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My Keeper cup came from the Keeper company itself, as a donation.  I emailed them, asking for permission to use their photos for my page, sending them links to my WordPress reviews and my YouTube videos, and they offered to send me a Keeper.

It, like its silicone twin Keeper Moon Cup, came with a blue drawstring cloth pouch.  Both came in minimal packaging for protection of the environment (a manila envelope, containing the cup, the cloth pouch, and a 1- page instruction pamphlet (3-fold).

The Cup:

This cup is made out of latex, in a chocolaty-brown color.  It is meant for women who do not have sensitivities to latex, and prefer an opaque (not see-through) cup.  It is slightly firmer than the silicone version, but other than that, the two are exactly the same.  It too has the double spill proof rings on the inside, and six tiny suction release holes under the second rim.

When I tried this cup out, I did need to pinch it a little more than the silicone one, due to the firmness.  But the upshot was, the firmness allowed the cup to pop open quite easily.  I did use some lube (water-based and glycerin free) for the Keeper, as the feel of the material was a little different.  Luckily, the cup arrived right in the middle of my cycle, so I was able to “try it out for real”, instead of with a dry-run.  This was the small size, as I am under 30 and have never had children (I was asked to specify in the email).  It was quite comfortable even with the stem fully intact, and I experienced no leaks.  The C-fold works fine for me, but later I think I will try the punch-down fold…  I usually do the punch down with the indented part facing either sideways, or downward.  That way you won’t feel it against the bladder when it opens.

For removal, suction was easy to break with the old “pinch the base and tilt from side-to-side” method.  And also, as I always say with the smoother cups– if the slickness of the material makes it seem slippery, keep your fingers dry with toilet paper, for better grip.

If you are a little squeamish about seeing the contents, this particular color does hide the appearance of your flow (blood) fairly well.  Another plus it, it will not discolor over time, the way the clear ones do.  And again, like Keeper Moon Cup, lined up next to other brands, it has the longest overall length (mostly from the stem).  But make sure you have no sensitivities to latex first.

The Pouch:

Virtually the same as the one that came with my Keeper Moon Cup; but a slightly brighter blue shade, so I’ll be able to tell them apart without opening the pouches.  Nice, durable material though, but not abrasive to the cup.  And the minimal packaging does make sense, as cups are meant to not only be safer and cleaner, but also more friendly to the environment.

Overall, I would say my experience with this cup has been very pleasant, and I really appreciate the free donation from the company for my educational efforts.  I gave them permission to link this review and the YouTube video to their site for potential customers, so I hope it will be helpful to anyone who is curious.


  1. Mandy said,

    Hi. I really like reading your reviews. I have only had the latex Keeper, and I’ve had it for over four years now. I do want to add that most people have to trim the stem of the cup… For me you could even SEE it hanging out of the bottom of my vagina and it chafed. The company has (had?) a policy that if you trim more than 1/2 of the stem off, then you can’t return it for the full refund.

    So I wagered my $30 and cut the whole tail off. However, this cup is super easy to use and their return rate is really low. Once I got my Keeper, I never have once used another disposable sanitary product. Also, I haven’t found that it’s difficult to get out, even without a stem, unless it’s that time of the month where your cervix is raised or after masturbating (the cervix tends to raise, and the cup with it, during these two times).

    I do want to correct you and say that the latex, brown Keeper DOES discolor over time. Not the whole thing, but it gets reddish stains around the rim and near the tiny air holes. Not that it matters… After all, in four years it’s spent 240 full days in my body, so it’s held up pretty well!

    The holes near the rim are so small that nothing can leak out of it… Keep in mind that menstrual blood is more like mucus than plain blood and so it doesn’t fit through tiny holes.

    That’s all! Thanks so much for this site!


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Thank you Mandy (I have a sister with that name, but her’s is spelled Mandi 🙂 ). Ah, so it can discolor? Interesting… Although I’m sure its less noticable, because of the darker color. Good thing to point out that menstrual blood is thicker.. Something many women don’t get to discover until they use a cup. Also, with many women, the red blood cells and plasma will separate; there will be a clear liquid at the top, and all the red stuff will go to the bottom.

  2. Annette said,

    I have had my Keeper for 9 years now. I have absolutely loved it! Since they are only good for about 10 years I have just purchased a replacement. This time I purchased the Keeper Mooncup (they weren’t available when I first discovered the Keeper), just to try something different. Before I purchased my first Keeper, I used the Instead cups and had alot of issues with leaking and RARELY do with the Keeper (usually when I don’t pay attention, being sure it is inserted properly)
    I am amazed at how many websites there are to be found now for menstrual cups! You wouldn’t believe how few there were 9 years ago, in fact the Keeper was the only one I ever found (until I’ve had to shop for my replacement). I am proud to say I have converted nearly all of my friends and many co-workers to using menstrual cups. Not having as easy a time getting them to use cloth pads 🙂 Anyway, keep up the good work, great site!!

  3. fabfa said,

    I have had a C-Section so I purchased the B size Keeper. It leeks allot!! So I bought the A size and it still leaks? I have no idea what is wrong!!?

    Any ideas or helop??


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Sounds like it could either be the angle (see if a slightly different angle helps) or it may be capacity, if your flow is too heavy for that brand. It could even be the shape of the cup. There are others with different shapes that have really good capacity, DivaCup, large Lunette, Large Fleurcup, Large Meluna, large Yuuki. 🙂

  4. Bea said,


    I just want to say that I think this is a wonderful website and I have enjoyed reading/watching your various reviews.

    I used to use a keeper, I got it when I was 21 (I’m now 30). I got the small size but it often leaked on heavy days. The keeper company kindly sent me a new larger size one for free. The larger size worked much better, and only leaked if I left it in too long (e.g. more than 4-5 hours on heavy days).

    I used it quite happily for a few years, but I stopped using it when I had a job that involved some travelling, as I wasn’t comfortable with needing to empty it while out and about.

    I’m thinking of going back to a menstrual cup though because of that nice “clean & dry” feeling and no strings.

    At the moment I can’t make up my mind between instead cups or a large ladycup (I like ladycups colors, and the fact that they’re smooth and minimalist looking). I like the idea of instead cups being disposable so there’s no hassle with cleaning and disinfecting them, however I can’t argue with the environmentally friendly aspect of a re-usable cup.

    Keep up the good work!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Thanks 🙂 very true, the adorable colored cups can be quite tempting. Ladycup almost looks like a jewel, because its shiny, glossy and clear.

  5. Bea said,

    Hi again

    Quick question, are the MeLuna soft cups as soft as the ladycups?

  6. Emily said,

    Which is the smallest cup, do you think?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      The smallest cup overall? That would be small Meluna.

  7. Erica said,

    Thank you so much for this blog! I got a Keeper several years ago, having had troubles with tampons leaving me very sore toward the end of my period and my skin getting severely irritated by large pads…but I think it was before this site was here, or easy to find, because I tried my cup a few times but couldn’t get it to work. 😦 So I went back to tampons and pads and dealt with the issues for a few years. Then I found this site, and all the information on it convinced me to give my cup another go. That was last month and I am sold – I’m having no soreness from using the cup and it lets me go for more than an hour without having to change on my heaviest days! 🙂 I just wish I’d found your site while I was in high school…

    I just want to thank you again because this information is invaluable, and having it all in one place is sooo helpful. 🙂 I’m looking into getting a softer cup as well, seeing how that goes. I think the firmness of the Keeper was what turned me off of it initially, since I was a young teen and had no experience with anything like it. The C-fold didn’t work at all for me (and still doesn’t), but the punch-down (discovered on your video! Thanks for that as well!) makes it much easier.

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