Menstrual Cup Brands

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First of all, before I go into too much detail about the different brands of cups, I would like to say that when you get involved with the community of menstrual cup users, you will se that it is very common for some faithful cup users to purchase their first cup, and then spend the next year or so gradually collecting one of each brand, size or color. They tend to do this for a several reasons:

1– It helps to support cup manufacturers and keep the products cheaper and more readily available (the less they are purchased, the more expensive they have to be, for the companies to stay in business).

2– It allows a woman to have different sizes and textures of cups, to suit her physical needs. During your period, your cervix tends to change positions– going up higher, and then lower, and back again, making your vagina shorter or longer. And with different cervix positions, some cup brands can be more difficult or easy to use. Also, our sensitivity levels and our flow tend to change, so its nice to have one cup with more texture and another without. Or one cup that is firmer or bigger, and another that is softer, or smaller.

3. Some women just like to try all of them to make sure they find the best one for them, or because they like the different colors and shapes. There are also people who like being able to answer other women’s questions about the different brands, from their own personal experience.

So if you feel like you could never possibly decide, and you’re capable of saving up some money here and there, you might want to try a few different brands yourself.

Photo: This cup is an American version of menstrual cup, which is manufactured in Canada. It is said to be the brand with the most length, so if you are worried about not being able to reach a cup after it is inserted, this may be a better choice for you to start out with. It does have a little bit of texture around the bottom, making it easier to grip. It is moderate in firmness/softness, and tends to be a favorite among U.S. women.

“MoonCup U.K.”–
Photo: This is a version manufactured in the U.K. (United Kingdom). It has quite a bit of texture on the outside, which some women say helps to hold it in place better, and makes it easier to grab hold of. The “cup” part of it is a bit smaller than some other brands, and the material is a bit firmer. Some women prefer a firmer material, because the feel it helps the cup to pop open more easily, which is key to forming a good seal and preventing leaks. But if you live in the USA, you may need to purchase this one from eBay, because the actual company itself no longer ships to the USA.

“MoonCup Keeper U.S.A.”–
Photo: This is the American version of the MoonCup, and its also the medical grade silicone version of its latex cousin “The Keeper” which is made by the same company. It is very much like the MoonCup UK in size shape and texture.

Photo: This cup is manufactured in the Czech Republic. It is one of the smallest brands available, and come in many different colors, as you can see. The “suction release” holes on the sides are a bit larger than the other brands, and there is much less texture on this cup. The silicone in this brand is also much softer or “squishier” than the other brands. Some women say these qualities are good, because they prefer a softer, smaller, slicker cup for the sake of comfort. While some other women say these are bad qualities, because a slicker cup is harder to get hold of, and a softer material is much more difficult to pop open. Ultimately, it is up to the individual. But another important note– this particular company did recently have a problem with cups that would split down the side after a couple of uses (mostly the colored ones). And they were offering the cups from this “faulty batch” as VERY cheap trial cups for a while, which the customers were aware would not last. Later, if the women liked them, they could order a “real” cup. But they seem to have gotten the issue resolved, and they do have many happy customers. And the clear cups are said to have always been just fine.

Photo: Manufactured in the U.K., this cup is a bit shorter than the Divacup. Moderate in texture, but the rim is a bit thicker, which some say helps it pop open better. The holes suction release holes at the top are moderate in size (not too small, not too large). If your flow is “somewhere in the middle” meaning not too light or too heavy, this is a good first cup for you.

Lunette Photo: ….
Lunette Selene Photo: Manufactured in Finland, this cup is quite smooth on the outside, like the LadyCup, except the silicone is a bit firmer. Color-wise, it comes in both clear and “Selene” (blue). It has a slightly flattened and solid stem, whereas most other brands have a hallow stem. Some women say this is better, because you never have to worry about cleaning out the stem. The company also distinguishes between virgins, and non virgins, with their cup sizes– unlike most other companies.


Photo: Manufactured in South Africa, the is quite a uniquely beautiful cup! It is not see-through, the pinkish color is more opaque. This brand also has a solid stem, and is slightly wider than most brands. It also costs a bit more, but offers free shipping to most countries. And the word is that the packaging and cloth pouch included are very classy. As for firmness, it is moderate. Another benefit to this cup is that it cannot discolor, like some clear cups do over time.

“Mpower Cup” — Photo: This brand is relatively new, and is manufactured from a privatly-owned business, based in south Africa.  It too has a flat, solid stem.  The holes are slightly larger than most brands, and the rim appears to be slightly cornered at the edge.  The exterior is smooth, with little testure.

“Alicia”-– Photo:
This cup was thought up by an Australian woman living in India. It has good texture on the outside, and is great for women at all stages of life. At first, the company only sold to women in south-east Asia, and other underdeveloped countries. But now, on the company’s website, almost every other country (including the United States) is listed in their customer order address menu. So to confirm that they actually ship to your country, its best to contact them. This company actually offers four different sizes: Extra small, small, medium, and large. The smallest size being for virginal teenagers, and the largest being for women who are built bigger or have had many children.

Photo: This cup comes from the Czech Republic. If you do not speak the native language of that region, you may have difficulty ordering from their website, as it is not in English. Not a lot is known about this brand outside that area, but you are free to look into it.

Photo: Made in the USA by the same company that does the silicone USA Mooncup. However, this particular cup is made from latex, and should only be used by women who do not have latex allergies. It is said to be moderate in firmness, and is a favorite among women who prefer not to “see” everything. In matters of shape and texture, it is very much like the MoonCup.

Photo: These are actually very unique as far as menstrual cups go. The Instead cup is the only cup that can be worn during sexual intercourse, to keep everything clean. It is a very soft cup, somewhat like a wide condom, with a flexible-yet-firm rim. It is worn up high by the cervix and it too is also safe to use during swimming, sports, and sleeping. They are disposable, however, ad are readily available in the USA in almost any fine store with a feminine hygiene is


  1. Julie Siddoway said,

    I got poked regularly by the stem with my Diva Cup. I trimmed it and still this solid piece coming out the bottom of my vagina and stabbing me. Which one is ‘shorter’ so that I wont get poked?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Ah, ok, I read your first question, it sounds like the problem is indeed that the Diva too long. The good news is, basically all other brands are shorter than diva in the cup body. Well, large Meluna’s ring stem or ball stem might come close, but the others are shorter. Some are longer only because of their stem (Keeper, or Keeper Moon Cup). But all traditional and flat stems can be trimmed. It also helps to trim the edges so that they go like this \_/ instead of this |_| . You can also trim the stem completely off and just file it down nice and smooth, but only if you don’t need the stem at all for removal. My Diva’s stem is completely gone, not a trace of it. The only way I can wear it.

    • Lyssette said,


      I had the same problem with the Diva and I also felt “full” when using it. I liked the product but I did not feel it was that comfortable for me. I ordered The Keeper’s Moon Cup and I love it! Is shorter (I did trim the stem off) and smoother. I no longer feel “full” since the body shape is narrower. I love that it pops up into place after insertion. I found it easier to insert than the Diva due to is texture. The Keeper’s Moon Cup packaging is not fancy by all means but I am extremely happy with the product.

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        I agree, many women find one brand difficult, but another brand is just perfect. Indeed, they do not all work the same way, or feel the same. If you find that one brand is not working for you, go ahead and do some research, ask some questions, and keep looking. With so many brand snow, there is bound to be a “Goldie locks” cup out there for you.

    • candy said,

      If you do not wish to purchase a new cup, turning the Diva Cup inside out is a good solution as it makes the cup shorter. I do this and find that it makes it just short enough for me. Of course, I did trim the stem off of mine before I flipped it.

  2. MrBarns said,

    Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

  3. SpiceyMom said,

    Just for those in the U.S….Instead can be purchased at most Targets. But it is sometimes hard to get and I was always buying their entire stock when I saw them. But now I am a Diva Cup user so I no longer have to buy the Instead. And I find that the cup is cleaner than the Instead.

  4. Lynn said,

    I need a bigger size cup
    1 oz is nowhere big enough for the whongo sized bleeding I am having
    I go through one instead cup every 30 minutes during that first awful day.
    (don’t tell me to see a doctor, I am a doctor)
    does anyone make a 3 or 4 oz cup?
    I know I’m not alone with this type of bleeding, I’ve talked to a number of patient and friends who have the same issues

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Are you going by what Instead claims it can hold (I don’t think its always accurate)? Have you measured your exact flow? Not sure exactly how many oz some of the other brands hold, but I know that because the Instead’s bag is so squishy, and our insides rest kind of collapsed, the Instead may not be able to hold as much as the cups that actually hold things open do. I know that the small Divacup only takes just over half an oz, but the Mpower takes a full oz. Not sure how much the large Yuuki holds, I hear it takes a lot. Here is a size chart:

      Oh ok, I just took a look at that chart myself, and it says the Mpower cup holds 20 ml, but the large Yuuki holds up to 37ml. Large Yuuki seems to have the highest capacity, and that’s what users have told me…

      I do know that I just went in the bathroom, and filled up an instead about 3/4 of the way (I imagine it would be almost impossible for it to be any fuller without squishing and leaking everywhere). And then I poured it into the Mpower ( because I only have the small Yuuki, not the large). Didn’t quite fill Mpower to the holes… So I think that just because of design, Instead probably holds less than the company claimed amount, or the larger “traditional” cups. Unless you used something besides the Instead to measure, you might not even be bleeding a full oz (but again, not sure how you measured 🙂 )

      Hope that helps.

    • R. Anne said,

      I to suffer from heavy measured flow, I just know on the first 3 days, I have to empty it every 2-4 hours, not a big deal for me, as w//tampons I had to change a SUPER tampon WITH super pad every hour (and they would be bloody, not spotted).
      I use the DivaCup and it handles my flow lovely. (The 1 oz size.) I bleed 3-4 ozs per day the first 3 or 4 days of my flow. Then 2oz, Then finally I can wear it all day or all night w/o changing. Hope this helps a little!

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  8. Daniela said,


    Thanks for putting this blog together. It is very informative. I have a question for you. Do you know if the mentrual cups are safe for women with IUD’s to use?



    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Most are, although some have stronger suction than others. You can check the company’s FAQ section to see if their product is considered ideal for use with an IUD.


  9. Canon wide angle lenses said,

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  10. MCC said,

    I just bought the Diva large cup for my first run on these cups. It did well overnight. I had a quick fill from the time I left home until I left for the office on a heavy day and had a leak from overflowing -but no leaks otherwise.

    I have been reading forums and blogs for several hours this week as I am trying to figure out my assortment. The Diva was a bit uncomfortable for me. It was OK – no pinching, etc. but I could definitely feel it. The least noticeable moment was in the morning after I had slept with it in. I was very uncomfotable with the bladder & even some bowel pressure – especially shortly after insertion. A few Kegels helped – but I would really prefer a less noticeable product.

    My cervix is VERY high and somewhat tilted. My OB has to work hard to get there. I cannot touch it – as I have been a NFP gal and have to work without cervical feedback….just cannot reach – so I don’t think the length is the problem.

    No troubles with the seal, insertion or removal.

    I can work with the large Diva for heavy days. Can you recommend another large capacity cup that may not put pressure on my bladder? Can you recommend a cup that is appropriate for light flow days that will be comfortable (less bladder pressure)?

    If I can find a cup that is more comfortable and still large for heavy days – and a smaller cup for light days, I may not keep my Diva after my 1 day $40 use! Yow!

    Thanks for your help in finding the perfect cup!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      The cups that don’t put nearly as much pressure on the bladder (but still have higher capacity) are the softer ones, like Miacup and large Yuuki. Also SheCup (you can get that one on eBay, its equal in size, softness and capacity to a small Miacup).

      Also, there may be some ladies that woudl like to buy your Divacup from you, many don’t care that its used, as long as you wash and sterilize it good before sending it. Try , just leave a post stating that you’d like to sell yoru cup, preferably with a photo. People do it all the time there. You’ll of course have to reduce the price because its used, probably to less than $20, since you can buy a brand new one for that much from . But you can probably get at least almost half of your money back by selling it.

  11. hannah montana fashion said,

    I just visited your websites from Twitter. Do you maintain a sort of donation box where I will transmit gift in PayPal? I would wish to reward you for your text. 🙂

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I was considering placing something like that on the websites. Its difficult to find a blog site that allows it though…

  12. Mapmom said,

    Hi Melissa,
    I’m hoping you can recommend a menstrual cup:
    I’m 40, have 2 children, am sexually active (love my hubby!), very heavy flow for 2 to 3 days of my 4 to 5 day period. Because of the heavy flow, I bought a Yuuki cup in the large size but I’m having trouble with it feeling like it’s sliding back out as soon as I get it in, & it feels like it is too low and protruding. Is there another cup that can handle a heavy flow but is maybe not as long? Even if I cut the entire stem off, the bottom of the cup would still be pushing out. I emptied my Large Yuuki 4 times today and it was about 1/3 full 2 of the times, maybe 1/4 full once, and I had a problem the other time: I was doing housework squatting & the cup literally started sliding out & leaked so I don’t know how full it was that time. I hope that wasn’t TMI, but I really do hope you can recommend a large capacity, short length cup. I’m leaning toward the MeLuna or SheCup brands since they both have the ball type stem & the stem on the Yuuki is bothering me, but that may just be because the Large Yuuki is so long and maybe I have a low cervix? I’ll hold off on buying anything for now & see if you have any suggestions. Many thanks for your knowledge & willingness to share it!
    Thanks, Julie

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Julie, I also got your message on YouTube, I think.

      Ah yes, the large Yuuki! Its definitely too big for you. Much too big for me as well. Your’e doing it right, its just that you’re correct– you are short up inside / have a low cervix. I am the same. If the large Yuuki was only 1/4 or 1/2 full at various points in the day, then you sound like you could definitely get away with using a slightly smaller cup, but one that still has good capacity.

      There are a few such cups: Larges of Shecup, Lunette, Fleurcup, Meluna, Miacup. Any of those would work fine. Your two cups of interest– meluna and shecup– Of course Shecup only hase one size, but the capacity is nice. Large Meluna, lovely capacity, you can also get one with no stem at all. Since you are short, you should be able to reach one just fine without a stem ( can, no problem). And it may be a lot more comfortable for you. Have you seen my brand comparison photo library yet? If not, please take a look! It really helps:

      • Mapmom said,

        Oh Wow! No I hadn’t seen those photos! That’s very helpful! I think I may get 1 or 2 more cups just to be able to compare size, shape & feel. Not sure what I’ll do with the ones that end up not being my favorites, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it!

        Today my cervix seems to be just a tad higher (day 3 with moderately heavy flow as opposed to yesterday when flow was very heavy) & the large Yuuki is sitting up just high enough to be a bit more comfortable! 🙂 So I apparently just need the diameter & capacity of a large cup but the length of a smaller cup!

        I’m going to check out all your comparison photos & buy accordingly! Thank you for all your help!!! You are the best!!

  13. doublejen said,

    Thanks for this fabulous site! I’m wondering if you can help me out regarding some questions I have. I bought a Keeper (the latex version) a few years ago, and had a lot of trouble with it. It wasn’t comfortable (mostly the stem), and it always leaked. I trimmed the stem so it’s now about a 1/2 inch in length, but that still didn’t help. I pretty much gave up and switched to cloth pads.

    I recently was away on vacation and needed internal protection, so I got it back out again. This time I did some more research on insertion, and I really started to get it! I used it all day with no leaks on what is usually the 2nd heaviest day of my period (I have a Paraguard IUD, so I have long periods with 2 really heavy days in the middle). But then I inserted it wrong toward the end of the day, and the stem started poking me again – so much that I’m so irritated I can’t put it in comfortably.

    What should I do? Get a new one? Trim the stem all the way down? I do not think I’m short – I actually think it might be hard to take out without any stem. I’ve been looking around your site and I’m thinking about a Lunette (the larger one), but thought I would get your input! Also, I’m 37 and have had two children via vaginal deliveries.

    Thanks so much!


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      How you trim the stem also has a big impact on comfort. A lot of women in the forums suggest using a nail trimmer, and trying to trim the edges of the stem so that instead of being like this |_| they are more like this \_/. Or even this U. But if that doesn’t help then a different kind of stem might. If you fancy Lunette, I too would suggest a large, because its a bit firmer than the small, so it holds up well. I actually sell Lunette now at . The grip rings at the base might make it a little easier for you to grab too, if beveling the Keeper’s stem doesn’t help any for comfort.

      Hope that helps,


      • doublejen said,

        Just wanted to let you know – I did end up getting a Lunette, and I had to trim the stem – but a few days in, and it’s working really well for me!! Thanks so much for your info. I’m so glad to have a cup that is working for me!!

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        That’s wonderful! 🙂

      • ATang said,

        What do you mean by the large lunette “holds up well”. Do you mean that it is more durable or more comfortable? i mean, aren’t softer cups more comfortable?

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        When I say “holds up well” I usually mean it had good capacity for a heavy day and did not leak 🙂

  14. menstrualcupinfo said,

    lol, its ok 🙂

  15. LRose said,


    Your site has excellent information and I love all the pictures! I was hoping you could help me decide what cup I should purchase (my second cup). I currently have a small DivaCup and have some issues with it. Even with the stem completely trimmed off it will still poke out and irritate me and it will also leak sometimes (I am guessing because my cervix is partially below the rim since it’s too long). Also, it seems to push on my bladder and I have the feeling like I need to pee when nothing’s in there sometimes which can get very annoying! So, I am looking for something that is shorter and softer than the LadyCup, but I would still like the cup to have a good capacity. I am 21 years old, married (sexually active), no kids, and I think I have an average flow. It can be sort-of heavy the first couples days and usually it takes about 6 days for it to be completely gone with no spotting. I saw that you recommend that some people could buy the large of some of the soft cups but I am just not sure if that would work for me since I am just small, I am 5’5″ and about 100 lbs. Right now, I am kind of thinking either the small LadyCup or the SheCup, but I would love to have your opinion since you are the expert! 🙂 Also, I live in the US so I am not sure if I would be able to find a way to purchase some of the brands…

    Thanks so much!

    • LRose said,

      CORRECTION: I meant ***shorter and softer than the DivaCup*** sorry!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Which cup you should use depends on flow level, sexual axtivity level, and weather or not you’ve had a child. In truth, height and weight do not play a part at all. You can be fery petite, like 4’11 and very thin, but still need a large because of childbirth or genetics. Or you can be a 6-foot, 250 pound woman, and still be very tiny inside and need a small cup. Its interesting how unique we all really are. 🙂

      Softer cups do help with pressure on the bladder though, quite a bit. As far as softer brands go, there is Shecup and Miacup (Shecup is the same size as the small Miacup). As you said, if you feel that you are both short and narow inside (as you can be long but narrow, or short but wide, or any other combination), the large ladycup may be too wide, and the small ladycup might not work for a medium-heavy flow. But Shecup and Miacup have good capacity, but are still shorter than Diva. Small Lunette has good capacity too, especially for its size, and its quite short. I would say try one of those three, seems like they would be nicer to the bladder area for you.

      Softer cups do take a little more work to get them popped open, but if you get it down pat, its worth it for the comfort 🙂

      Hope that helps,


      • LRose said,

        Thanks so much! 🙂 I am going to either be buying the Shecup or the small Miacup, but I have a couple more questions after looking over them again.

        Do these two brands of cups (or cups in general) tend to leak and need to be emptied once they reach the air holes, or once the cup is completely full to the top? From my experiences with the Divacup, when I remove it and wash it the holes appear to be almost plugged up with stuff and it doesn’t seem like the fluid would actually be able to leak out of the holes themselves. Because the Shecup could hold significantly more to the top rim of the cup than just to the air holes.

        Also, all the info I found says that the Miacup holds 14 ml, but in your video you say it holds just a little less than the small Divacup (which holds about 20-23ml), so is 14ml for the Miacup correct?

        (I think I am leaning a little more towards the Shecup, I just like the little nub stem! 🙂 Is the only place to purchase it either from the Shecup website or ebay?)

        Thanks again!

      • LRose said,

        Oh poo! I just realized the Shecup’s length with the nub is longer than my completely trimmed Divacup. 😦

        I guess maybe I will be going with the Miacup… it’s weird though because to me it looks like it should hold more than 14ml…

        Are the grip rings on the Miacup as pronounced as the grip rings on the Divacup? Because from the pictures they look like they are less pronounced, but it’s hard to tell. Also (sorry for all the questions :P) does 4mm less or so in length really feel THAT different?

        Thanks! You are awesome! 🙂

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        The rings are just barely less pronounced but they work just as good. I would say the biggest difference in feel is the softness of Miacup. The bottom is also a little thinner in material, meaning not so reinforced. All that together can make even 4mm feel quite different. 🙂

      • LRose said,


        🙂 I am glad the rings are less pronounced because I think sometimes the rings on the Divacup bother me…

        Could you please answer these questions from my previous post as well 🙂

        So have you found that the small Miacup just holds the 14ml that most websites state, or does it hold more? (The Miacup website says the small holds 25ml.)

        In connection with the last question: Do cups tend to leak and need to be emptied once they reach the air holes, or once the cup is completely full to the top? From my experiences with the Divacup, when I remove it and wash it the holes appear to be almost plugged up with stuff and it doesn’t seem like the fluid would actually be able to leak out of the holes themselves.

        (I know I have sooooo many questions, it’s just my husband and I are on a tight budget so I don’t have the money to be buying another cup that bothers me and then needing to find a different one and so on..)

  16. lollypop said,

    Thank you so much for this site and for the nice video’s on youtube.
    I am a very enthousiastic user of menstrual cups. Two years ago I purchased the large Lunette and althouht I was very pleased with it, I was leaking to much. Then I bought the large Diva and up until two month ago it was just perfect. I was so happy with it, never had any problems of any kind. But then suddenly, two month ago I began leaking very heavily. I wonder if you have an idea as to what the problem could be. My body has not changed during this time, and the Divacup looks just the same as before, so I just don’t know what happened. I am thinking about purchasing a new cup, but I wonder which one, considering the leaking problem…

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It might be a few things, depending on your age, and weather or not you’ve had a child– in that sense, it might be a size issue (too big or too small can both leak). Or it could be a tilted cervix/uterus— only your doctor could tell you that though. Or it could be the shape of the rim? Both the newer version (from the past 2 years) of Diva and Lunette have subtle rims. If that’s the problem, than something with a more flared rim might help, like Fleurcup, Mooncup, Meluna, Keeper or Keeper Mooon Cup, etc.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  17. Pink Math said,

    What kind of file is used to file the stem of cups? I was trying to file the steam of my Keeper Moon Cup (to make it go like \_/ instead of this |_|) with a foam board file, and it wasn’t working. I ended up using a baby’s finger nail scissors. It is not as smooth as I had envisioned but it’s better.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Usually people will use metal files with diamond dust on them, or something equally as effective. You can also use something meant to sand down calluses on feet. Not the really jagged ones like a pumice stone, or those ones that look like a cheese grater, lol. But the wider sand-paper-y ones. They are stronger. I tried the little foam board fingernail files, didn’t work for me either. With something so springy ar cupmaterial, it needs something strong. 🙂

  18. Cori said,

    Thanks for a great site with lots of detail! A question– I’m about to buy my second cup (my first was a keeper, years back). I’ve since had a baby and have much heavier flow.

    I’m leaning towards either the Miacup or the Fleurcup– which one is easier to pop open, once inserted, do you think? Also, are the top rim/ squared ridge of the Miacup as “hard” as the Keeper’s? I remember that inserting the latex Keeper (a similar looking shape at the rim) used to hurt a bit– it was a “scrapey” sort of feeling as it slid under/ behind the front edge of my pelvic opening/ pubic bone. I’m hoping for something a bit softer than that Keeper now… But still something with a good seal (the Keeper used to leak on me sometimes).

    Would the large Miacup or Fleurcup be a good choice, do you think? How are they different, in terms of feel and seal?

    Thanks in advance!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Miacup is surely much softer than Keeper. Because of this, it might take a little coaxing to pop open, but not as much as its original model– which used to be even softer. Miacup has geratly improved over the past year, and has good capacity. I have always found Miacup to be nice, not scratchy at the rim.

      Fleurcup also has great capacity, but it is firmer, more like Keeper (Its made of silicone, and is thinner in the walls than Keeper, but its firm because it has had more hardener added to the material during manufacturing).

      Fleurcup would be easier to pop open, due to to the stiffness. So if that is a very important trait, then you may prefer Fleur. But if you wanted something softer, then Miacup fits the bill.

      Feel and seal? They both have a good seal. But the Fleurcups grips are more procounced– Keeper doesn’t have grips, so this would be something new for you. Grips do help a lot in grabbing hold of a cup, but many people have preferences in this. Its basically a trade of how easy it is to grip, vs. how much you may feel the grips. Also, miacup only has 2 suction release holes, so make sure you keep one of the holes inside the fold crease during insertion, to ensure it will be the last part oc the cup to touch skin, so it will have time to help the cup pop open more.

      Hope this helps,


  19. Marissa Larios said,

    I think you have mentioned some very interesting details , appreciate it for the post.

  20. Melanie said,

    I am thinking of purchasing a menstrual cup and it would be my first. I have no experience with them at all. I am 32 and have 2 kids, mostly recent was born on December 10, 2010, both were vaginal deliveries. I also believe my cervix is high as I am not able to feel it as far as I can tell. My cycles tend to be heavy for a few days, about 3 and I am having issues with using tampons due to them feeling like they are sliding out on heavy day unless I am using a super or super plus absorbancy. Based off of this information could you recommend some cups to try?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Being a mom (congratulations!) with a heavy flow, a large would suit you better. And again, for heavy flow, its best to stick to high capacity brands. You might want a softer cup, or a firmer cup. Pros and cons of which are:

      Soft— More comfortable, but takes extra coaxing to pop open and seal.
      Firmer— Easy to pop open and seal, but if you are extra sensitive, you may be slightly aware of it.

      Soft cups with higher capacity are: Large Miacup, Large Yuuki (the largest), Large DivaCup (not as soft as the others)

      Firmer cups with higher capacity are: Large Lunette, Large Fleurcup

      Of course your choice may depend on things like price, availability, color preferences, etc.

      Hope this helps,


  21. Samantha said,

    Hi there! thanks so much for this site!
    I was wondering if you could maybe suggest a cup for me?
    I’m 18 and still a virgin, so i’m pretty small.
    When I used tampons in the past, even the smallest ones irritated me.
    I was considering either the lunette or meluna, but in pictures they all look huge!
    There’s also the fact that I live in canada, and I don’t think either company actually sells product here, so I’d have to buy it online – No seeing it first. Yikes.
    I have considered the diva cup, but the firmer material seems a little bit scary.
    Any advice?

    Thanks! ^^

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      DivaCup is actually very similar in softness to the small Lunette, its really not too firm as far as cups go. Large Lunette is actually much firmer. I’m not sure if you have seen this yet, but I put up a photo comparison library of all the brands in my discussion forum:

      Tampons always bothered me too, actually, because I have such a low cervix, anything I put int here will sit down very low. So I felt them a lot if I sat down, or bend down… But still, for me, cups are actually more comfortable because they don’t dry me up and they are flexible.

      If Diva is the easiest for you to get, then you can try that brand. Although virgins usually tend to favor Ladycup and Meluna (if they have a light flow), and small Lunette, small Yuuki and small Fleurcup if they have a slightly heavier flow. Price and availability are all factors for those, of course. But if you can get any of those, they are the favs.

      Hope this helps,


      • Samantha said,

        Thanks so much for the quick reply!
        I actually did see the chart, thanks. It was really helpful for size comparisons, but they all look pretty big sitting there by their lonesomes.
        And reading through other comments was fairly helpful as well, seeing what others said of their experiences. I’d heard the diva was a little bit bulky for first time users, which is why I was looking at the other cups. ^^;
        I will look into it though, since i believe they sell them around here. Thanks!

  22. gina said,

    Great post. I wish I had seen this before making my decision. I just bought my first cup a couple months ago (I went for the divacup) and although it was hard to get used to at first, i’m now a huge fan. I think it may have been easier for me if I tried a smaller cup, and will try one of the other brands next time. I also agree with what someone said about trimming off the entire stem- though I would recommend seeing if you can get used to the cup and placement first, I’ve considered getting rid of the whole thing since I don’t really need it for anything.

    All in all, a great post, thanks again for these comparisons!

  23. NV said,

    Thanks so much for all the info! I have never purchased a cup before, and am hoping for a bit of help. I am 28, have had 2 vaginal births, and have a very heavy flow. (At least, I think it’s heavy. I go through a super plus tampon in less than an hour and leak constantly.) So, I’m guessing I’d need a larger size with a decent capacity. Also, the idea of texture is appealing to me for ease of removal. And, I am very active, and I like the idea of a cup that stays put. (I chase 2 toddlers around all day. 🙂

    My question is this… how do I determine the position of my cervix? How do I know whether I should try a long or short cup first? Is there a way to take a measurement? Also, I know that cervical position changes at different times during the cycle. Is there an optimum time to measure?

    Thanks so much!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Best time to measure is on the heaviest day of your cycle. Some people move lower and some don’t but if you do, that’s when it would likely be the lowest. Basically, you would just determine if it was “high” or “low”. If you can easily touch it, its low. If you really have to reach in order to touch it, its abotu average. If you can’t reach it at all, its “high”.

      If your cervix is low, then the cups that are longer in the body might stick out a bit and be uncomfortable (large Yuuki, DivaCup). But if not, then using those (or any other) should feel ok.

      But with a heavy flow, I would stay stick with higher capacity cups:

      Large Yuuki— (holds the most and is the largest, pretty soft)
      Large Lunette— (firm)
      Large Diva— (firmness/softness is “somewhere in the middle”)
      Large Fleurcup— (firm)
      Large Miacup— (firmness/softness is “somewhere in the middle”)
      Large Meluna— (firmness/softness is “somewhere in the middle”)

      Hope that helps 🙂

  24. Glynnis said,

    I recently bought both the small and large divacup (just because I wasn’t sure which one would be better) and it’s really difficult to get the hang of. I still leak a little bit, but I’ve done everything the instructions tell me to. I’ve put it in more to the side, rather than up and down. I’ve turned it to make sure it’s sealed.
    It’s kind of discouraging. Is there anything else I can do to get the hang of it?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It could be the cervix peeking out from the side of the cups rim. For most people, its better to aim back toward the rectum. See if letting it pop open a bit early (like halfway in) and then coaxing it up the rest of the way helps. Also, try inserting with at least one of the tiny suction release holes inside the folded crease. It keeps the hole exposed to air longer, letting it pop open better. Another tip is try inserting with the folded crease facing down. Amy people get a better seal that way.

      Hope this helps,


  25. Brandi said,

    i just got my small lunette selene and my first try was great not leaks and i left it in for 6 hours, but my second try it started to leak a little about 3 hours after inserting and it wasent even half full and i went to sleep and when i woke it was leaking just a small amount, luckily i wore a panty liner because im paranoid, but it still seems to leak after 3 or 4 hours and its not even half way full im only on my second day and i know i have to learn a little more on using it, but im really wanting some advice if anyone can suggest something that could help?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Try folding it with one of the suction release holes inside the fold crease. That keeps it exposed to air longer, so it can pop open better. Also try inserting it with the fold crease facing down, that helps it pop open and seal better too.

      • Brandi said,

        ive been trying this and it doesnt seem to help, i really only leak on the first 2 heavy days so im thinking i need a longer and more wider cup because my cervix is filling it up and its not wide enough, which one do you think would be wider than the small lunette? im decideing weather or not to buy a small diva cup but i dont want to get it and it not be wide enough, so should i try a large diva or lunette? or which brand of any cup?

  26. fast payday loans online said,

    Hello from Russia! Would you like feasible for me to quote a submit as part of your weblog using the connect to you? I’ve tried emailing you relating to this problem nonetheless it seems i cant reach you, please response when have a very moment, thanks.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Yes, please do. Also please include my name and website reference, thank you very much! 🙂

  27. Sabrina B.` said,

    As a tampon girl the idea of a cup has my interest perked. I got a box of Instead and tried my first one, removal/insertion were odd but the product itself was not uncomfortable. I’ve spent countless hours researching brands of cups and looking at YouTube vids, etc. but I still can’t choose. I don’t have a lot of extra money, so I’m really hoping to find something that works before having to try ten different brands. My Gyno said that I had a high cervix (“Wow, you’re way up there. I can’t find it!” twisting the speculum and pushing it upwards til I was on the verge of yelping) only a few days before my period… but later that day I felt for it for the first time and I found it without any difficulty. I looked at the Divacup, and I’m sort of torn between it and the Lunette. I’m 23, no children. I’m a pretty tiny size but my hubby is well endowed, so I’m used to the discomfort that can sometimes cause. My cycles are all over the place, sometimes I bleed for 2 months with only a 2 day break here or there, if my cycle is really light (7 day range) then it will sometimes stop, so I think it is done, and come back full force 2 or 3 days later and I’ll have it again for another week. Sometimes it comes once a month like it should, but never the same flow. Sometimes barely there, next time it’s pouring. Ideas on what cup I should go for? For now I really want to focus more on comfort then capacity, I don’t mind emptying a bunch of times throughout the day. I’m just so confused!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Honestly, if they gyno says your cervix is pretty high… I would go with A longer cup, such as Diva. Its the longest in the body, so it will be easier for you to reach. You may even need to leave the stem on. Well, Large Yuuki is equally long in the body, but that one might be too wide for you. Please take a look at my comparison photos, located here:

      Since a cup can be worn ahead of time, even when you are simply “expecting” your period, I would say it could certainly help with an unpredictable period. You could just keep it in the little cloth pouch, and stick it in your pocket. No bulky pads, no multiple tampons, or other disposables. You would always be prepared, with minimal bulk. 🙂

  28. Holly said,

    I recently purchased a box of Instead softcups to try and came across your sight while doing some research. I am definitely interested in purchasing a menstrual cup and was wondering if you could give me some advice on which one to try first. I am 28 years old and am sexually active but do not have any children. My cervix is low and I tend to have an extremely heavy flow for about 2-3 days each cycle. I am so glad to have found this site and am excited to try a menstrual cup!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If you are sexually active, you can most likely use a large. Also with a heavy flow, larges are often recommended. But being as how you have a low cervix, I would say avoid Divacup and *large* Yuuki. They are both fairly long and usually the end sticks out with low cervix people.

      As for the best heavy flow cups, that would be larges of the following:

      Lunette (large is firmer than small)
      Fleurcup (firm)
      Miacup (softer, large or small)
      Meluna (can choose from classic or soft)

      Hope this helps 🙂

  29. Mae said,

    I used Instead softcups over 4 years ago without any trouble before I ever had any children. I have since delivered 2 babies vaginally, the first being a rather rough experience resulting in severe tearing and scarring. I recently tried using the softcup again and even after repeated attempts I could not get the cup to stay in place. I feel that I followed the instructions precisely, pushing downward and back. I can get the lip of the cup to sit behind the pubic bone, but as soon as I stand up, it pops out and begins sliding out. Can anyone tell me what the possible problem might be or what I may be doing wrong? I really would like to use feminine cups again, so I started with the disposable variety that I had previous experience with before investing in the longer lasting type. Or do you have any suggestions for which cup to try next?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Honestly, the reusable cups do tend to work better. Its hard to get Insteads to work if you are a bit shorter inside (have a low cervix) or if you don’t have a certain neutral shape up there. I personally am too short inside to use them.

      I only suggest Insteads for people who really love disposable products. Or for people who want to be able to have clean sex during their period.

      Otherwise, I usually suggest a reusable. If the scar tissue hurts, you can try softer brands, like large Ladycup, or the soft variety of Meluna.

  30. Kristie said,

    Hello, Ive been using my keeper cup for abt year maybe a little longer an I started working 12-to 14 hr days, So I thought I wld change cups to one that wld hold more liquid …Im a bbw an cant empty my cup at work ,,,, I bought a large meluna its to big for me. I went to the small yukki which is great it lasts the whole working day an drive home. My only problem is the stem is a little to short , I was wondering if you cld recommend a cup that is the same firmness with a longer stem ? I thought maybe lunett wld work for me bc the meluna large was to soft an to big .

    Thank you for your help

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hmmmm, I’d have to look through some of them again to find one with a better stem. But you can actually browse through them too, I will give you a link to my photo comparison library, so you can see all of the brands and their stems, side by side:

      But as for holding more liquid, large Lunette, Large Miacup, large Fleurcup, Large Yuuki, those hold more. Yuuki is pretty big though, I mean width and body length. I looked at their stems, in overall length they aren’t relaly longer. The only stems I’ve seen that were longer than small Yuuki’s stem was Keeper, and Large Yuuki.

      Well, Lunette is like a TINY bit longer, but almost unnoticeable, its so close… Unless you go with a large Yuuki, I’m not sure its possible to upgrade with stem length. But you can certainly upgrade with the other above cups on capacity.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  31. Helen said,


    Thank you for all your posts and reviews. I recently bought the large Fleurcup and have used it a few times. I think it’s too small for me. I am 30 yrs old and have 1 child. Putting in the cup was a lot easier than I thought it would be..a little uncomfortable but not too bad. Taking it out is horrible. I’m having a really hard time taking out the Fleurcup. In fact, I haven’t been able to take it out…my husband has to do it for me since his fingers are longer. So I have to stick my entire pointer finger to unsuction the cup. Then I have to poke around to find the stem which is really hard to grab with 2 fingers since it’s up there. The stem seems to lie sideways instead of hanging up/down in me. Do you think a large Yuuki would be a good fit since it is longer? Or a large Divacup? But I think the large Yuuki has a longer stem so it may be better for me to have more stem to.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Large Yuuki and DivaCup are longer in the body, so they may very well be easier to reach. Large Yuuki’s stem is longer, you can see it here in my comparison photos. Its the last picture at the bottom: Good choice if you are looking for both extra body length, AND extra stem length.

  32. Jackie said,

    Hi I need some help i currently have a small divacup and on the first 1 – 2 days on my period within an hour & a 1/2 it starts leakin a little so i change it but it is only about half way full and if i leave it for like say 3 hours it will over flow i cant figure out if i have a low cervix or really heavy flow but im thinkin i may need a bigger cup so i was gonna buy the large yuuki but i decided to do some researchin first and maybe somebody can help me with this please!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It could be a capacity issue… In that case a cup with more capacity could help. But it may also be a position issue. Before getting a new cup, try this– Allow your DivaCup to pop open a but early, like halfway in. Then coax it up the rest of the way. This not only allows it to pop open mroe fully, but it also helps to ensure that your cervix is aiming toward the opening of the cup, and not “peeking” out the side, causing leaks.

  33. Angela said,

    Melissa, it really bugs me when blood gets trapped underneath my finger nails. Is there something I can do to prevent it? Do you experience this? Will cutting my fingernails really short prevent this from happening?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I usually have really short nails, so it doesn’t really happen with me. But also, you can try reducing the “residual” blood, by letting the cup pop open a bit early, like halfway in, and coaxing it up. Pops open better that way, but also it collects the residual blood on its way up, much better.

  34. Kristina said,

    I have tried the lunette, the diva cup and the yukki. Personally I love my yukki because it is the largest cup on the market and I needed something for heavy flow. Since It has the largest liquid capacity I find I almost never leak with this cup! I ordered mine through eBay where I could pay american currency I actually got the cup for 10 dollers since I won the bid. It ships brand new from Czech Rep. And shipped within a week and a half very fast compared go the eBay shipping estimates .

  35. Taylor said,

    The keeper was before the ukmoon cup.

  36. Curious said,

    Hi, I’ve used and loved the disposable Instead for years but tend to get infections from it and they are very dirty to take out so am looking for something of medical grade silicon. I just used a British Mooncup and found it to be painful to take out as it scrapes my vagina on the way out.
    Can you recommend something that is as soft as the Instead which I really love?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Unfortunately, Instead is the ONLY cup with this particular design. All the others work by a more traditional cup design. 😦

  37. Anonymous said,

    I am young, and I have a heavy flow. I go through super plus tampons sometimes in 2 hours. I have never been able to use anything but superplus, even though I have had my period for 6-7 years. A regular size box is never enough for me. I think my cervix is low. I rarely have problems with tampons, although sometimes it stings and feels like sharp pains(maybe i get small infections sometimes). I hate tampons, and pads are out of the question. I have been reading all these blogs and I still cannot choose.

    I want a cup that holds allot but is not too big, so I guess I need a soft one. I love the giftset by ladycup but I do not know if it is for me. I love the clear ones like yuuki, but the large may be too large in size (yet not in amount it hold).

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Soft cups that have decent capacity are:

      Soft Meluna (but maybe avoid large or X large, since they are long)
      large Si-Bell
      Large Ladycup too, but it doesn’t hold as much

  38. Anonymous said,

    I just think it is odd for a healthy person to have a superplus flow. I am a vegetarian and I never eat fastfood. I guess I can owe it to sugar?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Heavy flow is mostly related to genetics, and/or the natural function of your body. But I will say that people from ALL walks of life, all cultures, all living styles, and all health status could have heavy and light flows. True, there are some health problems that can cause it, but there are many cases when the person is still otherwise very healthy. Although they are trying to develop certain treatments for it, in the case of people who find it very unpleasant.

  39. sb said,

    I’m 26, a virgin, never put in a tampon but am willing to start trying to stretch myself in order to accommodate a menstrual cup.

    I have quite heavy periods- for the first 3 days wear only Extralong Overnight pads and have to switch them every 5 hours or so. Once in a while I’ll come home and see I’ve soaked clean through panties and even sometimes the shorts beneath. Sometimes I also have quite large globules of blood/whatever that stuff is called that comes out.

    I can’t make heads or tails of all these different brands and types. I DO want something large-ish capacity (I don’t know if what I described above is heavy or very heavy…), I do NOT want leaking (who does)… I don’t know which kinds of stems are preferable… And since I haven’t had sex, nothing too painful (though I understand one needs to get used to it.) Any advice?
    Thank you.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I would say your flow could be classified as “very heavy”. You would probably have to stick to the brands with the most capacity, like large Yuuki, large or X large Meluna, Natural Mamma, Etc. Of course, being a virgin, it would really take some adjusting for those sizes…. But if you are really determined, you just might be able to do it.

  40. Cassie said,

    Hi there,

    I have been using the diva cup for a few months now and I love the idea of it, but my problem is i find that as soon as i am up and mobile, i feel it will “fall out”. i am 27 with three kids (all vaginal births). The stem is cut all the way off and I can still feel it coming out, even when it has just been put in and empty… What would you recommend for a shorter cup, but also wider? I have been looking at Meluna, lady cup, lunette…


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      DivaCup is fairly long in the body. If your cervix is low (sounds like it is, I have a low cervix too), then the Diva is probably going to stick out a lot. So its better to go with a cup which is shorter.

      due to this, I would say avoid the larger Melunas, they are pretty long too. and large Yuuki. Also avoid NatualMamma.

      Other than that, the other cups are all shorter, so any of them would be an improvement in the length issue. Its just a matter of the price, the availability, and if you have any color preferences 🙂

      • Cassie said,

        Thank for the reply. Is there a particular cup you would recommend that is shorter, but just as big. I find that I leak a lot with the diva cup, could that be because it is too long or not big enough around? That was why i liked the meluna, it was quite big around. cost and color and such is no concern. Perhaps Lunette or lady cup?

        Thanks again, your blog is awesome and very useful. I think every woman should be going to get a cup. Best thing ever (if i could find one that worked for me :p)

      • Cassie said,

        Also, I did find my cervix to be quite low, so I do need something shorter than the DIvacup…

  41. Gabriella said,

    I’m 16 and I’m considering getting one of the menstrual cups. I’m tired of tampons leaking and feeling uncomfortable.
    The thing is, sometimes I get large clots, and I was wondering (because I am a bit paranoid) if the cup slides down from the weight of the blood and clots. I am a virgin, and for virgins, the small sizes of these cups are usually recommended, but would they still be recommended if you have a slightly heavier flow?
    I was considering getting a Small Lunette, but I have never really measured my menstrual flow. I have a pattern of what tampons I use…

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Smalls of Lunette, Yuuki, Meluna and Fleurcup are great for virgins with slightly heavier flows. For tampons, I would say using a super every 2 to 4 hours is slightly heavy. Clots don’t really matter with a cup, the only time a cup will sit down very low is if your cervix is very low. In that case, stick with shorter cups 🙂

  42. Rachel said,

    Hello! Thank you so much for all of the information. I have a question for you about which type of cup might work for me. I have always used regular absorbency tampons and they suited both my flow and my size just fine. I gave birth to my daughter vaginally almost 7 months ago. My period returned last month and now my body seems like it rejects tampons, no matter how far I put them in they end up working their way down. I tried insteads and I leak quite a bit in them too (don’t know if I inserted them properly but tried to stay down and back as far as my finger could reach). I dont know how big i am or how low/high my cervix is.What do you think might be the best and most user friendly cup for me to try would be? Thanks again!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Sounds like after giving birth, your cervix moved down low and is pushing your tampons low. I have the same problem, but I’ve never had a baby… I would say stick with shorter cups (see my size charts). That’s what I do. 🙂

  43. Briana said,

    I am 24, still a virgin and I’m considering getting a menstrual cup. I was wondering if you recomened one brand/style over another for a first time user like me. Just from looking at the pictures and stuff I like the look of the Lunette but I’m not sure…any help would be great! Thanks!!

    • Cale said,

      I’m 17 and I’m also a virgin, I’m not an expert but I found MCUK and they’re quite small – I have a heavy flow so in the beginning of my period I might have to change it often but it’s very, very comfortable and I love that I can use it for more than 6 hours.

  44. risherly said,

    Im trying to have some information about menstrual cups and IUD, is it okey to wear them while you have this type of birth control?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Plenty of people use a cup with an IUD, but I would suggest that if you choose to do so, take care during removal. meaning keep a finger along side the cup as you remove it to open an air channel up to the rim, and this keeps the suction broken so you won’t be pulling down on the IUD with the suction.

  45. niftythrifty said,

    I just bought my first cup after reading your blog and doing some research – a large Lunette. I am 45, have a fairly heavy flow and have had 2 c-section births. I found the insertion challenging from a size standpoint. When I did finally get it in, it is quite comfortable, except for a slight sensation that I have to pee. So I’m wondering if I should have gotten the smaller size, since I have not had a vaginal birth. Does that make a difference?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Most people are not bothered by this. But some people have sensitive insides, and softer cups really seem to help with that. You can check my measurement chart, there is a “stiffness” rating list at the bottom.

  46. dds07 said,

    Hello! Looking for help- I have a Diva and it is SO long. I have a very low cervix. I use it with the stem cut entirely off, flipped inside out and folded half up. It works for a while, but gradually it unfolds and sticks out of me a good 10mm. I’d like to try one of the shorter cups, but the shortest ones are generally listed as “small” and I’ve had 2 babies and am married, so I’m concerned that they might fall out for being too small? It seems that many moms are looking for short and wide:) Recommendations for short and wide? MeLuna?

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