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I emailed the Lily Cup company and asked them for samples a while back, and I was VERY happy that they agreed to send me some.  They actually sent me 2—large and small.

I’m really impressed with the way this company chose to package and design their product—opaque colors, different colors for large and small, etc.    But I’ll go more into detail…

The boxes for LilyCup are really cute—pink and white on the outside, and the entire inside is a dark pink.  Then you have a dark pink cloth storage pouch, and picture-based instructions.  But the have done something a little bit different—in addition to all this, they also have plastic wrapping on the cup itself to ensure you are getting a brand new product.

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The Cups:

As I mentioned before, I got both large and small sizes.   The large is the darker pink.  The small is the lighter pink.  Lily Cup is really different in its design.  Allow me to elaborate:

  • Slanted rim, one end is higher than the other
  • Inward-slanted anti-spill rim with small groves on both sides (I guess the grooves make pouring and folding easier?).
  • A thicker, firmer strip traveling up the back of the cup to help it pop open better (this can be felt by the hands, but not seen).
  • Tapered cup end with a long, solid stem

Testing Lily Cup:

The first thing I noticed was that this cup also has no suction release holes, like FemmyCycle…   So again, I had the concern that it would be more challenging to pop open.   Although it is a little firmer in the material.

The instructions for this cup say that rather than simply folding it, you should flatten the cup and then “roll” it into the size of a tampon, starting from the shortest side of the rim and going to the longest side of the rim.   Please see my video for an example…

I tried all sorts of different folds, including the recommended one.   But the fold that worked for me was this (and a bit awkward):

Use a C-fold, but make sure the longest side of the rim (which is also the side with the thicker firmer strip) is inside the folded crease.  For some reason, that thicker strip being inside the crease just gave it more “spring” strength to unfold and pop open.  For me at least…

Then of course, popping it open will take some coaxing.  Again, this task is challenging without suction release holes.  I just had to fiddle with it for a few minutes, twisting it this way, and that.   Tilting it different ways.  Pulling down, pushing up, etc.

But once I got it mostly unfolded, it did form a seal.   I gave it a test run for a few hours, and it did not leak at all.    Of course, since I have a very low cervix, I normally do not use longer cups, so if this were my regular cup I would have to trim the stem off.   But be aware the grip rings will not be there if you trim it.   The bottom of the cup and the stem are solid, so I would say trim carefully.  Feel your way up to where the solid area stops and be sure not to trim too close to that.

However, if you are longer up inside (higher cervix) then this cup would certainly help you to reach the bottom with its extra length.

As you can see, the cups are opaque, so you most likely do not see discoloring as quickly or as much as you do with a clear cup.


This part was actually pretty easy for me.   I was worried breaking the seal would be difficult with no suction release holes, but really it wasn’t.   Maybe it was the shape of the rim, or the very smooth texture of the cup’s surface, but all I really had to do was grab the stem and move the cup side to side and I carefully pulled down.   It only took a few seconds.

The spill proof rim on this cup also did a good job.  Even though I slightly flattened the cup during removal, the rim kept everything inside.   However, this cup’s rim does not unfold into a funnel like FemmyCycle–  It is quite solid in its inward-slanted shape.   But the ridges under the rim on the inside are smooth.  So cleaning is really easy.  Just a rinse and everything comes off.

My Opinion:

This cup is just adorable, and the packaging is really attractive.  The only thing is, I am a pretty big advocate for suction release holes.   I understand how some designers can be wary of them because of the concern for spills or leaks.  But I can honestly say if the holes are the right size, that will not happen.   As I said in another review, I have literally filled menstrual cups with water (the ones with much smaller holes) and tilted them so that the water was laying over the holes, and the water never leaked out.  So it is unlikely that blood would.

But other than that, this is a wonderful design—different, attractive and interesting.  The rim is great for cleaner removals!  And I can’t get over how cute all the packaging is.   I am certainly a fan of this new “spill-proof rim” development.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Lily Cup company for being so generous as to send me these samples and allow me to do a review on their great product!   Its always an honor to do these reviews, and I hope this helps anybody who is shopping for that “perfect cup”.

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  1. KrisDStar said,

    I don’t know if you have heard of the FemCap, it is a cervical cap for contraception, and it is shaped like this menstrual cup, higher on one side – which is supposed to be the correct fit for the female anatomy.

    I have been researching all of the menstrual cups that are on the market, and I think I am going to start with this one because of the shape.

    I’ve spent the last two days on here and watching your youtube videos.
    Thanks for all the help!

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