About Mami Cup

NEWS:  I now sell menstrual cup at my new store:



NOTE:  I do not have any samples of this cup yet, but I will try to offer as much information as I can, as the website is written in Italian.

Mami Cup  is an Italian-manufactured menstrual cup, made of medical silicone.  As far as I can tell from photos, it resembles a Lunette in body shape and a Fleurcup in the stem.  It does have measuring lines and air holes just under the rim.  Here is the company’s website, if you would like to take a closer look:


Mami cup comes in 2 sizes:

– Small size (M):  Suited to teenagers, young people or those with light flow.
Dimensions: Diameter: 40 mm
Height (without stem): 50 mm
Capacity: 25 ml to the rim,  20 ml to the air holes
Stem length: 23 mm

– Size Large (L): Suited to those who have already given birth or with heavy flow.
Diameter: 45 mm
Height (without shaft): 57 mm
Capacity: 35 ml (from the base to the air holes),  29 ml to the rim.
Stem length:  18 mm

Both cup sizes come in 2 colors:


The product box is white with green trim and other colors.  Cloth storage pouch looks to be unbleached cotton, with ribbon drawstrings.

mami1 mami2 mami3 mami4 mami5

I am unsure as to whether or not they ship to the Unites States or other countries…  They do appear to have some wholesale prices on their home page though, as well as regular individual prices.  It looks as though the website also accepts PayPal, for those of you who prefer that method.

Hope this helps, please contact the company for any further information.


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