The Cervix And Cups

NEWS:  I now sell menstrual cups at my new store:

I made this video to help explain how the cervix can behave with *some* women, and how cups will sit in the body as  resposne.  Hope it helps:



  1. Tracy said,

    Thank you so much for all this great info! I am completely sold on this plan, except that I think I am having the problem identified in this video. I am 40 and have had a baby via c-section, but my flow is generally moderate to low and my cervix is fairly low, so I opted for a medium Meluna ring stem to start with because it is much shorter than most other models. This was only my second month using it, and I found that I could not keep it in place on my heaviest day. My cervix was literally pushing it down and out. The rest of the time, it worked fine. I’m by no means ready to give up, but I don’t know which way to go. I am contemplating going to a larger model for the heaviest day figuring it will be longer and harder to push out of position? I am probably likely to feel it more, but if it is only for the one day, maybe that is worth it rather than leaks. Any input you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Tracy,

      First I would like to invite you to look through my photo library in my forum:

      It can give you a good look at how all the brands compare to the Meluna.

      Second, there are lots of cups that are lots of cups that are shorter (maybe not exactly the same length as medium Meluna, but pretty close, and shorter than many others). And since you are able to use a medium Meluna even after having a baby (via C section), and your flow is not too extremely heavy, they could be doable for you:

      –Large Ladycup (softer than Meluna)
      –Keeper, or Keeper Moon Cup
      –UK Mooncup (if you’re outside the USA)
      –Femmecup (softer)
      –Small Lunette (if you think the rim width won’t be an issue, small Lunette’s rim is smaller)
      –Small Fleurcup (the rim is a bit more pronounced, so its a little closer to Meluna in seal abilities)

      The other thing is, you can trim the stem of other brands to make them more comfortable. I know how a low cervix with a medium flow feels– I haven’t had kids yet, but I’m about to turn 30 with a med. flow and my cervix is so low, I use a small Lunette. I have trimmed the stem completely off, to basically a little nub at the base of my cup! lol. My first cup was a DivaCup, but it was a bit long for me, it kept getting pushed down, so that’s why I opted for the switch. Because of that experience, I’m not so sure a longer cup would help… 🙂

      Lastly, part of the issue with Meluna could be that you cannot trim the stem. Well, you can (and perhaps rely on the grip rings to grab the cup the way I do, since you are very short inside). But you would have to be very careful trimming. It may be helpful to have a cup who’s stem can be easily trimmed. That alone shortens the cup for us “low cervix-ers” considerably 🙂

      Hope this helps,


    • Cindylou said,

      I know that in the past I have a problem with my cup being pushed out when my bowels are full. It took me a long time to make the connection, so I always mention it when people are having trouble.

  2. S said,

    I am in my second month of using my Diva cup (2), I have a very heavy flow the fist few days and I am having an awful time with leaks. I leak during the day and overnight last night for instance twice. I want the cup to work as I have no desire to go back to disposables. My cervix does not seem extremely low but the cup is leaking when is it is only half full. I also feel more cramping with the cup and I agree with a previous comment that if your bowel is full you are in trouble. Anyway do you think the Diva is to long and my cervix is sitting it causing the leaks? I just ordered a yuuki (2) am I going to have the same problem? What model would be shorter/wider with a decent amount of capacity?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If your cervix is not too low, its probably not the cause. It could be anything from Diva being the wrong shape for your individual insides, so a very unique shape inside you, to the position you insert it (always insert aiming back toward the rectum, never aim straight up, the vagina naturally slants back).

      There is a good chance that Yuuki could work differently. But if not, you could possible see if a more flared or pronounces rim helps to form a better seal.

      Also, try inserting with the folded crease facing down. some people find that opens up better, and forms a better seal.


    • R. Anne said,

      I to had problems with my DivaCup leaking when I first got it.

      The first is make sure you are getting it ALL the way up inside!
      Also if you cervix is high (like mine, aka deep) make sure that the opening is INSIDE the cup! You can feel around the cup ring (when inside you) and make sure you don’t feel any “hard” (has been described as the tip of your nose) nubbs on the outside of the ring of the cup (you should just feel the smooth walls of the vagina). Ifyou do feel it, just gently guide the cup ring over it. (there should be no pain or discomfort, but you might feel “pressure”) It’s tricky at first, but you quickly get the hang of it once you find out where the cup needs to sit w/o leaking! I have no issues with it now and can go till it is full (like it should be) =D

      Hope this helps some!

  3. Kim said,

    Hi Melissa, thanks for all the great info. I have the issue described during the first 1-2 days of my cycle. I have had 3 kids and have a low cervix. I have a large Diva and a small Lunette. The Diva can be quite uncomfortable on these first days, but the Lunette is not large enough in capacity. Is there a larger capacity cup that’s soft and short? I looked at the measurements and most short ones hold even less than small lunette. I wondered about a large Lunette– it’s intermediate in length. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Was the Diva too long, do you think? Was that why it was uncomfortable? Large Lunette might be a good idea in that case, it is shorter than Diva, and holds more than small Lunette. However, it is much firmer than small Lunette….

      However, Large Fleurcup does hold the same as large Lunette. they used to have the same firmness, but now I’ve been hearing that they changed their model, so that its softer. So that might be a good option too. Or perhaps a large Meluna soft– good capacity but not too stiff. You could get the one with no stem, or get the traditional stem so you can trim it as you like.

      Most brands (from rim to base) are shorter than Diva, so that’s in your favor when selecting a new one. The only cup I know that is equal in length, is large Yuuki. All the others, shorter. You can see it all in my comparison photos, if you like:

      Hope this helps 🙂

  4. S said,

    I ended up with a Yuuki and I cannot tell why I have better luck with it because to compare it to the Diva they look very similar one thing that is notability different the Yuuki pops open much more easily and it is easier to tell when it is in place. So I guess that in itself would explain why I have better luck… but I have also started doing some menstrual prep work such as upping my fluids and fiber a couple days prior to getting my period so I do not end up constipated just because that seems to lead to heavy cramping and more problems. Also I am more likely to take ibeuproen my first day just to minimize cramping and extra discomfort. I guess these measures combined with the Yuuki I have had better luck. The Yuuki just seems to suit me better. My next cup will be a Large Fleurcup, if you end up getting the Fleurcup please post and let me know how it goes as I am curious! All this said the learning curve has been well worth it I will not give up my cup!
    Hope that helps!

  5. Kim said,

    Thanks! I do think the length is the main issue. I think that if the Diva were shorter, it would not be as uncomfortable (I think the firmness is only an issue because it gets pushed down!) I had overlooked the large Fleurcup, so I think I will try that one! It looks like a good bet. The diameter is greater than either of the others, but I don’t see that being an issue for me after 3 kiddos 🙂

  6. S said,

    I have had the three kiddos as well so I hope the Fleurcup is the ultimate answer but like I said overall I have much better luck with the Yuuki vs. Diva. Please post updates!
    Good Luck,

  7. Christina Savitsky said,

    THANK YOU for this site!! What a relief to find so much information all in one place! 🙂
    I had no idea there was even such thing as a cup until I ran into the Instead Softcup at the store. It didn’t work for me, but I’m anxious & excited to try a reusable cup!

    I am a horseback riding instructor with a 2 year old, and tampons have always been my choice when that time of the month came along, but since the birth of my daughter I’ve had more & more trouble with them staying in place. Hope I can find a cup that will work!

    • Christina said,

      I bought a Mia cup & this is my first cycle with it, the first couple days I LOVED it! but yesterday my cervix was SO low I couldn’t believe it! (and thanks to your videos I wouldn’t have even known what it was I was feeling….I mean seriously, it was right there, one knuckle in!) I tried the Miacup inside out & that helped (I had already trimmed the stem) but maybe I need a different cup?? I like that the miacup is dark, but comfort is more important!

  8. Kim said,

    Update on my comments above: I really like the Fleurcup. It seems to be the best I’ve tried for those first couple of days with low cervix–high flow. I actually like its slightly softer texture. When it seems “low,” it isn’t uncomfortable because it’s not so rigid. If you’ve had kids (or not) and have the above situation, I highly recommend this cup! Shipping directly from the company in France was fast and easy.

  9. Brittany said,

    I used to have a small lunette but lost it somehow . So I decided to get the large lunette . I got it and I noticed that it would leak a little bit all the time , but leak a lot like a cup does when it’s full , but the cup was barely full …. So some people said that’s cervix may be sitting in it and taking up space . Sure enough my cervix comes down low on my period and probably takes up space in the cup not allowing it to fill up completely .. I didn’t have this problem with the small lunette because it would actually fill to capacity .. I could go back to the small lunette , but I was hoping that I could get a different cup that holds more maybe. I also think the large lunette was a bit too big for me … I’m a virgin

  10. Lea Ann Anderson Savage said,

    This is so helpful in explaining why on only ONE day of my period last month my Diva Cup was practically sticking out! I was at work (Vitamix Sales Demonstrator) and stand ALL DAY and it was one of my show days when this happened. Very uncomfortable, but luckily, only happens rarely. In this case, the next day things were back to normal… I am looking for a brand that is softer, wider (larger capacity) and shorter than a Diva Cup. I also liked one brand I looked at that had bigger holes at the top (for creating suction) that are easier to clean. Drat – now I forgot what brand that was. Any suggestions as to the widest, softest, shortest brand, and I’ll be happy to buy from you! 😉

    • Jennifer said,

      Lea Ann, I have a vitamix blender and love it! I also just got a diva cup! I am on my second day using it … And so far its been pretty successful! Day one, I had a couple of major leaks..but half way through the day I figured it out and have had no problems since!

  11. butterflymind9 said,

    Thanks so much for this! I’m nearly 33 (this month!) overweight but with a petite frame and have never given birth. I just started using the Diva Cup size 2 yesterday and barely felt it all day. I just struggled with getting the cup open sometimes and had leakage when I got up to go to the bathroom this morning. After an easy day yesterday, now I’ve been sitting here at the computer for a few hours and couldn’t figure out why I could feel the cup today! My second day is usually the heaviest so it makes sense that my cervix is sitting lower and it’s causing some irritation. I’m so glad that information like this (as awkward as it is) is available for us to find on the internet. Thanks again!

    Lisa Ann

  12. Sharon said,

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for this great resource – you help so many women!

    I’ve just started using my first cup – the Lunette (size 2 since I have a couple days of heavy flow) – and so far it’s been Ok. Took a couple tries to insert it but I’m getting the hang of it. My question is about retrieval. I see lots of posts about women needing a shorter cup but I have a long vaginal canal and I notice that as the day goes on, and especially overnight, the cup migrates upward. After wearing the cup overnight I could barely find the tip of the cup tab in the morning. At first I couldn’t get the cup out because I couldn’t get a grip on the tab, but after reading online I tried squatting – this shorted the canal enough to bring the tab just into reach and I was able to pull it out. I actually thought about tying some string on the end of my tab to make this easier!

    I have a heavy flow for a couple days so I’d rather have a higher capacity, but I also found taking the cup out a tad painful so I want to stick to the softest cups. Would you recommend a longer tab or a longer cup?

    Thanks again for any advice!

    • Sharon said,

      Hi again – I was just reading all the reviews you have and it looks like the NaturalMamma Cup might work well for me – your review says it is long and soft.

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