NEWS:  I now sell menstrual cups at my new store:

I received my ladycups as freebies from several sources– donations for my educational efforts.  A huge thank you to those who helped me out!   Less than two weeks after the cups were mailed to me, I received:
* 1 Large BlueCup

* 1 Small LilaCup

* 1 Small GreenCup

* 1 small YellowCup

* Cotton LadyCyp storage pouches

* Multi-lingual user guides in: English, Italian, Spanish, German, and French.










PS– I also have the new Lotos cup, here are some pictures:

My Opinion:

The Cups:

The first thing I noticed when I handled the cups and saw them up close was that the material is quite clear and glossy, compared to the other brands. Personally, I think this adds to their visual appeal. Also the different colors add a certain “accessory” charm, so they seem less like a sanitary/medical item, which is very nice.

There is quite a noticeable difference in size between the large and small. And I had always wondered which was smaller: Small Lunette Selene, or small LadyCup– I would have to say small LadyCup. I’m doing a comparison video on the subject, which should be available on YouYube soon, under the key work “menstrual cups”.

The bottom of the LadyCup appears to be a bit squishier than the upper 1/3 of the cup, including the rim. Of course, I’m not sure if they were always this way; I’ve heard that before, the whole cup was quite squishy. So this might be a new thing? I will have to ask a long-time LadyCup user. But I do like this feature, because the firmer rim does allow the material to spring back open quite easily.

Rather than rings, the LadyCup has tiny “bumps” for gripping around the stem and base of the cup. And the bumps are smooth, which is a lot less abrasive, if you are sensitive to that. The stem itself seems to be much more squishy than the other brands, so I think that will enable people to leave it intact, or at least not have to trim it all the way down.

The cotton bags are adorable, too! Ribbon drawstrings, made of cotton, and well constructed. They’ve also got a cute flower print, and little logo tags attached to the seems.

Since I got 2 identical large LilaCups, I did try out one of them out on a dry run (while not on my period), and I just reserved all the others for demonstration purposes. Because of the slicker material, insertion goes very smoothly. It pops open quite easily, and I cannot feel it at all.

Removal–  I (and many other women) find that with removal, these cups are quite slick and slippery when added to your internal moisture.  So its best to keep some toilet tissue in your hand during removal, and whenever you need a better grip, take your fingers out and re-dry them.  Basically, the more dry they are, the easier the cup is to grip.  Just pinch the base of the cup very firmly with your thumb and middle finger, while bearing (and pulling) down.  Also, tilting the cup from side to side will expose the low hole to air, and break the seal.  Honestly try this, it is very, very helpful.

Size-wise, the large and small LadyCups are sort of close to large and small lunettes.  But the lunettes have higher capacity, because their holes are higher.   So basically, if you are looking for a shorter, smoother cup, and your flow is not very heavy, then this brand would be a good choice for you.

My Personal Recommendations:

If you have an average flow, or if you are sexually active, I would say definitely get the large. The small I would be more inclined to recommend for a virgin, or someone with very light flow.

In conclusion, these are all absolutely beautiful cups! Smooth, well proportioned, and very comfortable.



  1. angryblkfeminist said,

    This review sealed my decision to get the LadyCup and I have ZERO regrets. It’s easy to squeeze and put into place; I only leaked if I didn’t put it in correctly or left it in too long. I have a low and tilted uterus, so this is a godsend after suffering with pads and tampons for a decade.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Glad the review helped. I’ve heard of many women with a tilted uterus/cervix, havign success with cups. When you find the brand that works for you, your life is changed for the better.

  2. Alice said,

    Would the Ladycup be a good brand for younger cup users, around 11-14?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It is. So is small lunette or small yuuki. 🙂 It is a little mroe slippery than other brands, so remember to keep toilet paper in your hands to re-dry your fingers a few times during removal. The dryer, the better grip you have. Other brands can be a little easier to remove though.

      • Jessalyn said,

        Hey I was wondering what would be the best brand for someone who is 14, just got their period a few weeks ago, is a virgin, and has never used tampons. I’m looking for the smallest size, and the easiest to remove. I really love your reviews so I was going to try and find your reviews on the Lunette and Yuuki, to compare. Is there any way you could direct me to them or give me some advice on which one? Thanks! 🙂

      • menstrualcupinfo said,


        You can find my other reviews on any of my blog pages, there are links to them over on the right side, as long as you are on a regular computer (cell phone might be different, depending on what kind).

        But more specifically:

        If you’re young and a virgin, its probably best to stick with a small. But the biggest mistake I see first-time cup users make, is automatically going for the smallest cup… If your flow is average, or even heavy– the smallest cup simply will not nold enough liquid, and you will be having to empty it constantly. I only recommend the smallest (which would be small Meluna) if someone has a VERY light flow.

        Otherwise, I usually recommend either Lunette, Yuuki, and sometimes Fleurcup. Ladycup is good too, but only for like a medium flow.

      • Jessalyn said,

        Ooops! LOL I just found your other reviews! 🙂 I must have overlooked them before…But still, do you have a specific recommendation for me? It would be greatly appreciated!

        -I’m 14
        -I have only had my period for a little while
        -I’m a virgin
        -I can only insert one finger into my vagina, and even that’s a bit uncomfortable…
        -I have a fairly light, to regular flow
        -I have never used a tampon, and the idea of it makes me cringe

        thank you!

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        I left a comment for you on the Ladycup review page 🙂

  3. natalie said,

    I’ve been battling between what size to get for so long. I’m 22 and sexually active with an average flow, but my OBGYN always mentions that I’m small/tight and I’m able to feel my cervix (I have small hands, too!). I don’t want to get the large and find out it’s too big, yet I don’t want to get a small if I’m going to have to change it every hour.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      This is a common concern for many women. If your is very light, then you could probably use a small just fine. But if its normal, or even heavy, then you might want to try a cup that is close to the same size as a small Ladycup, but holds mroe liquid (due to higher holes, as most cup’s suction release holes are higher than Ladycup’s). That would be either small Yuuki, or small Lunette.

  4. Vathany said,

    Melissa, you’re amazing. Well, I need reassurance. I’m planning to get a large lady cup because I want to have as much capacity and be able to have it in place for as long as possible. I’m sexually active, on birth control, no kids, periods are I say 4 to 5 days, and 18 years old. I’d really appreciate your opinion on which size to get. Thank youuuuu. 🙂

    and if this helps. I have to change my tampons about two to three times on the first day.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Awww, thanks :). Hm, Sexually active, and a heavy flow? I would say you’d be better off with the large. Let me know how it goes,


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      PS– As for the comment, the settings on here are to where I have to approve comments before they show, to fight spammers. I approved yours though, of course 🙂

  5. menstrualcupinfo said,

    You are quite welcome, weather you buy from the manufacturer or another site there are good points. Other sites have better prices, but manufacturer has a return policy 🙂 Best of luck on your journey 🙂

  6. Someone ;] said,

    Hey mel. Do you mind if you can delete my previous two comments. Pleaseee??? I’ll call you amazing again 🙂 anywho!!! I have another question. So I ended up getting the Large Ladycup in lotos. pretty 🙂 and it fits. and the stem kinda sticks out of my hole. is that normal? or should I cut the stem. I really don’t want to honestly… I tried the cup out at the end of my period cycle. so maybe my cervix got lower… I’m guessing. but I was just wondering… is the stem suppose to stick out? it’s not like A LOT. it’s just like kinda peeking out. You know? THANKS AGAIN ❤

    everyone loves melissa<3 🙂 haha

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hehe, I’ll try to find your other two posts, are they here under the ladycup review??

      Its normal for the stem to stick out (and sometimes even the base of the cup itself) if your cervix is really low. In either case, you coudl trim the stem, or use a shorter cup… But in yoru case, I think trimming it would do just fine. I hate trimming the stems too, lol. Some people flip the cup inside-out, but DON’T do that unless you have trimmed the stem completely off first. Particularly if you have a low cervix, because your cervix can dip down inside the cup, and that stem comming up the middle can jab and irritate it.

  7. the same someone ;] said,

    haha. I’m the the two previous comments before “someone” lol. thanks I’d appreciate it. So… are you telling me to cut the stem? I really don’t want to 😦 haha I’ll observe during my next menstrual cycle. or else… the stem might be going… SIGHHHHH. Thanks sooo much for the help.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I think trimming it might help with comfort, but… Its up to you 😀

  8. Knitted in the Womb said,

    Do you know if the Lady Cup can be purchased in the USA? I’d like to get it for my daughter who is 11.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Yes, you can order ladycup online from their website, or from ebay.

    • bitsy said,

      One thing to be aware of: if a girl/woman’s hymen is intact (it can be broken by sports, or just not there at all), a menstrual cup may tear it, and this can be painful.

      I was older than 11 when I first used a small (though not Lady Cup) menstrual cup, and had not had sexual intercourse; removing the cup was excruciatingly awful the first few times, I assume until my hymen was thoroughly broken. And I’d used tampons, including super tampons, many times before.

      I’d actually appreciate more expert comment about this; I don’t know what I think about it. On the one hand, you don’t want a girl just starting her menstruating life to associate it (or menstrual cups) with severe pain. On the other hand, breaking the hymen oneself may be preferable to having that pain to deal with as well as all the other anxieties the first time one has penetrative sex.

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        This is all very true. Of course weather or not you feel any discomfort as a virgin using a cup largely depends on what kind of hymen you have, I believe there are 6 different kinds. Or if you have one at all, as some girls are born without it. Also, as you said, weather or not you have already torn it with some other activity.

      • bitsy said,

        menstrualcupinfo: Of course, that’s true. It may not be painful at all for some girls. I just fret a little about an eleven-year-old going through that kind of intimate pain — our bodies are alarming enough at that age!

        I’d say that maybe (cloth) pads might be a better choice for young girls, at least until they’re more comfortable menstruating… but you can’t swim in a pad, and not every girl has a light flow just because she’s a pre-teen. I remember being so relieved when I got permission to use tampons. (Not to mention, I would have been terrified to carry around even a stylish wet bag in junior high or high school — imagine if somebody found it and opened it!)

        I’m not a parent, but my recommendation as former child would be to give young girls both reusable and cloth pads initially, and offer to let them try tampons or menstrual cups on their own timelines. And let them know that the latter may hurt initially but then be very convenient. And then not offer any judgment or condemnation of any choice.

        Not that you would, or KitW would! I’m just saying, there’s enough self-consciousness about menstruation at that age, and enough shaming of female bodies, that any method that makes a girl feel good about herself is a good method for that girl.

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        Actually, I agree! We shouldn’t push anyone into using the kind of menstrual protection we think they should. Everyone has their own time line of graduation from one thing to the next, and their own comfort levels. I respect all these girls using tampons in their teen years, because even I was too scared to try them until I was about 20. But once I did, it really changed me.

        Of course, if I think there are health risks, I might make them aware of it (even if they are very rare), just so they can be aware of the facts, before deciding to go with something. Despite the TSS risk, many women still want to use tampons. I knew about the risk, and I still used them for 7 years. But I appreciated being able to know. Knowing makes you aware of exactly why you should not sleep with a tampon in, or why you should make sure you change it a certain amount of hours each day. It helps you take better care of yourself, no matter what you like to use, I think. But as you said, it should be a non-biased presentation of the facts, not an attempt to push them one way or the other. 🙂

        My 15-year-old cousin, who is living with my mom, has both tampons and pads in her “girl supply” drawer, and I also gave her a small Lunette. She keeps them all, and I figure she can just try each one and decide for herself.

      • bitsy said,

        * both disposable and cloth, I meant. Duh.

  9. bernizzy said,

    I’ve had a Lunette (sm) for about a year, but it always seems to irritate my bladder. I’ve heard the LadyCup is more forgiving in this regard because it’s squishier. I also wanted to go for a larger-capacity cup, but I am afraid a large cup will also push on my bladder more. Can you help me out?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Event he large ladycup tends to put less pressure on the bladder than some smalls. As for capacity, the large ladycup actually holds the same amount (to the lowest set of holes) as the small lunette. So if you want mreo capacity, but still a smaller cup, perhaps you coudl try a large yuuki? Many women say its even softer than ladycup, but it hold A LOT of liquid.

  10. Ashley said,

    I am 20,sexually inactive,usually normal flow,sometimes heavy and light.I had around 28 days cycle.Now i has 32-34 days .bought a large my question would be does it fits?and does a under 25 years old overweight girl fits a large or small cup better?does weight and height affect size of cup?i am not overweight though.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Height and weight do not have any affect on what cup you use. Its mroe about weather you are sexually active, or if you’ve had a child. Also how low your cervix is and how heavy your flow is. Many women who are sexully active can use a large ladycup, and if ladycup is the brand they want for sure, and their flow can be normal to heavy, then they usually prefer the large. I can use both a large or a small, and I’ve never had a baby. Granted, every woman is different, but usually its doable. 🙂

  11. Ashley said,

    does the size of cup fits women universally?coz maybe asian women are litter bit small.and the video that shows insertion and removal,does the cup go inside the vagina that deep?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Every woman is different, I don’t really know if its a cultural thing. I’ve met Asian women who are small “down there” and some Asian women who are not… And the same with women in every other country. I think we are all different based on genetics, age, sexual activity levels, and weather or not we’ve had a child.

      Does the cup go in deep? For some women yes, for other women, no. If your cervix comes down very low, then your cup will nto go in very far. But if your cervix is up high, then the cup will sit high. 🙂

  12. liz said,

    I just bought the pink cup in a small…. 19 years old here.
    Anyways I’m worried, they look huge!! How often do you need to change it? is it hard to change? im worried its gonna dump out or something or leak while i attempt to change it at work/school.

    Can you wear them at night?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      They do look big, lol. But thousands of women use them comfortably, even virgins. So its deffinitely doable. 🙂 If you’re worried about your very first attempt, what you can do it, only use your cup while you’re at home for the first period. Just until you are comfortable with it. And maybe use yoru regular methods the rest of the time. Then when you are comfortable, try the cup at work or school.

      Always consider your flow level when selecting a cup, that will allow you to go longer without changing it. Like if you have a heavy flow, and you get a cup that’s too small, you will need to change it mroe often to prevent leaks. But if your flow is normal to slightly light, then a small ladycup should be fine.

      Have you recieved your cup yet? If so, go ahead and practice with it, its ok to do so, even when you are not on your period. Also, its better to have mastered insertion and removal before your period starts. Just a tip though– Ladycup can be a little slippery sometimes during removal. So to avoid that, keep some toilet paper in your hand, and re-dry your fingers a couple of times during removal. The more dry they are, the better yoru grip will be. The best way to remove it, is to pinch the bottom hard, and then rock it from left to right, as you pull down. The rocking is VERY important, that’s what breaks the seal. Slowly ease out one edge of the rim, and the move the cup into an upright position. The first time you use it, you might be a little clumsy, but again, practicing while not on your period will help you get around that.

      The first day of your period, go ahead and wear a pad for backup if you want, just until you get confident with your cup. A lot of women choose to do that. I did my first week, but then never again, because I discovered I didn’t need it after all. 🙂

      As for how often to change it– that first day (especially your heaviest day), I would say take it out and check it every 3 hours…. Just to find out how long it takes you to fill it up (because your flow may change from one day to the next, but you know which days your heaviest are). From then on, you will always know exactly how long. For most women with normal to light flows, its 4 to 8 hours. A REALLY light flow, it can be 10 to 12 hours. But never go longer than that, without emptying and washing the cup.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  13. Anna ♥ said,

    Hi, I am 15 and haven’t had my period yet, but I just researched the menstrual cycle and found out about menstrual cups. I think that they are a great idea! I was just wondering for my first period if it would be okay to wear on, or should I wait a few periods? I am more interested in the ladycup than any other brand. So when I do use one would you recommend a small? Also, what if my period turns out to be heavy? Thanks, sorry for all the questions! 🙂

  14. E.C. from D.C. said,

    I’m a newbie and just right now made my mind up try 2 different ones to start with….one is the small Ladycup and the medium new MeLuna with the ring….. I have the Yuuki in a maybe.

  15. Valérie said,


    I have trouble with my ladycup, i hope u can help me.

    I have a large Ladycup, i have 3 kids, but i don’t thinks it’s good for me…i have ALWAYS leaks, even when i have a light flow. (and in my heavy days the cup is full afther +- 45 minutes…)

    I feel the air going out of the cup when i move too much and from that moment i have leaks.
    I’ve tryed to put it higher and now i’m trying to put it low..but i’m still leaking (and the cup is popped well open…)

    i think the Ladycup is too soft for me? :-0 😦
    Is there a bigger and fermer cup?

    greetings from Belgium,


    ps: sorry for my bad english!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Valérie,

      I think you’re right, it may be too soft. And it sounds like it is filling up to fast on yoru heavy days. There are firmer cups that are easier to pop open, and form a better seal. For example, you can try a large Lunette, or a large Fleurcup. Their rim width and cup body size are close to Ladycup, so it shouldn’t be a problem. But they hold more liquid than a large Ladycup, because of the higher-placed suction release holes.

      True, large Yuuki holds a lot of liquid too, but its really soft like ladycup, so I’m not sure if you would wantt o try that one.

      If you decide on Lunette, I actually sell them now, at

      Hope that helps, 🙂

      • Valérie said,

        Thank u verry much for u’r help!!

        Maybe I will try a large lunette.. but it’s quite expensive for us..

        For now i use some toiletpaper to hold the leaks.. next month i will have a Mirena, so maybe my Ladycup will be enough…


  16. Angie said,

    Hi! I ordered a small LadyCup last night (I’m 20, not sexually active at all, and can just barely fit in two fingers which I heard can make insertion a TAD easier if you can do just that) anyway, my flow is on the moderate side (it feels heavy to me but my gyno said that it wasn’t classified as heavy) Will I be alright with the small one? Or will I just have to empty it more often? I can’t do pads anymore because I hate them (who doesn’t?) and tampons just… don’t work for me at all. I can never get the angle right on them and attempting to pull them out right away to try again is too painful for me.

    Obviously I’ll find out once it arrives, but I wanted your opinion since you seem to know a lot about them. 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      The small might work, it depends just *how* heavy your flow is. Often, what we thing is a very heavy flow with a pad or tampon, is really not so bad with a cup. Pads may look bulky, to to me, its just an illusion… I filled up a large Lunette menstrual cup once with water, and dumped it onto an overnight-size pad… The pad was completely soaked. Beyond what I would continue to wear. Cups do hold more that the average tampon too. But when you get your first cup, just check it every couple of hours and see how full it is so you can get an idea of how long it takes you to fill one up. Then you will know if its going to hold up or not. If you have to change it mroe frequently than every 3 or 4 hours, then I would suggest a larger cup. And even if it is every 3 or 4, still you just might want more time as your personal preference 🙂

      If you don’t mind my asking, about how many pads do you use on your heaviest day? Are they super, or overnight, or anything? Or just regular?

      • Angie said,

        I use an overnight one during the day/night. Honestly, I’m very OCD about it so I try to not let much get onto the pad at all — I’ll literally run to the bathroom every time I stand up to get it off of me. My gyno thought I was crazy when I told her that I do that because apparently that’s strange, but I can’t stand it any other way. When I absolutely HAVE to let it get dirty though, usually about 1-2 a day.

  17. Roberta said,

    Hi Melissa,

    I want to buy a Small LadyCup but after reading these post I’m in doubt..
    I’m 22 years old, sexual active, don’t have kids and I take anticonception pills wich makes my period light to moderated, but a little bit strong on the first day. A question.. the manufacturer doesn’t mention sexual intercorses to define the size that you shoud buy,why do you ask? The body structure changes too much?
    Sorry about some further engilsh mistakes..

  18. Amanda Krzywonski said,

    Hello! I just got my LadyCup in the mail today! It was crazy because my period came as soon as I was about to use it! It’s almost like my body was waiting for it :). Anyway, I formerly used the Lunette Selene, and I will admit I loved the Selene so so so so so so so much. But there’s something about the LadyCup. It opens very easily compared to the Selene. I’m sure everyone’s bodies are different but it just worked better for me. I really am in love with menstrual cups. Never had a leak, even once! Now what I wanted to ask was, I noticed that menstrual cups aren’t super popular here in the U.S., which I find very sad :/. But I wanted to start promoting them. Not necessarily for money, but just to get the word out there. I know I could always say “Hey, go check out this website, blah blah blah” but that only does so much. I currently have a few blogs, but I was thinking of starting one about menstrual cups and alternatives to pads and tampons. I already wrote about my Selene and my new LadyCup in my current blog. The thing is, I really can’t afford to be buying one of every single brand of cup out there. I was wondering who provided you with your cups and if they would be willing to donate to me? This is something I wanted to do from the day I first got the Selene, and now that I’m healthier (I have Epilepsy) I want to start today :). I am 17 years old and I want to promote to girls my age who might not know that there are alternatives out there. I was already talking to some people from Lunette who were able to send me some fliers, stickers, and paper things like that. It would just be nice to have some actual cups to show around. I was planning on hosting little parties at my home, but it would be totally gross to some people if I was showing a cup that I already used. Donations would also be great for pictures to use in my blog. Until then I can use some pics off google. But if you can’t help me, that’s fine, I was just wondering. You have always had a great site, it’s helped me out so much, so I thought I would ask! Anyway, have a great afternoon!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hello Amanda, I’m actually glad you contacted me through here. I got your message from the “contact us” form on my store website. But when I tried to send you a reply, I kept getting a “falure to deliver” message.

      As for cup donations– some of my cups I purchased. But some of them were donated. The reason they were donated is because I am a distributor, I have the video channel which I parter with YouTube for and earn revenues for it, and I also have the blogs, and the discussion forum. I started out aksing if I coudl come in on “sexual education day” in local junior high and high schools, to talk abotu cups witht he school nurse to the young women, as another option. Now most of my promotions are online, and I’ve had school nurses from all over the USA (and some in Europe) email me and tell me that they played my videos for the young women in their school to teach them abotu cups, which I found very flattering 🙂 . The reason I get a lot of samples, is because pretty much all the companies know me, (or at least know OF me), and they see these promotional efforts as helpful to their business. I see it as helpful to women in general, the same way you do 🙂

      But I do strongly encourage all women that I have reached to spread the word even further.

      For now, I would tell you to take the cups you do have, take plenty of pictures. Get very involved in the communities. Start a blog about this. Build up and audience, and then write tot eh companies and ask for samples. I’ve been lucky so far to recieve all good samples, with cups in perfect condition. But some people have been given samples that have a hole punched in them. You may have to be willing to accept that. But basically, before companies give out samples, they want to see some proof of your promotional efforts, and how successful they are.

      For now, I have plenty of paper brochures and pamphlets. I can send you one of each, and you can maybe study them to get a good idea on ways to draw up your own, like the kind of catchy notes and information to include. You can ask the companies for brochures too. Or just xerox and re-fold the ones you have and lay them out in women’s bathrooms around town. Get as involved as you can. You sent me your address in the email, so I will go ahead and put some brochures in an envelope to send to you. I have some from several companies.

      Keep in touch with me too, join the discussion communities: (that’s mine)
      and (that’s LiveJournal)

      The other reason being involved in the communities is important, is because if there are any companies who don’t send you a sample– you can find very good, cheap deals being sold by forum members. Sometimes even given away! Don’t worry about colelcting all the cups quickly… It took me 2 years to get mine. 2 years of some regular women being nice enough to donate one to me (or sell really cheap), that simply did not work for them and they saw no point in keeping it. Or distributors noticing my blogs reviews. Some members have even out-and-out BOUGHT me a cup and had it shipped to me, just because they wanted to see it included in the comparisons, and I didn’t have the money to buy one at the time, lol.

      A lot of it was just sheer dumb luck, but I am eternally greatful for it 🙂 Keep at it, slowly but surely it will build and you will be out there making a HUGE difference! Let me knwo if you want the brochures in the mean time,


  19. Amanda Krzywonski said,

    Thanks soooo much for all the great tips and advice. I will definitely keep in touch so I can learn more and get in with the community. I just think that cups could be girls best friends once they learn to get past the ew factor (which turns out not to be ew at all!). I would love a few of your pamphlets, that would help me a lot with getting started. I will definitely keep in touch with you on the sites, and feel free to e-mail me any time at I’m not sure why the e-mail wasn’t working the other day, but I’ll check my privacy settings just in case. I do have a pretty whacked out last name though, it’s tricky to spell! Anyway, thank you so very much and do let me know if you happen to come across anyone who doesn’t want their cups anymore and is willing to sell them for a cheap price. 🙂

  20. Kim said,

    First I just want to thank you for all the advice! I am 33, and had a 9 pound baby 10 months ago. My husband says I am a little larger than before, hardly it’s noticeable, but frankly sex is more enjoyable for me now! Tampons are no longer an option, they are uncomfortable and seem to migrate out after an hour or two, even when they haven’t absorbed much. I really want to use a reusable cup. but am unsure if these will also migrate out, even in a larger size. My flow is normal to light so capacity isn’t realy an issue. I can get the ladycup here in Italy. I guess I just want a word of advice before I decide! Thanks again.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Ladycup may be a good brand for you, especially if its easy to get where you live. You may still want to try the large though, since you have given birth. It is soft, and a bit shorter in the body than many other larges, so it shoudln’t be too long.

      The reason tampons are now comming out is probably because giving birth may have lowered your cervix. But with a cup, a low cervix can sit inside a bit. Also the suction helps to hold it in.

      hope this helps 🙂

      • Kim said,

        I just wanted to say than you! I am so happy with my ladycup! This is the first cycle I used it, and after reading all the info I was able to use it from the start comfortably and with no problems. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about these sooner!!

  21. Emily said,

    Hi there! I just discovered that menstrual cups existed lol, I have always been a tampon user. I have honestly been looking at different reviews and specs on them for like 3 hours now! Thought I’d ask you your opinion since everyone else was and you seem to be the guru =) Well heres my info, ill try to give you whatever may be useful… Im 24, Im about 5’5 and 170lbs, Married, 1 child (now 2 yrs old he was delivered via c-section and was huge 10lbs. 6oz) I have irregular and mod/heavy periods which i just started having again when i quit breastfeeding. I recently was diagnosed with PCOS and a prolapsed bladder (stage 1-2) and having some inconstance issues. Would a cup be a good choice for me? I was thinking something soft and flexible like Lady Cup because of the bladder issue. Also i’m a litle leary of anything not FDA approved or made in the good ol USA, or anything latex or chemicals, even worried about the clearners for the cups. Anyways any insight would be so great. Thanks is advance!!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hello Emily,

      Luckily our height and weight have no effect on which cup we can use 🙂 I have seen tall heavyset women who only need a small, and I’ve seen shorter petite women who need a large. You’ll be happy to know that there are actually 3 brands that are FDA approved, and one of them is made in the USA (the latex Keeper and its silicone twin Keeper Moon Cup). Also, Keeper is the only one made of Latex. Its silicone twin the Moon Cup and almost all the others are made of medical silicone, when even people with latex sensitivities can still use.

      Some companies insist that even a woman who had a C-section birth shoudl still use a large, because the body changes with age and pregnancy alone. But I think it also depends on your flow. Unless you want to have to empty the cup more often, average to heavy flow is better off with a large.

      As for the medical conditions, plenty of women with these conditions still use a cup successfully. But of course your doctor could give you additional helpful advice, and mroe unique to your situation.

      The washes for cups were specially designed to be used on items that will be worn inside the vagina, with gentle unscented formulas that rinse away clean without residue, and are very kind to a cup’s material. 🙂

      Hope this helps,


  22. Emily said,

    P.S. I live in TX but can order online, not sure if there is any place down here that sells cups? I dont think we have wholefoods stores. Any websites you would recommend? Oh and I also wanted to ask you about the KY lube issue, I’m so glad I came across your posting about that! What other water based lubes would you suggest instead? Sorry for all the questions, I just don’t know who else to ask =) Thanks again!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      That’s ok, its my job. 🙂

      The best water-base lubes I know of (no flavoring or glycerine) are:

      Moist Free

      Both can be ordered online. I’m not sure if Astroglide has glycerine though… Make sure to avoid silicone based lubes too, as the silicone in them will bind to the material of the cup, and ruin it.

      Stores… The only brands that can be sold in USA stores are the FDA approvedones (Keeper and Keeper Moon Cup, DivaCup, and Lunette). Keepers and Moon Cups can be ordered either online, by mail, by phone, or online here: . The DivaCup can be ordered online, but they also have a store locator so you can find your nearest location: . And Lunette– I actually sell Lunete, lol. Its at my online store I can do online orders, phone orders, orders by mail. Just click the “contact us” tab, or order online.


  23. Emily said,

    P.S.S. Sorry I keep adding stuff lol, Thought it would be important to add that I think my cervix is high (never been able to touch it) and my period is “heavy’ for about 2 days, during those days it gets bad enough that ill wear a depends adult diaper to bed because a tampon and overnight pad combo would still leak. Would i have problems wearing a cup overnight? Anyways the rest of my period is light after those inital days. Thanks again and again!!!!!!! I swear this is the last post!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Lol, its ok 🙂

      With a heavy flow, I would say a large is probably best. But a high cervix, Large Diva or Large Lunette would work better than Large Ladycup. Ladycup does not hold as much as the others. DivaCup and large Lunette might be a lot easier to reach for removal with a high cervix, because they’re longer in the body (Diva is the longest). They have grip rings, whereas ladycup can be slippery. I have some sizing and stiffness charts here: Please keep in mind that large Divacup is the same length as small Divacup, just slightly wider.

      As for leaking in bed– always empty your cup just before you go to bed. I do know that cups hold more liquid than tampons, so assuming your body gets a long with a cup, it should last longer. I don’t have problems with a cup overnight, and niether do most other users. But again, changing right before bed really helps.

      If you are interested in ultimate capacity, you could even try the Large Yuuki. It holds the most of all brands. About the same body length as Diva, and easy to grip, but its a littel bit softer in terms of squishiness, more like Ladycup.


  24. Emily said,

    I just wanted to say thank you (once again) for your quick reply and the info you gave me probley saved me hours of more research =) Once I get this whole process going i’ll give you an update and you already know I will be hitting you up if I have any problems lol, Thanks “menstrualcupinfo” lady YOU ARE AWESOME! It has made my day to know that there are other options out there and people like you that are kind and generous enough to take time out of you day to help guide those of us who have been in the dark. Who knows maybe i will passing down all this info to my daughter one day.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You are quite welcome! And if I ever have a duaghter, I intend to let her know about these 🙂

  25. Chantelle said,

    Hello, I just got some reusable cloth pads, and I am very interested in using a reusable cup. I normally have a average/heavy flow, with some very heavy days. However, I recently experienced my body pushing out the tampons I tried to use, as well as pushing out the Instead cup – which I had in as far as I could get it. It wouldn’t push out immediately, but after doing physical things, or even just sitting for a while then getting up, I could feel it coming out. I suspect I probably have a short vagina/low cervix.
    I was looking at the Ladycup and the Lunette, and wondering what might be best for me, if the Instead wouldn’t stay in most of the time.

    I am sexually active, 18 years old, and have never given birth.

    Currently, because of birth control methods I had used before, my period is nonexistent – but constant daily spotting is. I am trying to let my period regulate on it’s own, or by herbal methods, but I still have to deal with the spotting in the mean time (and sometimes it’s heavier than other times, but not an average flow).

    So I guess I have two questions:
    What might be best to use for the daily spotting I am having?
    And when I finally do get my normal period back (heavy/average), what would be best to use then?

    I am looking at both the lunette and ladycup, and not sure which brand might be better for my situation, and which size from either brands might work best. I was leaning towards either the small lunette or the large ladycup.

    Thank you so much!


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Ladycup might be more comfortable for light daily spotting. But Lunette (especially large) would be better heavier days.

      I also have a low cervix, and longer cups like Diva will stick out of me a bit. But right now I use a small Lunette, because I have an average (sometimes slightly heavy) flow, and the small is comfortable for me (shorter) while still having decent capacity. But if your flow is heavier– even their large is still shorter than diva. If I’m going to be out of the house all day, I will use a large. Being short inside, I do have to trim the stem all the way down, but everyone is different. Always make sure it has enough stem for you to reach and remove it.

      • Chantelle said,

        So, since I am sexually active, would a small or large Ladycup be best for the spotting? I probably wouldn’t wear it every day, just when the spotting is heavier or I don’t want to wear a pad for whatever reason.

        And if I get a cup, and find that it is too long to be comfortable, what options do I have when I am no longer using the cup? Is it possible to return it to wherever I bought it from, even if I wore it once or twice – or resell it? After cleaning it thoroughly, of course.

        Thank you so much for your help!

  26. Chantelle said,

    I actually have a new question now. I just got a real period after a few months without one, and my cervix seemed to be about 2″ in. My flow is still heavy, but as I’ve started using cloth pads, it seems to be just a bit lighter than it was before. Now I’m having difficulty choosing between the large ladycup, the small Lunette, and the large Lunette.
    The softness of the ladycup is appealing to me, but I’m also worried that I might have difficulties getting it to open.
    The large ladycup and the large Lunette are the same length, but the Lunette holds more. The small Lunette holds the same as the ladycup but is a bit shorter.
    However, the ladycup website says the large is for women who have given birth. I have not. Should I go for the large Lunette?

  27. Julia said,

    Hi!! I’m trying to decide whether I should get the lunette selene, or a small ladycup. I’m a virgin with average flow (say, I’d take about 3 hours to soak a regular tampon.) like every woman, I have heavy flow days (sorry if it’s tmi). I’m not sure if I should get a small/large ladycup.. What do you think??

    Ps. Out of curiousity, what’s your favorite cup??

  28. Lyla said,

    I am a teenager, have not given birth, am not sexually active, have a pretty heavy flow, and am short inside. what brand and size would you recommend for me if any at all?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Young people with a heavier flow tend to prefer cups like small Lunette, small Yuuki, small Fleurcup. They all hold about the same amount of liquid, which is a lot for their size (the most of all smalls), due to their higher-placed suction release holes. They are close in size too. But they are also fairly short in the body, compared to some other brands.

      Lunette and Yuuki are softer, while Yuuki is more firm. The difference is, you might feel a firm cup a little more, but it will be easier to pop open. And the soft cup is more comfortable, but it may take a little extra coaxing to pop open. So basically, its sort of like a trade. Which one you pick depends on the price, availability in your area, weather you like choosing from colors, etc. (Yuuki does not offer other colors).

      hope this helps,


  29. Elizabeth said,

    I am 15 years old and am currently using a size 1 (small) diva cup, but i’m having trouble getting it to open by itself. I’m really looking into buying a new cup, and want a lady cup because of the color options, but I have absolutely no idea what size to get. I have had leaking problems with the diva cup before, but i am not sexually active, so i can’t decide between a large and a small. Also, how big is the size difference between the small diva and the large lady cup? Thank you so much for taking your time to answer my questions : )

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I actually have some very good comparison photos, with the small DivaCup and the other cups I have:

      You can see the difference there with large Ladycup.

      Weather you get a small or large Ladycup depends on how heavy your flow is. If its sort of light to average, then you could probably use a small. But if its heavier, then a large. As you can see in the photos, large Ladycup is shorter than Diva in the body, but Ladycup’s rim is a little bit wider.

      The other thing is, the softer a cup is, the more effort it takes to pop it open. Ladycup is softer than Diva… Although the small generally does seem easier to pop open than the large, so if you can manage a small (flow is not too heavy) then maybe it won’t be such an issue.

      But as for Diva, when you insert it, try inserting with the folded crease facing down. For many, that seems to pop open better, and thus create a better seal. Always insert back toward the rectum, never aim straight up, because we naturally slant back. You can also try letting it pop open early, and coaxing it the rest of the way up, that also seems to help with a good seal.


  30. Ena said,

    I’m 20 years old, sexually active and have an average flow. I’m between choosing Ladycup, Lunette or Mooncup. I’m searching for cup with more capacity, but not too large and also it would be great if the removal would be easy. I don’t care about colors and design, the most important thing is comfort. What would you recommend to me?
    Sorry for my English, greetings from Lithuania! xx

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Ena,

      Hmmm… Between those 3 brands, I would say narrow it to Lunette or Mooncup. Ladycup doesn’t have as much capacity, and it tends to be more slippery during removal. I think the other brands are easier to remove. Although I personally think Lunette is a bit easier to remove for me, and it has the best capacity of those 3, even the small. Then again, I’m sort of partial to Lunette, because it is my regular personal cup (the small).

      Of course weather you get a large or a small will depend on what you prefer:

      Large– more capacity, so you can go longer without changing it. Easier to pop open, because its firmer than the small. You might feel it a little more, because of the firmness.

      Small– naturally it is smaller, so if you are extra sensitive, you may be less aware of the small. Its softer, so it might take a few seconds more of coaxing to pop open. Also you might have to empty it more often. I use the small, and I can usually go about 6 hours on a heavy day, 10 to 12 hours on a light day.

      Hope this helps,


      • Ena said,

        Thanks a lot! It was really helpful!

  31. Lisa said,

    I purchased a small Lady Cup last fall. I’m 20 years old, not sexually active, and I generally have a pretty heavy flow. I don’t have problems inserting the Lady Cup (since I’ve practiced quite a bit at this point), but removing it is a total pain (literally). I can never break the suction. No matter how many times I rotate and rock it back and forth. It is very painful, and i usually have to dig my nails into the center of the cup to squish it in and pull it out. I’ve never been comfortable removing it, and I have to do so every hour during my heaviest days. Pinching the base doesn’t work for me. It also leaks when I’m heavy, even when it is placed correctly. Do you have any tips?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      This happens quite often for people with a heavier flow. For this reason, I’ve actually been considering putting a small note on my Meluna and LadyCup reviews for virgins or younger people– “only choose a small or medium of this brand if you have a lighter flow, capacity is much more important than size”. It sounds to me like the LadyCup is just too strong a suction for you, maybe too slippery, and does not have enough capacity.

      You can try other cups that will give you more capacity and are easier to remove, like something with grip rings:

      Lunette (large is much firmer than small)
      Fleurcup (both sizes are firm)
      Yuuki (large is softer than small)
      Miacup (both sizes are “average” in firmness/softness)
      DivaCup (Both sizes are “average” in firmness/softness, but its the longest in the body)

      If you would prefer to stick with the smaller sizes, then smalls of Miacup and Divacup hold the most. Of course DivaCup is the longest in the body, so whether or not you choose it will depend if you think small Ladycup was too short, or too high to reach? In that case, a longer cup can help.

      I would like to invite you to look through my brand comparison photos here, so you can see how they all compare, especially to LadyCup:

      Also check out my flow capacity and stiffness chart here:

      Of course, you can still hold on to your LadyCup for your lighter days, if you like. In that case, have you tried the old “dry fingers” removal trick? You bear down like you are having a bowel movement, and you keep some toilet paper in your hand, to re-dry your fingers a few times during removal. It gives you a much better grip, for easier removal.

      Hope this helps,


  32. Erin said,

    I’m 19 and not sexually active. I’ve used tampons almost exclusively for about the past 6-7 months, and I have never actually needed to remove one (because it was full or leaking or such) I remove them after about 7 hours, generally and they’re usually nowhere near full. So I’m pretty sure that means I have a light-to-average flow, which is why I ordered the small LadyCup. This is my “guinea pig” cycle, I call it…my first cycle using a cup. I’m keeping a backup pad on just in case however.
    Unfortunately, it seems to sit rather high and the cervix dips into it a lot. I’ve been breaking the seal by either pulling it down some and pushing the vaginal wall away to allow air through, or pushing the rim inwards. However I’m noticing that when I try to pull it down, there’s quite a bit of pain (I’m assuming the suction is pulling on the cervix), and when I try to go up manually, I have to go from the underside…that is, the side of the vagina that is closer to the toilet, and this isn’t quite as comfortable or easy, since anything in the cup seems like it would spill out. If I go from the other side, since the cervix is so far in the cup and closer to the topside (the side of the vagina away from the toilet) it hurts very much.

    In all, I’m very happy with the cup itself…I’m just wondering if you have any tips on how to remove it without one of the aforementioned ways that seems to be doing nothing but cause pain?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Yeah, it does sound like your flow is quite light. That’s good because you can pretty much use any cup you like, provided its comfortable for you and forms a good seal with yoru body.

      Compared to other brands, Ladycup can be very smooth/slippery, and it does have a stronger suction.

      I am shorter inside, because my cervix is extremely low during my heavy days. But still, I find that with this brand, the easiest way for me to grab hold of it was to bear down like I’m having a bowle movement, that shortens the vagina. Keep toilet paper in my had, because re-drying the ginfers a few times during the process gives you a much better grip.

      Then for breaking the seal… With other cups, I can break it by inserting a finger and denting the side of the cup in. But with Ladycup, I can only do it by pinching the bottom hard, and then rocking it from side to side. That kind of helps expose the lower holes to air to break the seal. Sometimes, it helps to tilt more to one side than you do the other. For example– left, left, right. Left, left, right. Just sort of “walking” it downward. If you pull straight on it, that can be uncomfortable. So its best to concentrate rocking it (until the suction breaks) rather than pulling down.

      After a few times of doing that, I feel the suction release, and it suddenly becomes much easier to pull it down, without feeling hardly anything.

      Hope that helps 🙂

      • Erin said,

        Apparently I was only spotting (that sometimes happens-I spot a little before I actually start) and didn’t realize until early yesterday when I started fully. Once that happened, it’s been fine-I don’t know if the cervix is in a different position, because it honestly doesn’t feel like it, but maybe the cup sits a little lower. I’ve been able to trim the stem about halfway (it’s maybe a bit less than half a centimeter at this point) which is making it much more comfortable…overall, this seems to be doing really well once I figured that out. I am having to re-dry the fingers a little to help keep a grip on it, so that’s really helpful. I think that the extra lubrication of being on my period seems to be helping, because I’m able to just pull it down and use a punch-down fold to remove it.
        And I’m loving when I was hurrying to the restroom earlier, thinking “oh no I forgot my purse in the car I’ll have to borrow a pad from my mom oh hey wait nevermind yay!”

  33. Tiffany said,

    I’m looking at Lady Cup and thinking it would be a good brand for me. But I’m not sure what size would be best. I’m 19, not sexually active, and have no kids but I do have a normal to heavy period. So would a large be best or if there is a different brand that would work for me?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Large could hold more, but it may be a bit wide for someone who is not sexually active… I do know some teenagers who use larges, but it depends from one person to the next. If your flow is average to heavy, there are cups that aren’t so wide, but have good capacity, even their smalls. DivaCup, Lunette, Fleurcup, Miacup, Yuuki. Those might suit you better 🙂

      • Tiffany said,

        Thank you! I think I will go with the Lunette small. Do you think the capacity will be large enough as it hold 25ml?

  34. Lizbeth said,

    Hi! This website is super-informative… thank you! I just purchased and started using my large LadyCup and loved it during lighter flow/spotting. However, last night I woke up and it had leaked horribly! I removed it and reinserted it, then went back to bed (I put a pad on just in case, as well). When I woke up a few hours later, it had leaked again! I’m quite sure I have been inserting it correctly as there’s plenty of suction, but I’m wondering if either my flow at night is too heavy, or something about my position (lying down) at night has made it leak. Do you have any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks for your help!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      How full is it when you empty? If its really full, then LadyCup may not have enough capacity, due to its lower second row of holes… If not, then it could be a popping open issue. Try inserting the cup with the folded crease facing down/backward, that seems to help. Also, if its possible, see if you can let it pop open a little early and coax it the rest of the way up just to make sure your cervix stays aimed toward the opening of the cup. It can leak if the cervix is peeking out the side.

      It could also possibly be a size issue, depending on your age, and whether you’ve had a child.

  35. Becca said,

    Hi, thanks for providing such invaluable information it really helped me make the change from tampons to menstrual cups.
    I’m 34 and not sexually active and no children. I’ve been using a large LadyCup for about a year now and most of the time I’m really happy with it. It’s perfectly comfortable and I have little or no problems with insertion or removal. However on my heavy days I need to empty my cup at least every two hours or it leaks. Could you recommend something more suitable for my heavy days please.

  36. Sarah said,

    Hi, thanks for providing such an informative source of information! I was wondering if I could use a cup without it hurting too much when i remove it? I’m not worried about insertion so much, but I know even when I remove a regular tampon sometimes it hurts a little. I am also a virgin, and still have my hymen intact. And (sorry if this is tmi) but my hymen seems to be quite thick and I have a feeling that if/when it breaks, it will hurt.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Sarah,

      I’m always honest with people about this subject, a cup can break your hymen. It may or may not break it all the way, it depends what kind of hymen you have (there are 6 different kinds). And due to these differences, and individuals nerves, any possible pain will vary from one person to another. I’ve had some girls say the first thing to break their hymen hurt, and I’ve had some tell me it didn’t hurt at all.

      I would say stick with the smaller cups. If you have a very light flow, try small Meluna or small ladycup. If your flow is normal to heavy, try small Lunette or small Yuuki. You’ll minimize the discomfort. Ladycup is a little slippery with removal, for the lack of grip rings. So for that one, keep tissue in your hand to re-dry your hands for good grip. Works fine for most people.

      If you have any other questions, please let me know,


  37. Dawn said,

    Okay I’m 34 and have kids, my cervix sits low and I pretty much gush the first 2-3 days of my 7 day periods.

    Also I am prone to bladder infections and thus I am leery about anything that would cause internal pressure and cause irritation to my bladder (I kind of baby it a bit, lol, but if you’ve ever had a wicked UTI you understand).

    So I’m looking for a cup that is wide enough to stay in place and soft enough to not cause pressure while still being deep enough to be able to manage the gushy days without requiring a trip to the bathroom every hour.


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hmmm… Soft cup that holds plenty. My first suggestion would be large Yuuki, because its softer and it holds the most. But it is quite long, so with a low cervix…. Maybe not.

      Large Ladycup might be good, but you may need to change it more frequently on heavy days. You could try a large soft Meluna with no stem. Or contact the woman with CupLee, and send the money Western Union (like I did) to get a large CupLee from Russia (that’s the softest, and holds a decent amount). Maybe a large Miacup, its not too long. holds a good amount, and softer than many others…

      So far, those are the ones I know of that hold a good amount, but are a bit softer.

      • Dawn said,

        Thank you so much, I knew you’d have recommendations for me, you seem to know so much about the options out there! I have friends that use Instead, but I really would prefer to have something reusable.

        Now one more question, I have a diaphragm that I just got at my 6 week postpartum exam (okay 18 months ago, lol) – isn’t that basically the same concept as the Instead? Thus couldn’t one use their diaphragm as a menstrual cup of sorts? Partner abandoned ship long before baby was born so the diaphragm just sits, new and unused in its package. Am I nuts to consider trying it?? Has anyone else ever tried this??

  38. Jesse said,

    Hi I,m 20 sexually active and have never had a kid. I’m considering the Small Lady cup. I have what I consider to be a light flow. 4 day period 1st and last day I can get by with probably 3 light tampons, and the other 2 days probably 3 or 4 regular tampons. Am I making a good choice with the Small Lady Cup?

    Thank you

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It sounds like small Ladycup can probably handle your flow. But I would say don’t pay much attention to the “up to 12-hour-protection” advertisements.

      The key words are “up to“– which means it could also be less. And it often is. Sure, you can probably do 12 hours on your lightest day ( I can). But most people have to change it at least twice, on a heavy day. More if their flow is SUPER heavy.

      But yours doesn’t sound heavy, so it should be fine. 🙂

  39. Joanne said,

    I have been trying to use menstrual cups for 5 years with no luck. I’ve used the Diva, Keeper and Instead cups. I have a tilted uterus which puts my cervix at an odd place. The Keeper and Diva sit so low, that 1/4 to 1/3 of the cup is completely out of my vagina (stems are completely cut off) as a result, they are very uncomfortable. The Instead cup is too large to fit behind my pubic bone. It slides forward then leaks. Do you have any suggestions for a cup that is very short in length? I am 38 and a mom to 4.

    I appreciate your time!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hmmm, sounds like in addition to there being a tilt inside, the cervix itself is also sitting pretty low. That’s the only thing I know that causes a cup to be pushed out slightly. I have a low cervix, so I have to stick with shorter cups, to avoid this problem.

      Diva is fairly long, and Keeper is fairly stiff. You can try a shorter cup, or even a softer one, or both. For example:

      Ladycup (softer, and shorter than Diva)
      Medium Meluna, regular or soft version (large and medium have the same rim size, just large is longer)

      Also, you can browse through my comparison photos of all the brands here, although many of the shorter cups are smalls (lunette, fleurcup, yuuki), if you think a small might still work, you can try one of those:

      Hope this helps 🙂

  40. Joanne said,


  41. Sarah (and I'm twelve) said,

    So I just got my period and I’m on my sixth day of my first period. I was looking at menstrual cups becaus I have an average flow and don’t like the feel of tampons or pads. So I’m a virgin, twelve and my cervix is 6.4 cm from the start of my vagina. I was wondering which cup might be the best for me, so if anyone has a suggestion I’d really appreciate it!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Lunette or Ladycup would both be good ones in this case. It would mostly depend on color preference, and price.

      • Sarah said,

        Thanks so much! I don’t really care about color, but it does make it seem more less like a… hygiene product I guess.

        With price, I was hoping to be less than fifty but I don’t really care.

        Also, I need something that ships to Canada, so I am not sure what does. If something is available in Canada that’d be great too.

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        You can try, I think she (Teresa) ships to Canada, and she carries most brands. Her shipping is fairly reasonable.

      • Sarah said,

        I was also wondering about large or small…

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        Small for your age, but Ladycup might not hold enough for a heavy flow in that case.

  42. Sarah said,

    Also I have a medium to heavy flow, if one of them holds more or would be more suited to medium to heavy flow.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Lunette holds more than Ladycup.

  43. Joanne said,

    Per your suggestions, I am going to try a Meluna, but I can’t seem to find a place to order one. Ideas or recommendations?


  44. Erinn said,

    I already know which one to get, but here’s the tricky part. Basically, I know my mom doesn’t know about cups, because I asked her if there was anything but tampons and pads and she said no. So I need a way to introduce her to cups so she can buy me one. I think cups are really truly an easier way to go so I do want to tell her kindly about the idea.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You can let her read the home page of this blog, that usually clears up a lot of confusion for parents 🙂

  45. LadyStarlett82 said,

    Hi I’m still a virgin and want to use ladycup with this gripper for when the first time I have sex..

    my boyfriend says hes been with loose girls and doesnt like the feeling and I feel like maybe Ill be too loose? does creams work?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If you’re not sexually active, you’re not going to be “loose”. I am 30 years old, I was married for 7 years, and even I am not “loose”. Its really mostly genetics that determines your looseness. And also if you’ve had a baby (although not all the time, I’ve met women who shrink back to their normal size after a baby). The best and most effective (and real) way to tighten vaginal muscles is to do “kegel exercises.” You can google them and research it. Those work better than anything. But honestly, I don’t think its something you will need to be concerned about.

  46. Kate said,


    I have recently found out about cups and I love the idea! I love your website – it has been really useful.

    I am a 15 year old virgin and have had my period for almost a year. I can use applicator tampons easily (only lite and regular). On my heaviest days I change my tampon every 5- 6 hours, is this considered a light flow?

    I can insert some of my finger into my vagina but I find it uncomfortable and I do not know where my cervix is.

    Do you have any cup recommendations for me? I was thinking of trying the small lunette.

    I greatly appreciate your time, thanks!

    • Kate said,

      Also, if I can insert an applicator tampon, does this mean my cervix is not really low?

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        I have a low cervix and I was still able to insert tampons. I think it just depends how low, because if its really low, then you might even have leaking with tampons.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You seem like you could use just about any small. Your flow sounds like light to slightly average. So you can probably use a small Lunette, a small Ladycup, maybe small or even medium Meluna.

  47. Kate said,

    Thanks for your help, I am going to order a small Lunette now!

  48. Rebecca said,

    hello 🙂 i was wondering hoe to make empting easier?? it hurts soooooo bad comming out (but that could just be me ) i have a small lady cup and it a breezzzz to get it in but taking it out is so painfull that im scared to use it…. i tried it on a dry run and there was a little blood(not menstrual blood) after i took it out.?? I would love some advice!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Lube helps me with that a lot. Not only with insertion, but adding a little bit, just inside the vaginal opening and on the outer skin right before removal (dry your fingers before reaching for the cup), its a lot more easy on you and comfortable. Also, you can do a partial fold as its comming out, and ease out one edge of the rin FROM THE SIDE, because the side is less sensitive than the frong. The front is where the sensitive urethra is.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  49. Rebecca said,

    is the bleeding ok like a little it starts bleeding after i take it out (while not on my period)

  50. Jennifer said,

    Just got the large lady cup and trimmed the stem almost all the way off right away. It was so uncomfortable sticking out. I have an extremely heavy flow and am finding that it fills up in about an hour on the first couple of days of my cycle. So much so, that is starts pushing itself out and I almost have to catch it when I sit down to remove it. It’s not leaking, I just start feeling pressure and when I sit, it’s really low and bulging. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve used the Instead Softcups and they fill up quickly on days 1 and 2 also. Wish you could just turn off the “flow” when you are done having kids!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Jennifer,

      It does sound like you have a VERY heavy flow. You are not leaking, so no, you are not doing anything wrong.

      But the reason your cup gets pushed out (and the reason you has to trim the stem so far down) is most likely because you have a very low cervix. This makes the vagina short, and there is just not enough room or length up inside for a cup to stay all the way in, especially if its very full.

      I also have a low cervix, so I can only use really short cups, and I also have to trim away the stems. But my flow is more “average” you could say, so I can usually wear it for about 5 hours at a time on my heaviest days…

      If you are short inside (if the cup is always very easy to reach), then I would strongly suggest avoiding the longer brands, like DivaCup or large Yuuki. They will be too long for you.

      But as for your flow… You can get a bigger cup, but having a low cervix, it might just stick out more. If you do decide to try a cup with higher capacity, I would say maybe try a large Meluna, or even an extra large, but the one with no stem. And again, be aware of the body length of the cup.

      The most difficult situation to be in with a cup, is a low cervix with a very heavy flow. Because the low cervix limits the size of cups you can use… But if you would like to compare brands, here is a page where I have posted comparison photos of most brands, so you can compare sizes:

      One other suggesiton I can make is possible medical treatments for a very heavy flow. If yuo haven’t done so already, it could be worth while to speak to a doctor about treatment options.

      Hope this helps,


      • Jennifer said,

        That makes sense, except when I was having my kids the nurses and doc all commented on how high up and hard to reach my cervix is? And I don’t have that problem with the instead cup, but it fills up very fast to and isn’t truly reusable.

        I have talked to my OB and have a prescription for Meclofenemate (sp?) that is an nsaid pain reliever that has the nice added side effect of reducing flow. It does help but takes a day or so to kick in and I don’t want to take it all the time because it’s also damaging to a developing baby. So, I wait until I know I’m getting my period to start taking it so usually the first day is pretty awful.

        Maybe I’ll just have to rely on the old methods for the first couple of days, then switch over? I’d be fine if I was home, but emptying the cup and dealing with all that at work is a bit daunting until I get more comfortable with it.

        Thanks! I might try the higher capacity ones.

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        Oh, really? The doc says you have a high cervix? Well, that’s good news if you want to try a higher capacity cup 🙂 In that case, I would say try extra-large Meluna, or even large Yuuki. Those hold the most liquid.

        If it was slipping out with a high cervix, the only thing I can think of is maybe a suction issue? You can also try doing something called “burping” the cup. That’s after you insert it, and its popped open, you pinch the base and let just a small amoun to air out to offer more filling space in the cup and it tends to give a better suction.

        Also, some people’s cervix will come down a lot lower during their cycle (mine does, like when I’m not on my period, I really can’t reach it at all, but when I’m on my period, its like half a finger’s lenght in! lol). If that’s not an issue, then the longer cups shouldn’t be a problem. Also always rememebr to insert aiming back, like you are trying to push it through the back vaginal wall. I never knew this until I started using tampons and cups, but our vaginas actually slant back toward the rectum, rather than going up.

        Yeah, you probably could try cloth pads (if you haven’t already) for the first couple days. When I tried them, I was amazed to discover they actually were more comfortable than disposables, and they absorbed more/better 🙂 You wouldn’t think that, but… Wow. And I like how you can insert several extra absorbant layers if you want, and they feel like underwear, not really a pad.

  51. Jennifer said,

    didn’t know there was such a thing as cloth pads? Thanks!

  52. Joan said,

    Hello 🙂 I am so stuck on what cup to get. I was going to get the divacup because they sell them close to me, but now I think that my cervix is too low for them. Its like 3-4 deep. Would the divacup be okay or should I try the ladycup? The only problem with the ladycup is its more expensive and I’d have to buy it online, which I dont want to do. Any advise? Thanks!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hmm…. In the USA there are only 3 reusable cups sold in health food or natural remedy stores. They have to be FDA-approved for American sellers to carry them, and only 3 are approved. So if you really want to buy somehting from a physical store, Diva might be the only one, if the store does not carry any others…

      A Diva “might” work with 3 or 4 inches. It will probably sit low though, so the up-shot is, it probably won’t drift up to high 🙂

      I would say test again during your cycle, see if your cervix moves down a lot. My first cup was a small Diva, and my cervix moves down to like half a finger length in, during my cycle. The rest of the time its about 3 inches up. Diva worked fine for me, but I had to trim the stem off completely, and sometimes I flipped it inside-out to make it shoter. Eventually I switched to a small Lunette, because it was just like Diva, only shorter, with a flat stem. But Diva was “ok”, and I still could use it.

      You can try it for a while, and find out if there is anything else you might prefer from a cup. If you don’t like Diva, you could always try selling it here: lots of people don’t mind a used cup as long as you clean it well before sending it. That way you can get probably half you money back, and get a different one.

  53. Jane said,

    You seem like such a nice lady, you always respond to questions and you aren’t judgmental of any of the girls, you just do what you can to help them.

    Anyway, I’m fifteen, and I have known about the menstrual cup for a year or so now. At first I was just curious, I wasn’t planning to get one anytime soon though, mostly because I didn’t want to start the awkward conversation with my mother. But over the next few months I had researched quite a bit about them, and the want for one increased because my hate for sleeping during my period. Getting up in the morning… Have to say it’s the worst thing in the entire world.

    Eventually I grew the guts to ask my mother about getting one for me, at first it was a bit of a failure, her reaction, “Eww, that would be terrible, they’re not very sanitary”, it was in of course in different words, but that was the gist of what she said.

    As you’ve mentioned, many women who initially think negatively about the cup will have their curiosity drive them towards research, and that’s exactly what happened.

    After she did her own research she quickly found that it was actually an amazing product. She noticed that almost everyone who went to the cup, never went back to tampons or pads.
    So, I was happy to find that my mother had purchased two the other day. It feels a little weird to be excited for its arrival, never the less, I am excited.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It is really interesting to see someone go from being scared of the idea– to being excited about it. I myself did this, believe it or not! lol. and so did my mother. But now I spread the word about it, and my mom is my biggest supporter 🙂

  54. Chrissy said,

    ok so heres my deal im 23 a virgin and started using tampons and now trying to use the ladycup, but my hymen which has broke some(accident from freaking out with ladycup removal =/ ) yet i still cannot get the ladycup out folding it back up which wont be good i the cup is full an advice?

    • Chrissy said,

      without folding the ladycupback up

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You actually can do a partial fold even when there is liquid in the cup. Its funny, but true. They big key is, try to do it when its about half full. In other words, don’t wait until it is overflowing. The first time you use a cup on your period, simply check it every 2 or 3 hours, remove it with a partial fold, empty it, clean it, and re-insert. This will allow you to know how long it takes you to fill the cup, so you will know when to remove it.

      • Chrissy said,

        I actually tried that and it was kinda hard lol, I have figured out what I van do lol I continued to experiment and try stuff( I got this cup earlier in the yr and have been working on this for seems like half a yr or more lol) I figure out that I can “break the diameter of the rim with a finger or thumb( can’t remember which ATM ) and it comes right out! strange enough when I started looking at these and talking to my mom, we/ I figured out that te few yrs I had been using tampons I had never put them in “there” so my poor self was out and clueless I had major talks of how it works with my mom and I used tampons for a few months and tried the orangecup( my choice color ladycup lol) once or twice on my flows and my last flow and my one I’m on ATM I have most used the cup! and strange I even on my heavyier days 1, 2 I don’t even get half way! totally weird. anyway that’s my crazy story I hoped I helped someone out there lol

      • Chrissy said,


        “break” (push it in just a lil)

  55. Bonnie said,

    Tried the Diva with lots of success but the ridges were a little irritating so, I ordered the Ladycup to try next period and see how that feels! Menstrual cups are the best invention! I was changing a pad and tampon like every hour on my heavy days and with the cup was able to go more like 3 to 4 hours… No more having to lug feminine products around in my purse which is a bonus too 🙂 I encourage everyone to try it!

  56. Jelani said,

    I think my cervix is at a medium position, tampons aren’t hard to get in but they don’t seem to go too far up.

  57. Kate said,

    I’m on my third cycle with the Lady Cup, but can not seem to get a proper seal. I consulted with my GYN who said that I had a standard physiology. The leaking occurs even when it is a light flow, so I think it is my placement. Any suggestions?

  58. CupUser said,

    I am already using a Shecup successfully for 2 months but very much attracted towards colorful ladycup. I see so many girls commenting that they are 12 or 15 or so. I wonder why I didn’t know of such a wonderful thing when I was 12. For 10 years my periods were a mess (I am 22). I think all the girls must try these little wonders (as I call these cups) 🙂

  59. Michele F. said,

    hey what brand would u recommend for someone who is

    -17 years old
    -had her period for 4 years now
    -still a virgin
    -been using tampons for a year now
    -has heavy-medium flow for the first 2-3days
    -then progresses to light flow for the remaining days

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Smalls of Lunette, Yuuki and small Meluna are good for that. For smalls, they have great capacity, without being too big.

  60. Logan said,

    I am 18 years old a virgin and i am very small i only weigh 90lbs. I tried to measure my cervix (im not a doctor or anything obviously) i think im about 45mm long. I never like tampons because they were always really uncomfortable to me. I want to try a cup because i work long shifts at work with guys so sneaking to the bathroom with a pad is almost impossible and ends with multiple jokes. Im not sure what to go with i have a regular to heavy flow usually but im small so i dont think i could fit a large cup. I looking into a LadyCup but it sounds like they are for people with light flow only. What cup would you recommend?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Try a Meluna, it has better capacity and its not too big.

  61. Julie said,

    Thank-you! I had a cup in the past & tossed it as the stem would give me a ‘blister’ from rubbing – eoouch! Decided to try another make & having the same issue … I was reluctant to cut the stem for fear of having to go deep sea fishing for it. I wanted to try it with a shorter stem, without making the no-turning back cut… THANK=YOU for your tip to TURN IT INSIDE OUT — I did this & what a difference – no rubbing/pinching – don’t even know its there! I was able to retrieve it without any troubles & cut off my stem, knowing I’d have no troubles after my little test run. I purchased 1 for my daughter when I purchased mine & I’ll have her try the same tip if it bothers her – she’s 10 & been just using pads since she started her period, she’s not interested in tampons at all, but eager to try her cup (which I know will take her a few tries as did tampons for me). Her school doesn’t have any sanitary garbages in the bathrooms – so the cup & 12hour wear time will be awesome for her, just having to insert & remove at home.

  62. Budd said,

    I know you have said, and so have the websites, that menstrual cups are good for all ages (I myself have one and am loving it!). I have done tonnes of research but I guess myself and my daughter were early starters when it came to our first period. She knows I use a menstrual cup and seems to like the idea but SHE IS 9! I remember being 9 at school and having to change my pad … this also worries her. I can’t imagine that a 9 year old would be ready for a menstrual cup? Whether it be body size or developmental state (in regard to maturity etc.) Any thoughts?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I firmly believe that everyone should use the period protection method they are most comfortable with, and should not switch methods until they personally feel ready to. I did not even try tampons until I was an adult. I was scared, I suppose. But some girls use them at the age of 11 or 12. So everyone is ready at different times, I suppose.

      I would say maybe teach your daughter to use and manage cloth pads until she is 100% certain that she is ready to try something internal. Being so young, she might agree with the idea, but may not feel entirely ready for internal products yet. And that is ok. As she grows more comfortable with herself over time and more comfortable with her period, she can give it a shot. But start with small ones like Ladycup or Meluna.

  63. Lisa said,

    Hello, I am 14 years old currently have started my 3rd period. I am completely new to periods an trying to cope with them. I am also a (VERY) active dancer and person that includes lifting legs over your head swimming ,running ect….Everyday !!Since i am a late bloomer in my family i never thought of what i will do with my future periods. Now that I am here ,pads are out of the question and tampons have that whole background of (TSS) and environment probs.I needed to talk with someone but no one in my family uses them.I think that menstral cups answered my prayers after my dad told me about them.not my Mom but my Dad O.O that surprising. But before i could pick one to buy .. i was overwhelmed by the varieties!! I thought something i have never herd of would be so popular ? Well i guess what i am trying to ask is about my liking to the “Ladycup”. i want something thats the softest and something that i cannot feel but in my case, is a Ladycup that what i need or even a menstral cup at all ? would these be good for me being active? I need help cause I’m doing this on my own :/ Oh ! i am also a virgin too.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Cups are great for active people. Ladycup is a good one, but if its softness you want then you can also try Si-Bell, soft Meluna, or Cup Lee. I would stick with the smaller sizes though. You can check my measurement chart here, it also has a softness rating list at the bottom.

  64. Koko said,

    Hello, I’m 22 years old, sexually active, have no child. I am pretty tight in the first centimeters but it gets more wide in the depth, and i believe my vagina is not very long, with low cervix. Sometimes my flow is heavy (i can’t keep a super tampon in more than 4 or 5 hours without leak), and I’d like to avoid in emptying my cup each hour. I’m planning to get a large ladycup but the diameter seems very big, i wonder if i will have to push the cup up (and take the risk to struggle to get it back) to avoid uncomfortable pressure or stretching feeling. I hesitate between that and a basic Soft Meluna in a size L. I can’t find the balance between my need of a containing cup and the worry of being too tight to properly pop open a large cup. I would love a wise advice (sorry for any mistakes in my english)

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If your cervix is low, it is extremely unlikely that you would not be able to reach a cup (I have a low cervix and I can always reach cups). Just avoid the longer cups like Diva or large Youuk, melunas, or NaturalMamma… They are good cups, but a bit too long for low cervix people…

      Other than that, stick to larges for heavy flow. The diameter should not be too big. I can use larges and smalls both just fine, and I’ve never had a child. Its true for many others as well.

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