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I am a bit late getting this review up with how crazy busy I have been recently, so my apologies, everyone.

Meluna recently sent me some samples of their newer cups.  They gave me all different colors of their small, medium, large and extra large– of both klassic AND soft varieties!  Wow!

BIG thank you to Meluna

Since klassic and soft are shaped the same, just different degrees of firmness, and since everyone has been asking about the soft cups so much– I am going to put a lot fo focus on the soft here.

I actually got to try all the sizes.  And I have to say I LOVE all the new changes Meluna has made!  Here are some notable differences:

1.  In the past, the large cup was shaped more like a bell.  But the medium and small were more cone-shaped.  Now, ALL the melunas have the bell shape.
2.  They have a new extra-Large size, which is just wonderful in terms of capacity!
3.  Before, the medium and large had the same rim width, just different body length and shape.  But now, all the cups have a difference in rim size.
4.  I’m also showing their “glitter” cup.  This one has been around for a while, but still, I’v enever had one until now.
5.  Their original pouch was more a suede-like material, and blue.  But their new pouch is longer, more satiny, and dark purple.
6.  Their ball stem used to be completely round.  But now is is slightly flattened on two sides.
7.  The small and medium have much better capacity now!

Now on to the review of the cups themselves:

Small Soft:
I tried this one first.  Really soft, easy to fold and insert.  It did take some extra coaxing to pop it open, due to the softness, but it was really comfortable to wear.  They still have just the two holes on either side, so I find it pops open better when you make sure one of the tiny holes is inside the fold crease, since that will allow it to draw in air for a longer time.  As always, the stem was comfortable (it was a ring stem).  I wore it for a while, and it did not leak, there was a good seal.  When it came time for removal, the grip rings were super helpful!  I just pinched the bottom of the cup, and coaxed it down, tilting the cup left and right.  And actually, this holds true for all the soft cups— for me, they were the easiest to remove, easier than most brands.  I’m not sure if others have had the same experience, and I do always use a water-based lubricant for both insertion and removal, which I recommend.  But I do this with all cups, and still, soft Meluna seemed easier.

Medium and  large:
I had very much the same experience with these, as with the small.  Only they were a little bit easier to pop open, because they are slightly thicker.  Regadless of the stem styles, they were comfortable.  I have a very low cervix (I am short inside), so even the cup with no stem is very easy for me to reach.  I did notice that the new ball stem is actually easier to grand and twist now, because of the flat sides, so that was a good choice for meluna to make.

The X-Large:
I LOVE the yellow color!  And the capacity is wonderful.  The only thing is, I am too small for many large size cups, and I suppose I am also too small for the Meluna Extra Large.  Iw as able to get it inserted, but if a cup is both soft, AND too wide for me, it will not open.  But of course, as I have mentioned in other posts, I’ve never had children, and I have not been sexually active in a while.  So smalls and mediums really work best for me.  But this cup would be wonderful for a mom, with a really heavy flow, who also wants something soft.

In short, I had the same experiences with the klassic cups as with the soft cups.  But the difference was, I was able to pop them open more easily, due to the firmer material.  They were still comfortable to wear though, and provided a great seal.


  1. Inka said,

    I just recently got to know those menstrual cups –
    and the first one I tried out was the orange MeLuna with a ball stem…
    I absolutely fell in love with it ! 🙂
    There’s no going back to Tampons!!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I hear you! lol. And I absolutely agree, I am a cup convert for life.

  2. C said,

    so how in the heck did you get one? i had a hard time figuring out their website. How did you pay them?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Mine were actually donations for my YouTube channel and this review page. But they do have an english site: I think there is also a translator on their original page, in the upper right corner. I went there a moment ago, looks like you just click on the stem type you want (add to cart) and checkout through your shopping cart, on the upper right side of the page.

    • R said,

      There is an english version of the website. I found it fairly easy to use. it has been almost three years since the questions were posted though. I paid using Paypal. It took about two weeks to ship from Germany to Kansas (USA).
      I havent had a chance to use my cups yet, but AF is due in a few days. I’m excited

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        True, they do have an English version, some navigation required, but fairly easy and I hear they accept paypal now??

    • LaJoe said,

      i just googled “meluna” and went into the official website (
      But I was doing my erasmus exchange in Germany so it was the better option (=no shipping cost whitihn Germany), maybe there are other websites un other countries which have better deals/shipping conditions?
      I paid with a bank transfer (they give you the invoice number which you have to state on your payment and they send your stuff the next day when tey see the transfer). But you can also use any credit card/pre paid card and paypal
      They should have an english version of the website.
      Anyway I think some parts are not translated into english…
      If someone needs help with it can let me know and i can transalte it.

      • LaJoe said,

        (( i’ve just seen it now…there is “meluna world” on their website, with links for retailers all over the world or nearly))

  3. juanita said,

    i send a email to meluna store to ask for information in shipping cost for the cup.
    I really want to buy it soon but the company has no phone # and the email well I still waiting.

    Please help me.

  4. latina4cups said,

    Melissa thanks for all the helpful info.

    I used my first L Meluna cup this month without a problem for 3 days but them I starter to feel pain and couldn’t stand straigh at all. Solution was to remove the cup.

    What do you think I did wrong?

    Sorry for my english I’m learning it yet.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Sounds like the cup might have been too big, or too rigid/hard. Cups don’t usually cause pain like that, but if you get a size too big or too hard, sometimes it can make you a bit sore. Another thing is, you may have extra sensitive nerves, some women are more sensitive than others. If there is any way for you to try a smaller size, or maybe a softer brand, you will know what the problem could be. Of course, cups are not cheap, but if you save up for one, it will be worth it if you find one that works.

      Also, make sure you have the right angle when you put it in, aim down and back toward your rectum or lower tail bone. Never aim up.


      • Sherrie P said,

        I, too, experienced pain with my first cup. I started with the Diva, and upon the insistence of the company’s ordering instructions, I bought the larger size. I have never given birth, but I am 49. I have news for them: not everyone is going to need a 2 based on age alone! VERY uncomfortable. I couldn’t wear it more than 10 minutes. That was a lot of money to just throw away! Then, my cat stole it and chewed it up, and that released my conscience to spend the money for another size.

        I was determined, and liked the concept, so I bought a MeLuna Small next, since it had the smallest diameter I could find (40 cm), besides the LadyCup. I bought the ball stem. Eureka! No pain.

        I have, however, learned more about my anatomy than I ever thought I would (or wanted to). The ball stem was not long enough for me to grab – I have to literally “push” it out to grab the ball. Not very convenient to remove, when you practically have to give birth to remove the thing. Also, my flow is medium-heavy. I would love to have the large length (and greater capacity) and small diameter. I think I will buy another small, since comfort is a deal breaker, but this time with the longer stem. On heavy days, I have to change it every 4 hours, not buying me any time over use of tampons, but at least I’m not throwing things away, and no dryness. I like the MeLuna cup.

        Even with the capacity and removal issues, I am still wishing I knew about menstrual cups the nanosecond they came out on the market – years ago. What a gift to women! I envy those that can wear the larger sizes…. to go 12 hours… bliss.

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        You could always save up over time and get one that’s close to the size of a medium meluna, but has a smaller rim, and still has better capacity. Ladycup or lunette. 🙂

  5. latina4cups said,

    The cup I have is the orange L Meluna with the ball handle, when I used it I did not feel anything hard or discomfort.

    I don’t live close to stores that have those cups and I don’t know any body who used them. To see them and compare the cups.

    I’ll try again this month and see what happen,I really like my cup It will be a shame if I have to go back to pads.

    Thanks for all your help.

  6. Alessandra from Rome said,

    Hi everyone!
    When I first discovered menstrual cups I didn’t know there were so many brands! The only one I found on ebay was Mooncup. I bought one (A size) and find it amazing, but even if I trimmed the stem almost completely (I left just a few millimeters to grab it), it’s still quite uncomfortable…when I saw Meluna with its ball/ring stems I fell in love with it!!
    My question is: My A-size Mooncup fits me comfortably and capacity is good as well, which Meluna size do I have to choose? The comparison I’ve seen on your YouTube review hasn’t been so clear to me.
    Thanks for all your work and sorry for the wicked english!
    Greetings from Italy

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I measured with water– it seems that the medium meluna holds the same amount (to the holes) as a mooncup. So that would probably work best for you 🙂

      • Alessandra from Rome said,

        Thank you!
        ANd What about length and width?

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        I actually have the smal mooncup UK, but I’ve seen them in comparision pictures up close, and there really isn’t a very big difference, lol. At least not that I can see right away. For length, the mooncup UK (my small) is abotu 1/4 inch longer in the body than my medium meluna.

        But my medium meluna’s rim is a little bit thicker/wider.

    • Lil' Lady said,

      I couldn’t figure out what size i needed either until I found this chart it really helped me since i am a visual person and love looking at charts and maps!!!

  7. m2m said,

    Hi, I am glad to have found someone like you who would make such an effort on letting us know about different brands of menstral cups, thanks a bunch for your contribution.

    I have been using mooncup (UK) since October 2008, definitely I am more than happy for having found an alternative way to deal with my heavy flow period; before converting to mc, I had to use postnatal pads plus tampons, which was very unconmfortable and still not secure, not to mention the cost.

    I am thinking of buying a second cup for the low capacity of MCUK, I need to empty it every 2 hours with some leaking during the 3 days of heavy flow, which indeed affects my sleeping; yet during light flow, it works perfectly that I can tottally forget it and only need to empty it two times a day. I have been watching your comparisons between different brands, now I come close to a decision on picking a large Meluna, I particularly love the ring stem design which seems very helpful for removal, as now I rely on grabbing the MCUK stem to pull it out enough then get the base during removal, I trimmed the stem a bit (5 mm) as it poked and hurt the ‘entrance’ when I used it for the first cycle. Normally the MCUIK moves upward after insertion; and during my heavy flow, my vagina is moist enough that I can pull it out by grabbing the stem only (the stem stays right at the ‘entrance’), but during light flow, I need to search and pull the stem harder, grab the base and release the suction, as the cup tendes to move more upward,

    I also observe that my MCUK can hold my period up to the rim when I remove it after finding it starts leaking, so, my concern is that when measuring the capacity up to the rim, is a large Meluna cup really able to hold a higher capacity than MCUK? And the ring seems quite huge that even you could put your finger through it, would it be felt, like the original length of the MCUK stem (as the ring cannot be trimmed)?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Best regards

    • m2m said,

      Oops, I forgot to mention that my MCUK is size A.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Some women’s blood is a little thicker, and their menstrual cup can hold even beyond the holes. So if yours can do that, that’s wonderful! If you fill up a mooncup UK past the holes, and all the way to the rim, its actually very close in capacity to a large menluna.

      Out of all the cups I have, the one that holds the most is my Mpower cup. And Large Lunette is very close to it. But I’ve heard that the large Divacup hols a lot too, and so does the large Fleurcup. I don’t have large Diva or large Fleur, only small. But according to what I’ve been told, those are the four best in large (Mpower, Diva, Lunette, Fleur). Don’t know if its in that order though… But if you stick to one of those, you woudl probably do better. 🙂

  8. xxxx said,

    ugh, now i want to go shopping. this is ridiculous.
    i’m 17, i made the switch to a divacup 2 months ago. it’s so great. (but i wish i had known then of the other brands!) luv your site! -andrea

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Haha, yeah there are a lot now. But just remember, if you think you might want more than one kind, and you can save up for it, there is nothing wrong with that. Even if you owned one of each brand and color, you would still spend less money over the course of your life (and create less waste) than if you were to be using disposables the entire time. That’s the cool thing about these, they are like fun little collectables 🙂

  9. latina4cups said,

    I just want to let you know that my L MeLuna cup works great for me, after the first bad experience. All your information was very helpful.

    I have 2 heavy day and I need to know wich cup is the one that hold the most.
    With MeLuna I need to empty it every hour.

    For a virgin 13 years old wich want is the smallest cup?
    Wich want do you recommend.



  10. Christina said,

    Hi Melissa,
    Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work! After several weeks of looking at your site I decided on the MeLuna and I ordered a medium and a large from Feminine Wear. The medium is great, but I can feel the large, so I just wear it at night without any trouble. 🙂
    I haven’t had any problems with the stiffness and I’m not having any more cramps than I usually do with tampons, so that’s a plus. I was mostly afraid I’d have bad cramps with menstrual cups, so I’m glad that my biggest fear isn’t a problem.
    I’m also VERY low cervixed, so I’m happy that MeLuna offers smaller, shorter cups for women.
    I am still having a little trouble with insertion – I feel like I can’t get it UP far enough. I wish I had something akin to a tampon ‘inserter’ for my cup :o)

    Anyway, thanks again. What you’re doing is wonderful and I appreciate your hard work SOOO MUCH!!! 🙂

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Its ok if you can’t get it in very far, most women with low cervixes can’t (myself included). Your cervix moving down shorteds the whole vagina, so its perfectly natural. We low-cervix women just have to stick with shorter cups 🙂 As long as the cup isn’t bothering you, its alright.


      • Christina said,

        As long as I keep my pelvic muscles tightened (which they tend to do on their own anyway) I cannot feel the cup. As soon as I get lazy or they relax on their own, I can feel it. This use to happen with tampons, too, though. So, I guess it’s good exercise for me!! 🙂

        Thanks for the encouragement, you’re great!! 🙂

  11. Bibi said,

    Hey Melissa,
    I just want to say thank you for all the information you put out there. I was unsure about whether or not I was going to try a menstrual cup, but after watching your videos on YouTube I was actually excited to try. I’m so glad I came across your videos you’ve changed my life. I’ll never go back to tampons or pads. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Congrats on changing over, and glad I could help 🙂

  12. bex said,

    hi i found this thanks to a friends blog where i asked about my mooncup. i bought the smallest size and i had no idea that the different brands were such different sizes. i am quite a small person overall and obviously therefore found the mooncup to be too big. i have since thanks to this review and other information i have found ordered a small meluna. hopefully it will be much better. i only wish i had found out earlier as the mooncup was not cheap! but that is ok, maybe it will come in handy some day!

  13. jacky said,

    I’m going crazy, I cant get the meluna out at all, I cant get my finger in to break the suction and everytime I relax it gets sucked back in. please help, Ive been going for four hours trying to get it out

    • Sherrie P said,

      Jackie – I had probs getting mine out – but it was because I am rather long inside and I got the one with the ball – too high for my fingers to grab. I finally PUSHED it down. That works. It was still almost impossible (man – I had no idea women could be THAT different!) to grab, but I liked the convenience and lack of waste, so I will buy one with a long stem and do it again. I thought I was going to be put off, too, but I’m cheap, hate throwing things away (waste and accumulation), and I was just determined. I’m glad I did. The only thing I am sorry about is that I didn’t find out about these years ago. Makes me angry I found out quite literally at the 11th hour – I’m 49. I may not even get my money’s worth, but I don’t care. It will be worth it if I get to use it only one time just to have the freedom to go out the first day of my period and not worry about leaving a bloody trail where I sit – which I did even with tampon/napkin combo – or do like the very last time I used a tampon – within an hour of a bath and inserting a tampon with a pad, I was standing outside saying bye to a visitor and noticed blood on the pavement. I was dripping! No, I’ll find a way to make menstrual cups work, because of how effective they are.

  14. jacky said,

    okay, after four hours or so I was able to get it out… but now I am so put off by the whole thing… I want to get a smaller one in the future. a medium is just wayy too much for me T_T

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Glad you got it out! Sorry I wasn’t online during the actual emergency though… What kind fo stem do you have? None? Ball? ring? Traditional? Some people find Meluna a bit challenging to remove, because of the suction, the thick rim, and the slippery bottom. But with practive, you can get the hang of it like any other cup. In the future, some good tips for removing meluna would be:

      1– Bear down with your muscles, like you are having a bowel movement, that will make the vagina shorter.

      2– Keep toilet paper in your hand and re-dry your fingers a couple of times during removal. The more times you do it, the better grip you will have.

      3– Since the meluna has a more pronounced rim, the old “insert a finger to break the suction” method doesn’t work very well. For cups with pronounced rims, the “pinch and tilt” method works much better for breaking the suction and getting it out. Pinch the base HARD, and rock the cup from left to right as you pull down. This exposes the hols to air, allowing the suctin to break, and “walks” the cup down step by step. Sometimes it helps to pull more to one side than to the other, like right, right, right… Etc.

      4– During removal, keep your jaw slack, do not clench your teeth. For some people, clenching the teeth just tightens everyhting down there.

  15. jacky said,

    Well, I got a medium traditional stem and now I am thinking I should have just gotten a small. *sigh*

    I’ve been kind of scared to try again with it, but once I get the courage I will try your suggestions. lLuckily I’m still three weeks away from my next period so I have time to practice before then. Thank you very much, I’ll post again if I still have problems with it. I’m a beginner and meluna is my first cup, chosen mostly because it was one of the cheapest and it came in many pretty colors. The new pouch with the swirls and the gold designs is really pretty too. I just didnt realize that the cup was sooo difficult to remove. T_T

    Oh, and so sorry about the other post about a contest, I made a mistake and thought I was posting for mooncup, so yes, the contest is for keeper mooncup but I accidentally posted at the yuuki article. so sorry >.<

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Aaaah, yes the keeper mooncup contest, I’m familiar with that one. 🙂

      Wow, new pouch? I’d like to see that… And practice runs would be a very good idea, you may just find you can get the hang of it before your next cycle…

      • Jacky said,

        Haha, I still haven’t gotten the courage to try again, but I will soon. >.<

        Hmm, about those new bags, I checked the website again and it seems it was only available as a spring edition item. They came in four colors (red, blue, green, and black if I remember… Actually not so sure about the black. haha) And since I got a red cup mine came in a red bag. It has a swirly filigree design with gold on it. The drawstring is a red satin ribbon. I like the pouch a lot, its very stylish.

        They switched back to the blue ones with the Meluna logo for now, but they seem to have new solid containers available sold separately right now 🙂

  16. Jacky said,

    huhuhu, now that I am slowly getting the hang of it, I noticed a tiny tear in the Meluna stem. I’m so worried it might snap off! I;ve had two more dry runs, the third one was pretty successful, but I dont know how I would be able to remove it without the stem! I feel terrible. T_T

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Awww, drat! That must be frustrating. Did you buy it directly from the meluna site? If so, if you send Frank a photograph of the broken stem, he may be able to send you a replacement.

  17. Jacky said,

    Yes, I ordered directly from MeLuna, and Teresa from femininewear was kind enough to give me instructions on how to go about contacting the company. She’s such a nice lady!!! I’m hoping to get a Lunette in the future so I will definitely be buying from her. ^_^

    But yes, now I’m just waiting for Meluna’s reply and how that will turn out.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      That’s great, let me know what happens 🙂

      • Jacky said,

        Yay! I finally received my replacement cup (three days ago) and Meluna was kind enough to send me both a medium and a small ball stem! I was really surprised since the package even said that it only contained “one plastic cup”. I was expecting my period today so I tried out the small one, and I gotta say, it’s a heaven sent! I had such a horrific time with the medium before, but the small one was easy to insert, pop open, and remove (after some practice)! I just hope it can handle my flow (unfortunately my period hasn’t started up yet, running a little late I guess. But I am sure it would start tomorrow at the latest). Yay! 8D

  18. Grace said,

    Hi Melissa!

    I just started using the meluna, and I’ve gotten insertion down but I’m still having trouble with removal. I’m a virgin with a regular flow, so I got both the small and medium melunas. I’ve been using the medium because when I used the small overnight I leaked. Is it normal to feel pain during removal? I’ve been trying tips like to push, wiggle it back and forth, and stay relaxed, but it’s still taking me awhile to get it out and it hurts. 😦 I don’t feel any pain with it in though, and I really love that I only have to change it in the morning and at night. Do you think the pain will subside and my body gets used to the cup? Or are there any other things I could try? Should I try a different cup? Thanks sooo much for all the information you’ve provided here! I love your videos and reviews!


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Meluna does have a wide rim, so being a virgin, that could be the issue. Sometimes during removal, it hurts less to ease out one edge / side of the rim, and then let the rest follow, rather than trying to get it all out at once. Also, the edge that comes out first, see if you can do that on the side. That tends to hurt less. When you do it from the front, it can irritate your urethra, because its right at the top/front of the vagina, and its very sensitive. Especially for virgins.

      Also, make sure you don’t have any nerve conditions that make passage through the vagina abnormally painful.

      It could also just be what’s left of the hymen. For most women, that feeling goes away with more use. But if you decide later to try a different cup– virgins tend to like the small yuuki, and the small lunette. While they are still fairly modest in size, they have great capacity 🙂

      • Grace said,

        Thanks Melissa! I’ll give those suggestions a try and if I’m still having pain, I’ll give a different cup a try. 🙂

  19. Breanna said,

    In comparison to all other cups, would you recommend the Meluna for a 12 year old girl? My little sister hasn’t started her period yet, but she has a nice cloth pad stash waiting for her. She is “grossed out” by the menstrual cup idea..but we live in a hot area so she swims a lot in the summer and I’d rather her use a cup than a tampon. Proabably more comfortable too..

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If her flow is light, and her cervix isn’t too high, then a small meluna might do the trick 🙂 I recomend the ball stem, it has the most strength and its mroe comfortable, I think.

      • Breanna said,

        ok sounds good! And you said you weren’t sure how to pronounce fleurcup. You pronounce fleur like flew-er. It’s “flower” in french.

  20. Karla said,

    I am happy with a black colored cup and am inclined to get one but just a tad bit concerned about the safety with the dye used for it? Any information you have on this? Is the dye biodegradable, etc etc..just want to make sure I will not get any toxins in my body 🙂

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      From what I’ve been told, menstrual cup companies try to stick to colors that are considered medically safe, or FDA approved for use on the internal body. Also, the dye is trapped and bound in a solid material, rather than being a liquid free to leak through the body. The dye in our clothing, our colored cake frosting, or our purple Kool Aid drinks is more harmful, I think. 🙂

      • Karla said,

        Thanks Melissa! That helps quell my worries. and now on to a black cup! Its just so..rare..or maybe sleek is the word that I want.

  21. Tracey said,

    Hi I am trying to purhcase a Maluna cup but I am having trouble. Any advice or antoher place to order besides Femwear or directly from company site as i am having trouble with both sites?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Those are the only places I know of so far… What kind of trouble are you having?

      • Tracey said,

        Finally I was able to get through. I had to order from the MeLuna main web page. Last night I guess they where updating or something as my order would not go through. FemWear is out of stock on the size I was needing in the color I wanted so I was unable to order from them. But least today after I kept trying it worked. I hope I did not order to big of a cup for my daughter as I got her a medium size cup, she was thinking the small would not catch all her flow as she has a heavy cycle. She has never worn tampons before but she was open to trying the cups. I found that interesting but a good choice. 🙂 Thanks!

  22. Tracey said,

    OG after readying the post from Grace maybe I should have got the small cup for my daughter she is very petite and a virgin maybe I can call them and have them switch the medium cup for a small.

  23. silvia said,

    hello, i never try mestrual cup before, and i’ve a very low cervix, i’m 29 years old and no children (I think M is the right size)… so my question is: ball or traditional stem? I really like the ball but is confortable? (I can cut the stem but not the ball, you know)^^

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I think it depends weather or not you want to have to trim your stem. And if you want something round or flat. Even a regular stem can be trimmed to comfort with a finger nail trimmer. If you are short inside (meaning your cervix is low) then a ball stem should be ok. But if you have more length (your cervix is high), then maybe a regular stem, so you can choose how long it will be. 🙂

  24. Sarah said,

    Hi! I’m looking into buying a menstrual cup and am really trying to decide between MeLuna and Lunette. My big concern is with the size and capacity. I have a short vagina and my cervix sits pretty low throughout my period, but I have a pretty heavy flow for the first few days. I’m worried that if I buy something that has a bigger capacity it’s not going to make a difference since my cervix is low, but if I get something that’s smaller I’m just going to have to change it every hour. Any advice?


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If your flow is heavy, I would suggest large Meluna, but if your cervix is low then it might not fit too well. I too have a low cervix, but also a medium-heavy flow. So I have to stick to cups that are both short, and have decent capacity. I do think it makes a big difference. Because if your cervix is low, then it will take up room in your cup. But if the cup has mroe capacity, then it buys you a lot mroe time, dispite your cervix. Medium Meluna might not hold so much, because fo the design. I usually suggest small or medium melunas to women who prefer defined rims, but have fairly light flows. My 2 favorite cups are small Yuuki and small lunette, just because they are the best design for my needs. I sell Lunette too now, at for U.S. custmers.

      I think the reason Yuuki and Lunette have such better capacity is all in the design– hoop-skirt bodies, but higher suction release holes. And the grips at the base are a big help. But honestly, that bit of extra capacity does make a difference in how long you can go without changing it.

    • Tracey said,

      HI Sarah,
      I just tried the large Meluna and I got it because of the capacity. I also am short and I found it challenging to find the perfect comfortable position it didn’t hurt to wear it but I for sure know it is there, if I positioned it just right it was really comfortable. Sometime it was fine and sometime I would have to remove and reposition. So I would say go for a different brand or go for the Medium Meluna. I also have the medium Meluna it doesn’t hold as much that is for sure but is more comfortable. If you have other options such as other brands as Melissa mentions get another brand. I don’t have many choices as I can only wear two brands Meluna and Keeper as I am allergic to silicone which most brands are made of. Good Luck

  25. E.C. from D.C. said,

    Maybe should’ve tried the small BUT my first 3 days of my menstrual get really heavy real fast and I am wearing it as I type for the first time….I needed to push mine pretty far up. I have only been wearing it lol for just under an hr and though I feel a tiny bit “full” inside it isn’t uncomfortable and I don’t notice it much/it doesn’t bother me at all as I sit here and and type. I am pretty happy with it so far….I thought because of how I grip there a medium would be a problem but it’s not really….the thinnest amount of water based lube helped it in there no problem. Don’t think I want to try the large but when I ordered the medium they sent me a large one for free :). Maybe tomorrow I’ll give it a test for a few hours to see how it is, if I can get it up in there which I think I might. I feel like Tracey with the medium it doesn’t hurt at or and it’s really comfortable but I kinda know it’s there. I think a medium is just right for me…. 24 with no kids but very sexually active. Yay medium MeLuna lol and I got the violet/purple with the ring “stem”.

  26. Anna said,

    I have a new L orange Meluna cup with a ball stem I will like to exchange it for a small cup any brand but with the stem intact.

    It will be for my daughter she is 14 years old.

    Melissa if this is the wrong place to ask for this please delete this post.


    • Loucheena said,

      You might want to post on People trade/sell cups on there all the time!

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        Very true, a lot of cup trading happens there. Good deals 🙂

  27. Anna said,

    Thanks , Loucheena .

  28. Annabelle said,

    Hi there,

    I really appreciate all the trouble you’ve gone to to educate us about menstrual cups!

    Could you please help me out? I own a small MoonCup- putting it in is fine and dandy since I get to fold it up, but the problem is taking it out.. It hurts like crazy when the rim pops out of my vaginal entrance!

    Additionally, I often found myself having problems peeing pleasantly- it almost feels as though I’m having a UTI and have to force hard to pee even when my bladder is full..

    Recently I’ve been on birth control pills, so my periods now last 3 days, which is good, but extremely heavy flow- I’ve given up on using my MoonCup since it gives me so much discomfort, but on the first day of my period I soak through a large O.B tampon in less than half an hour!

    So here I am doing intensive research into the realm of menstrual cups again.. Hahaha.

    So I was thinking of getting a cup that has a smaller diameter and is of a softer material.. What do you think would suit me best? I’m 18 this year, and I’m pretty sure my vaginal canal is short- sometimes I can feel the MoonCup poking me even though I’ve completely trimmed off the stem..

    How does the LadyCup compare to the MeLuna in terms of squishiness? I’m actually leaning more towards the MeLuna because their cups look so cute, hahaha! I’ve heard good things about their ball grip, but I’m worried that it’d be too long and poke me!

    Sorry for the long post with many questions!

    Thanks 😀

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It sounds like Mooncup’s flared out rim is bothering you quite a bit. In that case, you should probably shy away from Meluna, because it does have quite a thick rim too. Its better to stick with cups that have a more subtle rim. And are softer, because that can put less pressure on your bladder.

      Its tricky though, having a heavy flow. I would suggest browsing through my photo library here, so see what is shorter or longer in comparison to your Mooncup:

      Also take a look at my comparison charts here:

      If you stick with the small size, the softer and/or more subtle rim cups are:

      Ladycup (soft and small, but less capacity)
      Miacup (soft and great capacity, but slightly longer)
      SheCup (same as Miacup)
      Lunette (medium softness/firmness, short, and good capacity)
      Yuuki (same as Lunette)

      All of these have good capacity (well, ladycup not much really, unless you get the large). Take a look through the above brands, and see which one appeals to you the most. I hope this makes the choice easier 🙂

  29. Annabelle said,

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for the detailed and super-fast response!

    I’ve decided to go with the Lunette- seeing as I’ve used the mega-stiff MCUK, the “4” stiffness for the Lunette should definitely be soft enough for me; I don’t think I need the super-squishyness of the LadyCup, which is said to be *too* soft and hard to remove because of it, let alone the lack of grip lines and the small capacity!

    I’m considering picking up a small MeLuna too, since I’ve found a co-order group that would only cost me $20.. They just look too adorable for me to resist! 😀
    And they’re really tiny and short too, so hopefully they might be comfortable enough for me on the last 1 or 2 days of my period 🙂

    Thanks so much for your help- I’ll be putting my my order for a Lunette at your shop soon! 😀

  30. galthea said,

    whoa, MeLuna is now making special glittery edition:D

  31. Radianceunviled said,

    Just want to make sure they are not going to discontinue the firm Melunas are they? If so I better order me two more before they are gone.

  32. JuliannaRose said,

    I am OVERWHELMED by all of the menstrual cup options! When I first discovered cups I watched a video on YouTube and she only knew about the UK Mooncup and the US DivaCup. As I’m a US resident, I looked for the DivaCup and found it on I got the DivaCup size 1 as I am under 30 and had no children at the time.
    I’ve since been thru a lifetime of interesting events and am looking for my next cup. I only got to use the DivaCup for a few cycles before we got pregnant. We then lost the prenancy at 23 weeks 5 days after 10 days of bedrest to prevent the progression of labor as the water bag was in the birth canal. A c-section took our son, and it was noted that my cervix was dialted about 6cm.
    After my cycle returned I used the DivaCup size 1 for 4 cycles (and noticed it wasn’t as comfortable as I had remembered). Then I was put on a drug to put me thru 7 months of medicated menopause to clear up my endometriosis. The drugs should be wearing off in half a month, so I’m expecting my cycle to return fairly soon.
    I will never go thru natural child birth. I will forever have scheduled c-sections about a month before term. I’m still under 30 (27) and am, obviously, sexually active (with my husband). I am hoping that you might be able to offer suggestion as to what brand & size might work for me.
    Thank You!!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You can check with your doctor to ask if your cervix has become more low after the pregnancy, sometimes this happens. If it has, this may possibly be the reason for the newly found discomfort, since Diva is a longer cup int he body and many women with a short cervix (like myself) find the length to be less comfortable. In that case, you may want to consider using a large of a brand that is shorter than Diva and Large Yuuki– those are the longest, and as such, stick out a bit for women with a low cervix.

      Almost all brands (even larges) are shorter than Diva in the body. Although if you have a average or heavy flow, you should probably shy away from small and medium sizes of Ladycup or Meluna, as they are best for people with a light flow. Even if you have not given birth vaginally, most sexually active women can manage a large.

      If its the hardness of Diva that irritated you, you can try a softer cup like Miacup, Large Ladycup, or SheCup. If it was just the length, then again, any other brand of large should be alright.

      Hope this helps,


      • JuliannaRose said,

        Melissa, Thank you so very much for your response! It is very comforting knowing that I won’t be shooting in the dark with my next purchase now that I know there are so many options available!

        It does help, and mostly confirms what I was thinking….
        As I have only had 4 cycles since losing our son and before going into medicated menopause, I’m not sure what my cervix is doing height-wise. I did used to be able to tell by the height of my cervix if my period was coming (lower just before it started and slightly higher as it comes closer to end) I, unfortunately cannot ask my dr if my cervix is lower than it was since I have a different dr now that I can’t have my family practice dr for any future pregnancies (only an ob for future early term c-sections—never to go into labor again)

        As far as the discomfort with the DivaCup 1, I think it was a combination of length and hardness although I believe it was more harness than anything. I had issues urinating with it in at times.
        I’m liking the ball stem of the MeLuna (which is why my original post is on this product) as well as the color options 🙂 The DivaCup stem was a bit long at times and was uncomfortable, but I was afraid to cut it and not be able to hold on to something to help pull it out rather than just squish the cup and risk making a mess…

        Thank you so very much for your time and efforts! It is such a comfort knowing there is someone to help provide advice.

  33. ina said,

    Just few lines to tell you that Meluna has an excellent customer service!
    Thus I had technical troubles in ordering my meluna, they had been very quick and precise in answering to all of my questions.
    This morning my meluna arrived and with pleasure I found out that, together with the cup I ordered (an M size) they sent me a size L sample fully funcional.
    No way, great service!
    Now it’s all up to me in taking confidence with my new cup…

  34. Sophie said,

    Hey Melissa, I have a few quick questions. I’m 12 and I’m really interested in trying cups. I think I’m gonna go for a small Meluna, but I’m debating between the original and the soft. How hard is it to get the soft to pop open? And how much more comfortable is the soft than the original? Thanks for your time.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Its not too difficult to pop open once you get the hang of cup use. But Its a good idea to try different folds, because some help more than others for different people. I think the soft is more comfortable, at least for me 🙂

  35. Sophie said,

    Thanks, that helps.

  36. Lindsay said,

    I have a Femme cup. It is the 1st cup l have purchased. It worked fine for the first few days while l had a heavy flow but as l got lighter insertion became more and more painful. Today is the 6th and final day but l had to go back to a pad as the cup wouldn’t fit inside me. Very frustrating. Should l buy another cup for light days?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You could if you want a second cup, sometimes smaller cups are easier to insert on lighter days. But it may just be a dryness issue…

      On the heavier days of our period, a lot more mucus is mixed in with the blood. So its much easier to insert basically anything. But on the lighter days, most of it is just thin blood, and since its lighter, we are a little more dry.

      A water-based vaginal lube might help for insertion on lighter days, without having to buy an extra cup. I would avoid oil-based, because it doesn’t really get along with the vagina’s ph, and can cause infection. Also, its better to apply lube to the vaginal skin, rather than the cup. Applying it to the cup can make it too slippery to hold.

      Hope this helps.


  37. Harri said,

    I have been looking at buying a Mooncup, and decided to do more research (mainly to try to save money) and found this forum. I found all the comments and answers really interesting but I’m still confused! Mooncup’s website is very clear on which size you should buy and why – I’m interested in the MeLuna cup but have no idea which size to get – I have no idea how high or low my cervix is and wouldn’t have the faintest idea on how to work it out. I’ve had 2 children (both vaginal births) and I’m nearly 30. From what I’ve read here I’m pretty sure that I should go with a medium MeLuna with the ring stem (because it looks the most comfortable), could someone please shed some light on this for me? I’m based in the UK, not sure if that is relevant! Thanks in advance for your help

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Since you’ve had children, and since the medium and large Melunas both have the same size rim (its just one is longer than the other for extra capacity), the one you choose would mostly depend on your flow. Heavier flow would do better with large. Average or light flow could go with medium. Or you could consider how long you want to go before having to empty it. The large would give you a lot more time.

      Knowing where your cervix is isn’t 100% necessary, but if you happen to know, then it can sometimes help with things like choosing the length of a cup, etc. If you are unsure, then you could get a Meluna with a neutral stem, like the traditional stem. It can be trimmed later, if you think you want something shorter.

      • Harri said,

        Thank you for getting back to me – I’ve decided to go large! Next question, would I be better off with the soft cup or the standard. Really don’t want to spend more than I have to and am now worrying about how comfortable the original cup will be, but other posts have said that it is difficult to get the large soft cup to ‘pop’ open. Argh! So many questions but really want to stick with it as I hate tampons and pads!

  38. jacqueline said,

    hI Melissa,
    thanks so much for all this explanations. I check site by site, and finally I got here. really great to compare all the cups. but still would great if you could clear some doubts 🙂
    Im 25, sexual active, never was pregnant.
    I suffer a looooooot with cramps and all horrible feelings possible. for this I wanna try a very confortable one.
    as I never used cups I have no idea if my flow is heavy or light. I usually change pads ( thin pads for normal flow ) like 1st and 2nd day 3x day with a final at night. making 4 pads…
    and other days 2x /day with lighter flow. Is this consider medium, light or heavy?
    I dont know if I have low cervix. from touching with a finger is 6cms until I touch the cervix. ( is this possible or too weird? how many cms distance is consider a low cervix?
    Im fascinated by meLuna, and also cos I heard somebody saying here that is allergic to sillicone… I dont think Im but Im to latex. what do you think would be best for me?
    Im so sorry for abusing of your help making so many questions…
    thanks sooo much

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Its ok, that’s what I’m here for 🙂

      You are lucky with your cervix and your flow, because both are about “medium” or “average”. On your heaviest day, the flow sounds slightly heavy, but not overly so.

      That means you could probably use almost any cup. But if you want comfort, the cups with more subtle designs, and which are not too stiff might help. For example:

      — Medium or large Meluna Soft
      –Small Lunette (large is more stiff)
      –Small Yuuki (large is VERY big)
      –Small or large Ladycup (a sexually active person should be able to handle most larges, its just a question of how often you want to empty it, the small you will have to empty more frequently)
      –Small or large Miacup
      –Shecup (one size only, equal to most smalls)
      –Femmecup (one size only, equal to most smalls)

      Which one you pick would depend on availability, and your budget.

      As for your latex allergies, the silicone cups were made for people with sensitivity to latex. So they should be perfectly safe for you. TPE (the material used for Meluna) is the same material used to make catheters in hospitals. It has the same health benefits as silicone.

      There is only one menstrual cup made from latex– the brown “Keeper”. But even it has a silicone twin called the Keeper Moon Cup. There is also a Mooncup from the UK, 2 different companies though. Aside from Keeper, all the other cups are free from any latex.

      Hope this helps,


  39. Zandra said,

    Thank you for all the work you are doing with this website. (A whole website of TMI that you can’t find anyplace else! ) 🙂

    I ordered an Large Meluna in violet. It arrived and is lovely. But, I have tried both the c-fold and the punch-down and can’t get it to pop open.

    To my surprise, Meluna also sent a size sample that was a medium. I used it when I thought my period was going to start, which it did. And it worked beautifully for that first bit. It’s rigidity is just right and I can get it to pop open easily almost every time. But, I am having to tend to it every couple hours during the day and it leaked overnight.

    What do you suggest about getting the L to pop open? It almost seems like it is too squished in there to pop itself open. I have had children but am not currently sexually active.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Yeah, the large Meluna is a bit softer around the middle, it seems to me… What helps most people is inserting with the folded crease facing down. Also, try to make sure at least one of the tiny suction release holes is inside the fold crease. The part that’s inside the fold is the last part of the cup to touch your skin, and the longer it stays exposed to air, the better the cup can pop open. Inserting with the fold facing down sometimes helps, because the back wall of the vagina seems to be more spacious than the front wall.

      See if this helps, I hope so 🙂

      • Zandra said,

        Thanks for the advice! That, and trying harder to insert back instead of up…I think I’ve got it! 🙂

        I didn’t mention that the cups have the ball stem. It is very comfortable and easy to grip.

  40. JOe said,

    that’s now my hamletic doubt.
    I’m terribly undecided between Meluna and Fleurcup. Altought at the beginning I thought of mooncup (as someone wrote in a previous comment…in Italy it seems that mooncup is the only menstrual cup in the world..)
    I like to have 3 sizes to choose instead of only 2…and the ball stem seem really a good solution for comfort and being practical….
    Some people say Meluna is not so good for people who are not expert, because is smoother and sometimes it doesn’t open…what dou you think about this?
    any clue to decide between Meluna and Fleurcup? it also seems to me they really have a different shape…

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Perhaps the original Meluna was a challenge for beginners, but their newer model is much better. Better grip rings, better texture on the outside now. Generally easier to use than the old ones. They have regular, and soft, different stems, colors, sizes, etc. Its almost like begin able to customize your cup.

      They do have a different shape. Fleurcup is firmer. Fleur is better for heavy flow, pops open really easy. But if your flow is regular, then it would mostly come down to color/stem preference and price.

      • JOe said,

        everything clear. Thanks! 🙂

      • ullie said,

        I am also doubting about Fleurcup or Meluna.
        I am wondering which one did you buy and are you satisfied?

      • JOe said,

        Ullie, in the end I got Meluna….
        I hesitated a long (as you see…I wrote the comment in April, and I’ve bought it for only 3 weeks…)
        I went on reading opinions and forums…
        Then I decided it was enough and I made a pure convenient choice = I was studying in Germany, and Meluna is German, so ita was cheaper, would have come in less time etc.
        I havent tried it yet, just a couple of tests but I think I like it. I also got a free extra cup and I’ll give it to my sister.

  41. Sherrie said,

    Ladies, I tried the small ball-stem Meluna, and since I now know so much more about my anatomy, I found that I need a stem, and I think I can tolerate the larger size of the Meluna, whereas I could not the larger Diva Cup.

    I want to encourage you to take them to your doctor’s offices and show them to all the women and your doctor. it is my experience that not even my OB-GYN’s office had even heard about menstrual cups, and they were so excited, they practically ran out of the room to share the info.

    Women used to get their major info about being a woman – menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause – from OTHER WOMEN. We don’t talk any more – except in these forums. Menstrual cups have been around nearly 30 years, I only know where to buy one (Diva Cup – at Whole Foods) in a bricks and mortar store in the U.S. In fact, I have ordered all three I own from Europe! I am ANGRY that I am nearing menopause and just now found out about these wonderful devices. I mean furious! I hate tampons – but these aren’t dry, they are easy and comfortable even if you a small. I am a woman on a campaign, and I want to encourage all of you to be, too. Tell your firends – show them the cups! Tell your doctors – all of the them – and every woman in their office. Spread the word! Don’t let someone like me go through all the trouble and inconvenience of menstruation for 30 years and just find out 10 minutes before menopause. They are worth every penny if all I got to use them was once. I may have a year or two left, and I’m so happy to have learned about them – and Luna Pads or any of the other washable liner products.

    • JOe said,

      Sherrie you’re sooo right!
      I’m going to my new doctor next week. Iill talk to him about the choice of my first cup. I hope I’ll get some good advices..otherwhise I’ll tell my doctor off! 😛
      some things should be taught at school, everybody should know them for thei comfort health and for the enviroment!

  42. Dana said,

    Seeking some advice on the medium Meluna. I’m just finishing my 1st cycle using a cup – small Lunette. The cup is working well on lighter flow days, but my 2 heaviest & 1 medium, it leaked like crazy. I was getting spotty type leaking all day, & if the cup was just a quarter full, it would be full out leakage.

    I have a fairly short vagina – 3.5-4 cm from the base of my vagina to touching my cervix. I’ve always had to be careful about sexual positions & such. I also have a tilted uterus. I would chalk up the Lunette leakage to the learning curve, but I used a diaphragm for a long time, so I’m pretty skilled at such things. (lol)

    I don’t think I can go any longer than the Lunette – with the stem trimmed totally off, it’s right @ my vaginal opening. But I’m not sure if the medium Meluna will give me the extra capacity I seem to need on heavy days? I’m also leaning toward a soft Meluna, not sure if that matters.

    Thanks! You’re website is awesome! I’m going to be starting a blog about eco – friendly /budget friendly tips soon, I’ll definitely link to you!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If you are looking for more capacity, I would caution you against using medium Meluna. It actually holds less than small Lunette.

      Please check out my brand comparison photos here, so you can see how short or long the others are, compared to small Lunette:

      I also use a small Lunette with the stem trimmed completely off, because I’m so short inside. Maybe you could try the large Meluna– but with no stem. Being short like me inside, you would likely have no problem reaching even a no-stem Meluna. I don’t have a problem with it, and it does have good capacity.

      • Dana said,

        I’m fairly convinced now that it’s actually a case of my cervix filling or pushing the cup down on my heavier days. Yesterday & today I’ve been light to spotting, my cervix is up a little higher, & not only does the Lunette fit more comfortably (not practically hanging out of me like heavy days), there’s no leaking. I guess I’m a little worried about the length on the large Meluna – it’s longer than the small Lunette, which is nearly too long on low cervix days. Ugh, decisions.

  43. Jennifer Parker said,

    I just sent an email to meluna asking them about their cups. I have a tilted uterus, and a short vagina. I asked the mooncup makers out of the uk about using theirs, and they said it probably wouldn’t fit… The meluna’s look smaller, and I’m hoping to get one of those. What do you think?
    I can’t wear tampons, and the instead soft cup kept grating on my pubic bone and trying to pop out. I really don’t want to wear pads anymore. I’m also petite, and they chafe… and cause embarassing rashes. I’m 28, have a 3 year old by c-section, I’m 5’1″, and 160 pounds.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Yeah, insteads usually are a bit too long for people who are short inside. Alsthough I have heard they may be working on a second smaller size? When it comes out, I woudl like to try that, since I myself am quite short inside…

      Check out my comparison photos here, so you can get a good look t the sizes and all:

      If you try meluna, the medium would probably be better, since it is short. But the small might not hold enough, unless your flow is really light. You can also try Lunette, or Yuuki, their smalls are fairly short, but they hold a little more than a medium meluna.

  44. Rachel J. said,

    I am interested in trying a menstrual cup and your posts have helped me so much! The only thing I am confused about, and I probably missed it somewhere, is how do you know what size to get and does your weight matter? I am just not sure which brand or size to get!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Your height and weight no not matter, no. I’ve seen very tall, very heavy-set people who have to use the smallest cup, and I’ve seen very short and thin people who need the largest cup.

      Meluna is a good brand, if you really like their colors and style. Consider your flow though. For example, if its heavy, a large might work better. if its kind of so/so, then maybe a medium. If its really light, then a small. But also, larges are me and for people who have given birth, so that’s another thing to consider. And now, Meluna has actually made a new “extra large” for those with an extremely heavy flow! I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure people with really heavy flow will appreciate it very much.

      As for other brands… Most of them only have 2 sizes, large and small. In the other brands, it usually goes like this:

      Small– Average to light flow. Under 30, and have never given birth.
      Large– Average to heavy flow, or for people over 30, or for people who have given birth.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  45. Rachel J. said,

    Thank you! That helps so much! I think I am going to try the medium. What stem do you think is best?

  46. Carenna M. said,

    I’m in the market for a menstrual cup, but am having a hard time choosing a brand and size. Any advice you experienced users could offer would be much appreciated. I’ve measured the distance to my cervix from the vaginal opening and it’s only about 5 cm. I want a large capacity cup (I easily fill 3 super tampons on my early, heavy days) and have had 5 children so I don’t think that a large cup would be too wide; my concern is for length. Does anyone else out there measure similarly? What has your experience been? I like the cost and size of the MeLuna large. The ring tab looks easy to remove. The large Lunette is appealing as well. I’m excited to make a purchase!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Both of those cups have great capacity. Although the ring stem Meluna might be too long, as you cannot trim the stem. The stem really does make it long… I am fairly short inside as well. I use a small Lunette, because I’ve never had a child, and the small still works for me. But with a heavier flow, you would most likely be happy with a large.

      If you do want a Meluna, you could try one with no stem, the grips are pretty pronounced. Or the traditional stem so you can trim it.

      Fleurcup is good too, about the same as lunette, only a slightly more flared rim. I suppose price and color preference would be deciding factors.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  47. Ari said,

    Thanks for the helpful site!!
    I just started using a UK Mooncup (size B, been using it for 2 days) and found it painful and leaky. I felt it was too big (uncomfortable even with the stem trimmed completely off) and I think the leaking was from not being able to pop it open completely, but I’m not sure. I’m 17 and a virgin. Will a small Meluna be better for me?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It depends on your flow, the smaller the cup, the less liquid it holds. Perhaps medium Melina?

      Also, if you do get a new cup, try inserting with the folded crease facing down or backward. That seems to pop open better, because the back wall of the vagina provides more room. Make sure at least one of the suction release holes is inside the fold crease when you insert. That helps too, because it stays exposed to air longer, so it can open better.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  48. Alex said,


    I want to order a MeLuna Cup. But I’m in doubt what size and stem shape.
    I’d probably shop the L size, but from what I’ve read here it might be uncomfortable if its too big for my body, I don’t know my length inside, or how to mesure it.. The stem shape I’ve not sure what to choose, I´m afraid that the ball is too small to grab, the ring is too big and I can feel it, and the tradicional is either too big and difficult to grab when cutted 😦 Can you help me?
    I’m a 39 years old mum of 2 with a average to big flow in 2 days and a small flow in another 2 days period.
    Thanks a lot in advance. And thank you very much for being here to help so many women.


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Well the large would be easier to reach and it holds more for heavy days. But the medium may be more comfortable on lighter days. Of course you would have to empty the medium more often on heavy days. So I think it just depends how often you are willing to empty a cup.

  49. Mackenzie said,

    Hi, I really want to start using a cup, but I don’t know what brand I should get. I’m 20, sexually active but no kids. I don’t know how high my cervix is, but my flow’s been pretty light ever since I went on the pill; some months I’ll need regular tampons for a day or two, but most of the time I only use light tampons and some months I only need pantyliners. I’ve been leaning towards getting a Meluna, since they’re fairly inexpensive (and I’m a college student without a job :P). I was wondering if I should get the regular or soft Meluna, and small or medium? Or would a different cup altogether be better?

    Thanks so much! This site truly is wonderful.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      With such a light flow, you could probably get away with using a small. But being 20 and sexually active, the medium might be better… Especially if you have a change in flow or something. Regular or soft? Well, that basically depends if you are super sensitive inside or not (soft would feel better in that case). Or if you don’t want more hassle with popping open (regular pops open easier).

      • Mackenzie said,

        Well, I just placed an order for a small Meluna. Hope this goes well!

        Anyone have any idea when I should expect it to arrive? I have no idea how long it takes for packages to get from Germany to the US…

  50. Amanda said,

    have you heard meluna has a new design?
    i was gonna get a cuplee but since new meluna L is very similar in size and id love to have a red cup i ordered one…not sure yet if ill get the old or the new, asked for new model,ill try to send photos if i get it.
    Nice for my particular taste this time but pity if all their cups will be longer..
    have you heard anything from “Frank”?
    or is it rumors…the size info is out of function on the page

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Ah yes, I’ve heard of the new design. Now that I am done relocating, I think I will ask him for some samples 🙂 Please do send photos if you get one.

  51. menstrualcupinfo said,

    Large Yuuki is a little longer in the body, so if you are having difficulty reaching a cup, then the longer cups are better. Plus they have a decent stem, so that should help. Good grips too. I’m not sure abotu Extra Large Meluna, because I have not yet gotten a sample of it from Frank. I will see if he can send me one 🙂

  52. beatrix said,

    Hi! You seem to be the expert on the subject, so I thought I would ask you… I am new to the menstrual cup thing, but I can’t wait to try! So yesterday I decided to order one, but I wish I had done more research. I only looked at Amazon and ordered the Keeper Moon Cup in size B after comparing it to the Diva Cup (which looked really long to me, btw). Now I am finding out about all the different styles and beautiful colors offered by Meluna, and now I want one! I haven’t received the Moon Cup yet so I don’t know how it will fit me, but I am interested in buying a second cup, possibly with different capacity. I am not sure which one to get and I am hoping for some advice.

    I am 26, 5’8″/medium build, sexually active, but never been pregnant. I have been on Nuvaring for 2 years so my flow is really light and only lasts 3-4 days. My cervix gets pretty soft and low during my period, too. I am leaning towards the small size because my flow is sooo light and I want it to be as comfortable as possible, but will it’s diameter be too small since I don’t have a petite frame? Which is better, the stem, ring or ball style? I am thinking I will keep the Moon Cup on hand for my occasional medium flow period that I get a few times a year, but I want a Meluna to use most of the time. I appreciate your input!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Fortunately, the size of our body is not related to the size of our vagina. 🙂 Both big and small women have larger or smaller vaginas. But being only 26, and having a light flow, you may be able to use a small. I’m 30 with a normal flow, and I only use smalls (I’ve never had a child). Try your moon cup when it comes, and you will know if small sizes work for you. But if your cervix comes down lower, I would say stick to shorter smalls/mediums, like Meluna, Lunette, Ladycup, Fleurcup, etc.

      If you get a Meluna, my personal favs are the ball stem, and traditional stems, because my cervix is low and ball stems are short and smooth, and traditional stems can be trimmed. But of course, that’s me 🙂

      Happy Halloween!

      • beatrix said,

        Thank you so much for your help! i just ordered 2 Melunas: small traditional stem in green and medium ring in red. They are so cute that I had to get two 🙂 I can’t wait until they arrive!

      • beatrix said,

        Hi again! I just wanted to follow up and thank you for your advice! I got the Keeper Moon Cup and used it over my last period. I had no trouble getting it in properly and the material is soft, yet it sprung into place when it unfolded. My only complaint is that it did feel really big. I had to cut almost the entire stem off so there is like 1cm left and it’s still almost poking out. I ordered the Meluna in small (stem) and medium (ring) and the small feels sooo much better! I was worried it would be too small (some things I read said that it felt so small that it was going to fall out) but for me it was a good fit. I don’t mind losing the capacity of the cup because when I used my Moon Cup last period, my flow was so light that I was able to go all day between changing the cup and it was only 1/4 of the way full. The medium is almost the same size as the Moon Cup, but just a little shorter and not as wide. I love the Melunas because of their colors and stem shapes! They are so much more fun than the Moon Cup (which reminds me of medical equipment. Not cute). My only complaint about Meluna is that they are a bit stiffer and don’t have the somewhat gummy feel that the silicone Moon Cup has, but it’s not a deal breaker. I just sewed up some reusable cloth panty liners to go with them, so I am all set!

  53. Anika said,

    I just received my small and medium meluna within 7 days of ordering. I have a large diva and wanted to try something softer. Not only did I get my small ball pink meluna and medium blue ring meluna, they also included 2 samples – an orange medium classic ball and a large pink stem soft. I’m so thrilled! It is true that it takes more practice to unfold a soft cup, but they are much more comfy to remove than the Diva. Even when I’m lazy and don’t really unfold the cup upon taking out it doesn’t hurt cause it is so soft! I’m all set with my cups now and couldn’t be happier. My SIL wants to try the Meluna too, I think I’ll order it as Christmas present (sounds funny, but she would appreciate it). Big thumbs up!

  54. redeye said,

    thanks for all the info on this site! i spent ages going through all the brands last night and eventually decided to go for a meluna because of the different stem types, softer material, and glitter option (i just had to when i saw it!).

    as it’s my first time buying a menstrual cup i wrote to them for advice on size, stem type and classic/soft. i got an email back from bianca first thing this morning advising M/ring/classic so that’s what i’ve ordered.

    i’ll let you know how i get on with the product itself but for now i have to say that i can’t fault the company at all! bianca was so lovely and helpful. she wrote to me to say that my order was in the post just an hour after i ordered it! can’t wait to try it out!

  55. Sarah said,

    Hello! After reading your info, I decided to by a Meluna medium. It arrived today, and it is easy to get in, comfy to wear when first inserted, but it drops low really quickly. I cut the stem off, and it is a bit comfier, but it still feels really low and odd. This is my first menstrual cup, and I have a similar problem with tampons. I have give birth vaginally once. Is it too small? Too big? Thanks!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If a cup keeps slipping down low, it means you have a low cervix. The cervix can move down and push your cup out, if its too long. I have a low cervix too, so I have to stick with cups that are short in the body. Medium Meluna is fairly short in the body, but it also depends on the type of stem… Meluna does have a “no stem” option, I find it more comfortable. But us “low cervix” folks, we usually don’t have any trouble reaching a short or stemless cup 🙂

      As far as I know, all we can do is either flip our cup inside-out (that shortens and smooths it), or stick with really short cups. There really is no way to push your cervix up, because after you push it up, the weight of your uterus and its natural inclination to move down will just make it come back down again.

    • Jen said,

      I gave birth vaginally as well and have a small frame. I bought the Small Meluna and find that if it’s not in exactly right, tucked back behind something, it falls down to the point where it is peeking out. Then I have to get to a bathroom and shove it back up. Reading these makes me think I must have a low cervix as well. I know my kegel muscles are weakened and I am working on that issue as well. I had to trim the ball completely off of my cup and then use a nail file to sand down the edge to make it comfortable. There is just not enough length inside me for any stem. I can wear the small for several hours without emptying it so I doubt I would need a medium, but I read if it falls down it is too small? I am liking the idea of the cup as a whole, but it seems to take a day or so during my period to get it settled in there right.

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        Hmmm…. You can try a wider cup, just to see if it makes a difference. The cup peeking out can be low cervix, or a cup too small to hold itself inside. Has a doctor ever commented on whether your cervix is high or low?

  56. Bernie said,

    I tried my MeLuna M ring base. I had a keeper A and had to cut the stem right off, but it then leaked. I tried the new MeLuna 1time but spent ages trying to get the thing out. I pushed it in quite far twisting also as I was trying to get it to pop open. Can I tie a string or some cord to it to help it come out till I get use to it. OR, was I pushing it in too far? I will try to see if there are any pictures of where it is suppose to sit. Thanks.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You can try not pushing it in so far. String, I’ve heard of people doing this, but the string may be difficult to keep clean, as you will be re-using this… If its not too much of a financial burden, you might try a Meluna with a regular stem and just trim it to your comfort. Depending where you got the meluna, you may be able to trade it for a stem style you prefer. Frank is usually pretty good about that.

  57. Bernie said,

    Thanks for reply. Currently I use string only at night and am able to steralise it. I am going to try a larger Meluna and possibly different stem as you suggested, as I am having to empty cup every 3 or 4 hours on heavier days. Thanks for your help.

  58. Diana said,

    I bought the Medium MeLuna [new style], and the first day of starting my cycle it was perfect [light flow for about 8 hours], but as my flow got heavier it started to leak after only 2 hours and was not full… would that suggest I need the Large MeLuna? or?


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If its leaking that soon, and not full, it might be you cervix moving down and taking up some space in you cup. That pretty common. A bigger cup might help, as they have more room. But if your cervix is low (like your cup always sits really low) then maybe a cup with no stem? Or a stem that can be trimmed to suit your needs.

  59. Jessie said,

    Hey, I recently found your blog and am so happy to because I am very confused by the choosing process. I saw the Diva Cup at Whole Foods and that triggered my research into cups. I know the small Diva cup would be way too big, but I’m not sure how small to go.

    I’m 5’4″, 23, and petite inside. I’m not a virgin, but I don’t sleep with men much, most of my relationships have been with women. I find many tampons to be uncomfortable. I only wear regulars and slenders. I think I have a low cervix, because I couldn’t wear the ring without it slipping out and I often can’t insert tampon applicators all the way inside. Also my gyno said it’s tilted too. I used to have a heavy flow as a teen, but it’s gotten lighter, I think due to a decade of BC use. I can usually wear a regular tampon for at least 5 hours on my heaviest day, and that’s usually only a single day.

    I don’t want to make the mistake of going to small, but I don’t want to be uncomfortable either. What would be your recommendation be? The MeLunas have definitely caught my interest. The ball stem seems like a good handle in theory. Also soft MeLuna versus normal MeLuna, is the softer really more comfortable? I am open to all brands. I am committed to trying a cup for my next period though.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You should probably avoid the small Meluna, that may actually be too small. But really, that is the only cup I can think of that might be too small, given your information… Medium Meluna might be ok, its not too big, and the capacity is fairly normal.

      Also consider:
      Small Lunette
      Small Ladycup
      Small Fleurcup
      Small Yuuki
      Small JuJu

      These have decent capacity for their size, but are not as big as many others.

      Hope this helps 🙂

    • HELP! said,

      Wanted to let you know: the FemmyCycle Cup is awesome! I haven’t tried it for myself yet, but I’ve hear glowing reports, and it doesn’t spill! Check it out at:

  60. Ava said,

    Help! 🙂 Which would you say is the easiest for a 13 year old, petite, virgin: a stem, ball or ring?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Because you don’t yet know how long or short you are inside, you might be better off with the stem. At least then you can trim it down if you need it shorter, you have a choice. 🙂

  61. Johanna said,

    I ordered a medium size classic Meluna with a loop-handle. I had been playing with the thought of ordering a large one as well but as it turned out the people at Meluna must have read my mind – they send me a free large glitter soft Meluna, also with a loop handle! It is in fact very pretty. Almost too pretty to use but exactly the type I had thought of ordering ;-). (I did – in fact – not comminucate with them before ordering in any way)
    What can I say… inserted the medium one (decided to try this in bed – that was a good idea I suppose ;-)). Put it in an all was well. I didn’t feel it sitting, moving or anything. The large one is just great as well. I had no troubles with it opening up (maybe it’s because I have left my teenage years behind well over a decade ago and just don’t have very strong muscles or whatever). Removing them does take a bit of practice but then – as I recall I was not perfect the first months trying my luck with tampons either and those struggles were soon forgotten.
    Due to neuropathy and its complications I was hesitant to use one with a stem as I was worried it would be too slippery and difficult to use. But with the loop I have a good grip and it makes the whole thing easy and comfortable to use for me. I can only recommend a loop handle for everyone who has numb fingers, tremor or lack of coordination. It is easier than taking hold of the string on a tampon this way!
    Right now I don’t consider going back to tampons. This is just so much more comfortable to use. Even though emptying these in a public bathroom does not sound very appealing (or easy) to me. But the wonderful thing is that it is unlikely you ever need to.

  62. shannon said,

    also I just took the which cup quiz and got diva cup small as my #1 choice, a 100% match.

  63. hadley said,

    Can these be purchased by Americans and shipped to the U.S.A.?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Yes they can 🙂 either at the original website, or you can get them on eBay. Also a great place is

  64. Thaïs Gualberto said,

    I’ve bought my first menstrual cup a few months ago. It’s a medium meluna soft, but I just can’t form the vacuum, and it keeps leaking. I have to use it with a panties protector (like carefree). I’ve tried it in every way, unsucessfuly. Does anyone else have this kind of problem with meluna soft? Or am I doing it all wrong? I’m thinking about buying a new one, normal (not a soft one), but they’re kinda expensive here in Brazil…

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Try squeezing the base of it to release some air and pull down slightly. If not… It may just be too soft for you.

  65. moosedawg71 said,

    Great site! This has been very helpful to me in selecting a new cup. I have been a cup convert for about he past 12 years. I started with a Keeper, then a Diva cup. I never knew there were so many others out there!

  66. Holly said,

    Hi there! I was wondering if you could please help me with a couple of questions I have 🙂

    I currently have a small Lunette, which is absolutely wonderful and a perfect fit. However, I’m looking for a bigger cup with more capacity for my heavy days so I won’t have to empty as often. I’m a very petite woman so I’m also looking for a cup that is shorter. I’ve not had a baby but I do have an extremely sensitive bladder, which is why I’m considering Meluna over the stiffer large Lunette.

    So my questions are: 1) Would you say the Large or X Large Meluna is closer in size to the Large Lunette? 2) Which Meluna version is closest in stiffness/squishiness to the Small Lunette I use now- the classic or the soft?

    Thank you for your time and your wonderfully informative site, I hope you’re having a wonderful day! 🙂

  67. Cristina Chiriboga said,

    Hi!!! I am an ecuadorian living in India. Here pads are huuuuuuge basically like adult diapers and I just couldn’t get used to them, plus I started getting frequent yeast infections (here weather is hot and humid all the time) and I suffer from terrible dryness when I use tampons. I ordered Mooncup UK size B and I really didn’t have a good experience. The cup seems pretty rigid nonetheless I think I didn’t have much issues inserting it plus it pops inside super fast. Taking it out is a nightmare… I trimmed the stem quite a bit probably too much, I had to squat and push quite a bit I was very tense. Anyways releasing the seal is quite difficult because the cup is so rigid so all the time I was pulling the stem until the seal was released I think I must have hurt the skin inside by doing that because at the end of the second day of my periods I was feeling it sore and a bit of irritation. I have very light periods I believe 16-20ml of menstrual fluid, only for a couple of days and then the third and fourth day is basically very little brownish fluid. I really don’t want to give up on menstrual cups so fast, though I am tempted. I am 26 years old, no kids, sexually active, average build (55 kg 161 cm). I have started doing yoga-pilates a month ago. After i checked out your blog I got the gut feeling that meluna might be good for me. Which one would you advice me to get? Thanks!!!

  68. beatrice said,

    I’ve been using a meluna for years, I love it but it’s a little bit to small for my flow. So I’m looking for a cup with a higher capacity (the medium meluna is only 15cc,). I ‘ve purshased several others like big lady cup (wich is too long) and a small and a big fleurcup. The small fleurcup has the same lenght that the medium meluna but not the same shape, (for a better capacity)but, it’s too long (and it’s pops out!) .I haven’t even tried the big one.
    I figure out that the shape and the streghness of medium meluna(ball) is what I need. On your post about meluna you say that they have changed all the shapes for bell shape! Is there another brand with cone shape? Do you may have an other idea?
    Thank you for your work, it’s just essential.

  69. Ashley said,

    I know this is a suppperrr old post, so sorry if this necroes it somehow. I was wondering, though, are those changes what are current today (Oct 2012)? Like is the ball stem still more flattened? And are the shades accurate to the colors out currently? (It seems they are different now, which is why I ask. That green looks so prettier in pictures than online! And the flat ball thing looks better than it rounded. Sigh.

  70. Liz1098 said,

    I don’t know which cup is better, the small meluna classic with the ball stem or the size 1 diva cup… I am almost 14, and I want whichever will work best. I currently use Tampons… and Pads when I have to, and a cup really seems to be the better alternative for my active & busy lifestyle… which cup would you recommend?

    Also, I am trying to get my mom to let me get one, and they are hard to explain, and she does not know what it is… Any ideas on an easy and short way to explain it to her what a cup is?


  71. Elin said,


    just curious, I have a MoonCup UK, how firm is the classic meluna medium or large, compared to the MoonCup? Also when I was younger I tried Keeper which was so stiff I could’nt handle it, is the classic meluna anything like the texture/stiffness of the Keeper? just trying to get an idea of how flexible the meluna is if I ever decide to buy one (they’re so customizable and attractive, you know 🙂

  72. Hanna R said,

    Okay so I am 23 a diva cup 1 user for 4 years now. It always seemed a little big but it never occurred to me that I could find another brand that would be smaller!
    I’m pretty sold on the meluna but Im having difficulty deciding whether I want to go soft, original, or the new sport meluna which is harder(i like that it opens easily) the problem with the hard one is that I already feel a little….stretched…. after using my diva cup so I’m wondering if softness of the cup will have an effect on my pelvic muscles? Im thinking about this mostly for my sex life and recovery after childbirth.
    Also, Small or Medium? I usually have one or two days of heavy flow and 3+ days of hardly anything.

  73. Hannah said,

    Okay so I am 23 a diva cup 1 user for 4 years now. It always seemed a little big but it never occurred to me that I could find another brand that would be smaller!
    I’m pretty sold on the meluna but Im having difficulty deciding whether I want to go soft, original, or the new sport meluna which is harder(i like that it opens easily) the problem with the hard one is that I already feel a little….stretched…. after using my diva cup so I’m wondering if softness of the cup will have an effect on my pelvic muscles? Im thinking about this mostly for my sex life and recovery after childbirth.
    Also, Small or Medium? I usually have one or two days of heavy flow and 3+ days of hardly anything.

  74. EMtheFutureDoctor said,

    Hi Cuppers!

    I am soooo excited to receive my MeLuna! I have a question about shipping time.

    How long did it take for your MeLuna to arrive? Mine was shipped on December 11th. I’ve been tracking it everyday via the usps & deutschepost websites. Deutschpost states my package left Germany on December 15th and is “in transit” to the US. The usps website states the have “received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece”. It’s been 10 days since my cup was shipped (and yes, I know the post is slow due to crazy holiday mass shipping 🙂 ). How much longer do you think it will take to receive? I live in Florida, by the way, so it’s not like it has to travel across the country to California or anything.
    I’m getting a little impatient as Dear Old Aunt Flo is coming in about a week. I want to have time to do a few practice runs to make sure I’m using it properly. And I really don’t want to have to use tampons now that I’ve discovered the awesomeness that is MeLuna.

    Thanks girls!

    <3, E.M.

  75. HELP! said,

    I’m 12 and I just found out about the MeLuna cups(and cups in general. I’ve had my period for a year or so, and I really want to switch from tampons to cups. But my mom says that she thinks that anything “down there” should breath! I am very active and need this cup! HELP!

  76. LouMacJ said,

    Hi Melissa, I wondered if you could help me in choosing my next cup. I have a small Meluna which I like but I wondered if you could recommend something similar with a less pronounced rim? I have no preference really about softness (I’m not even sure how soft or otherwise my Meluna is!) but I do have quite a light flow. Thanks in advance.

    HELP, if you are still trying to convince your mom, why don’t you ask her to look around this site with you, and show her the benefits of using cups? If she is concerned about being able to “breathe” I can tell you from my experience that disposable pads (which I used throughout my teens) made me sweaty and itchy, and tampons (which I used from the age of 20) always seemed to hurt me as my period got lighter. They are absorbent, so they take in not just blood but other secretions that the vagina produces in order to kept itself healthy and moist. A cup isn’t absorbent like a tampon so it allows your vagina to be more natural than with tampons. The small Meluna is probably a good size for a young teen but I will say that the pronounced rim might be a little painful to insert at first. Good luck!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You can try smalls of these brands, they have less pronounced rims:

      JuJu (if you live in a country they ship to)

      Juju is the smallest of those. But if you do not live in a country they ship to, then Ladycup is the smallest. 🙂

    • HELP! said,

      Thanks! I’ll try your advice. For the first few months I had my period I used pads. they are SO uncomfortable! I use tampons now, but they do get very uncomfortable during the last few days of my period. Thank you so much for your advice! HELP!

  77. HELP! said,

    Hi there, it’s HELP! again…I was just wondering if any of you have had experience with FemmyCycle ( I looked online, and I really like the design. Have you tried it? Do you like it? Just wanted to know!

    By the way, if I am 12 and have a semi-heavy flow the first few days of my period and medium/light flow the rest of my period, and my cervix is pretty low during my period, what MeLuna cup size would you suggest? Thank you for all your help!

    (I”m feeling So stupid about my name…oh well.*sigh*

  78. Wyllow said,

    How does the firmness of the Meluna compare to the Lunette? I have a Large Lunette that I’m still getting used to (only on cycle two with it so far), but I’m not sure I love it. I’ve given birth, so I ordered the large to be safe, even though I have a shorter vagina, and the cup is sometimes a bit uncomfortable. It’s still better than tampons, but I’m looking for slightly shorter cups, with a similar firmness to the Lunette (maybe slightly softer). I know the soft Meluna is much softer than the classic, so I’m really just wondering how they compare to Lunette and other cups as far as firmness is concerned.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Please check my measurement chart, its in the link over to the tight, and down a big on any of my blog pages here. Is also a “stiffness” rating list down at the bottom on that page. 🙂

  79. Danielle B. said,

    I bought a classic, large, with ball stem from MeLuna. I found it difficult to insert, and then once in I don’t think it was popping open like it needed to. It took many times to finally get it in correctly, when I finally did it was uncomfortable to wear. I have had 3 births (1 c/s, 2 vaginal) so according to them do need the large. What is your advice? Try a soft instead of classic? Try a smaller size? Or try a different brand?? Thank you!!

    • Xanda said,

      Hi Danielle, I have exactly the same problems. I have 2 sizes, classic M and soft L. For me it’s easier the classic M, but it’s not enough to my flow, I have to change it several times a day. What I normally do is to use it only in the last days of my period. Even so, it’s always very difficult to insert it. So I’m waiting for the same reply that you do, if you don’t mind me sneaking in 🙂

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        I posted a reply 🙂

  80. Lumi said,

    I’m looking into purchasing a cup and am currently thinking about the MeLuna, but I don’t know if I should go for the Classic or Soft (or Sport for that matter but I think it might be too firm). I did own the LadyCup and if I recall it was comfortable, so if you could tell me how the Classic and Soft compares to that it would be of great help!

    Also, which end/stem do you prefer on the MeLuna? The ring looks foolproof, but big. I don’t know if the ball or stem would give me a better grip.


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Well since i have a low cervix, I like the ball stem or no stem. But someone with a higher cervix may feel differently.

      If you liked the softness of ladycup, then you might prefer the soft Meluna, in my opinion. 🙂

  81. Jodi said,

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if you can really feel the difference in size between a meluna soft small and a soft medium and what the capacity difference actually is. I’ve done a lot of research and i think it comes down to those two for my first.
    Thanks so much for your help and information!

  82. Nicky said,

    Hi I recently tried a small Yuuki cup overnight and it disappeared up inside my vagina and took 45 mins and a lot of pushing to get it to come down. I don’t want to experience that again but I’d like to try another cup. I’m 31 and haven’t had children yet.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You probably just have a high cervix, so anything you put inside will want to sit up higher. You might have better luck with a longer cup, such as DivaCup, its easier to reach.

  83. Chrissy said,

    has anyone compared the small ladycups to the melunas? I need a bit bigger for my first day or 2 and the small ladycup does well about half thur but I kinda want another cup anyway lol, im virgin and small down there. the small does good but I want more capacity any other cups that might do better? thanks

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