Measurement Chart

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Lots of people have been asking me to put up some comparison charts, like for size measurements, capacity, and stiffness.  So I drew up a size/capacity chart.

Also, down below, I have a cup stiffness rating list.

Please keep in mind that some cup users may disagree with me on the measurements and ratings.  It doesn’t really mean that I or they are wrong…  It could be something as simple as a factory defect in somebody’s measuring tool, or a  factory defect in the particular cup someone has.  But I am going by what I have measured out using a seamstress tape measure, and an old plastic liquid measuring cup that came in a box of cough syrup.  I do my very best to be accurate in measurements.  To show you, I am including a link here to a LiveJournal discussion, where I posted photos (down below in the comments) of me measuring an Mpower cup, just so you can see that I do put effort into being exact 🙂 :

NOTE:  You can click on the charts to make them bigger.

New Cup Chart 4










And as for the stiffness rating, I am just going by how the cups seem to feel to me. Sometimes its hard to tell which is “stiffer”, because some cups are made of latex, some of silicone, some of TPE, and some are stiff due to thicker material, while others are stiff due to a material that has had more hardener added to it during manufacturing process.  The other thing is, some have a different squishiness/firmness in different parts of the cup– aka, the rim is stiffer than the rest of the cup.  Or the base/stem is.  But still, I did the best I could…

Some cups were equal to each other in stiffness.  In that case, I left the rating number the same as the cup before.  If there were significant differences between one part of the cup and another, I noted them:

Menstrual Cup Squishiness scale, 1= softest, 10=firmest (recently updated on 1/11/2013):

Si-Bell 1
CupLee: 1.2
Meluna (Small Soft): 1.5
FemmyCycle: 1.7
IrisCup: 1.7
SheCup: 2
LilyCup: 2
RubyCup: 2
Green Donna (large/small) 2
LadyCup (large/small, rim is thicker that middle or base):  2
Fleurcup (large/small): 2
Meluna (Medium Soft): 2
Femmecup (in the center, the rim and base are firmer: 2.5
Naturcup (Large, softer on the bottom than on the top): 3
Miacup (Large and small): 3
JuJu (large/small): 3
Diva Cup (large and small):  4
Small Lunette: 4
Meluna (X large, large, and Small classic, middles are thinner, rims are thick): 6
MoonCup UK (large and small):  7.5
Keeper Moon Cup (large and small): 7.5
Large Lunette: 8
Yuuki (large/small): 8.5
Mpower: 9
Medium Original Meluna: 9.5
Keeper (I think only because its so thick):  10


  1. Sarah said,

    Thank you for the chart! I’m not quite clear on how much stiffness matters in a cup, though. I know a stiffer cup would pop open more easily, but wouldn’t you feel it moving with you much more than you would with a more flexible cup? I used the Instead softcup for my last cycle, and although it didn’t leak (much), I could definitely feel it in there!

    I suppose my question is, what are the pros and cons of having a softer or stiffer cup? Thank you so much for your time!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      That is a very good question!

      Pro– Pops open easier, stands up against abdormal vagina shapes or sagging vaginal muscles better, usually stops leaks more effectively, easier to break the suction, because the walls dent in more in unison along the top and bottom.
      Con– You can feel it more (with insertion, removal, and wearing it)

      Pro– Less pressure on the bladder, more comfortable to insert/remove/wear, forms better to unique shape.
      Con– Stronger suction because the softness doesn’t cause the entire cup to dent in when you insert a finger, more difficult to pop open, some women leak more with a smaller cup because their body crushes it.

      Hope that helps 🙂

      • Sarah said,

        Thank you! : )

      • meimei said,

        Con of a stiff cup: if the rim is stiffer than the delicate skin at the vaginal opening, it can rip you. This just happened to me when removing the keeper ( I am so glad to find this rating chart- I just bought the keeper and tried it out. No problem inserting but ouch! on removal. ) Also I did feel the suction and pressure of the cup as uncomfortable when it was in.

  2. Quitterie said,

    Nice ;-D !!

  3. Radianceunviled said,

    Just wondering when you removed the Keeper did you take it out real fast or slow?

  4. Suzie said,

    Just FYI, under “small MeLuna” you have that the length is 1/2 inches – did you mean 1 1/2?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh wow, thank you for catching that! Yeah, it shoud be 1 1/2. I’ll add a note above the chart, until I can get it fixed. 🙂

      • Suzie said,

        No problem 🙂 Thanks for all this amazing info!! It was a great help to me when I was choosing my first cup.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      corrections made 🙂

  5. Hannah said,

    hey, thanks for the info! I think you are missing measurements for the Mpowercup

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      True, I am waiting for Mpower’s new cup now. I’ve heard that because of the issue with Lunette, they are changing their design. and many places no longer sell the current Mpower now. hopefully the changes will come soon. If not, I will simply add the old measurements.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Actually when I added the cm measurements today, and made some corrections, I went ahead and added the current Mpower measurements. I suppose I can always fix them later when the new design comes out. 🙂

  6. saraf3m said,

    Much simpler to read then some of the other charts! I was wondering if it was possible to add a column of you Squish test rating and make the chart sortable?

    I do like those features on the other charts, but some of them are SO extensive it is overwhelming, lol.

    This is great, thank you!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I probaly couldn’t do that without making the fonts much smaller. I barely managed to fit all the colums in the graph under size 14 font (which is MUCH easier to see than the other sizes, I think). I just did this in a word document with a table graph. Then took a screen shot in 3 sections and saved them as jpg photos, and uploaded them. 🙂

  7. Angel H. said,

    I’m interested in knowing how the capacity of the Instead softcup compares with the other cups. I have a box of insteads, a divacup, and a femmecup.

    🙂 Thanks!

    • Angel H. said,

      forgot to request email notification. 🙂

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I’ve heard that the Instead holds about an ounce? But I really think it depends from person to person, especially since its a soft bag being sqished by our collapsed insides… 🙂

  8. Alie said,


    Thanks for all of this info! Any chance you could also link this post to how to measure yourself for fitting a cup? I know I can find it elsewhere but I was thinking this page would be great to share with friends, and it would be nice to have all of that info in one place!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I could include such a link in this post, do you know where one is? I don’t believe I have one here 🙂

  9. Tami said,

    You forgot the Large Diva squishy-ness rating… (unless I read it wrong… is it the same as the small?)


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh yes, unfortunatly, I can only rate and measure the cups that I personally own. There are still a few larges I do not have. Although I’ve heard that Large Divacup is exactly the same as small, just a bit wider 🙂

  10. Judith said,

    Thank you for this. Very handy.

  11. M said,

    What would you rate the small Soft Meluna on the Squishiness scale? 🙂

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh yes, I forgot to update with that, thank you for reminding me, lol. Fixed! 🙂

      • M said,

        Thanks! Seems like it will be my next cup purchase 🙂

  12. EK said,

    Another disadvantage of stiffness can be that it makes the cup slide up more inside of you. I guess those with a shorter vagina don’t have this problem, but when I use my large Lunette, which is necessary most days of my period because of heavy flow, it tends to migrate up, especially at night or if I walk a lot, which makes it really, really hard to get out. It takes a lot of effort to get it back down where I can reach it. Based on the info in your charts, I should give the large Yuuki a try. Thank you so much for all this info, because I’ve been using the large Lunette for several years, thinking there wasn’t much choice for me.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You are quite welcome 🙂

    • Lisa said,

      Hi, EK!
      Did you try a Yuuki? Did it work? If not…try a Diva, because it’s verrry long. If you’re having trouble reaching it that might help. 🙂

  13. Julie said,

    Hi Melissa,

    I’m researching menstrual cups before buying my first, and I was wondering if you can give me some advice. I’m looking at the Small Soft Meluna as a “starter cup”, due to its softness and small size. But the capacity of 10ml sounds really tiny. In your opinion, is it in any way practical? My flow is always moderate (could be considered moderate to heavy in the first two days, but I never really “gush”). I guess if it doesn’t work out in terms of practicality I can always use it for the last 2 or 3 days of my cycle, but I’d just like hear your opinion.

    Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done! I’ve been reading and watching your videos, and it’s been quite an education. ; )

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Julie,

      A small Meluna probably would not be practical for a moderate to heavy flow, you would be changing it quite often. But if you really like it, you can use it for lighter days (I often do that). For the heavier days, you could probably use a small of another brand, or a large, if you think it wouldn’t be too much. It depends from brand to brand. Although small Ladycup might not be enough for “moderate”. Some of the other brands like Miacup, or Lunette, Yuuki, Fleurcup or Shecup or even Divacup can hold hold a lot more, even the smalls.

      Hope this helps,


      • Julie said,

        Hiya Melissa,

        Yes, that’s what I meant, getting a Meluna S for the end-of-cycle flow. Anyhow, I ended up getting a Lunette Selene model 1 as my first cup. Still waiting for it (and my period) to arrive, but we’ll see how I take to it before deciding on my “light” cup. Who knows, maybe it’ll be so comfortable that I won’t need a second cup. And Lunette is coming out with a new color soon! 😉 I’ll be waiting to see that first review from you.

        Thank you for your help hon!


    • Yamx said,

      I have moderate flow, sometimes strong on the first day, and the Meluna M soft is the perfect cup for that. After the first two to three days I switch to a soft S, though.

      Good luck! 🙂

      • Julie said,

        Turns out my flow is more like light-moderate. Totally overestimated myself there. 😉 I’ll keep your recommendation in mind though, might get myself a limited edition glittery cup before they’re gone.


  14. Mika said,

    This is a fantastic site – thank you so much for taking the time and putting all the effort in! It’s exactly what i was looking for to help me choose a first cup. I’m going to pass it on to all my friends. 🙂

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Thank you for the compliment, and please do! 🙂

  15. joannafus said,


    I’m debating between the diva cup and the femme cup on the squishiness spectrum. the chart says that the femmecup is a 3, but that the rim is stiffer. Would that make it equal to the diva cup or stiffer?


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I Femmecup does feel a little stiffer, but mostly just because its a totally different texture of silicone. Femmecups material has mroe hardener added during manufacturing.

  16. Ariana said,

    Hi Melissa,

    First of all, I’d like to thank you for all of the time and effort that you put into educating people about menstrual cups. After discovering your blog a little over a year ago, I have finally decided to take the plunge and buy my first menstrual cup, but I have a couple of questions about sizing that I was hoping you could help me with.

    Sorry if this is TMI 🙂 I felt around for my cervix twice a day during my last period because I wanted to figure out about how long my vagina is. I’m not 100% sure that I found my cervix, (I think I found it, though) and in any event, I was able to reach inside about 5-8 cm. Based on that measurement, would you say that my vagina is short, long, or somewhere in between?

    Also, when comparing the lengths of different menstrual cups, should I be looking at the length without the stem or the length with the stem? It seems to me that the length without the stem is more important, because ultimately you have to be able to reach the bottom of the cup to break the seal…. but maybe factoring in the stem length is more important than I realize?

    Finally, when looking at capacities, is it better to go by the capacity to the holes or the capacity to the brim? In your experience, do the cups start leaking when they fill up past the air holes?

    Thanks for your help!


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Ariana,

      I would say your cervix is average, to slightly high. Probably depends on what time of the month, or what day of your cycle. You could probably get away with using the longer cups like Diva, or large Yuuki (but large Yuuki is fairly wide), and probably a shorter one too, if needed. But not too short (like say small Meluna, maybe even small Ladycup…)

      I think length of the cup’s body is most important, especially since the stem can be trimmed in most cases. Of course, there are cases like Keeper– its over all length including the stem, is the longest. But some people do prefer a longer body because it can be easier to grip.

      Weather you go by capacity to the holes or to the rim, I think it depends on how big the holes are… For example, if it has larger holes like Femmecup, Ladycup, Mpower, Miacup, etc.– it might possibly leak if it goes past the holes. But the ones with much smaller holes– Diva, Mooncup (UK and US), Keeper, etc.– Many people say they fill them past the holes sometimes, and still don’t leak… Even water doesn’t leak out of those tiny holes, so its understandable that think blood often doesn’t.

      Hope this helps,


  17. ella said,

    (I’m 16 and a virgin) I got a UK Mooncup a while back but I found removal really difficult and I’ve been wary to retry since. I guessed this was because it is quite stiff and has quite a thick rim. Do you think a small Meluna would be a better alternative? Are softer cups easier to remove? The rim on the small Melunas looks much less scary size-wise 😛
    Thank you

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Small Meluna can be a good alternative for virgins, but of course there is capacity to consider. If your flow is a bit lighter, then it shouldn’t be a problem. I personally find the softer ones easier to remove, because I am able to partially fold them during removal. But if a cup is hard for you to reach, then I would suggest the traditional stem Meluna. Its longer, but it can always be trimmed to suit your needs 🙂

      • ella said,

        Thank you, your measurement table is so useful 🙂 I’ve narrowed it down to lunette, yuuki or meluna (all small) mainly because they all have small diameters. I was a little confused though cause in the table they all have a diameter of 4.1cm but different circumferences :S which do you think has the smallest width for easiest removal? x

  18. Janelle said,

    Thank you for such a great site! As far as squishiness goes, do you think it makes a difference with how many babies you’ve had? I’ve had 5, so I’ve been stretched a lot. Would I want something firmer to stay in better, or something squishier to mold to my shape better? Or am I thinking of this completely wrong? I never realized there were so many options with so many differences!


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I think its sort of individual. I’ve seen moms who prefer a firm one because the muscles inside have collapsed a bit (prolapse?), so they need something with form… But I’ve also seen moms who (due to tearing, and scar tissue, and more sensitivity) prefer something softer. It would depend if you have noticed any prolapse, or if scar tissue is bothering you, I think.

      Hope this helps 🙂


  19. Majda said,

    Hi Melissa!
    Thank you for your videos, that helped me a lot 🙂
    Now I use a large Ladycup, for only the second period. It really prickled me, so I had to cut all of the stem – now it’s very comfortable, but on the second and third days of my period, I need to empty aprox. 4 hours. It better, than with tampons and pads, so I can put up with it, but I hope there are larger, because I’d like it would be enough for nights on that days as well. I’m not sure, I can use longer cups (and probably I have to cut the stems…), and I’d like a not too much firmer… Maybe the thing, that can help me, would be the small holes? Somewhere here you wrote, that some women use the cup past the holes, but it impossible with Ladycup. Could you write down, which larger cups have tiny holes? Or which cup do you recommend me?

    • Majda said,

      Oh, and I forgot write down, but I tried find something in the table above, but all which have bigger capacity, are much longer or much more firmer, so I’m at a loss here…

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        You can really see how all the brands compare at my forum, in my “moderator’s photo library”. It compares all the brands with each other:

        Also, there are some brands that have decent capacity, but aren’t too hard/firm. For example, Large Yuuki (same softness and width as large ladycuup, but the body is longer and holds the most of all the cups), Miacup, large Meluna (classic or soft), etc. Divacup has great capacity too, but it is the longest brand. So you may need to trim the stem. They all have small holes, except Miacup. But Miacup only has 2 holes, so that kind of makes up for it.

        Hope this helps,


  20. Vanessa said,

    Dear Mellisa,
    I recently bought a small lady cup but want something with more capacity. I’m thinking of either a she cup or Lunette. I like the she cup because its similar in squishiness as the LadyCup and has a ball which I’m curious to try, not only that but its cheaper. I’m very drawn to the Lunette because it has the highest capacity than the both of them and I may be able to fill them up higher since it has one row of small holes instead of two rows of large ones. My LadyCup is perfect in texture and size but which one do you think would be the safest one to buy? I’m kind of on the fence here but leaning towards the Lunette. I’m nervous about the Lunette being twice as squishy as my Ladycup. Then the she cup’s pronounced rim is scaring me despite its softness plus is the capacity level worth buying it for?

  21. China Ales said,

    Hi! Could you answer this question for me? I was wondering what the numbers on the measurement lines on the model 2 divacup are? Thank you!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Certainly. On one side, it says “1/2 and 1/2 oz”. On the other side it says “7.5ml and 15ml”. However, I have found that the measuring lines don’t really state the full capacity, only what the fluid would be to that point. Cups can usually hold a little more past the lines.

  22. sara said,

    Hello! I am so excited that I just found your site. I bought a Divacup (size 1) for my last period and have had lots of trouble with how uncomfortable it is, I even contacted them for advice. They were wonderful about answering my questions. However they did tell me that the discomfort I was describing is not ‘typical’ for their users. Like you, I too have a lowered cervix. I also have a tilted uterus, and endometriosis. So my periods are just one giant ball of fun (NOT!!!). I think i’ve figured out my problem with the Diva, my cervix is literally inside it and the stem still sticks outside my vagina! The pressure on my vagina from the cup being around my cervix is horrible. I can not wear pads anymore it causes too much irritation and I immediately start to get TSS symptoms from tampons, basically i’m looking at the cups as my last option! I think I need a small soft cup to accommodate my issues but I am having a hard time figuring out which one I should choose. I would really appreciate any feedback you could give!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Have you tried turning Diva inside-out? That makes it shorter and much smoother at the bottom. Only try that if you are sure you can reach it at maybe 1/2 and inch shorter, and without the grips, of course.

      If you would prefer not to have to do that, you could try small Lunette. Its basically just like the Diva, only shorter, and a flat stem. That’s the one I regularly use, because I loved Diva, I just wished it was shorter, and small Lunette fit the bill. Check out my DivaCup comparison photos here, so you can see:

      • sara said,

        Thank you! I will definitely try turning it inside out and if that doesn’t work then I will try the small Lunette. I was looking at the comparison pictures and I didn’t realize just how much bigger the Diva is then a lot of the other brands! Again thank you for taking the time to read and answer my questions. I can’t wait to see if this will help!!!!! 🙂

      • sara said,

        Well I tried the inside out thing and for the first couple of hours it worked pretty good! I FINALLY understand what everyone has been raving about! It was like I couldn’t even feel it and that was such a blessing. I’m having a small issue with a little bit of leaking and it is a bit harder to get in and out when the Diva is inside out so I think I will be placing an order soon for the Lunette! I can’t thank you enough for your advice it helped so much today and I am really hopeful about one of these products being the perfect option for me now!!!! Thank you 🙂

  23. Brandi said,

    Hi, Im learning about menstrual cups i have been wanting one for a while but never sure which one to get i have 3 in mind but they all have there ups and downs, i am 19 years old, im a virgin, my cervix is about 2 1/4 inches in or 5.5 cm, i can fit 2 fingers in and its comfortable but its a little tight around the entrance of my vagina, so i am having a problem choosing which cup, i like the large lady cup, i think that the small will be to small and will leak, so i am wondering if the large would be firmer and not be to squishy and leak, the small lunette and small diva seem good also but i am wondering about them being to firm and not comfortable, and the diva being to long, and i am wanting to buy on ebay or amazon for a cheap price and they only have a limited variety of cups but they have these 3, it would help me out so much if i had some suggestions from peoples experience with cups

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Large Ladycup is really soft, so if you don’t want a cup to be too soft, that could be an issue. Divacup and small Lunette are a little firmer, but compared to others, I don’t think they are too firm. Large lunette and Fleurcup are much stiffer. Small Lunette and Diva also have good capacity, so if that’s important then they would be good. Which one would depend on color preferences, price, availability, etc.

      • Brandi said,

        I’m going to get a ladycup to try first and then probably a small lunette if I’m not satisfied, I think the diva cup will be to long for me, I am trying to decided which size in the ladycup to get small or large? what do you think would be best for me?

    • Vanessa Santos said,

      Hello Brandi, My name is Vanessa and I recommend the Lady Cup though that’s the only one I have experience with. All menstrual cups hold more than it looks like they can hold so you may not have a problem with the lady cups capacity. It’s also the shortest out of your other choices which would be better for your size. I think that their softness to be better for a virgin because your already pretty tight. Also when you first start using them and it pops to soon can be a little painful. I’m 17 years old and had great success with the lady cup no leaks, pops easily and is very very very pretty. But to each their own and you know your body better than I do. So if you feel you need a stiffer brand then trust your instinct. Please let me know how it worked out for you.

      • Vanessa Santos said,

        I think a small would be best for a virgin. It works for me.

  24. btx said,

    I have been following your site for a while now and have started contemplating on getting one. I still am very confused about which brand to go for, could you please help me with it.
    Basically am small made, 5feet 2, weight 53kg, 32yrs old and just had a baby (first) via C-sec two months ago. My flow is little heavy now after the baby, but have had just one period so far (yeah, it came back in 2 months post delivery! sigh!!). I’ve always had leakage problems with pads and have had to use 2-3 at a time to cover more area, like from all the way in the front right up to my back where the butt crack begins!! Have not been a big fan of tampons, I am really hoping the cup would work for me. There is so much info and so many brands, am not sure how to make the right choice.. 🙂

    The more important question for me is that I am in India and not sure where I can buy one after choosing the apt brand for my use, store? online? Please help…

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      India does make a menstrual cup (SheCup). I’m not sure if they are in stores there, but they can be bought on ebay and If you would prefer another brand, luckily our height and weight doesn’t effect which cup we can use. But if your flow is heavy and you’ve had a child (even by C-section), a large might be better. Most women who are sexually active can use a large. If you want plenty of capacity for a heavy flow, some good cups would be:

      Large Yuuki (the biggest, holds the most liquid, soft)
      Large DivaCup
      Large Lunette
      Large Miacup
      Large Fleurcup

      You can pick by price or color/style preference. 🙂

  25. Karli said,

    Hey, has anyone tried the the small Lunette? I know I need the small for undisclosed reasons.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I like it, its the one I personally use 🙂

      • Karli said,

        How long has your lasted? Was it alright getting used to?

  26. Pauliina said,


    is Miacup’s stiffness based on the model 2? How would you rate the stiffness of the older model? Just to approximately know the difference… Model 1 is too soft for me.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Both sizes have the same stiffness. The old cup was a little softer, actually. These ratings are based on the new cup. If you fancy a firmer cup, you can try large Lunette or Fleurcup (either size). 🙂

      • Pauliina said,

        Thank you. Ok, I thought the model 2 is at least a bit stiffer and opens up slightly easier (I’m the one who sent you an e-mail some weeks ago). And yeah, I have Lunette, it’s easy and reliable but in my opinion having too much *snap* effect on my fingers 😉 I mean it’s VERY firm. Just dreaming of a cup which is a) comfortable and b) effective, not making any leaks…

  27. b said,

    Hi Melissa,
    Thank you very very much for all your charts and photos and reviews. they are very helpful.
    I am confused since the figures in the charts here don’t match the figures in your charts on
    which ones are correct?
    also, it would be helpful if the title of the chart here would state if the capacities are the the holes or to the rim.
    thanks again

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Actually, those are not my charts, those were posted by an Australian woman who goes by “Purple Obsidian” on many social networks. Also, slight differences in measurements among different people could be something as simple as a factory flaw on the measuring tape, etc. But I do record the exact measurements with the tools I have.

      Glad these help 🙂

    • Marina said,

      late reply is late, but i think the difference is because Melissa physically measured in inches and converted. the measurements in mm don’t match those provided by the companies and compiled here

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        True, every chart I look at, they are all a bit different, lol. I sort of blame it on possible manufacturer defects of measuring tools, because when I line of different tape measures side by side, they are all slightly off from each other 😦

  28. Ellie said,

    Your videos and website have been very helpful for me but I am still indecisive.
    I am 17 and petite (5’1″). Because of my small size I don’t know which brand to purchase. My first thought was to buy a small soft meluna (since it is my first one) but I am put off by the small capacity. I am worried that if were to buy a different one it will be too big or uncomfortable and I would be unable to use it!

    Please help!


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Ellie,

      Luckily, our height and weight have nothing to do with our vaginal size. I have seen 6-foot tall women who are 300lbs but they need a really small cup. And I’ve seen very short, very thin women use the largest cup on the market.

      Its really important not to go for the smallest cup right away. Capacity is definitely something to be considered carefully. If your flow is normal or even little heavier, you can try small Lunette, or small Yuuki. If its light, you can try small Ladycup or small Meluna. Its really good to go by your flow, because the cup’s capacity will determine how often you have to empty it.

      • Ellie said,

        Thank you for your help. For some reason I hadn’t considered either a Lunette or Yuuki. I think I’d prefer a Lunette or a Ladycup. Although I would say I had a normal-heavy flow I’ve read that many people think they are heavier than they actually are.
        I have to say, I’m awfully tempted by the range of colours of the Ladycup. 🙂

  29. Zulu Pham said,

    May be a typo, but for the small MCUK, you said 15cc or 1/5 oz. Isn’t it 1/2 oz?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh my goodness! Yes, 1/2 an oz. Thank you 🙂

  30. Lis said,

    Yet another Q for you LOL. I just found your site by googling ‘menstural cup troubleshooting’
    I’ve been using the Large Ladycup for 4cycles now and so far it has leaked everytime! I LOVE the concept of the cup and really REALLY don’t want to have to go back to pads but this is driving me nuts! I know its inserted properly, I can push it right up against my cervix no problems but it seems to slide down after not very long :/
    Any sugestions???

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If your body is pushing a cup down, it usually means you have a low cervix. There is no known way to push a cervix up higher (at least not in a way where it won’t eventually come back down again). But you can get cups that are a bit shorter.

      What’s your age? Have you given birth? How heavy is your flow?

      The shorter cups are usually also a size down, like a medium or small. That’s why I was asking about age, and if you’ve given birth. If there is any chance the large ladycup may have been too wide, then some of the smalls could work, as they are shorter. Here is a page where I posted some photos comparing ladycup to all the others, if you are interested in looking:

      Hope this helps 🙂

      • Lis said,

        Sorry more info would have helped wouldn’t it LOL.
        I’m 25 and have had 2 children, my youngest is 2yo. Not that I know a huge amount about it but I didn’t think my cervix was low as I can only feel it at certain times of the month(ie not all the time) and I can only reach it squatting.

  31. Marina said,

    can you please add a note that the new MCUK and Yuuki are said to be softer and stiffer respectively?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Ah yes, I just received a sample of the new MCUK and I’ve heard the new Yuuki is a little firmer, as some were having difficulty popping it open. I will try to add this in when I get the chance 🙂

    • Quitterie said,

      Oh! i haven’t heard the Yuuki was now a little firmer :).. heu do you know if it’ll be the case for both sizes of the cup, or maybe only fo the large one (that was squishy indeed!) ?

      • Marina said,

        according to an lj post i’ve seen, it’s both sizes. only, with the large one the difference is more obvious. someone had a cup replaced because the stem broke, and the replacement cup was much stiffer and a little longer too.

  32. Devaki said,

    Hello most clever Mz Menstrualcupinfo!
    Firstly a BIG huge thank you for all your time and effort into comparing cups-I am well impressed! I am still feeling a little lost and was wondering if your experience/cup wisdom can guide me a little more 🙂
    I’m 35 years old, never given birth
    I used to have a Keeper cup years ago (I was instructed to get the small one as I hadn’t given birth) After the second or third time I used it leaked all the time. I didn’t know there were other cups out there and so I just put up with the leaking for 4 years and wore pads and still had to use tampons for sports etc! (i know! What an eejit I am! And it cost me $80 at the time as it was ‘new’ out!) I had to trim off nearly all of the stem on the keeper as it felt uncomfortable.
    I can feel the top of my cervix in a squat during my period and that measures about 7.5cms approx 3inches.
    I am fit and practice yoga and in some websites it is suggested to go for a smaller size if you practice yoga but then I am nervous about having one that leaks all over again!

    Lastly, is there any research out there that points as to whether natural rubber or medical-grade silicone is the healthier material to use?

    Anyways, hope that isn’t too much info (pardon me ladies!) and a big thank you in advance for your help in the big world of menstrual cups!
    I am excited to get back up on the horse and find one that really really fits!

    • Devaki said,

      Hi again, forgot to mention that on Day 1 and Day of my cycle I am very heavy (ah yes this is not for the faint-hearted here!)
      thanks 😉

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It sounds like you have a low cervix, so its probably better to avoid the longer cups like Diva, or large Yuuki.

      Keeper is pretty much the stiffest cup. Some people do better with stiffer cups. But some do better with softer more flexible ones. Sometimes I hear complaints abotu stiffer cups from people who are very active, or do a lot of bending and stretching… I’m not sure if there is a connection, there may be. They often opt for softer cups, for the extra comfort. Hmmm… So if you would like to try a softer one, there is ladycup, soft Meluna, Miacup, etc.

      But if you liked the firmness of your cup (firm ones pop open really easy) then you can try Fleurcup or Lunette. These cups all have different shapes than Keeper, so it would be something new. But having a low cervix, if you go for Meluna, I would say get the traditional stem in case you need to trim it.

      But it might be worth it to try a large too. Not only because you said you have kind of a heavy flow on your first days (thank you for adding that, I was going to ask, lol), and sometimes a small combines with a low cervix can cause leaks with a heavy flow, especially if its worn for many hours… But also, sometimes getting the wrong size can make you leak. A lot of cup companies are starting to recommend larges for people over a certain age (usually around 30). Its not just giving birth, sometimes our muscle tone actually changes as we age. And also, most people who are sexually active can handle a large of most brands. I can actually use either larges or smalls without leaking. But I opt for smalls (simply emptying them a little more often) just for the extra comfort. However, I do know people who will leak with one size, and not the other…

      I think all the materials cups are made of (some of latex, some of silicone, some of TPE) are all equally medically healthy. Its just they have different options, because some people have allergies to these materials, so the companies wanted to offer different choices.

      And maybe after all those years with a Keeper, you might fancy a cute colored cup 🙂 That’s another fun thing to consider, its the positive side of all the options out there! lol.

      Hope some of this helps. 🙂

  33. Devaki said,

    Wow super feedback and guidance-thanks a million! Now that you’ve narrowed it down to a few cups I will start the research in earnest and even maybe get two different sizes (and go wild with some less yukky colours than the ol Keeper haha!)

    Too busy celebrating Evans Tour De France win to sit still right now but as soon as I trial ’em I will be letting you know!

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply and keep sharing your passion-it’s inspiring!

  34. Quitterie said,

    Oh thank you, Marina-serpent ;D !

  35. Juliiie said,

    Hi Melissa,
    First of all thanks a lot for all your hard work, research and dedication, it is very helpful for women out there, and especially for new converts in the worls of cups like myself.

    Secondly, I just wanted to let you know Fleurcup seems to have recently changed their material for a much softer one, apparently along the lines of a Ladycup. I learned about it here, so I can’t do any comparison myself :

    Keep up the great work! 😉

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Thank you very much for informing me 🙂

      • Juliiie said,

        You’re welcome !

        Also on the same topic, I found out via recent users on the french forum, that due to some change in their production the large Yuki is now firmer than the large Fleur (which has become much softer)…! I don’t know if you’re considering updating the info here, or if you’ll have the chance to see it for yourself first. Thanks anyway for your charts, the softness comparison is very useful and quite unique I think.


  36. Lynn said,

    This is a great chart! One question though, do your length measurements include the stems? Thanks!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I actually put up 2 length measurements. One for just the cup body, and one for just the stem. To find the total length, you could just combine the two.

  37. Amanda said,

    I have yet another question for you. (This is amazing information, by the way) I am 35 mother of two kids (both c-section) Single now- no sexual activity for 2 years, and have great muscle tone there. I have a low cervix, tilted uterus that tampons always hurt to wear. I am just not sure if I need a small or large cup, firm or soft. My periods are light to moderate, only heavy for really a day, maybe two. Any suggestions would be so helpful. Thank you!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Actually you are right about the age and physical condition where you could probably go large or small. But I think it would really depend on how long you want to go without having to empty. And if you want a cup that allows you plenty of time, both on moderate days, and light days.

      Firm or soft, well I can give you the basics on the difference, and the trade you would be making:

      Firm– Pops open faster and easier, but if you’re really sensitive, you might be more aware of it.
      Soft– More comfortable to wear for sensitive people, but also more coaxing to pop it open

      With a low cervix, you should avoid longer brands, like Divacup or large Yuuki. And probably avoid cups that wont hold enough on your heavy days, like small Ladycup, or small Meluna.

      Any of the others should be fine. I personally like Lunette (its what I use), and small Yuuki is good. So is Fleurcup. And MCUK. Miacup has good capacity too.

      Hope some of this info helps 🙂

  38. Karli said,

    Would you be able to add the measurements of the disposable SoftCup?

  39. Beth said,

    I’ve been using the disposable Softcup for many years but I think I’m getting a latex allergy. I also wanted something reusable so I am looking into the other cups. I’m 33 and have had 4 kids. My cervix is quite high. My flow is heavy the first 2-3 days and then tapers off to very light for days on end–8 or 9. I’ve been frustrated with the softcups also partly because they can slip and spill on heavy flow days (that’s gotten better since having kids, but still happens sometimes.) I also wonder if the large, stiff ring is chafing me during removal, but I’m not sure. Either way I get a little sensitive, especially by the end of the period. Do you have any suggestions of what I might try?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I do know that with a latex allergy, its still ok to use cups, because Instead is made of TPE rather than latex. Also, all the other cups are made of either silicone, or or TPE. Keeper is te only cup made of latex.

      If the instead cup has been becoming a hassle, you can try a reusable one maybe. Since your flow is heavy on some days, and your cervix is high, try one that’s a bit longer in the body, with good capacity. The longest with best capacity are:

      Large DivaCup
      Large Yuuki

      Longer in the body is easier to reach with a higher cervix. And even high capacity cups work just fine on light days.

      Hope this helps,


  40. Ains said,

    Hi, I’ve just tried the Keeper (large) as my first cup and am really disapointed with the feel. I get cramps anyway but to add to that a constant need to go to the toilet was unbarable. I wish I’d found your chart first but I guess the keeper was also the cheapest cup I’d found and I can’t really afford some of the other cups. I’ll have to put up with disposables for a while and save up for another brand but I’m a bit reluctant now. 😦
    Thanks for this info.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Softer cups really do help with that (ladycup, Cup Lee, meluna soft). But if you need a cheaper deal, you can try MC_Slaes on LiveJournal:

  41. Lisa said,

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for this great info. I have just recently purchased a Diva cup and I have been having some problems with leaking. Not to get to graphic but my flow is quite heavy and can often be full of large clots. Could the clots be causing the problem and is there anything I can do to make the Diva more leak proof or is another cup the answer?

    Thanks in advance for your reply and time 🙂

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Clots wouldn’t cause leaks with a cup, because regardless of the flow consistency, a cup simply “catches all”, which is the beauty of it. 🙂

      But a few other things can cause leaks. It could be the wrong size, or your body may not like the shape of that brand… Or just positioning.

      Here are some things you can try, before considering a different cup:

      1. Try allowing the cup to pop open a bit early, like halfway in, and then coaxing it up. That helps to ensure that your cervix is aiming toward the cups opening.

      2. Try inserting with the folded crease facing down or backward, that seems to create a better seal.

      Let me know if some of this helps 🙂

      • Lisa said,

        I’ve started popping it open a little earlier now and turning it once then pushing it in further. That seems to be working although I think my issue is that the blood clots are filling up the entire cup and causing overflow. As well, my cervix sits quite low during my period so the diva cup might be a little long. The last couple of days it has worked very well and I feel like my period is getting done sooner than usual. Maybe the ability to continuously flow with the cup in comparison to tampons makes the come out quicker! Now that would be a great bonus.

        Thanks for the tips.

  42. Lauri said,

    Hi Melissa – It looks like you updated your stiffness chart, and now I’m a bit confused. I purchased a small fleurcup as my first cup and I’d consider it rather stiff and I think I recollect that your rating previously reflected that but now it seems you rate the stiffness at a 2. Is this a mistake? Or have they changed how they make them? Or is my reality a bit out of whack?

    I was looking to see if I could get something that would still pop open without much fuss, but not quite so aggressively pop open as the fleurcup does. And something with a less pokey stiff stem, but I still need a stem with grip for locate and retrieve.

    Now I’m not entirely sure how to compare relative stiffness now.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Yes, Fleurcup has changed their stiffness, it is now much softer than what it was. I do not have the new Fleurcup, but I ask some of the other cup owners to rate them by comparison to other brands for me, so I could update the charts.

      If you prefer something thats “not too hard but not too soft” I would say stick with the brands that are a 4 to 6 on the stiffness scale. That way you don’t get either extreme 🙂

  43. Julie said,

    Hi Melissa,

    I have a question regarding the stiffness of the Fleurcups: on the individual fleurcup review page, you mentioned that they’re about the same stiffness as the large Lunette. Yet here they rate a 2, whereas the large Lunette gets a 8. Has there been a change in material?


  44. Juliiie said,

    The chart definitely has been changed, because Fleurcups are softer know than they used to be back when it was first made. Hope this helps.

  45. Jenny said,

    I need some cup advice and this seems to be the place to ask 🙂 I am 30yrs old with 2 children close together, my oldest is 2.5 and my youngest is about to turn 1. My cervix seems to be low but I’m not sure? I only have to stick my middle finger in a bit to find it, maybe 5cm at most. I also remember the dr with my second child saying my uterus was tilted although the first time no one mentioned that (can that change or maybe she just didn’t think it was important?). I bought a Diva Cup size 2 (before I found all the great research resources and realized how many cups there are) and just used it for my first period. Frankly I just hate it and I think it’s too long?? If I cram it in really far I have terrible vaginal cramping. I am guessing because it is actually past my cervix with my cervix pressing the side (I have stuck my finger in before trying to get it to pop open and found the edge of the cup was touching the middle of my cervix, not around it) If I don’t cram it in very far though it quickly moves down and is poking out and so uncomfortable. Sometimes I have trouble getting it to pop open at all. It also seems to leak frequently so I am obviously just not getting it in the right spot.
    It seems like I need a shorter cup, would you agree? Or might I be misdiagnosing my issues? It seems like I have a short vagina. Also I think after having two kids fast I’m not quite as tight as I’d like to be, because I can get at the cup with disturbing ease no matter how far in it is. My trouble is picking between a soft and hard cup… if my DivaCup moves down quickly does that indicate I should pick a firmer cup to compensate for my over-elastic vag? I’ve been looking at the Fleurcup, Femmecup, Mooncup UK, Iriscup and Lunette and I just can’t seem to make up my mind. The amount of choices is absolutely dizzying. Any recommendations would be awesome. Thanks in advance!!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I do think a shorter cup would help. The reason your DivaCup seems to be “falling out” is because you are basically just like me– your cervix comes down so low that it pushed your long cup out. That is also the reason you can reach it so easily, because yoru cervix keeps it pushed down so low…

      I personally have to use a small Lunette, because the body is shorter. But if someone has had children, that may not be best.

      You can try Ladycup, it holds a good amount, but its shorter. Most cups are shorter in the body than Diva, Diva is one of the longest on the market. Or try an MCUK.

      But another thing, if you are having trouble getting it to pop open, you can try a firmer large Lunette. The firmness lets it pop open more easily.

      Hope some of this helps 🙂

    • Juliiie said,

      Sorry to butt in. I think the diva might be too long for you too. But in the meantime, try turning it inside out, it will shorten it a couple of cms and also make it smoother on the outside. Also, the aim is to have the cup sit (O) around your cervix. This way it’ll be able to ride further up than the tip of it, and catch all of your flow. If it’s squished next to your cervix, it’s definitely not working right.
      When picking another cup, do take your flow into account, as well as length. Any shorter cup in the larger size should be fine. I hope Melissa is ok with this piece of advice :).

      • Jenny said,

        Thanks so much to you both!! I did turn the DivaCup inside out this time and it worked better. However I still can’t have it up inside very far or it’s against (not around) my cervix, not beneath, and doesn’t catch. I can’t possible have it around because my cervix isn’t pointing that direction?? Is my cervix weird? The cup is poking out of me and that way it doesn’t leak at all, but I can’t say it’s super comfy. I will have to pursue the shortest possible cup I think!! Thank you both for the advice!

  46. Marina (@serpent849) said,

    as for the green donna, it’s absolutely not identical to the lunette. the site where i got my mum’s green donna said it’s 46×52 and i thought it would be a good choice as she thought she had a low cervix… turned out it’s 45×55 and i was disappointed that it’s so long. fortunately her cervix turned out to be higher than she thought and the cup works fine for her.
    and the small isn’t more of a copy of the lunette than the small sizes ladycup, naturcup, juju, yuuki, mialuna and new medium meluna are.

  47. Ania said,

    Could you please tell me how you would rate the ‘squishiness’ of the Instead ring?

    It is way too stiff for me – hugely uncomfortable to insert and remove, plus I feel it pushing painfully against my insides while wearing it.

    I’d like to purchase my first officially reusable cup, (yay!) so knowing how the squishiness compares will be a great help in choosing a brand.

    Thanks a ton for all the info on your site!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      The instead ring is a stiffer material than ANY of the reusable cups… So regardless of the brand you pick, you will be going softer 🙂

      • Ania said,

        Whew… I am very relieved to hear that!

        Thanks again.

      • Kendra K-D said,

        Hmmm. I am surprised to hear this, I was thinking the instead softcup ring was softer than the diva cup (small) and that that might be why it was more tolerable to me – I came to this post looking for a softer cup to try.
        Maybe because it is just a ring and not a full cup, while the material itself is stiffer, the ring as a whole bends/collapses easier?
        What else might be the reason/what other criteria should I maybe use in looking for a different cup?
        I found the Diva cup very uncomfortable a lot of the time – I didn’t feel like I had to pee, it was just general discomfort (similar to the discomfort I would get with tampons) and increased cramping, all of which subsided after I removed the cup. Also, sometimes I would have trouble removing it, it felt like it was suctioned to me and even when I tried to bend the side in it felt like it was “pulling” me as I tried to remove it – very uncomfortable! I have not been getting the same symptoms with the Instead ring, but I’d rather be using a real reusable rather than discarding a ring every month.
        What do you think?
        THANKS! for this post!!

      • Ania said,

        Hey, I just wanted to say thank you very much for answering my question and for having this page available!

        I decided on a small Lunette Aine for my first cup. Thumbs up! It has made my period a much better experience since I started using it. My Lunette works really well and is quite comfortable – but I can’t have bm’s with it in, and I tend to have minor leaks on the first day.

        My next cup will be something softer and a bit higher capacity, so I’m here again looking for info for my goldilocks cup. Based on your chart and pictures the Si-bell or the FleurCup look promising. The Sckoon is just tempting me because its pretty. 🙂

        Thanks again for helping out. You’ve really changed my life.

  48. Julia said,

    Is it possible that somone is unable to wear menstral cups? I used the “soft cups” and couldn’t get it to stay in place. I’m a teenager. Can somone help?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Different cups work VERY differently. The reusable cups work by a totally different concept. Softcups… It is possible to be too short inside for them. Even at 30, I am to short, because I have a low cervix. I mean it will go it, and its comfortable, and it works… But I’m too short for it to go “behind my pubic bone”. So its like REALLY close to the vaginal opening for me. Like touching against the urethra almost. I heard they might be making a smaller size, and I would like to try that. But I prefer the reusable cups.

      • Marina (@serpent849) said,

        yeah they did make smaller ones…. with a narrower rim (NOT diameter), lol.

        @ Julia, i’m a virgin and i use cups just fine, even the large sizes 🙂 and i’m fairly sure i’d not be able to use insteads. i recommend getting a reusable cup but not one of those you can get easiest (divacup, keeper/moon cup). these are all long…

    • Karli said,

      I had a very hard time with SoftCups, the disposables. Apparently, my cervix is very low and small, diameter-wise. I had to stop wearing them because I got nauseous and very nearly passed out. I think I’d be fine with reusable cups, seeing as the have a smaller diameter. If you’re unfamiliar with you parts, finding the pubic bone can be hard. Plus, those SoftCups are huge! What the heck?

  49. KraizyDaizy said,

    What cup do you recommend for me. I am 37, have 4 children, a retroverted cervix and heavy flow the first couple days.

    Also, I have heard you can use the DIVA to help you conceive a girl? I have 4 boys and would love to hear if there is any info on this site about that?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Mmmm…. Don’t know if a menstrual cup can help determine the gender of a baby. However, I have seen on a maternity-based TV show before that male sperm swim VERY fast, but only a short distance. Female sperm swim very slow, but they can go a longer distance. Clarify this with a doctor though, as professionals have different opinions and levels of knowledge on the subject.

      So based on the above statement, the advice given was— to increase the chances of having a boy, try to conceive during ovulation, the egg will be closer and the boys can get there first. For a girl, try just before ovulation, as there will be a greater distance to swim, increasing the likelihood of a girl. Of course no method is 100%, all you can do is “increase the chances”.

      And it also depends on how many male and female sperm the man has, since its the man’s body that decides the gender. Some men have a lot of one gender, and not many (or none) of the other…

      As for a cup, I would say stick with higher capacity cups, probably the larges, since you are a mom. Cups like:


      The brand you choose will mostly depend on color preference (if any), price, and availability based on where you live. I will say as far as I know, Large Yuuki and X-large Meluna hold the most liquid. But also consider your cervix. If you have ever been told that its “low” (if you can easily reach it at a short distance), avoid the longer brands like Diva or large Yuuki, as they will be too long, and stick out at the end.

    • Quitterie said,

      Oh really, about the Diva that would help conceive a girl? I guess this refers to when a woman places her cup right after the intercourse, to retain sperm.. eff Do you remember where you read this thought about the Diva ? 🙂
      All the best yay! with the cup you’ll choose^^

      • Julie said,

        Mmh can you actually retain sperm wearing a cup ?! That would be interesting.
        But it’s not like the cup is going to actually hold it inside, or make it easier for the sperm to swim up… I mean it’s not like the sperm came back down dripping from your cervix… :/
        Personally, I think the girl thing is another myth. But to each their own.

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        It might be possible to help retain the sperm, although I think you are right– it probably wouldn’t do much to keep it up near the cervix. For that, you would probably have better luck with an Instead brand cup, since the soft back seals much closer to the cervix. Also some women have claimed to have had success with it. Of course I can’t give medical advice about it, as I’m not a health professional, just what others have said. I do know that sperm can live for several days inside you, so it makes senze that keeping it near the cervix “might” help with conception.

  50. KraizyDaizy said,

    Quitterie there is lots of great girl sway info on

    • Quitterie said,

      Hey cool, thank you! 🙂

  51. JJ said,

    Hi, I’m 24 and owned a MCUK for 1year plus. I have heavy flow for first 3 days followed by very light flow. I didn’t know there’s so many choices for menstrual cups and settled for MCUK. The capacity is too little for me, and i had to empty the cup every 3hour. Now I use pads for 3 days and cup for the remaining days.

    I’ve also experiencing leaks during the 1st 3 days even when the cup is less than half full (which is what i saw after the blood flowed out). I’ve even made sure the cup popped correctly. I thought it was due to the low capacity. Now that i read about cervix height, how do i determine how deep is it?
    How do i find it?

    My MCUK often sits low in my vaginal wall, and it slips out abit when i poo.
    Is the width too small?

    • JJ said,

      Anyway i’ve just tried measuring the height of my cervix.
      I stick my 3rd finger in, and i can feel the cervix like another lips inside.
      It’s approximately 5cm inside if i put a ruler and gauge it against my finger.

      Is that the way to measure?

      What cups do you recommend?


      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        5 cm is about average. So most cups should be ok for you.

        If you are willing to share extra information, I can help narrow the choices down. Such as:

        –How heavy is your flow?
        –Have you given birth?
        –Sexually active?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If your cup always stays low, then that (usually) means you cervix is low. A low cervix shortens the vagina, and can keep the cup in a low position. I also have a low cervix, so I am very familiar with this, lol. Your cervix is usually lowest during the heaviest days of your period. The rest of the time, it will usually move back up.

      However, it can “dip” down inside you cup a bit, and take up a bit of space, lessening the capacity. That may be why leaks happen. The cup probably moves out more when going poop because pushing down with those muscles will also make you cervix move down more. Pushing the cup out. A lot of people with a low cervix will just push the cup back up a bit after going to the bathroom, that usually gets it back in place.

      You can try something with better capacity (lunette, shecup, miacup, large meluna). But with a low cervix, its probably best to avoid “long” cups like Diva, or the Large yuuki.

  52. YuLeeAh said,


    I need some advice and this seem like the perfect place to ask. 🙂 I’m 23 years old, petite (5’2, 92 lbs), never had children and have a very heavy flow in the first 2-3 days of my period. I’ve been using the size 1 DivaCup for a few years now and recently got some Lunapads Teeny Pantyliners to go along those heavy days. Because of my annoyingly heavy flow (I need to empty the cup every 2-3h during the first few days, and even then it still leaks before it overflows) and because I’m slightly annoyed by the stem (It tilts upward and pokes me), I’ve been looking into buying a new one. I’ve been thinking of getting a larger one to be able to hold more and not have to empty it as often, but I don’t think I can get a longer one (the handle occasionally sticks out a bit). I’ve also been considering getting a softer cup (I get some intense cramps on the 1st day and the cup surely doesn’t help), but I don’t know if it will hold in place when it becomes full. I’m also worried about the increased suction on these softer ones. I’ve had that happen a few times already with my current cup and it nearly brought me to tears. As for the circumference, I need to rotate my DivaCup quite a few times before it completely unfolds. Does that mean I should get a smaller circumference, and if I do, will it leak more.. or less? Is there even such a cup with a small circumference that can hold a lot of fluids? As you can see I’m quite confused on what I should get next and I really hope someone can help me narrow my choices down a bit. So far I have my eye on the “L MeLuna Soft – Ring”. If anyone has any other suggestions I will be more than happy to take the advice.

    Thanks in advance!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi YuLeeAh,

      You might have a tilted cervix or uterus, has a doctor ever told you that? If not, a doctor could tell you for sure. But still, plenty of people with tilted cervix/uterus still use cups.

      There are some cups that hold a really good amount:

      Large Yuuki
      Large Meluna
      X-large Meluna

      Being as how you would prefer a softer one, Meluna might be a good way to go. And also since you can choose different stems. For you, a ball stem night help. Ring stem might be ok too, since it is smooth. The ring does add some length though, so if Diva seemed too long for you, then ball stem might be better.

      As for large or X-large… The X-large holds more, so if that is something you are really interested in… The only “softer” cup I’ve heard of having really strong suction is Ladycup. Haven’t heard of a lot of problems with the others. I think despite their softness, they are ok in terms of holding their shape.

    • Julie M. said,

      I’d also strongly suggest a large Fleurcup, since it is both shorter and softer than a Diva, and holds 30 ml, similar to most high capacity cups. And it’s on sale. 🙂

  53. Angela said,

    Hi Melissa. Have you personally tried the new Fleurcups, or is the new rating based on other users’ opinions and ratings? Just making sure because I think 2 is too soft but i was really considering getting a Fleurcup. Thanks.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I did ask others for this rating, about 10 people replied. I asked only *multiple* cup users, because only they would be able to compare. Several people all gave pretty uch the same comparison answers, so I reasoned it was fairly accurate. 🙂

    • Julie M. said,

      The soft Felurcup is very springy and feels quite thick for a 2 imo (especially in the rim, I’d say it’s a good 3 ), and both pop open very well, just fyi. And they’re ON SALE ! 😉

  54. Julie said,

    I didn’t try it personnally, but I think I read the rim and base are a little firmer still. For what it’s worth…

  55. Diane said,

    Thank you so much for this information! I never did well with tampons, because I’ve always been too narrow (and possibly too short?) to get them in at all, let along comfortably, and I hate pads, so when I heard about the Diva and went straight to the store and bought it. Turns out the Diva are huge. I tried getting it in a few times, but once it started to unfold it always hurt way too much. I never got to actually try it, but the cup idea is too awesome. Now I’m looking at a soft small Meluna. Any suggestions? I read about the capacity issues, but I figure that’s better that pain or pads.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I would suggest taking a look at all the brands together, so you can compare the sizes. I posted some brand comparison photos here:

      If your flow is not too heavy, and especially if its light, you can try smaller cups like small Ladycup, small Lunette, small or medium Meluna. Even small JuJu.

  56. Olive said,

    Hi Melissa!
    You’re my menstrual cup God!
    I’m 17, not a virgin, and have a heavy flow. My vagina is 2 inches long?
    Which cup would be best? I’m confused as to high up it sits in the vagina.

    • Olive said,

      Also, I have never given birth.

      • Olive said,

        And do you think the colored menstrual cups really could hurt you? As they are not FDA approved.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,


      Actually, Lunette is FDA approved, and they sell colored cups. But even among the other cups, each country has its own medical standards that menstrual cup companies must pass. And the truth is, many other countries are more strict with their medical standards than the USA! So since the colors went through other countries’ approval process, I feel that clears them medically. They are made of the same materials other cups are made of.

      But of course, if you prefer clear cups, nearly all companies offer a clear version 🙂

      Where your cup sits is different for everyone. If you are longer inside, it will move up higher. Shorter, it will stay down low. You sound like you are about “average” (2-3 inches). So you should be able to use most cups just fine.

      But I can suggest cups better if I know how heavy you flow is? Popular brands for first-time users are Ladycup, Lunette, DivaCup, Meluna. Even Yuuki. If your flow is lighter, you can try Meluna or Ladycup. If its average, or a bit heavier, I would say maybe Lunette, Diva, or even a large Meluna if you think the size is ok.

  57. Olive said,

    Make that 3 inches.

  58. Alexandra said,

    Wow, thanks for all the information here. Honestly, its a bit overwhelming! I just started using the Instead Softcup, but after inquiring with them about the trouble I’ve been having, I figured out I am too small for it despite being 28 and having given birth vaginally twice. I’m having trouble with your chart since I know Softcup(which comes only in one size) sits higher than other menstrual cups. I was considering Divacup since a local store carries it, but wondered if ishould try the smaller size, despite having had 2 kids because of my trouble with Softcup. $30 is a lot of money to spend on something that won’t work, so I’ve been trying to do my research but its hard to know, since its like apples and oranges. Do you have any advice? Thank you so much!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Actually, I have questions for you, which might help me suggest some cups 🙂 You said you were too small for softcup? Was it because of the width? I mean did the width from side-to-side hurt?

      Or was it the length? I mean was the end sticking out, or maybe it didn’t go back in far enough? If that’s the case, then a DivaCup might be too long. I myself have a low cervix, so I’m shorter inside. Instead and DivaCup are a bit long for me, so I tend to stay with shorter cups.

      Just trying to figure if this is the case with you as well?


      • Alexandra said,

        It sounds like we might have a similar scenario. ??? The softcup was difficult for me to fully insert. After A LOT of messing with it I’d finally get it in far enough, but after 6 or so hours it would start coming out, especially after intense physical activity, such as lots of lifting and carrying children. (Its supposedly no problem tohave sex with softcup in, but unless I kept my hips elevated my husband could feel it.) The person who emailed me back from InsteadSoftcup said something about what I described was typical trouble for women with a “small vaginal vault”… I didn.t ask what that meant, but the rest of it was enough to confirm that softcup wouldn’t work for me.

      • Alexandra said,

        So, to clarify my response, it didn’t hurt at all, either from width or length, but I had to push the end of the rim back into position behind the pubic bone every time I used the bathroom because it would start to stick out. Thanks so much for taking the time to help! ~Alex~

  59. Esther said,

    Hello 🙂

    I had some questions. I’m 20, never had kids, a virgin and never used a tampon in my life. I am kind of scared to use these cups. I wanted to know what kind of cup you would recommend? I want one that is very comfortable and not too intimidating (if that makes sense haha).Something small in rim size so I won’t feel alarmed. I have a normal to heavy flow that is heavy in the 2 and 3 days of my 5 day cycle. I don’t know about my measurements and cervix and stuff like that and I really don’t want to check because that is kind of gross to me because I don’t want to feel around anywhere up there.This would help me so much. Thanks a lot.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You can try one of these:

      Small Lunette
      Small Meluna (you might have to empty it more often on heavy days because its the smallest, although the new capacity is much better than the older model)
      Small Si-Bell

      The smaller the cup is, the less capacity you will have. So you want to try to balance size with capacity, especially if you have a average to heavy flow. In other words, don’t just immediately go for the smallest possible cup, because you will be constantly emptying it. Always consider the heaviness of your flow.

      Small Lunette and small Si-Bell are slightly wider than small Meluna, but they do have more capacity.

      • esther said,

        Thank you for responding 🙂 . Isn’t the Divacup in small pretty much similar to the small Lunette? I’m just wondering because I think I can get the Divacup in a store, at Whole Foods I heard, instead of buying it online.

  60. Erika said,

    What a great site you have! I’m so glad I found it!
    I need some advice if you don’t mind. I bought a large Lunette a few months ago because I have heavy periods and was tired of it impeding my life with having to stay so close to the bathroom 2-3 days each month.

    I’ve had 4 children (all by c-section) and on a heavy day I will go through a super plus tampon in an hour. With my Lunette I was leaking every hour or even every half hour. I did this for a couple months until I realized this wasn’t normal for a menstrual cup – not if it fit properly anyways.

    I started trying to push it up higher. My cervix is high; I usually can’t even find it unless I really reach.

    Last month I had a great month where I think I finally got it sealed properly and had hardly any leaks. But this month was disastrous and so frustrating that I gave up and went to tampons. My problem seems to be that I have a hard time getting it opened all the way once inside; I don’t know if it’s my pelvic bone or what getting in the way.

    I think I should try a different kind of cup and I think I may need something firmer. But I’m not sure. I feel kind of lost.

    What would you suggest? Thank you!

    • Erika said,

      To add on, I’m also confused because the Lunette is supposed to be firm, right? So maybe I just don’t know the best tricks on how to get it to pop open? I don’t know. I want to stick with the large capacity too for obvious reasons…

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Actually large Lunette and Keeper are the two firmest cups. But Keeper has less capacity.

      Only other options are go with more capacity– or try different insertion methods.

      More Capacity, I think X-large Meluna has a little bit more, but I believe large Yuuki holds the most.

      But as for getting a better seal with the cup you have, try these tricks for popping open:

      1. When you fold the cup, keep on of the suction release holes inside the folded crease. That will keep the hole exposed to air longer, allowing it to pop open better.

      2. Insert with the folded crease facing to the back. The back wall of the vagina has more room for popping open than the front wall.

      3. Insert only halfway, let it pop open, and then coax it up the rest of the way. That creates a better seal, and its usually easier to pop it open when its halfway in.

      • Erika said,

        Thanks I’ll try that!

  61. Zephyr said,

    Hi Melissa, Thanks for putting out all this information. I have been through your site in detail but am unable to decide which cup would suit me. I guess I can only afford to buy it once and need to be sure. I request you to please offer suggestions.
    I’m 32 years old, married with no children. I think I’m quite short and small inside. If I measure with my index finger during my period, I can easily touch the tip of my cervix and that is about 2 inches, perhaps even a few cms less. I can also go all around my cervix with my finger pretty easily. I think my flow would be medium to heavy. On the two heavy days of my cycle, I go through about three super tampons during the day (and one at night). I also have an IUD (if I feel inside, I can feel the string), so the suction bit worries me a little bit as well. I’m worried about leakage with the cup (if the cervix ends up sitting inside it) and about the stem poking out at the entrance of the vagina.
    I think a cup would be really good for environmental reasons, to manage the spotting before and after periods, and it won’t absorb all the natural fluids inside towards the end of the cycle. So, I’m really keen to get one and cut out tampons forever, but would really like some advice on which one you think will be right for me. Also, how often do you think the cup you suggest will need to be changed during the day? And is it safe to have it in all night, without fear of a reverse sort of blood flow happening? Do let me know. Thanks. Zephyr

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You are a lot like me in many details, and I like the small Lunette, but also small Yuuki.

  62. heena said,


    Thanks for these ratings!

    Can you rate the squishiness of the NaturalMama cup? I’m very interested in trying it 🙂 I have a long-cervix so need a “large” cup for its length but have problems with it popping open (there’s no room!) since I’m nulliparous and have strong muscle tone. I also have a sensitive bladder so I need a softer cup. Do you think the NaturalMama would be a good choice for me?

    • Julie said,

      I’ve heard the NaturalMamma is very squishy. Fairly Long and soft, but not a problem to pop open, I can recommend large Fleurcup, large Miacup, Naturcup size 2 (firm rim but soft base), and large Cuplee which is 2mm narrower than these, but very soft and comfortable. For popping open, you just need to relax your muscles, find the right fold and face it towards your anus. Cold water also helps make a cup more springy.

  63. Meig said,

    Melissa, what was the original Yuuki softness level? That’s the one I have currently and I am looking for something similar to that but i need to know what you ranked it at originally. Thanks! Meig

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Actually, I have the original, but I have been told the new one is firmer… I haven’t tried it though. 🙂

    • Julie said,

      Have a look at her review for Yuuki, on the side bar. I think she said it was most similar to a Ladycup, with a slightly softer rim and firmer base. Ladycuop hasn’t changed afaiu, but it has a low capacity. So it really depends which features you are most looking for.

  64. Kim said,

    I’m researching cup options because I often overflow my large Diva cup in under an hour every hour for a day or two during the first 3 days of my period. Any advice? I don’t think it’s a case of the cup not opening all the way or poor suction because when I pull it out it’s still filled to the brim.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You can try maybe large Yuuki, or X large Meluna, they hold a bit more 🙂

    • Julie M. said,

      Also if I were you I’d mention it to my doctor… there are medications to lessen the bleeding, sounds like you would benefit from them !

  65. Lisa said,

    I love this site! I am now obsessed with menstrual cups. I send your link to all my gal friends and I’ve been steadily converting them to cups. Your work is wonderful and very inspiring!

  66. Greanfreek said,

    What about the Si-bell?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Yes I need to add that one 🙂 I am behind on a lot of work here, so much to catch up on, lol

    • Lisa said,

      I LOVE Si-Bell. My issue is I’m short inside and have a low, tilted and often moving cervix. After trying lady, yuuki and the brown one, Fleurcup and Si-Bell are the ones that don’t leak. It probably has something to do with the wide rim, as Melissa mentioned in other posts. For me, both Fleur and Si-Bell can leak at night on the first day but never in the daytime when properly inserted. The first time I used Fleur it hurt (must have bumped a sensitive nerve) but Si-Bell is super soft so it never hurts. I find it has an excellent seal too. I’m short inside and this is the only one I left the stem on because it’s so soft I don’t even notice it. All the others are entirely removed. Si-bell is pretty, too, and very well designed and made. Si-bell isn’t mentioned much in “learned cup circles” but I think it’s my #1 favorite cup. Yay Si-bell!

  67. using a menstrual cup, yuuki menstrual cup said,

    This is an incredibly helpful blog here that shows all the menstrual cup measurements, rates their softness, their capacity, etc.

  68. Kayla said,

    Hi Melissa,

    Looking for a bit of advice here. I have a M MeLuna and have used for a few cycles. I am having an issue with it getting very stinky after being in for only a couple of hours. I think it may have something to do with my body chemistry 😦 Aside from the horrid smell, it also leaks and I am having to constantly wear a panty liner with it. I am thinking of going with something a little wider (for better suction) and maybe a little thicker (I think I may be crushing it). I am having a hard time narrowing it down to the next best one. What would you recommend?


    • Julie M. said,

      The best choice depends on your anatomy, especially how much room you have lengthwise… Anything wider will also be longer, so there’s that to consider. if you think you have more room, then there’s a whole range of silicone large cups to consider. You could look into Fleurcup large (fairly soft) an small (the small whould be very similar to your Meluna, jsut less likely to be crushed and silicone), large Lunette and Yukki (those are pretty firm, the large Yuuki is also fairly long). Besides, leaking is usually a placement issue, so always make sure the cup is sitting (o) around your cervix.

  69. Gabriella said,

    I have a small Lunette Selene, but it leaks at night.
    I read that the small Yuuki (as a firmer cup) does not leak as much as a softer cup like the Lunette.
    How does the small Yuuki compare to the small Lunette for a 17 year-old virgin with a slightly heavy flow?

    • Julie M. said,

      If it leaks at night, and you have a heavy flow, it may just be full… Try a larger cup ? A firmer cup will just be harder to fold tightly for insertion and removal.

  70. Lunette Menstrual Cup vs Diva Cup Review » Padded Tush Stats Cloth Diaper Resource said,

    […] a little more realistic of an estimate. There is a great chart on menstrual cup capacity here at MenstrualCupInfo so you can see not only capacity info for these two menstrual cups, but many […]

  71. Tatyana said,

    I need advice choosing my first cup. Today, I did a dry run test of Softcup. It worked so well that I could barely get it out . It did get stuck around my cervix. But my first tampon experience was worse. But I need more capacity, and as much as I can comfortably get.

    A few days prior to menstruation my cervix is least 5in. in. I haven’t touched much bc I’m only there for different reasons, if you know what I mean. But I can usually reach it at 6-7 in. aroused. I can feel a tampon inside, but not a Softcup.

    I gush. Pads, of any kind, leak bc of rapid “gushing” my two/five days, so I get rid of the gush with tampons. I can use a regular Playtex glide tampon every few hours (3 or 4). I plan on upgrading to super this period (gradually stretching entrance).

    Can fit one finger. Stretches with Playtex regular tampon at full (leaking) absorbency. Largest object was the Softcup but I’m willing to keep gradually stretching it. I’m huge inside (5’10”), but entrance could use some work. Virginity is not so fun during menstruation.

    Any advice? I’m looking at the heavy options but am worried about my entrance. Softcups are rather similar to really full Playtex tampons upon insertion.

    • Tatyana said,

      Actually, after reading about the Softcup, my cervix might be abnormally high for it. I have to try really hard to push it down and put my finger above the edge and pull down (hooking underneath doesn’t get it out bc it’s too high above entrance). It was like glued to my upper vaginal wall (and not due to suction). 😥 I need something for a longer cervix, but I could try to maybe make this work with practice, but I’m afraid my upper vaginal wall will take most of the space of the cup as the cup cuts into my upper vaginal wall. I don’t think that’s normal. I’ll try again.

      I will definitely try it again in a few days when I get my period bc I love the idea! Sorry for the TMI. I want to own a cup really bad. 😦

      • Julie M. said,

        First off, don’t worry, our vaginas are made to stretch and accomodate all sorts of things (you get the idea). Well you definitely need to stick with the longest, high capacity cups. You mention crushing the cup, but do you have any reason to believe your pelvic muscles are especially strong, from exercising maybe ? because if not, I’d suggest getting a large, fairly soft cup so it’s easier to fold tightly for insertion and removal. So long, high capacity and soft points towards the large Yuuki (which now has a soft variety). Large Si-bell in another option, although it’s a little bit more squat and shorter in the body. Large Fleurcup is fairly similar with more grip. And finally XL Meluna, with a traditionnal stem is up there with the long and high capacity cups, perferably the soft variety, but it is extrmey squishy and tends to flaten while you wear it so maybe not the best choice for you. Natural Mamma is also long but a bit narrower. Check out the comparison pictures !

      • Tanya said,

        Thanks, Julie! Unfortunately, I order the Yuuki Large Classic bc I didn’t see your reply. I’ll try to switch my order to the softer version by calling customer service. After reading your reply, I want the Meluna XL now!

        I’ll test the Yuuki Large Classic once I get it and if it’s too stiff I’ll try the Yuuki Large Soft or the Meluna XL. How does the Yuuki Large compare to the Meluna XL in capacity? I couldn’t find Meluna XL in any of your capacity charts.

        I’m terrified that this Yuuki Classic will be too difficult to use. After getting the Softcup stuck again (accidentally inserted too far back), I’m back to tampons to get rid of the swelling down there. The Softcup also didn’t offer much capacity – either I have a really heavy flow (I do), cervix takes up room there, or it leaks.

  72. Newcupwearer said,

    Thanks for all the information you have provided on this great website! Could you estimate the ‘squishiness’ of a Meluna large soft? I currently have a diva large and find it is too long (even being worn inside out) and irritates my bladder so I’m looking for something shorter and much softer. My periods are not heavy flows, but I have given birth vaginally twice and am over 30 so I figure I will need to stay with a large for those reasons. So, something much softer than diva large and shorter. I was thinking the Meluna large soft, but that is not much shorter than the diva and was also thinking the Shecup, but that has such a small capacity. Any suggestions? Again, thanks so much for all you have done to help “cup” wearers!!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It is softer than Diva. You can try a RubyCup, or a large Si-Bell, those are really soft, with plenty of capacity. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Julie M. said,

      I’d totally suggest a large Si-bell too ! It is softer and shorter, and also a rounder shape which might be more comfortable for your anatomy. The large Meluna is about the same length as a Diva inside out afiu.

  73. Kendra said,

    Wondering if you could give me some feedback/assistance as well…

    I was surprised to read your comment above about the instead softcup being stiffer than any of the more permanent cups, as I had thought it was less stiff than the small Diva cup (the only other thing I’ve tried). Maybe because it is just a ring and not a full cup, while the material itself is stiffer, the ring as a whole bends/collapses easier? I found your stiffness chart thinking I was looking for a softer cup, but maybe that’s not what I should be looking for?

    My experience with the Diva was that it was very uncomfortable (even painful) most of the time – I didn’t feel like I had to pee, it was just general discomfort (similar to the discomfort I would get with tampons) and increased cramping, all of which subsided after I removed the cup. Also, sometimes I would have trouble removing it, it felt like it was suctioned to me and even when I tried to bend the side in (I had a very difficult time doing this, another reason I was looking for a softer cup) it felt like it was “pulling” me as I tried to remove it – very uncomfortable! I have not been getting the same symptoms with the Instead ring, but I’d rather be using a real reusable rather than discarding a ring every month. I do find the Instead ring leaks a bit/occasionally, but not all that much more than I was having with the Diva.

    I’m in my 30s, non-virgin, moderate flow (?) but really not concerned with capacity – if I have to empty every 1-2 hours I don’t mind as long as I’m not in pain. The small Diva is probably a little long for me, I had thought about trimming the stem but decided not to since the discomfort from the stem rubbing was far outweighed by the internal discomfort, which was enough that I just stopped using the cup, thinking about posting it now on MC_sales (LJ).

    What do you think?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Sounds to me like the length is bothering you. You might have a low cervix. I have the same problem. Diva was my first cup. It was always sticking out, and me personally… I tend to cramp a lot when a cup is too stiff or too long for me.

      I got myself a small Lunette and it worked good for me. But if you still want something softer (but the same size/capacity as a Lunette) then maybe you can also try a small Fleurcup or small Si-bell.

      I’m 31 and I still use a small. But if DivaCup was leaking, maybe try to make sure your cervix is aiming toward the inside of the cup. If its peeking out the side, it can cause leaks (since the blood comes out the cervix). To prevent this, I allow my cup to pop open about halfway in, then coax it up the rest of the way. It gives the cervix no choice but to aim toward the opening of the cup. With a low cervix, putting it all the way in and then unfolding can sometimes sometimes push the cervix to the side… Also, make sure you aim BACK when you insert. The vagina naturally slants back, like you are pushing toward your rectum.

      But of course those tips only work with the traditional / reusable cups, as they work differently than Insteads.

    • Julie M. said,

      Just wanted to add that the small Fleurcup is not that much softer than a small Lunette. Small Si-bell & medium Meluna soft would be the softest in this size range.

  74. Very Heavy Periods said,

    Can you tell me capacity for Softcup for comparison? I get about 8 to 12 minutes (really heavy flow with clots) with Softcup and am looking for something with a higher capacity.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I have been told that a softcup can hold “up to” 1oz. which is about 30ml or 30cc. “Up to” meaning it can also be less than that, depending on how it sits and seals in your body. If your body crushes the bag more than someone else (firmer or tighter insides), then it could be less. Being essentially a bag means that the capacity will vary from person to person.

  75. Rainne Cassidy (@chanceofrainne) said,

    I noted that in an earlier comment, something was said about stiffer cups sliding up more. I got a Diva Cup and it slid so far up that I could not get it out without help. Would a softer cup stay put better?

  76. Kendra said,

    I’d love to hear if you have a comparative softness/stiffness number for the soft Yuuki. Also wanted to ask if it would be okay for me to take the charts you posted above and create a googledoc spreadsheet with them, publicly viewable…

  77. Samantha said,

    I need cup advice. I recently lost my Lunette 1 which I had for a bit over a year. But I’m not sure whether I should get a different cup, the same one, or just the Lunette 2 considering it would sometimes overflow, and other times it would leak or I would get cramps (which could’ve been from inserting it wrong). I am a virgin and my cervix is pretty low on the first few days of my cycle (which is when I usually leak) and a bit higher on the last couple of days. Thoughts?

    • Julie M. said,

      You need a higher capacity cup. The Lunette 2 is very firm so it *might* be uncomfortable for you. I would suggest a large Fleurcup, Si-bell or Sckooncup for a soft, higher capacity cup. The large Fleurcup in particular is known to work well for low cervixes.

  78. shanon said,

    I’ve used the Instead brand successfully (years ago) and would be interested in a recommendation for a reusable but comparable brand. The price of instead disposable is more than tampons AND pads each month. I had no issues with the instead brand even with a very heavy flow, except a single box did not last me a full cycle.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Unfortunately, Instead is the only menstrual cup which uses this particular design… all the others work by the traditional concept.

    • Gina said,

      The Instead (Softcup) brand themselves make a reusable version. It is more durable and is designed to last an entire period. Some people (including myself during the brief period I tried them) just wash and reuse the regular ones a few times (or for the whole period). That isn’t recommended by the manufacturer though, hence the reusable one being made. Check it out on .

    • Julie M. said,

      Alternatiely, a silicone diaphragm would work similarly to an Instead and be more sturdy.

  79. theannoyedgumball said,

    Thank you so much for chart. Currently have a diva cup but hard to insert and hurts to remove. Just bought a si-bell hopefully will work out. Hate using pads.

  80. r said,

    I have ulcerative colitis with painful rectal ulcers and have stopped being able to use tampons because having a hard thing inside me hurts the ulcers. I hate the mess of towels. So I’m really interested in these cups. Is there one that would be gentle enough for my broken insides? I’m 42, one birth, fairly heavy flow, not sexually active

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I would say stick with the softest ones, if you do decide to try it. Much less chance of irritation.

  81. help! said,

    Hi, I’m hoping for some advice. I’m a fairly young, small, nearly-virgin. I used pads for years (I could never use a tampon comfortably), but got a sample 2-pack of Instead Softcups last year and liked them a lot. After discovering more about menstrual cups, I wanted to try something reusable. After what I thought was ample research, I decided on the small Lunette for its small size, softness, and availability on Amazon.

    As much as I wanted to like it, it’s not working – even with a completely empty bladder, I feel like I have to pee immediately after inserting it and the discomfort doesn’t stop. Changing positions sometimes helps, but only temporarily. I’m really disheartened because I was sure it would be the perfect choice.

    Do you have any advice for me on what to do differently, or if another cup would be better? In my online searches on this problem with other cups, the advice often is actually to try the small Lunette since it’s smaller and softer – so am I just hopeless in trying anything else?

    Thanks for any advice!

    • Julie M. said,

      Actually when looking at this chart you will see that the small Lunette is of medium stiffness. My advice would be to try a very soft cup such as medium Meluna soft (the closest in size to the Lunette), small Si-bell (also very similar) or large Cuplee (a bit longer and wider but super soft). Small Sckoon could also work I think, but I’m not so sure because it’s brand new and a bit on the expensive side.

  82. Danielle B. said,

    Do you have a softness rating for Natural Mamma? THank you!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hmmm, I believe that is one I will have to add! 🙂

  83. Danielle B. said,

    What about for the Yukki soft? Thank you!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I haven’t gotten a sample of that one yet… 😦

  84. Rachel said,

    Thank you so much, this was really helpful!

  85. Hyang said,

    Hi, thank you so much for this info! It helped me find a great cup: the Lunette. I have a question, I am aware that you received all size MeLunas for both soft and classic. Where would the classic medium and the large soft be rated on the softness chart? Thank you so much!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I feel that classic medium is close to a DivaCup. and large soft is close to a large Ladycup but softer in the rim…

  86. Kat said,

    THANK YOU! Your blog and YouTube videos are SO HELPFUL. Really, thank you! I’ve been driving myself crazy with research. I’ve used a DivaCup for 5 years, but I’ve been looking for a new cup. and you’ve been an asset.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Glad I could help, that’s what i wanted this page to do for people 🙂

  87. trejoy said,

    Yes, please add the soft Yuuki to the list?

  88. Gina said,

    You don’t have the sport meluna to compare stiffness? Hmm, this is the best I have found to compare though, thank you for this.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh, no I don’t. But I do want to try it. I will ask Frank if I can get a sample of it.

  89. Tamar Harrington said,

    Have you had the chance to evaluate Sckoon cups? They are fairly new on the market, and the company claims they are the softest cup ever, or something like that.

  90. Julie said,

    According to what people online have been telling me, the large size is super soft, but the smaller size is sturdier, I guess more towards a 3 or 4? But I’m following as I’d like to know for sure as well.

  91. Tamar Harrington said,

    That makes sense. Do you have the measurements for the Sckoon cups? It seems like you list just about every brand available, but not those.

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