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I got my Divacup from iherb.com.  After receiving my discreet delivery box in the mail, I opened it and removed the DivaCup product box. I ordered model 1, which is for women under 30 years old, and have never given birth.


The box was attractive and well designed– pink and purple, with silverfish trim, and a clear window on the front, displaying the cup itself. This I liked, because there was no guess as to what exactly was inside. If I were to see this product on a store shelf, it would be something that would catch my eye, and my curiosity.

My cup with the stem trimmed off:



A simple photo diagram on the left side clearly depicts how easy the product would be to use, and where it would sit in the body. Written on the back were a few key product features and benefits, as well as a quick description of use.

When I got into the actual DivaCup box, I found a multi-lingual instruction/information pamphlet, a small purple cloth pouch with a matching drawstring bearing the Diva logo (for storing the cup in), and a dainty, tasteful “Diva” blouse pin to be worn in support of the product.


After removing everything and handling the cup a bit, I noticed that its firmness and flexibility reminded me slightly of a baby bottle nipple. Although the texture of the cup’s material was very soft and smooth, and it was of course thicker than a bottle nipple. At this point, I could definitely see how it could be firm enough to hold its shape, yet flexible enough to be comfortable and gentle on the body, all at the same time.

Use Of The Cup

Before my cycle arrived, I had done a few practice insertions/removals (which I suggest all first time users do), just to get the knack of the techniques. And I must say, it was easier than I expected! My body took to it right away.  The first time, I did have to insert a finger about 1/2 an inch, to allow air to open/unfold the cup all the way.  It was soft, so it needed some coaxing.  But that and twisting/spinning it pretty much did the trick.  Also, inserting the C-fold or punch-down fold with the creased part facing sideways or downward, helped a lot.

Now, I am a bit “short” up inside.  So Diva does ride a bit low with me, and I could feel the grip rings on the stem of the cup.  So I ended up having to trim the ENTIRE stem completely off.  However, you should be careful about doing that unless you are 100% sure that you can still reach the cup without the stem.   I was surprised how comfortable it was, because when I first saw it, it looked big.  But there I was, wearing it, and it wasn’t bothering me.   The cup was not painful to remove either, however, I tend to ease out one edge of the rim from the side, rather than from the front.  Its just a lot more comfortable for me.

By the time my cycle finally arrived, I was quite eager to give DivaCup a go! I admit, I was a bit nervous about the possibility of leaks, as this was my first try. So I wore a panty liner for backup.

After my practice runs, insertion went very well.  I remember, I kept going in the bathroom a few times throughout the day, to check for leaks, but…  I never did leak.    I waited about 3 hours before my first removal and cleaning, as I wasn’t quite sure of my own flow just yet (outside of absorbent products, of course).  Surprisingly, it was only 1/4 full!  I always thought I was a heavy bleeder, but it was very educational to see that it was nowhere near what I was thinking.  I also found that, with removal, it is best to begin moving the cup into an upright position BEFORE it is completely out, to prevent any spilling.

I am basically very pleased with this product, and I have absolutely no intention of ever using a disposable feminine hygiene product again. I have also written a separate review on the company’s DivaWash, which is used for daily cleansing of the cup. It can be found on my main page.


  1. Mia said,

    I am a 13-year old girl… obviously I’m still a virgin, and I’m wondering which cup would be suitable for me? I’ve looked at many and quite like the CupLee, Lunette and Divacup. So which one would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If your flow is not too heavy, you can stick tot he smaller ones, like small Lunette, small meluna, small ladycup

  2. pleasehelp said,

    i am 14 and a virgin but i have a medium to heavy flow when i am not in sports. allso i am 5`4 and a 115 pounds. i would NOT like to order it onlline but go to a store. the only place that carries menstrual cups around my area only have diva cups. i feel that i should a bigger cup then a small but i am still a virgin. what do you think?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Luckily, our body size does not play a part in what cups we can use. But even the small DivaCup holds A LOT of flow. I have a medium to heavy flow, and I only have to empty a small Diva like every 6 or 7 hours— and that’s on my heaviest day. Of course degrees of “heavy” might vary from person to person, but unless you have the kind of flow that fills up the big overnight pads in like an hour (some people do), a small Diva should be fine, for anywhere from 3 to 7 hours. And then on your lighter days even longer.

      Also, the only difference in size between large and small (as you can see in my video above) is a bit of rim width. But the length and stem are the same. So not really a drastic difference in size or capacity.

    • Molly said,

      Hi, I’m 24 and yes, I am still a virgin. I got my DivaCup Model 1 like 4 cycles ago. I have been using tampons for years, but I have found the DivaCup to be sooooo much better. More comfortable, less drying, less irritation, less mess, I could go on and on. I had a hard time inserting it and removing it at first because I am still “tight” down there, but it wasn’t a huge deal. I have come to find that my cramps aren’t as bad because the cup is flexible so your muscles aren’t trying to expel it like it would a tampon. I have never had any leaks or anything and only change it every 10-12 hours. It’s also nice that you can change it anytime and don’t have to worry about wasting tampons if you need to sleep in a few hours or something. I’ve had a great experience and I hope this helps you!

      • Molly said,

        oh I forgot that I had to cut my stem completely off because I’m short down there, but I have no problem getting it out! Good luck!!

  3. pleasehelp said,

    thank you so very much for helping me it means alot:):) i am allso open to other opinions so please write away

  4. jen said,

    Awesome review! U sold me on it!!

  5. Remi said,

    I am going on a 30 day trip down the Colorado river and am looking at replacing my tampons with a cup. The problem is deciding which one- I have a pretty heavy flow, have never had children and am 30. I have been bouncing back and forth from the Diva Cup, Lady Cup and the Lunette. I also have a pretty severely upturned pelvis (which I have NO idea if it will affect the use of a cup). Any advice would be MUCH appreciated. By the way, your website is AMAZING and incredibly informative. BEST thing EVER !

    • sara said,

      This may be too late, but I have a tilted pelvis and it hasn’t affected my ability to use the Diva Cup 1 at all. Hope it helps.

  6. Sarah said,

    This is the best thing that ever happened to me — no joke. If you think tampons are great? Try this, it’ll change your life. You literally forget you have your period, it’s so comfortable and easy. Just give it a few periods it takes a few times to get it right. I really hope if you’re on the fence about this you will take my word for it and go out and buy it — you won’t regret it I promise. Greatest invention ever.

  7. Sam said,

    I have a small Diva cup, tried it for one cycle and half way through had to switch back to tampons. The reason; it kept sliding down! It never leaked and I was able to sleep in it which was awesome but sometimes I had walk like I was wearing an invisible pencil skirt because I could feel it sliding down. And peeing was a chore because it would just almost slide out when I peed.

    I understand that my issue could be a symptom of my cervix being low, but I don’t have issues inserting tampons. could my cup also be too small?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I had the same problem and it was because my cervix was too low. 90% of the time, that’s what it is. I just turned my cup inside-out and that did it. But be aware that if you try that, you won’t have the grips. So be sure you can grab it in that case.

  8. Kathi Bourg said,

    I just found out about these very recently. I have always used pads (except when swimming) and recently made the big switch to cloth pads that I made myself. Tampons never “fit” me and changing a pad every 2-3 hours gets exhausting, especially now that I am perimenapausal & only get 3-4 periods a year…but they are long & heavy when I do get them. I ordered a Diva Cup in the middle of my last 3 week ordeal and tried it on the last day… I was expecting some learning curve time, but it went right in (with what I think has been refered to as the origami fold…just pressing down one side into the cup) and had no difficulties. I couldn’t get it to spin, but I couldn’t feel it so I guessed it was in correctly. I wore it for several hours without leaking and emptied with no mess (last day, so not too much anyway).
    All I can say is, I wish I had known about these years ago and will be telling everyone I can!
    Your blog helped alot to know what to expect!

  9. Mii said,

    I have one quick question, does anyone know if there are anyways to buy cups and have them shipped to Walmart to pickup (payment AFTER pickup)?

    I currently do not live in a permanent house and cannot have anything shipped to a home address.

    By the way, this website is incredible, thank you so much!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I would say speak to a local pharmacist about this. Some of them will do it for you.

  10. Jill said,

    This is a very simple question, but when the cup opens up and you feel around it, is it supposed to actually feel all open? Right now I can feel some of the edges bent in but the ring feels pretty open. I’m going to keep working at it and trying the different techniques. Also, I can’t actually turn it at this point, either. Or I can’t tell if it’s turning because it’s slippery. But I really don’t think it’s turning. Is this another indication that it’s not open all the way?


    • Katie said,

      I cant answer forsure because I still cant get mine in yet but Ive read that if you twist it it allows it to open better. It should say that in the directions aswell.

  11. catherine said,

    Ok, i have a stupid question just to make sure I’m not misreading. you CAN try some dry runs (not on your period) to help know how to insert and remove it right?

    • Katie said,

      Yes but dont leave it in long. You can use water to lube it up

      • lil bit said,

        could you use a water based lube from the adult store for this as well?

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        Water based, yes. But if you can, try to find one that does not contain glycerine, since it is a sugar and has been linked to yeast infections.

  12. ML said,

    I am 41 and have had one child vaginally and have tried to diva cup model 2 but it rides too low as I am also short ‘up there’ and I find it too uncomfortable when I’m walking around & doing stuff. Is there another, shorter brand you recommend? Also I’d prefer a less thick rim. Am I asking for too much lol prol why I’m still single 😉 thanks for taking the time to reply

    • Katie said,

      the luna cup is supposed to be smaller

  13. KBerry said,

    I jumped in full force and bought a DivaCup. It was delivered in the middle of my period.
    I was home all day yesterday so decided to just go ahead and try it out. I find there is a bit a learning curve, but so far so good. No major issues.
    My question is, is it necessary to “spin” the cup to create the suction or is that to basically to just make sure it popped open? I can’t quite grip the cup to spin it but I can run my finger around the outside and feel its open and not folded.
    Thanks again for such great information. If this turns out as great as I’m hoping, I sure wish I’d know about this years ago.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Its not necessary, that is merely a suggestion. many people are unable to twist the cup, but they still use it successfully. 🙂

  14. InfamousQBert said,

    Just wanted to add my experience with the diva cup. I bought mine when i was 31, so i followed their instructions and got a size 2. I had been sexually active since i was about 21, but only off and on. I had a feeling i might not be as “loose” as they expected me to be, but went ahead with the order. When i got the cup, i was never able to get a good, comfortable fit, and eventually gave up. I had a baby when i was almost 33, and my period just came back, a couple of months after my 34th birthday. I tried the cup again and it worked this time. I’m very pleased that i can use it now, but i wish i had trusted my gut and gotten the smaller size when i first ordered it.

  15. Rachel Daum said,

    I’m pretty new to the world of cups, and am working through my first cycle with a size 1 Sckoon (fairly new-very flexible, no ridges/rim). Learned the hard way that my cervix is pretty high, so finding the cup even with the stem takes a few seconds, and I managed to go over the cup’s capacity about 3 times in one day, so I’m looking for something that has a higher capacity and is a little longer (but not much wider). My cup is 40mm long without the stem (70 with) and 40mm wide, capacity is supposed to be 23ml. There is so much info and so many options-I’m thinking the added length of the Diva would improve things on my heavy day and the similar width would help with insertion/removal. Anyone on here have an opinion on this? Is my thinking right, or am I going in the wrong direction?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It can, but a but of extra width can do so too.

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