About LilaCup

The LilaCup appears to be a Russian menstrual cup, as the website is written in Russian.   Its difficult for me to translate much of the page, as the text on most the website is not in a form that can be copied and pasted into a translator.   But I will offer as much information as I can manage to get.  I have also added some photos of the cup and their other products below.   Here is their website:


The LilaCup is clear medical silicone, with a glossy finish.   Suction release holes are near the upper rim.  The body reminds me of the IrisCup, while the tail reminds me of the Si-Bell cup; a solid cord-like stem with grip rings.  It looks like there are some grip textures on the base of the cup as well.

This cup is offered in a large and small size.   I’ve seen a decorative product box on their site with designs in different  shades of purple, and a cloth storage pouch as well.   The pouch looks satiny, and grey with a purple ribbon.  But I am not sure if they offer pouches in other colors.

It also looks like they offer other products, such as disinfecting hand gel, disinfecting wipes and sanitizing tablets (probably for soaking the cup in).

hand gel lilacup1 lilacup2 lilacup3 lilacup4 lilacup5 tablets wipes

So this company is a great option for people who live in Russia.

I would love to gather more information on this cup.  Or perhaps if someone here can read Russian and give me some other details they may have on their page, like size measurements, capacity, etc.—that would be wonderful.   If you can do that, please leave the information in a comment.

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  1. Quitterie said,

    Hey hey! Melissa 🙂 a Russian friend gave me the measurements she saw on the site 😉 =

    Small size

    diameter : 40mm
    total length : 75
    cup length : 50
    capacity : 20ml

    Large size

    diameter : 45mm
    total length : 70
    cup length : 55
    capacity : 25ml

    But I forgot to ask her if the number of holes was indicated too ;s….

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