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Its difficult for me to offer a lot of information about this brand, since I don’t know anyone who owns one yet, and I have only seen photos online.  I also had to translate some information form websites.  But I’ve done my best to gather as much information as possible.

MissCup is another new brand of menstrual cup that recently popped up.  The website ( http://www.misscup.com ) is in Portuguese, and the product is manufactured in Brazil.

This cup is made of medical silicone, and only offered in clear for now.

The sizes are B (small) and A (Large), The size A is 4.3 cm in diameter and B is 4.0 cm. The height of the two is the same, 7.2 to the stem (which is 1.6 cm, but can be cut, according to the guidelines of the instructions). The capacity is approximately 30 ml.

A-Large– typically recommended for women over 30 years or who already have children (regardless of type of delivery).

B- small- typically recommended for women under 30 who are childless.

MissCup’s box is different shades of purple and pink, with hues of orange for size B, and hues of blue for size A.  The storage pouch is white with a ribbon drawstring, with pink and purple shapes and lettering.

Stem appears to be hallow, and from the photos, it looks like there are some grip rings at the base.  It only has one rim, and high suction release holes (4 of them, I believe?).  The cup is mostly smooth on the outside, like a Ladycup, except for the grips.

The company recommends never going longer than 12 hours without emptying and washing the cup, but says their cup will last for years, if properly cared for.   It should be washed daily with soap and water, and boiled to sterilize once a month, for 5 minutes.

Here is a list of their distributors:  http://loja.misscup.com.br/revendedores

Here are some linked photos from web pages that promote MissCup:


  1. Priscilla said,

    Sorry, but as a Brazilian person who is reading your description, I must point out that Portuguese is the official language in Brazil. You seemed a little doubtful for some reason.
    Thanks for all your trouble reviewing the cups. It has helped a lot of people, me included.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh! 🙂 Believe it or not, I actually didn’t know that…. lol. I’ll see if I can fix it. I think rather than saying “but” I should say “and”. Thanks for pointing that out.


  2. Genna said,

    I like how it’s longer than other cups with a smaller width.
    I would like to try it for days I am going out to hang out with friends or have long work hours.
    Hopefully one day they’ll start selling these in english overseas 😀

  3. Penny Gadget said,

    Genna, you should really look into the Meluna cups, from Europe. They make a very long cup in the large size.
    It might be just what you’re looking for. There’s a link on the side to MeLuna cups.

    I’m in Australia, and have purchased from their website several times.
    Plus, I get lots of interesting free sample cups as well. (I got a large one last time, and it’s too big for me, and my flow is lighter)

    Good luck!

  4. kypiroth said,

    Just by-the-way, the links to the MissCup site are no longer valid. I was just checking out all the cups you have listed and this one said the site is for sell (for only $2500, if anyone is interested 😛 ).

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