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IrisCup is another new brand of menstrual cup, from Spain.  The website is in Spanish, but of course Google Translate can take care of that:

Here is my video for this brand:


I got my large pink Iriscup from a woman in the USA, who bought a few and had some extras.

I LOVED the box, and the pouch, they were just too cute for words.  I really like a red/white combo.

These cups only come in clear and pink for now.  But they do have 2 sizes, small and large.

I don’t have a small Iriscup, so I can only compare the large.  But first, I have to say that it is almost exactly like a lady cup.  I mean in terms of the size, shape, texture, and hole positions/angles.  Although the silicone does seem a bit more “bendy and stretchy”.  See my video above for an example.

I used a C-fold for this cup, because it is so soft.  Its actually a bit softer than a ladycup, so popping open was a little more difficult.  The other thing is, I normally use a small, because most larges are just too big for me.  If a cup is too large (and too soft) I usually cannot get it to pop open.

I can, however get a large lady cup to pop open, but large Iris cup, it takes a lot more coaxing.  The way I did it was I of course used some water-based lubricant.  But again, with softer cups, my usual method of “inserting halfway, letting it pop open, and coaxing it up the rest of the way”  does not work.  So I have to insert it all the way, then let go, and rotate it to pop it open.  I’ve noticed that there is more room in the upper half of the vagina, than in the lower half.  So I think that’s why this method works with softer cups.  My lower vaginal muscles are just too firm to do it the other way.

Once I got it open, it did form a good seal, and of course it was comfortable.  Due to the softness, the Iriscup stem is actually less “poky” than the lady cup stem, so that is a plus.

Iris cup is slippery during removal.  There are grip rings on the stem, but none on the base of the cup.  So I had to use the “dry fingers” trick, by keeping toilet paper in my hand and dabbing my fingers dry during removal, to have better grip.  Then, same as with a lady cup– pinch the base and rock it from side to side, to break the suction.  The ease it out carefully, keeping it upright as it comes out.   The grip rings help “a little bit” but only if you pinch them really hard.

The silicone seems to be pretty good quality.  Of course I am partial to pronounces grip rings on the base of a cup, but some people really like a smooth outer surface.  Also, due to the similarity between this cup and ladycup, I think it may be safe to assume that the small Iriscup probably resembles small ladycup?

So if you like Ladycup, but you still want something a tiny bit softer, then this is a good one.


Here is a menstrual discussion about IrisCup from when I first posted there in regards to it:

And another discussion thread:

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