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I received this cup as a donation from the manufacturer, and I am quite honored to give it a trial.  I was about to leave and go to my mom’s house for a while, and I figured I would just check my mail when I returned.  But I had this strange feeling that I should check the mail before I leave…  So I did, and there was the Yuuki cup in the mail box!  Instinct, I suppose (and fast shipping).

The Yuuki cup came in a white sealed envelope, containing the solid cardboard tub-like container with a ventilated plastic lid, a color print folding paper manual with photos, and 1 small size Yuuki menstrual cup.

The Cup:

I like this cup!  I think it would be great for women who are “somewhere in the middle”, aka, are sexually active, but have not had a baby.  Of course, it depends on your unique shape.  I’m sure lots of other women would do well with it.

I think I may have gotten a newer model of Yuuki, because in the other reviews I read, they all said Yuuki had a solid stem.  But mine is hallow and squishy (which I like).   You should be able to see examples of it in the pictures.  It reminds me a little bit of the Divacup stem, only longer.  The bottom / base of the cup is reinforced, and the base and stem have grip rings (4 on the base, 4 on the stem).  Inside the rim, there is some ever-so-slightly raised writing– the Yuuki logo, and across from that a number 1.  The rim is not too thick, but not too thin.  There are 4 suction release holes, slanting downward from the inside, out.

Everyone has an opinion of slanted holes, but I think they allow better capacity as they are higher on the inside, but offer faster exposure to air for suction release, as they are lower on the outside.

On the inside, there is a spill proof ring up near the top (like Keeper Moon Cup), and 2 measuring lines, marking 5 and 10 (I’m assuming that’s ml ).  The material itself, I would say is close in feel to MoonCup UK, but the rim is not as thick/stiff.  That makes it a little easier to fold though.  And of course, the Yuuki’s color is more clear.

When I tested this cup out (on a dry run), I have to say it was pretty easy to use over all.  At least for me.   Insertion was comfortable, not much trouble getting it to pop open.  While wearing it, the only part I could feel was the stem, and not too much.  But as I always say, that can be trimmed off if anyone wishes to do that.  I have a very low cervix, but this cup was easy for me to wear, it didn’t protrude at all.  I did not feel the grip textures on the base of the cup, the way I do with Diva.  My model of Yuuki was one of the easiest cups to remove so far, as well.

The company was a pleasure and very helpful to deal with– they readily offered me some of their own photos to use for my information page, until I received the donation cup they sent, at which point I took my own photos.  I would like to thank them graciously for all their generous help.


I recently received a large Yuuki as well, to go with the small.  So now I have both for comparison.

Large Yuuki

The large Yuuki is a good size bigger than the small.  It’s a little bit softer than the small too.  Not dramatically so, just slightly.  Particularly in the rim.  I’ve had a lot of people ask if its softer than large Lady cup…  Um, yes and now.  I think it trades with Ladycup, depending on which part of the cups you are talking about.

For example, in the rims, Yuuki is softer.  But at the base, Ladcup is softer.  Middle is equal.  Their rims are about the same width, but the Yuuki’s body is longer, and it holds more liquid.  As a matter of fact, Yuuki holds more liquid than ANY of the other cups I have!  So if you want capacity, this one will provide it for sure!  I am currently working on my own capacity chart, so keep an eye out for it.  I’ll try to let everyone know when I have it done.

The large is actually too big for me to wear regularly (both in length and width), but I’ve never had a child either, so…  I did attempt to wear it anyway though, because I wanted to have experience with it.  Since a Divacup is long enough to stick out of me a bit at the end, and the large Yuuki is a bit longer than Diva, I am naturally too short for this one.  It did take some coaxing to get it to pop open, but again, I’m not sure if its because of the softness…  Honestly, its almost equal to a Miacup in softness, and I can get a Miacup to pop open.  I think it was because I’m smaller.  Either that, or its because I’m not on my period right now– my muscles relax a lot when I’m on my period, so insertion is much easier then.  I’ll give it another shot during my cycle I suppose.

But for the women who deed this extra length or width, and amazing capacity, I think this cup would be a blessing!



  1. Meig said,

    Do you have a large Yuuki? I have one and the stem is hollow. I wonder if the small has a solid stem and the large hollow? Love my Yuuki.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I don’t have the large. But my small Yuuki has a hallow stem. 🙂

  2. Cathy said,

    I have a very sensitive bladder and low cervix. I just bought a small yuuki online because I thought it the squishiest, shortest model on the market, but now, I wonder how it compares to the small lunette. Which one is softer and will press less on my poor bladder? Also, which one is shorter, excluding the stem length? Please advise! Is there another cup out there better suited for me?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      The *large* Yuuki is very soft. But the small is a little firmer.

      many women say that its mostly the softness of the *bottom* of the cup that determines the amount of pressure it can put on your bladder. There are cups that are softer: Miacup (softest), SheCup, Ladycup. Even the small Miacup is a bit longer though… SheCup too, as it only comes in one size and is very close in shape/length to Miacup.

      However, Ladycup has large and small, you might be able to try that. The small is a bit shorter than small Yuuki (length and rim/width). It holds less than yuuki because the suction release holes are lower. But the bottom of the cup is smooth, no grip textures, and is much thinner/softer than the bottom of Yuuki. You can see how that works for you.

      Hope that helps 🙂


      • Cathy said,

        Thank you, Melissa! I wish I asked you this question before I purchased the cup!

  3. jacky said,

    I joined a contest that gives these away and I really really hope I win since I have a rather bad experience with my meluna right now T_T

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Which contest is that? I woudl liek to announce it in my forum 🙂

  4. Cathy said,

    Hi Melissa,

    I finally got my Yuuki (ladycup is still in the mail). And, it feels comfortable, although I do have to pee a bit more often. But, my real issue is that it leaks even when it hasn’t filled all the way, and despite that I run my finger all the way around the sides to make sure it’s fully opened. Also, I am finding it to be incredibly messy. For some reason, I thought the blood/tissue would coagulate, and I would be able to pop it out like gelatin or something. Instead, it’s messy, and I need to pour it out, go to the sink, rinse it out… the idea of using toilet paper to wipe it in the stall is just disgusting to me because the toilet paper sticks everywhere, and I would much rather clean it with water. How do people usually deal with emptying the cup?



    • Cathy said,

      Actually, I read your note on cleaning and care, so that was sort of helpful. I’ll try to twist more and create a better “seal,” but I still have one other concern: each time I pull it out, even when I squeeze the bottom to break the suction, I am afraid that it is bumping up against my cervix and the light suction is irritating my cervix. Are there any studies about whether cups increase the chance of cervix cancer or other cervix related problems?

      • samantha said,

        the only thing that causes cervical cancer is HPV.

  5. Cathy said,

    PS thanks for taking the time to reply!

  6. SO said,

    I watched your vids on youtube and I’m so confused. I thought I new the brand I wanted and now I’m not so sure. I have some thinking to do.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Well, that’s natural with so many choices. Let me know if you have questions 🙂

  7. E.C. from D.C. said,

    As I said in the Ladycup post I think; since I’m newbie, I’ve been making my mind up on which since there are so many for HOURS just right now made my mind up try 2 different ones to start with….one is the small Ladycup and the medium new MeLuna with the ring….. I have the Yuuki in a maybe. Since ladycup and meluna are a bit softer I want to see how those are before I try a slightly firmer one if I feel I need one…Yuuki will be my next best bet.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Meluna is actually quite a bit firmer than Ladycup, and some others too. So it will give you a taste of something firmer, while ladycup will be something softer 🙂

      • E.C. from D.C. said,

        Thanks much and I’ve settled on and bought a small Yuuki and medium MeLuna for a bit o’ trial and error….think i’ll take the plunge and get a small Ladycup as well pretty soon.

  8. menstrualcupinfo said,

    I fixed it for you 🙂

  9. Lina said,

    Can you say how much the capacity is? (In millilitres if possible.)

    I have bigger Diva now and some days it fills up too soon…

  10. Jessica said,

    I tried the Diva Cup and found it really uncomfortable. I could feel the bottom part poking out and it just would not work for me, no matter what.

    I think I have a lower cervix and I’m thinking the small Yuuki might be a good choice for me, I’ve also seen pictures of the small/medium Meluna but I’m worried that might be /too/ short and not hold enough for me (as I do tend to have a heavy period). The rim on the Melunas also look wider than the Yuuki to me, is that right?

    Hard choice..would you recommend one or the other more?


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Diva sticks out a bit because you have a low cervix (so do I by the way, it was too long for me as well, I can use it fine, but I like the extra comfrot of a shorter cup). Small Yuuki woudl be better than med. meluna is you have a heavy flow, because it holds alot more than med. meluna. I normally use small lunette, but small yuuki has the same capacity and is just as comfortable for me.

      Hope this helps 🙂


  11. Tasha said,

    Hi, can you please tell me where I can buy a yuuki cup online… that ships to Canada, other then ebay?

    thanks 🙂

  12. Diane said,

    I love the Yuuki cup! I use the large on my heavy days and love that it’s soft for insertion but has a wonderful capacity. It pops open much easier than the Shecup, which is very comfortable and soft, but it takes a bit of work to pop it open. Yay Yuuki cup!

  13. Jessalyn said,

    Hey there! I’m really stuck between 3 different menstrual cups: the Lunette, Yuuki, and Ladycup. I really would like to start using menstrual cups because I love swimming, and I’m very athletic, but when I’m on my period it really limits me. I originally was just gonna use tampons, but the mere idea of them makes me cringe–shoving something DRY into your vagina? No thank you! I really love your site! I read the reviews for all of the cups and these three were the best ones for my situation, but I was wondering if you could recommend one of these three to me because I was unsure.

    -I’m 14
    -I just recently started my period
    -I can insert one finger into my vagina with some discomfort, and I have never tried two.
    -I have never used a tampon because they disgust me
    -I’m a virgin

    I know I’ll be getting a small size one, and I want it to be pretty soft/squishy, because my vagina is pretty tight. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get it in with some practice though! I’m definitely leaning toward the Ladycup or the Lunette more than the Yuuki, just because I want to be able to get a blue one! 🙂 LOL but if the Yukki is like, way better, I wouldn’t really be upset that it doesn’t come in blue….

    Please help? Thanks! ❤

    • Phylicia said,

      Try to go on ebay and try a small off brand one because its alittle cheaper. My vagina is tight too and its smaller the the small diva cup.

  14. Liz said,

    I am intrigued by these cups and considering getting one to try. I have had 2 children both healthy vaginal births. My periods can be very heavy so I’m thinking this large capacity Yuuki might be a good possibility for me. I have used a diaphram in the past though and recall with horror the first time I couldn’t get it out and went into complete panic. It has me a little nervous trying this for the first time. How do you tell if you have a low or high cervix? I don’t want to get this and have the experience you describe where it’s “sticking out” or doesn’t fit.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Having used a diaphragm, you may or may not have dealt with your cervix a bit. I sort of have my own personal rating of low, average, or high, and most people seem to agree with it thus far:

      — If you cannot reach your cervix, if if you can just barely reach it when reaching very far, them its high.

      — If you can reach it ok with just a bit of a stretch, then its about average.

      — If its very easily reached, and sometimes even just barely inside the vaginal entrance, its low.

      If you’ve given birth, and you don’t think your cervix is too low, then large Yuuki really does have great capacity. The most, in fact. It and Divacup have the longest bodies, and you would also have the length of the stem, so its the easiest to reach.

      Hope this helps, 🙂

  15. scaryharriet said,

    Hi there! First of all, this sight has helped me so much in deciding which cup to buy. My first was a Ladycup, which I absolutely loved! Unfortunately, I lost it at some point, and now I have a small Diva Cup, since it was the most accessible here (using tampons again for those few days was HORRIBLE!)

    My problem is, I recently got an IUD so have had an enormous change in flow. I’m finding that I have to change my lil’ old Diva Cup once every hour or two (yikes!), and I think I need something with a greater capacity now. After reading this post, I’m a little worried about the size, but I just ready something great, that maybe you’d want to let your readers know.

    Yuuki is selling 2 cups for the price of one right now! Specifically, one of each size. So i think I’m going to order one.

    Thanks for all your help and suggestions. I may have never discovered the wonders of cups (and that there were so many differences) without you!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I’m glad all this info helped, that was my intention 🙂

      Large Yuuki does hold the most liquid of all the cups. It is close to large Ladycup in rim width… But the body of it is as long as Diva’s. So if a “cross breed” between Diva and Ladycup would be ok, then you can try this one. No other cup could give you more capacity.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  16. Moza said,

    Hello, I’m happy I have found this site, I’m truly convinced about menstrual cups, the fastest the people know about this, the better. I think your labor is very important.

    First I would like to tell you about the Yuuki cup, I have tried it and I’m happy with it, I had some problems the first time (It opened before it was all ready inside, so It truly hurt) It happened because it isn’t so flexible, but once I knew how to insert it, It was good.
    I have heard that Yuuki recently is selling a new version of the cup, Soft Cup, (http://www.yuuki.cz/product/menstrual-cup-soft-includes-delivery-in-the-world-404/)…
    I don’t know if you have all ready tried it; I’m OK with my cup, but when I recommend it to some friends, they get a bit scared because I tell them about the first problems I had inserting it. I don’t know if it happens whit all the cups even if they are more flexible.

    Also in México recently it has come on sale a new cup, it is called Lunacup.
    That is its site, maybe you’ll be interested to knowing it.

    Kind regards.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Thank you! I will also add Lunacup to my info pages here 🙂

  17. Tanya said,

    Please review the Soft version of Yuuki vs the classic.

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