Folding And Insertion

NEWS:  I now sell menstrual cups at my new store:

Menstrual cups must be folded a certain way, and then inserted the same way a non-applicator tampon would be.   Once they are inserted, they will naturally pop open, to catch the menstrual flow.  For additional information, you can see this video link of an insertion demonstration (using a menstrul cup and a slender wine glass) here:

Here is a video on all the different folding methods:

Also, here are some folding pictures I took.   I will be showing you 2 folds– One is called the “C Fold”, and the other is called the “Punch-Down Fold”.   There are several others, and I promise you I will get pictures of them up as soon as possible.  But for now, these are the most common, and will do in most situations:”C Fold”picture-411picture-42


“Punch-Down Fold”







  1. fabs said,

    I use the punch down to insert my mooncup UK, though I have tried the 7 fold once too, but I got for the punch down out of habit and because I find it’s the one that makes it easier to insert as the is a small tip going in at first. I use the 7 fold with my small ball stem meluna, because it’s soo tiny!

  2. Ayu said,

    I am trying a cup for the first time, and your video is so helpful. Thank you!

  3. Melissa said,

    Unfortunately, when I click on the video for folding, it says it has been removed by the user.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh yes, thank you for reminding me! I made another version of it without sound, because I’m now partnering with youtube and google, due to video popularity. So I had to remove the sound in order to own all the copyrights. I will try to post the new link.

  4. Angie said,

    Which method is the best way to do so for someone who is having problems getting it in? I’ve done the punch down one because it looks like it’s the smallest way, and it still stings! I want to get a hang of it before I’m on my period again so I won’t be frustrated when it happens.

    Thanks! 🙂

  5. Heathre said,

    I just bought a Keeper and doing my best to get it in right before my period comes.

  6. Allie said,

    I love the idea of a cup and have tried for the last few months. I’ve got the insertion down pretty much… but the removal is horrid. I break the seal and can slide it down, but when it gets to the opening, it feels like I’m going to rip. What am I doing wrong? I know I did tear with both of my vaginal births, could the scar tissue be what’s causing this issue? Do I need a softer cup? I REALLY want to make this work! After I use it once, I’m too sore to do it again. I’m really hoping I can get this down before pool season.

    I’ve been looking at getting a softer cup to try… maybe a Shecup or Meluna soft. The Shecup website is not working for me, so I’m really having a hard time. Any advice? Thanks! I LOVE all the info on here!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It could be the scar tissue… Where ever the teat was, try easing out one edge of the rim on a different side, or some people will do a partial C fold when the cup is close to coming out. If that doesn’t help, then something softer might feel better. The trade is, the softer cups may take a little extra coaxing to pop open, but once you get it down pat, its ok.

      A lot of people have been having trouble with the SheCup website, most people order them from eBay. They have fixed price listings there, so you don’t have to bid, you can just “buy it now” like any other website. 🙂

      • Allie said,

        Which cup with a ball stem would you recommend I try? I’m looking at Meluna soft or SheCup… are there any others I should look at? Or any I should stay away from? Are both “balls” fairly smooth and easy to grab?

        Thanks for the info… I’m SO GLAD I found you! YOU ROCK! 🙂

    • Margar said,

      Hi there! I had a similar problem the first few times I tried removing the diva cup. I found that getting the rim past my pubic bone was painful. Try using a finger to press in on a side of the cup, essentially partially re-folding it. This will help make the cup rim smaller, and perhaps not rub against the sensitive area when removing it.

  7. alice said,

    I have a question… don’t we need lubricant at all ?
    I never tried the cup yet but wanna prepare well before switching to it.
    usually i insert the tampon without applicator with lubricant. otherwise, it just doesn’t work at all !
    but as I see that the cup is made of silicon maybe it’s smoother and easier to be inserted without lubricant ??

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I think it sort of depends on how “mucusy” you are that day, because it usually tends to fluctuate.

      Some people like lube, and some don’t really need it. But if you would prefer to have it on hand, I say go for it. A couple of tips though:

      — Make sure its water based. Oils don’t get along with the vaginal ph too well, and can cause infection therein. Also stay away from silicone based lubes when using a cup… The liquid silicone in the lube can bind with the material of the cup, and ruin it.

      — If you use lube with a cup, apply the lube around the vaginal opening, instead of on the cup. Lubing up the cup itself makes it difficult to hold and hold onto.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      • alice said,

        thanks for the reply. i’m not sure if there’s some who does as I do, I use the nivea cream for insulting tampon easily when there’s no applicator. I used to apply it on the tampon but following to your advice, i tried it the other way and it works very well ! i just get to wonder more and more if it will work as same as lubricator products with the cup. any idea ?

  8. Kayla said,

    Hi. I just received my divacup about 2weeks ago, and have tried inserting the cup many different times so as to be ready when my period arrives. However when I try to insert it it gets to be where only the rim is inside and I can’t push the cup in any further. The fold I use is the punch down fold being as my friends who use cups have said it’s the easiest. Do you know of any reasons why I wouldn’t be able to insert the cup any further?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      There are a few possibilities:

      1. Letting go of it too soon (it can be hard to keep pinching it, but certain folds can help)
      2. A very low cervix. DivaCup is one of the longest in the body. A low cervix can shorten the vagina and prevent you from pushing a longer cup all the way in.
      3. Inserting at the wrong angle. Always insert BACK, like you are trying to push the cup through the back vaginal wall, into the rectum. The vagina slants back, so that is the best angle to insert anything.

      In the case of #1, you can try different folds. Origami, 7 fold, triangle fold. Like the examples in the video above. Some of those are easier to keep hold of. But also, don’t give up trying to coax the cup up while its open only halfway in, because its actually very common for that to happen, and many people even do it that way on purpose (myself included) because it pops open easier that way and creates a better seal.

      In the case of #2, you can either flip the DivaCup inside-out to shorten it (only if you are sure you would still be able to grip it that way), or try a shorter cup. Here are some comparison photos I posted, so you can compare:

  9. Amy said,

    Thanks for the videos and information! I’m having trouble getting my new MeLuna cups to open up. I was using a Diva with no problems, but the cup was too firm for me-causing internal irritation :(. I LOVE the MeLuna when it settles properly.

    Problem is that I have joint pain in my hands and small kids. I can’t spend 10 minutes digging in my vagina every time I change my cup!

    Are there any tricks to getting it to pop out? I don’t know quite what the issue is. I’m using a medium size cup, which is about right for my flow. I could go large, but prefer to change it more often.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Is the Meluna really short for you, or hard to reach? Sometimes a longer cup helps that, but I wouls suggest stickign with a softer one if its mroe comfortable.

      As for the cup you have, The quickest way I get a cup out is to bear down like I’m having a bowel movement– that shortens the vagina. Grab the base, and rock the cup from side to side, gently pulling down. Then I ease out one edge of the rim, usually from the side, because that is less sensitive. Then just move it upright as I ease it out.

      But the bearing down means less reaching, and the rockign back and fourth means less “special holds” as you remove. Hopefully this can help.

  10. Amy said,

    I guess I stated things badly!

    I can get it out of myself, but I cannot get it to pop out into it’s opened “cup” position very easily.

    I do seem to have a long vaginal canal for my menses(although this can vary during my cycle as it does with everyone).

    I may order a larger MeLuna cup, or one of the other cups that is longer. I am MUCH happier with the softness of the new MeLunas.

    The folding videos helped a bit. I’m experimenting with techniques. I’ll get it!

    • Melonie said,

      I understand what you mean Amy, I have had the same problems with my Lunette cup. The first couple days I used it I was able to get the cup to open fine. I only had some discomfort with the stem but otherwise the cup sit nicely and I no leaks. For me this is huge as I have always had leaks with tampons.

      However, since then I have not been able to get my cup to pop open anymore. I try letting air in but that seems to cause it to collapse further rather than inflating it. I have never been able to turn the cup while it is inserted. I am not sure how to get it to open up.

      I would really like to get this cup to work but I am not sure what I can do to get it to open up. I really love using the cup and I hope that I can get the kinks worked out soon.

      I hope you can get yours working for you as well Amy. 🙂

  11. Glenn said,

    When introduced, the cup unfolds and is held in place by a seal formed by the partitions of the vagina and strain from the vaginal muscles. You can try different folding systems and find the finest one for you. We’ve added the most common problems when making use of different folds in the instructions. “C-fold” or “Heart fold” is the basic fold that most women use.

  12. Kouklara said,

    Hello ladies! I have been lurking on this blog for about a month now and told myself I would buy a cup and give it a shot. Recently, I was in town browsing inside a natural/organic shop when I noticed the MoonCup on one of the shelves. I thought – ‘well, I guess this is my sign’ – and bought it that day.

    I’m 28 years young, petite, and have never used tampons – I’ve always been a strict pads only gal…but tonight I tried inserting the MoonCup (size B) with the “punch down” fold.

    Surprisingly, it was easier to insert than two of my own fingers and was painless (although after three insertions, I’m a bit sore). The problem is getting it to open once inserted. Tomorrow (if I’m not still sore), that will be another challenge, but for now I’m stoked I was able to insert the MoonCup at all. Success! ^_^

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