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First I just want to say that I have been communicating with Sckoon Organics for a few years now.   Here is their website where you can purchase the Sckoon cup:

At first, they sent me their “rough draft” model cup, which was an opaque pink color.  They asked if I could review it and if there were any changes needed (but also to keep their product development a secret until they were ready to announce it).  I believe there were also a couple of other people who tried Sckoon cup during its development stages.   You can see the first model in the photos below.   It’s a bit different from their final model, as the final models stem is thinner with grip textures.   In total I have received 5 Sckoon cups, both in large and small over the past few years.

In the final stages, I was sent a large and small sample of the model Sckoon decided on.  It came in a clear patriotic package with instructions and a cloth storage pouch (to store the cup in when not in use).

Please see my video for this brand here:

IMG_1463 IMG_1465 IMG_1466 IMG_1467 IMG_1468 IMG_1469 IMG_1470 IMG_1471 IMG_1472 IMG_1474

I was REALLY excited to see their webpage up and running, with all the new cup colors!  Every color they offer is soooooo pretty!  I especially like the blue one.

Being a seasoned cup user, I tested the large and small size cups.  I have always been able to use either size just fine.  It simply depends how much protection I want, time wise.

Testing The Cups:

Both cups are easy to fold and insert, because they are very smooth around the rim areas.  They don’t have that second ridge, they are simply flared a bit.  The suction release holes slant in and upward to give it more capacity.  The stems are tapered and cord-like with grip ridges, but they are soft enough to where I don’t think I would have to trim them, even though I have a very low cervix.  They both made a good seal, and I didn’t have any leaking.   But as with any cup brand, it takes a little practice to master getting it popped open and in place.   What worked best for me was using a C fold, with the folded crease facing to the back.  For me, cups just seem to pop open more easily that way.   I’m not a big fan of the punch-down fold, unless a cup is extremely stiff (which Sckoon cup is not).

I usually insert a cup about halfway, pop it open and then coax it up the rest of the way.   But you can also give the cup a twist after you insert it.  Meaning pinch the base and rotate it from the bottom.  Sometimes that helps it pop open too.

The small was easier to pop open for me (as it is with pretty much any brand).  The large took a little extra coaxing.  But also I find it helpful to make sure one of the suction release holes (there are 5 on Sckoon cup) is inside the folded crease when you insert.  This keeps it exposed to air longer, which helps it pop open better.

I tried the large cup on my heavy day, because I always need extra capacity then (I have a medium-heavy flow).   Then I tried the small cup on my lighter days.  Actually, I normally do alternate between large and small sizes depending on my needs, as they change throughout the week.

Removal was easy for me (again being a seasoned cup user, but for a beginner, it may take a little practice).  I basically just pinched the base of the cup—and the grip rings sure do help!—then I carefully rocked the cup from side to side as I gently pulled it down.   I eased out one edge of the rim from the side and then moved the cup into an upright position as I brought it out.   This maneuver does take some practice if this is your first try.  I have been doing it for a few years, so it is like second nature to me at this point.

Washing this cup (particularly the suction release holes) was simple.   Because of the smooth outside, it rinses clean with little effort.   I suppose if you want, you could keep an old tooth brush to brush out the grip rings.   And I didn’t have to, but you can also fill the cup with water, place your hand on top and squeeze if you find that the suction release holes get blocked.  But they seemed to rinse clean for me without having to do that.   They aren’t too big, but I think its just how the outer area around the holes is sloped and smooth.  I think this can also prevent splitting and tearing.

All in all, I am VERY pleased with the final design of Sckoon cup, and all the available colors!  Its nice to have a new American cup that we can access here in the USA.  The cloth storage pouch is durable too, it stays closed on its own when you pull the draw strings.  Also, the pouch is rounded at the bottom, and this is a new thing.  Most pouches are squared at the bottom.  But I think the rounded bottom is a good idea, the cup fits more naturally inside it.

I also like how the display box is clear, you can see the entire cup so there is no guessing as to what is inside, or the exact size and shape of it.  I hope you will all check out my video for this product as well, since it offers a more accurate look at this cup.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to the Sckoon Organics company for allowing me to review their new cup, and participate in its development!   I hope this review helps out some first-time cup users, and feel free to ask me questions about the details of it.  I will try to update my size and stiffness charts as soon as I can.



  1. Queena said,

    How would you compare sckoon cup and fleurcup? I’m a new user, I used fleurcup the first time last month. Is sckoon better than fleurcup? Is it more comfortable and softer? I can’t decide if I want to invest in this new sckoon cup, and need some advice. Thanks.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      They are different. Fleur’s rim is more pronounced, while Sckoon’s is more smooth. similar capacities, but sckoon’s stem is more comfortable. Skoon’s grip textures are more gentle too.

  2. Christina Savitsky said,

    I was wondering what the length of these cups is? I have 2 meLuna cups now the S & the M (even though I’m in my 30’s & have had a baby, my cervix is SO low that I’m more comfortable in a shorter cup) Hoping to find a cup that holds a bit more without being too tall. Thanks a million!! Your website is AWESOME!!

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