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UPDATE: I have also received a new “Lunette Green Diana” sample donation box in the mail, April 16th, 2010.  I took photos of all the contents (large and small Lunette Green Diana, product boxes, leaflets, Lunette wash’s new bottle, another tote bag), which you can view on my photobucket album, here:
All these items were sent to me as free donations, for my review page and videos.  I was favorably impressed with all the Lunette products, and quite happy to get a nice stack of pamphlets to hand out!
When I opened the box that came in the mail, I must say, it was a bit like Christmas! Inside, I found all kinds of great Lunette products. Among them were:
* A regular size 2 Lunette menstrual cup (with box, user guide, and cloth pouch)
* A small Lunette Selene menstrual cup (with box, user guide, and cloth pouch)
* A cloth panty liner

* A bottle of Lunette wash

* A bottle of Lunette body lotion

* A stack of information leaflets

* A stack of Lunette product line brochures

* A large, blue cloth tote bag featuring the Lunette logo on both sides


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I now also have a small regular lunette, which I ordered from after the FDA approval came through.  It is for personal use, and I have trimmed the stem completely off.  But before I did, I took some photos:

Personal Thoughts:

I feel that the Lunette has a wonderful design, offering:

* A choice between firm and soft material (aka, the large or the small)

*  Easy-to-grip shape and rings for removal

* Flat stem for comfort and easy cleaning

* Maximum capacity for the size of the cup, due to the higher hole positions (great for women with low cervixes/short vaginas, or virgins with a heavy flow)

* A  comfortable shape

* A rim that is subtle, yet defined enough for a good seal.

* No writing on the inside — Much easier to clean, as the inside comes in contact with most of the menstrual fluid.


The Size 2 Lunette Cup (for women who have given birth)

If you have trouble getting a cup to pop open, this cup would be your new best friend! The material is nice and firm, allowing the cup to hold its shape well (but comfortably), within the vaginal walls. The outside is very smooth, with a good rim (not overly pronounced, but not too thin). The stem is solid and flat for easy cleaning, and (if one should choose to completely remove the stem) there are 3 well-defined grip rings around the base of the cup. The air suction release holes at the top are just right– not too small, not too big. As for thickness, I would say its about the same as the small, but it is a bit firmer (again, making it easier to get open).

The Size 1 Lunette Selene Cup (for young women, or women who have not given birth)

This cup is so adorable! I really love the beautiful blue shade.   It is shorter, and the material is soft/squishy, again, more so than size 2.    The amazing thing about this cup is that even though its shorter, it still stands up to my slightly heavy flow.  Amazing for its size.    It seems this is due to it having higher holes than some other small brands.  This makes it great for women who prefer something smaller, but still need decent capacity.  The stem on the Lunette Selene is flat and solid as well, and very flexible. It also has the same defined grip rings at the base as the Lunette size 2. Same perfectly-sized air suction release holes near the top.

The Small Size Lunette

Pretty much everything written about the blue Selene, only the color is clear.  🙂

Cloth Storage Pouches

I love the Lunette pouches– they are so satiny! Both of mine are blue, although in different shades. They have contrasting flower designs, and of course, the Lunette logo. Instead of two drawstrings, they have one; a matching, satiny ribbon which I think makes it easier to hold and keep closed.

Cloth Panty Liner

The liner is a snap-on (nickel-free plastic snaps), and the colors are yellow on one side, beige on the other (the yellow goes nicely with the shade on the lunette product boxes/bottles). The material is so soft; it reminds me of a smooth baby blanket. It also feels like there is a liquid-proof barrier in the center, to keep anything from going through to the other side, which I like. It too is tagged with the Lunette logo. Best of all, its nice and thin, so it won’t feel too bulky when worn. These pads would be great to use along with the cup for the first-time user.

Disinfecting Wipes

These are the best– They are moist, but not overly so.  I also noticed they are thick and durable; almost like cloth. But still very smooth, and soft. The individual wrapping, in my opinion, makes them far more discreet and convenient to carry around, than many other options.  You could use them to wipe off your cup and your hands in public restrooms.  Nice touch!

Lunette Wash

A very nice product! I really appreciate the sturdy design of the bottle, and the pump. The bottle is big enough to hold a good amount of the product, but still small enough to fit in your purse, for use away from home. I think that would be especially helpful for women who are working, because I know in business restrooms, there are almost never cup-safe soaps to use. The wash has a really clean and fresh scent too, and it does not dry out my hands. That’s an important quality too, because when you are having your cycle, you will be washing your hands and cup a few times during the day (especially on your heavy days). So its best to have something like this, which is gentle on the skin. I read the bottle, and its says it is also a vegan product, not tested on animals, and is made from renewable materials. It does not contain color, perfume, or preservatives, and the Ph is 3.5.

Lunette Body Lotion/Cream

I tried some of this on my hands, and I just LOVE the fragrance! I would describe it as “rich and soothing”. Very creamy lotion too, absorbs into my skin quickly. Makes my skin really soft, and a little goes a long way. I read the website, and it says this lotion is meant to help calm and relax you during your cycle (which for me it does), or during menopause. I looked up the ingredients, and it contains marigold extract, Soya and almost oils, Shea butter, vitamin E, glycerin (to help retain moisture), two kinds of etherol oils (for relaxation) Pelargoniuma and Ylang Ylang Extra (which also have relaxing/soothing properties).

Information Leaflets And Product Brochures

As mentioned above, I got a nice stack of each of these. They are colorful, descriptive and helpful. I think I’m going to pass them out while I’m at my college, because I’ve noticed that a lot of the women there are very environmentally/health conscious, so they will be interested to hear about these products.

Tote Bag

This bag is made of a good, strong material and the color really catches attention. I intend to start giving group talks about menstrual cups (to young women in schools and such). So this bag is really going to come in handy for carrying around all my menstrual cup items. Also, I think it will be interesting to see if there are some local menstrual cup users who recognize the name, and see me carrying this bag. I’m all about spreading the word!

This concludes my review on the Lunette. I hope it has helped any readers in their quest for choosing a menstrual cup brand that would suit them. I would also like to say a BIG thank you to the wonderful lady who donated all these items to me!

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