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Friday, April 1st, 2011 I received my CupLee sample from Russia!  I was very excited to review this new brand, and Eliseeva was so kind to send me one– Thank you Eliseeva!

When I first saw the package, I thought of that song, saying “Brown paper packages, tied up with strings– these are a few of my favorite things!”

Inside was:

* The CupLee sample, in a soft green color
* A pink satin drawstring bag (CupLee logo printed on it)
* User instructions, color print with picture diagrams

The first thing I noticed when handling the cup is that it was VERY soft.  It reminded me a little bit of the LadyCup material, but I think the rim is actually thinner and a bit softer.  It does have good capacity with the higher suction release holes, and the grip rings on the base and stem are small enough to be comfortable, but pronounced enough to help with removal.  Here are some photos of the cup I received:

Testing The Cup

I tried this cup on a “dry run” (while not on my period).  I boiled it, washed it, and then inserted it using the C-fold.

Since this is a softer cup, I used my favorite method for softer cups– insert with the folded crease facing down, and allow it to slowly pop open after it is half way in.  Then coax it up the rest of the way.

It was VERY comfortable to wear, thanks to the softness.  If this were my regular cup, I would likely trim the stem a bit, but even when I leave the stem as it is– it does not bother me much.  But of course, my cervix does move down VERY low during my cycle, so this would likely cause me to trim it.

In all honesty, I would have to say this cup is probably the easiest to remove.  I just pinched the bottom, and I was able to get it out quickly.  I really can’t wait to try it out during my period, and I will certainly report back when I get my period.  My most recent one ended about 4 days ago…

The pouch– I love it!  Cute and satiny.  Stays closed on its own nicely, lots of room inside too.

Over all, I am very pleased with this cup.  I think it has good quality, and is worth the investment.  Again, I would like to say thank you to the CupLee company for allowing me to do a review on their lovely product, good customer service, they have been a delight to work with!

Additional Information:

CupLee is a new Russian brand of menstrual cup, made of 100% medical silicone.  The original website is written in Russian, but there are other places written in English which carry it.

Here is a place where you can easily order CupLee, and they do accept PayPal:

Here is the company’s website:

And another website where it can be ordered:

The company offers cups in softer colors, such as:
-Soft green

But also in more bold colors, such as:

Their small size is for women who have not given birth and are under 25 years of age.  It has a diameter of 40 mm, height of 47 mm. The stem cup is 21 mm. Volume is 25 ml.
NOTE:  At the moment, the company is not offering the small size, the small is expected to be developed later).

Their Large Is for women 25 years of age and over, and/or who have given birth.  Diameter is 44 mm, height is 53 mm.  Stem is 17 mm. Volume is 30 ml.

Cup Lee also offers their product with either a traditional cloth storage pouch (satiny-pink with draw strings), or a wooden storage container with a matching vented lid– which would probably look nice on a bathroom counter, and would be discreet.  Wood also “breathes” better than plastic containers, which air circulation is needed for proper cup storage.

More about their pouches (quote from the website):

“From Pocono centuries linen fabric is considered a unique hygienic material. Poskolku flax has rare antibacterial properties, no bacteria or fungus will flourish in.”

So it looks like our choices in menstrual cup brands are steadily growing!  Here are some linked photos of all CupLee products, from their website:



  1. galthea said,

    i love the alternative of wooden storage container! too bad they cannot be ordered from other countries in europe…

  2. Anna said,

    Absolutely adorable yellow! And I am very proud for Eastern Europe! Finally progress got to us! 😀

  3. Ashley said,

    This one looks very similar to the Diva to me. Do they sort of feel the same?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      The grips are slightly less pronounced, holes are slightly larger, body is shorter, stem is longer, and material is softer than Diva. 🙂 Softness, its closer to Ladycup I think.

  4. Amanda said,

    hi…im still looking for something to replace my old mcuk. Actually id most of all want to get a fleurcup for its size, but im afraid it would be to stiff, Ive had problems with the old one because of that.
    So cuplee seems a good option possibly, near in size and soft. I like the idea that its kinda in between small and large.
    ive allready mailed them to see if they can send to my country and they can!

    Anyways, my question to you who actually has one is, does it get any shorter flipped inside out? wider?(mcuk gets about one mm wider if flipped)

    does ladycup get any shorter flipped?
    I need a short soft kinda wide cup with better capacity…its tricky!

  5. Karley said,

    Is this one longer than the diva cup in the total length, i accidently trimmed my stem off my diva cup during dry runs (bad idea) because in my dry runs it sat very low. But when i used it during my period it crawled to far up there. I almost went to the e.r. Once because it took me over an hour of trying it still ddnt come out. (btw it did come out, after i finally went pee strangly). So i now i need a really long cup. I was either thinking moon cup us or this one. At least for when i sleep because thats when it crawls up the worst. And i like the fact that its soft! I found the diva cup too firm and it put pressure on my bladder


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Mmmmm…. Mooncup is mostly just long because of the stem, the body it pretty short.

      It seems CupLee is a little bit longer in total length (stem included) than Diva. Although shorter in the body. It is softer as well, but it still holds a decent amount.

      Also the Large Yuuki is equally long to Diva in the body, but even longer in the stem. And it is softer than Diva. So it may be a good choice as well 🙂

  6. Jenny said,

    Can you order this cup to ship outside of the U.S. I am a little confused on how to do that from their website. Is there a different place you can order it?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      This cup comes from Russia. I don’t think the owner has set up an international payment system just yet. But she was very kind and willing to work with me. She simply gave me her name and city information in Russia, and I sent the money to her at my local Western Union. She gave me a choice of standard shipping, or expedited (I chose standard, its slower, but cheaper). After I got home, I emailed the transaction number to her so she could pick it up. Then she shipped the cup to me.

      If you really want one, its well worth doing this, because its a good cup. Comfortable and holds plenty of liquid.

  7. Juliiie said,

    Wow, this seems like a great brand, amazing shape and texture…!
    Did you encounter any problems during insertion / removal, due to softness maybe ?

    Also I just noticed their website has an english version now !

  8. Laura said,

    I’m Laura from EasyCup… Just wearing CupLee right now ! (yellow one)
    I DO LOVE it.

    it’s unfortunately not enough known and not sold in France, if it were, it would have the great success it deserves. The contact I had (Lily) is an absolute cream…

    I’ll write to them a new e-mail, to congratulate them on a great job and great product… Not all cups can claim to have all those properties to be comfortable, reliable, pretty, easy to manipulate and easy to clean ! 100% achievement !

  9. Julie said,

    Haha, I have one too, and I love it as well !! Here’s another site where you can get one : And in the UK, and Luxury Moon stock it.

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