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My video for this cup:

I emailed the owner of NatualMamma cup, and asked if I could review the product.  She agreed to send me a sample, and I got it in the mail the other day.

A lot of the photos for this cup make the silicone look a lot darker than it is.   Even mine!  Lol.  I think I will need to take some photos in better light, because honestly its so “clean” looking, it almost white…

It does come with a zip up pouch (they offer different colors).  Its kind of a polyester-type material.   Right now the pouches say “green donna” but I have been assured this is not connected in any way to the Green Donna company.  The owner simply chose this name to emphasize an economical feminine product.  And this name could possibly change.

As for the cup, it’s a “longer” brand.  Long in the body, I mean.  Its very close to the same body length as Diva, but the stem is longer, so overall, it is quite generous in length.  This is great for high cervix people, and it has wonderful capacity.  But at the same time, its not to wide.  They managed to keep the cup more narrow.  I am often asked if there is a longer cup, that isn’t too wide, so I suppose now I have a good answer!

Its also softer, so its good for sensitive people who have issues with firmer cups and bladder pressure.

When I tested this cup out, it was pretty easy to keep folded.  No discomfort with insertion.  Since it was softer (but not too soft) I just inserted it about halfway, and let it pop open.  Then coaxed it up the rest of the way.   And since I am VERY short inside (I have a low cervix), longer cups tend to sit down very low in me.  So the base of the cup was just barely inside.  But the stem was outside.  If I were using this as my regular cup, I personally would not need a stem at all.  I usually do trim the entire stem off pretty much any cup I intend to regularly use.

But again, people with a high cervix would love the length, since their issues usually center around not being able to reach a cup up inside the vagina, as cups tend to want to drift up as high as your vaginal length will let them.

The grip rings are great during removal, very helpful.  Even though I didn’t need the stem, I grabbed it first during removal, just to see how well it works.  And being soft, yet wide and flat, it was ideal for getting a good grip.  The rings on the base are what helped me most though, as much of the time, I am primarily using the base of a cup for grip.

I tried this one on a dry run, so I will have to wait to post details on how well the seal holds up during my cycle.  But I did feel a pretty good suction while wearing it, so I am certain everything would be fine in that area.

All in all, I can say this is a pretty good cup.  And its great to have another option on the market.  Big thank you to Louisa from NaturalMamma for allowing me to try this product!


27 ml up to the holes

33 ml up to the edges/rim

Diameter: 44mm

Length 56mm (add 15mm for the stem)

UPDATE— On of the comments below from Luisa (NaturalMama owner) says its made of medical Silicon SGS certified.

Here is the company’s website:



  1. Julie said,

    The video says “medical silicone”, and they replied to a customer, adding it’s “certified anallergic”…

    Good for high-cervix folks !

    Thanks for doing a page.

  2. Franziska said,

    Thanks for the review :o)
    The “Green Donna logo” might be the translation of “Ecodonne” which means “ecological women” in italian!?!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh that is some interesting info, thank you! 🙂

  3. Luisa said,

    I’m Luisa, NaturalMamma owner.

    First sorry for my poor english 🙂

    NaturalMamma Menstrual Cup has been designed in Italy and made for us in China with medical Silicon SGS certified.

    We sell them generally in Italy so we didn’t translate instruction paper.

    If we’ll increase our business we’ll translate it (if we find a forein shop who wants to sell our cups). Actually we are a really small company 🙂

    Green Donna was the better translatio I’ve find to suggest an idea of ecologic woman.
    Only some week ago I’ve seen there is a Brand with same name (I think not sold in Europe) and from next production we’ll use only NaturalMamma name even on menstrual cup bags.

    Our cups has no packaging, as we decided not to use it on our products (why procude envoirements?)

    If someone want to try our cups please send me an email an I’ll ship it 🙂


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Thank you for the info Luisa,

      Also thank you for the sample you emailed me about, I can’t wait to get it and show everyone a little more about this new cup! 🙂

    • Kate said,

      Hi Louisa! The cup seems to be a great alternative for heavier flow (i use moon cup and have couple nasty days when i have to use pads:( )
      but i am a bit concerned about the length… can the stem be cut if needed (i cut mine of almost completely)?
      do you still send samples out?:)
      thanks a bunch!

    • julie said,

      I would love to try this cup. My cervix is pretty high and I hope I have luck with this one!

  4. Teresa said,

    Hi Melissa
    How are you rating the stiffness of the NaturalMamma?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      To me, it feels almost as soft as Si-Bell. Its a nice one 🙂

  5. Tereza said,

    Thanks for the review, I was wondering about this new cup!

  6. ggnell (@ggnell) said,


    I intend to start using a menstrual cup and the NatualMamma one caught my eye on Ebay.

    I’ve never used one before, but I know I have a high cervix so I think this one would probably be fine for me.

    I love the idea of minimal packaging too and the fact that it’s a small company.

    It’s £8.00/€9.50/$13.00 plus £5.00 to post to me in the UK. It’s actually one of the cheapest I’ve seen on the UK Ebay.

    I assume the ebay shop is run by the actual company, because it shares the same name, but correct me if I’m wrong.

    I think I’m ready to take the plunge! I’m amazed at the amount of info available on the wonderful menstrual cup community. Brilliant 🙂

  7. Elyssa said,

    After much research (thank you for this site!!!), this was the cup I decided on to be “my first.” Although I’ve had five kiddos, I faithfully do my Kegels so I was concerned that the brands with large cups would be too wide for me. I love the size, shape, and pliability of this cup. It was quite easy to insert and remove, even for a newbie. This is my first full day using it, and so far, no leaks, even though I’ve been landscaping all afternoon. I’m really happy with it and would highly recommend.

  8. Lily Goodwin said,

    Thanks for the nice review!!! I just ordered a cup from NaturalMamma webby, and Luisa has it on a good offer, only € 9,10, from original € 14,00, which makes it the cheapest in EU right now.
    Hope it is a good cup for me, as I have a very high cervix. I also used (before my pregnancy) the L Lady Cup and L Meluna.

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