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I received this cup as a generous donation from a distributor.  She sent me a personal message on YouTube, stating that she had seen my videos and review blog, and that she had an extra Keeper Moon Cup (the box had been damaged), and asked if I would like to have it for review purposes.   I replied, and graciously accepted the offer.   I would also like to thank her for the donation 🙂

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After I got the Keeper Moon Cup in the mail, I hooked up my camera, and sat down to study it.

Since I had heard many times that MoonCup UK, Femmecup, and Keeper Mooncup were almost identical in size, shape and capacity, I immediately lined it up with the other two and compared them.  As far as size/shape goes, they are indeed very close.   The biggest difference being that Keeper Moon Cup is much smoother on the outside.  There are no grips rings at all.  This would be good for anyone who is irritated by the feel of grip textures.

The silicone is also about as thick and firm as that of Mooncup UK.  Another thing I noticed is that, when I lined this cup up next to all the other brands I had– its stem was by far the longest.  Of course, some cups are longer in the body, shorter in the stem.  And vise-versa.  Making them all come out about equal, when you line them up together.  But honestly, placed on a flat table with all the others, Keeper Moon Cup’s stem makes it “taller” than all the others, in overall length.   So if someone needs a cup that will be more reachable, I would say this one could probably help.

I did test this cup out too, during the tail end of my cycle.  Insertion was very comfortable and easy, with the smooth material.  No trouble popping open at all.  Even with the stem fully intact, I could hardly feel it, courtesy of the smooth surface.  There was no leaking, it maintained a good seal.

Removal–  due to the slick outer surface, I applied the same techniques as I did with the LadyCup:   Keep some toilet tissue in-hand and re-dry the fingers as needed during removal.  Dry fingers = better grip.  Also, like with MoonCup UK, Femmecup, and LadyCup– rocking this cup from side to side during removal works better to break the seal, than inserting a finger does.

Overall, it is a comfortable cup, and it seals great (this one was a size small, by the way).



  1. Keahi said,

  2. Term Paper said,

    Awesome. It is amazing how some people come up with cool blogs. Very good post. I have been searching for this post since many days. Now I have implemented the same for my site.

  3. Jacky said,

    Yay! Apparently the Keeper company and the lady who managed the contest is going to give a prize to all the winners! That’s so very generous of them! I can’t wait to get mine! ^_^

    Also, MeLuna is willing to have my broken medium stem cup be replaced with a small ball stemmed cup, I’m hoping I would have an easier time removing it and popping it open. They are both very lovely companies, and I’m still waiting for confirmation so I’m really excited. ^_^

  4. Krista said,

    So, I think I want to get the Keeper Moon Cup, but I plan on getting pregnant in a couple months. Would it be silly to buy the smaller size now? Would a larger size work for me now, before having children so that I could continue to use the same one after having children? I’d hate to spend all that money on something I will only use a couple times… Any other ideas for me?


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You could probably get the large…. Being sexually active (and assuming being uncomfortably petite down there is not an issue), you should be abble to swing that. I can use a large if I need to. I just like the smalls because my flow is getting lighter and lighter with more cup use. Also because I don’t plan on having kids any time soon, lol. 🙂

      It really depends on your flow, and your comfort level with size. Just remember not to use it for post-natal bleeding… Your body is too opened up during that time, and regardless of what you use, you risk infection with any internal product then. Wait until your doc says you can have sexual intercourse again, or of course, until your regular periods come back. 🙂

      • Krista said,

        Well, when getting sized for a diaphragm, the doctor had to give me the smallest one they make, which is still a little bit large for me (but not bad)… I think it’s more of an issue since it’s against the cervix, rather than sitting lower like the cup does. I’ll try the large, and even if it’s too big right now, I can certainly still use it after having kids. 🙂 Thanks!

      • Krista said,

        So, it’s been awhile, but I finally bought my first cup. I found this awesome discount/surplus store near me, and they sell things that have damaged boxes, past date, whatever. So I saw that they had two Diva Cups, one of each size. I opted for the larger one, so I can use it post birth. I got it for $10!!! So I only got to try it out for a few hours at the tail end of my period, but it wasn’t terribly large. It wasn’t as simple to get in and out as I’d hoped, but I’m sure with practice, I’ll get it. I could feel it (the stem, I think) when walking, but I don’t think I’ll make any alterations until after I have my first child.

        The reason I waited, is because I planned on getting pregnant in July, but after talking about it with my husband, we decided to wait until September, so I have some time to try this out before my nine month hiatus. 😉

        Thanks so much for the information you provide. This will forever change how I look at “that time of the month,” which for me is more often than average…darn 25 day cycle.

        Check out to track your cycle and know when you’re ovulating. They even send email reminders to let you know you’ll be starting soon, so you can remember to take your cup with you! 🙂 I love that site, and this one too!!!

  5. Term papers said,

    I would like to say this is an excellent blog that I have ever come across.

  6. Chantel said,

    I had a small keeper cup for 10 years or more, and after I had a child, I opted to buy a larger diva cup. It was not nearly as comfortable as the keeper, and as a result, I continually went back to the size small keeper even after having two children. i don’t know if that helps people, but I like the smaller cups.

  7. Jeannell said,

    Thanks so much for all of your info! After much debating, I finally opted on the Keeper Moon Cup. Actually, Amazon really helped with the decision as I had just started and they offered two day shipping, lol. Today is my first day using my cup, and I’m so excited to be done with pads and tampons! Again thanks for your help on my journey!

  8. Kouklara said,

    I was thinking of switching from pads to the cup (I never used tampons) and happened to come by the Keeper Moon Cup at a local store. After a couple minutes of hesitation I decided to purchase the Moon Cup (size B). I’m petite, have not had children and have never used tampons.

    I have managed two “dry” runs.

    Before tonight, I practiced inserting the Moon Cup with the “punch down” fold, insertion was not difficult it just wouldn’t open.

    But tonight I was able to insert, and it opened (although I didn’t feel it “pop”- I just felt along the side of the cup to confirm). I tugged on the stem- which sticks out just a little- and the seal was verifiably tight. After some struggling (3 attempts)– squeezing the base, wiggling side to side and bearing down, I was able to remove it. After one edge or “side” came out, the whole cup followed fairly quickly and easily.

    I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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