it. But in that case, bearing down with the muscles like you are having a bowel movement really helps to bring it down lower.

      But in the case of low-cervix gals like you and me– A cup is going to sit down pretty low, like the bottom of it will be JUST inside. We normally have no problem reaching it, and our cervix will slightly dip into it. I’ve actually had to trip the stem completely off, like all the way tot he base of the cup. I used a fingernail trimmer so I could be very detailed with it, and make it smooth. But its a good idea to wear your cup for at least an hour and walk around a bit, bend, sit, etc. Before deciding how much to trim it.

      Its really natural for some people to have shocked reactions to cups. Honestly, I did when I first heard of them. If you can believe it– I actually swore that I would NEVER even consider trying them! lol. So even when I hear those reaction, I just smile and tell a person “That’s what I said at first.” It sort of leave the door open, to let them know that this reaction is ok, and its ok to change their mind. 🙂

  39. Mystress Vixen said,

    This will probably make some people cringe on some things but I need to post anyways.
    I am looking for a menstrual cup. My periods usually go like this….
    1st day: Light
    2nd day: medium flow – heavy flow
    3rd : Hell on wheels 1 super tampon lasts for an hour or two tops. If I am at work I have to double stuff at least.
    4-5 day : medium flow
    5-7 day: Light flow / quiting.

    I have a low sitting cervix that points towards the back.

    I am 31 and a mom of three children, but am still a small lady none-the-less, so bwik I would need a cup with decent staying power and that is short in length.

    I pole dance for a living. So lots of flipping upside down and strength based work out.

    I have to say I was bummed there wasn’t really a section on how all of these cups work with people that do stuff like, gymnastics, acrobatics, dance, pole dancing, swimming, wrestling and cheerleading. Stuff that has you in different positions where something like that ends up bottoms-up thus increasing the risk of leaking. Could you please work on that? I would be more than happy to post once we figure out what menstrual cup would probably work for me.

    Here is to keeping the faith,

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Vixen,

      Yeah, I can understand how pole dancing would cause concern for leaks. Its kind of hard to pinpoint which cup works better for activities though, because its sort of different for everyone. Like if your insides are really firm, then a firmer cup might stand up to them better with different moves. And if they are very sensitive, then a softer one might be more comfortable, etc.

      But I would say FOR SURE you need one with good capacity. A heavy flow combined with being a mom, a large would work better.

      So brands… High capacity brands for sure. So stick with:

      Lunette (large is firmer than small)
      Fleurcup (about as firm as large Lunette)
      Miacup (A bit softer)
      DivaCup (A bit softer, but longer in body length)
      Yuuki (Quite soft, holds the most liquid, but about as long as Diva in body length)

      Firm or soft depends how sensitive your insides are. And how quick and easy you want it to pop open (firm is less trouble in that area).

      Price, color, style, and availability are all factors in choosing. You can also check out my measurement chart page here for details on size and capacity, if you like. I would also encourage you to take a look at the photo comparisons I have here: http://menstrualcups.friendhood.net/f52-moderator-s-photo-library

      I do know people who swim, do gymnastic, yoga, ride horses, run, play sports– with a cup, and they are happy with it. Pole dancing, I admit that is a first for me (at least as far as I know). But I would love updates on how it works if you decide to get yourself a cup 🙂 .

      Some tips though:

      1. Try it out at home first, until you know how your body does with it. Like use your regular method at work, and use the cup at home, until you have the hang of insertion, removal, and you know how it holds up. You can use a back-up pad the first time until you get confident.

      2. If possible, practice certain moves with your cup while you are at home, especially on your heavy days, to see how things go. Straining your body, upside-down positions, twisting the body, different positions, etc.

      3. If you try it at work, empty the cup every time you go “backstage” so to speak, especially on heavy days. Frequent emptying prevents leaks.

      If you get a cup and have any challenges, there is plenty of support here. And at the LiveJournal menstrual cup forum http://www.menstrualcups.org .

      Hope this helps 🙂

  40. Ashy said,

    Hello again. 🙂

    I got my Fleurcup this morning and couldn’t wait to try it out. Gave it a soak in boiling water (which I have a question about later) and did a quick ‘dry run’. Insertion was a lot easier than expected. Doing the c-fold seemed kind of large and bulky for me, but the punch down and pinch method worked great and I had no problems with insertion. I didn’t do the best at removal, but I think I may have done it too quickly. I did feel it quite a lot more than a tampon when I first put it in and I was a little worried maybe I’d gotten one too firm or large. The packaging I received was quite minimal and I forgot to order the carrying bag (d’oh, it looked so nice), so I will probably just sew my own up. I was a bit surprised at how little there was to the packaging. Very small parcel with a little heat sealed zip-lock baggie and two tiny sheets of paper with return information and telling me to visit the site for a downloadable instruction manual. Was definitely fine with not having to deal with all the extra packaging.

    Inspecting the cup, it was a little different than I expected, even after having watched all the videos. It didn’t seem quite as large once I got it in my hands, which made it even less daunting. Also the silicone is not slick like I expected. As the Fleurcup site says, it has a ‘peach soft’ texture, which was much nicer than the slick texture I was expecting. It was also thinner than I thought it would be. They all seemed so much thicker in the videos, possibly do to the close-up footage. Getting one in your hands is a bit different than watching, obviously. I thought the folding was pretty intuitive where I was expecting to have problems with that. It was also very pretty! I got a lovely blue one and I quite liked the jewel like colours. 🙂

    Lucky I got it so quickly, I started my period moments ago! And for the first time since I was 12 I was actually kind of excited to be getting my period. (until I realized that climbing trees would not be nearly so easy with a disgusting pad crunched up in your underwear. 😉 The possibility of no more pads and tampons and having to carry them around everywhere and dealing with the disposal of them constantly and having to have a purse to carry them around (I hate carrying purses) or stashing extra in my husband’s messenger bag. Well to me that is pretty exciting.

    So since I have inserted it while I started, I was surprised to find that I feel it much less than I did when I tried the ‘dry run’. I will definitely probably need to trim the tail a bit, but decided I’d wait ’til after this period is done to see how far.

    I do have a few more questions I’d like to ask, I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    Boiling: Just leaving it in the pot while boiling it is fine? I was a bit worried about the possibility of it melting a little to the bottom or some such so I kept moving it around with a spoon. Should I just relax? Should I boil just after the period or just before since it’s been sitting about for a month?

    Other sanitation: Do you know what other methods are good for sanitation? I will probably have to do more research on medical grade silicone. Can you use hydrogen peroxide, a quick wipe down with diluted rubbing alcohol? (Not even sure how easy to find rubbing alcohol is here because it was a pain to even get the little bottle of hydrogen peroxide I like to keep on hand)

    Oh also, my surprise with my friend’s attitude was a for a few reasons. 🙂 She just had a child 6 months ago and is breast feeding (which a lot of people are uncomfortable with in the states). So I just thought it was odd that she can deal with baby stuffs and breast feeding and still act like the cup is the most disgusting thing she’d ever seen. XD I can understand why some people may be turned off to it, but it was just a bit shocking to me that she reacted so. 🙂

    Thanks again and sorry for the long winded post, just very excited to be trying something new!

  41. Ena said,


    I used my Diva Cup (size 1) for 2 periods and I should say it is too long for me. My cervix is really low on first days because my cup is being pushed out of me a little bit and I can feel it. It’s really annoying and I am thinking about buying new one, much shorter. I am hesitating between Small Fleurcup, Small Lady or Medium Meluna. What would you go for?
    P.S. 1.)my flow is normal ( about 10 ml per 12 hours on a heaviest days)
    2.) I find it so difficult to remove my Diva that I am thinking to get back to tampons if it is also so painful and difficult to remove other cups. I guess it’s because of vacuum and my cervix is inside the cup while removing, that’s why i feel inside.
    What would you recommend for me?

    Greetings from Lithuania!

    • Ena said,

      I ment: “.. that’s why I feel pain inside.”

  42. Summer said,

    Hi Mellissa. I’m a 18 year old virgin. Inserting and removing the small lunette was a little hard for me. But i have quite a heavy flow. Do you think the size 2 lunette or the size 2 fleurcup is easier to insert and remove?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You mean the softness of small Lunette made it difficult? In that case, a firmer cup might be easier to insert, but a large might be uncomfortable for a virgin. The only way I would say large, is if the small Lunette simply filled up too fast for you. But if you found its capacity ok, then you can try small Fleurcup, which is still firmer, but holds about the same amount.

      • Summer said,

        Oh! Sorry for not being clear enough! I meant to ask if the flare rim of the fleur cup makes it harder to insert and remove. And does the flare rim really help form a better seal?

        Thanks for answering my questions and your help!

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        Ah, ok. For most people a firmer cup and a flared rim helps to give a better seal. As for Fleurcup, actually using the punch-down fold makes the rim much smaller and more smooth.

  43. noktee said,

    Got my large Fleurcup today. Day 3 of my period and a day off work so perfect timing to give it a try (Day 1 for me is my heavy day.) A bit intimidated by the size at first glance but used the punch-down method and insertion went fine. Popped right open without any fiddling too! I’m not sure about the positioning yet (too low/too high?) but I’m sure that will come with a bit of experimentation. Since I had my children my periods are much lighter so no problems with leaks or anything…went for a run too and was much more concerned about my annoying earbuds falling out. Completely forgot about the cup until I came home and not a drop on my undies.
    The only moment of mild panic so far was removal…fiddled about a bit til it came loose and it came out fine….and then I just dropped it down my trouser leg for no reason! Otherwise so far so good.
    Tomorrow is a work day so that should be a test…especially in pastel blue scrub pants…eeek! Also interested to see how it performs during yoga, although I practice at home so it won’t be a big deal if there is an issue.

    Thanks for all the info on this site, I would have been terrified trying this alone…I’m really excited to see how this fits in with my life and also my daughter’s in the future. She is 12 and just started to have her period so maybe down the road a bit this would be an option for her too. (She knows I’m trying it so I’ll keep her up to date on the whole thing) Keep up the amazing work here!

  44. Heather said,

    Hi, I’m sure you’re aware that Fleurcup ships to the US now, just thought you might want to make a note of that somewhere prominent since when you made the video they only shipped in Europe.

    • Heather said,

      Is it possible to put it above the video? If not, then that’s alright, I was just worried that people might just watch the video and then discount it.

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        That sounds like a good idea, or even I can put a note in the video itself explaining the change in shipping 🙂

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      True, thank you, I will have to update this 🙂

  45. Lisa said,

    I want to buy a stiff old large Fleurcup in purple or pink. Anyone have one they’d like to sell? Thanks!

  46. seattleseva said,

    Hi, y’all, I wanted to share my experience with ordering from Fleurcup. I ordered two Fleurcups on the 24th of August.
    1. I got good customer service.
    2. I received a tracking number three days later.
    3. The tracking data is up to date and my Fleurcups are now in New York! They may be just a day or two away.

    Can’t wait. I may get them in time to try them out this period.

    And now my commentary.

    The customer service is in French which I can sort of read but Google translate works fine. Although it’s kind of hilarious the way it translates French. Good for a laugh. Sounds like it has an accent.

    The “order sent” message has a link to Spanish post (in Spanish of course, which I can read better than French.) Since Fleurcup seems to be based in Andorra (on the border of France and Spain) this is not so strange. Perhaps the nearest or fastest Post Office is in Spain.

    In any case, I’ve heard it commented that it’s hard to get a Fleurcup in the US but I think that’s no longer true. I’ll update when I get it…so far so good!

  47. Stenny said,

    How many years can I use this cup?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      As long as it still works for you and you are happy with the color, you can continue to use it.

  48. Fride said,


    I bought a small (green) fleurcup a couple of months ago, and got to try it out. It was really comfortable, and although I was contemplating to cut the stem, I didn’t until the start of this month. I was pleased with how quick I got the hang of it, and felt secure even on my second day using it!
    However, last night I experienced leaking, I did wake up, do I luckily didn’t make a big mess, but when I removed it, it was only half full. I’m wondering if it is because I have a very low cervix. Last time it was somewhat painful on day 1 and 2 (my heaviest days), but this time it wasn’t. Could it be that my cervix sits so low it’s inside the cup and “blocks” some of the capacity? I always make sure the cup is placed correctly (with the rim covering the cervix all the way around), but I haven’t filled it this much before. Personally, I think I’ll just have to remember to empty it before going to bed (I emptied it at 5pm and woke up at 2am) and hope it goes alright.

    I was also wondering to get another cup, and because of sensitivity, I was contemplating to get a RubyCup which has more subtle and seemingly comfortable rills for grip, and a short stem (the little one at least)
    I was also wondering whether to get a MeLuna small and medium, but seeing as the Fleur has better capacity than even the Medium, maybe I’d need a large one? I’m 17 and have no children, but have got an active sexual life since I have a boyfriend. I used to ride and do yoga (had to take a break last year) I believe I have fairly alright abdominal muscles (MeLuna has soft, classic and sport softness, and they say yoga and riding makes strong abdominal muscles :P) so I think having a sport cup would be alright, but I have to take my low cervic into account. I was also wondering whether I should get a large Fleur, og maybe a Large MeLuna with no stem (since it would be longer as well as have more capacity). Since my cervix will most likely end up taking space in the cup anyway, I think I’d need a cup with more capacity for all-day security. Do you have any tips or opinions? 🙂


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Sometimes softer cups help with both sensitivity and leaking, for some people. Check my measurement chart here, it has a softness rating list at the bottom. See if there is something softer you can try.

  49. Fiona Green said,

    I just got a Fleurcup, size 1, and sterilised it by boiling it as it says on their website for 3 minutes. But now my fleurcup has this sort of white-ish calcarian dust layer on it… tap water is quite calcarian but I didn’t think it would matter… I was going to try it today, but I feel like i should rinse it out with water, to get this clacarian dust layer off. Has this happened to anybody else who sterilises their cup by boiling it in a casserole on the stove? Thanks for all these informations! it’s useful! My ginecologist knew nothing about the menstrual cups… =)

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Actually it will come off much better if you take a dry cloth and rub it over the outside of the cup. Water an wet cloths don’t seem to work to remove calcarian “dust” in my experience. But a dry cloth works well. I prefer using rubbing alcohol to sanitize for this reason. However, do not soak your cup in a tub of alcohol. This is wasteful, but also not effective. It is the DRYING process which causes the alcohol to sterilize something. Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, then rub the entire surface (inside and out) of the cup. allow it to dry. and there you go! All sterilized.

  50. Lane said,

    I have just started using a cup. I’m 35 yrs old and have a baby so I tried size 2 Fleurcup but kept having some leaks. Basically emptied it every 3 hours – cup was about a third or less full. I think it was sealed properly because I had to break the seal. I thought by end of day and several removals and insertions it pressed against my bladder or something that would restrict urination. Then I thought I’d give a go at Fleurcup size 1 and no pressure on bladder, very little leaking and the cup sits very low yet I cannot feel it. How could I be a size 1? Anything I’m doing wrong?

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