About MiaLuna

I now sell menstrual cups at my online store:


NOTE:  I do not actually have samples of this brand, I am simply offering some information about it via translations from their website, and some photo/video links.

MiaLuna is old out of Chile, and the website is still in Spanish:


Here is a video of their product:


For now, this cup only comes in clear.  The company recommends emptying the cup 2 – 4 times daily depending on flow, but if your flow is light enough, you can wear it up to 12 hours.  They also recommend you replace it every 3 years.  But if treated properly, can last up to 6 years.

As for cleaning, they recommend you sterilize it once a month by boiling in water for 5 minutes.   But you should wash with unscented soap and water each time you empty it.

MiaLuna comes in 2 sizes:

S-class (small) — For those with light flow, teenagers, or virgins.
Diameter is 41mm, length 47mm, the stem is 25mm,  the capacity is 25 ml.

M-class (large) — For those who have normal or heavy flow, or who have had a child, or have normal light flow.
Diameter is 46mm, length is 52mm, the stem is 20mm, and the capacity is 30 ml.

The product boxes are white, with purple, pink and blue, and a display window to show the product.  The pouches appear to be unbleached material with crescent moon and face shape impression designs on them.

It seems this cup is very much like Lunette– a flat tab stem, high suction release holes, subtle rim, grip rings at the base and on the stem.  Only markings on the cup look different, their sizes are written on the inside.


  1. easycup said,

    how many illegal copies can be done from a honest Lunette ?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      So far, Lunette has had to take action toward Green Donna, Mpower, and possibly this one eventually

  2. Queen of Cups said,

    Yes…They do have a legal nfrigment with Lunette, that’s why they cannot sell outside Chile.

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