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To start with, I will say that the SheCup team is a wonderful company to deal with.  They were just starting out and they sent me quite a generous sample package!  All the goods came in a large (durable) envelope from India.  Inside the package, I received:

*  2 Shecup menstrual cups (one was the regular light-pink color, the other was a new multi-colored pink and purple, which they entrusted me with and asked my opinion on).

* The Shecup product box (they folded it flat to protect it in the mail, so I assembled after receiving it)

* Their cloth storage pouch made from pure un-dyed Khadi (an eco-friendly material) with a “Gandhi Hatt” tag on the side.

* A package of their specially developed soap strips for cleaning and sterilizing of the cup

Here are some photos of the two cups I received, along with the box, storage pouch and wipes.  To make the photos bigger, simply click on them:

For now, the cups only come in one size, but I find it is a modest size.  Not too big, not too small.  The material of the cups is very soft and pliable– excellent quality silicone!  The suction release holes are located under the second rim, there are 4 of them.  Writing on the inside of the rim displays the company’s website .

The Cups

Very easy to keep folded.  After I sterilized them, I tried one of them out and the softness made it quite comfortable.  With a soft cup, I always say it’s a good idea to make sure the fold crease goes right a long one of the suction release holes.  Then after you insert it, keep one finger along the side of it (in the fold crease) to slowly ease the cup open.  This keeps the holes exposed to air longer, thus allowing the cup to open more thoroughly.

As for capacity, to the air holes the cups are about 16 ml.  Up to the rim they’re about 28 ml.

Removal was easy too, the bottom of the cup is slightly reinforced so its easy to grip.  The “pinch and tilt” method works well (where you pinch the bottom of the cup and tilt it from side to side to break the suction and remove it).

I like the little rounded nub stem, it has a single grip ring going around it, as you can see in the photos– a VERY good idea, it helps with grip.  Around the base of the cup, there are also some grip lines.  There are 6 of them, and uniquely, they go up-and-down.  If you like to rotate your cup to make sure it pops open and seals better, having grip lines that go up and down really helps with that.  Also the air suction release holes are super easy to clean, just fill the cup with water, place the palm of your hand over the top and squeeze.  The water comes out the holes quite nicely.

There are measuring lines on the sides, marked 6 and 12 ml.  I have only been able to test one of the cups on a “dry run” so far (while not having my cycle).  But I can already tell by looking at it, this cup will have great capacity.    I will update on the cup’s use when my cycle comes.

The Soap Strips

Basically what you do is wet the soap strip and  the cup with warm or hot water.  The soap strip will release a nice lather, which you can rub all over your cup for washing.  But the strip itself does not dissolve; rather it becomes  soft, thin paper-like material that you can throw away when you are done, so you actually have a little something to scrub with 🙂 .  But it doesn’t just clean the cup, it actually sanitizes it.  This is important if you are in an area where you cannot access clean water.  These little strips are convenient if you are cleaning it on the go, because its just a small pack about he size of a match box.

The Storage Pouch

It is made out of durable, pure un-dyed Khadi, “keeping the product eco-friendly and also supporting the social cause of cottage industries”. Its almost like denim, but thinner, and easier to manage.   To me, it has a certain historical charm…  The color and weave remind me of scroll cloth, or maybe “homespun”.     Here is a quote from an email they sent me, containing some extra background on their reasons for choosing this material.  I thought it would be interesting for potential customers to read:

Gandhi Hatt is a not for profit organisation working on the principals of Mahatma Gandhi. We developed the storage pouch from them for 2 reasons:

1) Mahatma Gandhi taught us to live with minimum requirements avoiding wastage and exploitation of depleting natural resources. Living as per his principals we would reduce the landfills which are major cause of concern vis-a-vis the environmental hazards. Shecup contributes to this cause as the conventional products like Pads/Ttampons contribute substantially to landfills and take hundreds of years to decompose. We have provided Shecup at such a reasonable cost without compromising on the quality as a part of our social responsibility and this way we have associated ourselves with Gandhi Hatt.

2) by procuring the pouches from Gandhi Hatt we support the local cottage industry which provides livelihood to the poor from the rural sectors of India. The word ‘Hatt’ means a local bazaar.”

My Personal Opinion:

I can honestly say, I really like these cups!  So far, everyone who has written a private or public message to me, is curious and wants to try them.  Especially the multi-colored one, that is something quite unique!  They used a pretty combination of colors, the pink in the blended one is a little bit darker than the original cup.  But on a deeper level, the blend of those two colors (for me) symbolizes the transition from girlhood to womanhood.  I noticed that it also matches with their color theme on their box (pink blending into purple).  I was wondering when someone would come up with a multi-colored cup, I always thought it would be a clever idea.  I personally hope they keep this one in their product line.

Overall, I am very pleased with the quality, the colors, the packaging.  The company always responded to my emails, and were very helpful in providing me with information.  I would certainly recommend this cup to anyone who needs something soft and comfortable, but that also has good capacity and no stem to bother with. I’m also happy to see a lovely brand like this being offered in India.  My husband is from India, and all my in-laws live there.  I’m hoping I will be able to introduce this idea to my husband’s two sisters and niece over there, that would be exciting!

I would like to thank the Shecup team for all their help and generosity with this sample package.  It has been a great honor to sample their two cups, and I hope to soon see every online reusable feminine product stockiest carrying this line.

Update — March 31, 2010:

I have now been able to test SheCup during my cycle (on the heaviest day), and I am pleased to say– It was comfortable, and NO LEAKS!  Yay!  It lasted quite a long time too.  Because its soft and the stem is so small, I almost forgot I was wearing it for a while, lol.  The suction was easy for me to break too, because of the holes being under the second rim.  I have a heavy flow, but even after 5 hours, it was only half full, so I’m sure I could have gone longer.  All in all great experience!

To Order SheCup:

Order on Ebay UK:

On :

Shecup can also be ordered directly from the website through the option on Contact Us page. They also provide an option for the eco friendly to order it without the external packaging. The link is given below.

Link to for ordering



  1. Feminine Wear said,

    We are waiting for stock to arrive and then we will be able to sell the Shecup! How exciting. I hope they market the pink/purple cup 🙂

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Me too, I love it!

    • Knitted in the Womb said,

      Yes, I hope they market the pink/purple as well. I’m looking to get a cup for my daughter, and the pink/purple would definitely be more appealing to her.

    • Sue said,

      I’d like a free sample

  2. Easycup said,

    it looks so pretty, and Shecup sent you a sample as soon as you asked it ? wow they’re great, very nice !!
    I love the bicolor cup !!

    I’ll try to update my website 🙂

    thanks for the news Melissa ! 🙂

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Yeah, it was very nice of them to do that, They are quite a respectable comapny in my opinion 🙂

  3. Newcupuser said,

    I have just received my Shecup today and agree with all you say regarding softness and capacity. I have noticed just one thing – the instructions say to boil for 20 minutes where most cups only require 5 mins – do you know why this is? Is the silicone of the Shecup different to others? Just thought you might know!!

    Also just wanted to say thanks for all you really useful advice on your website and you tube clips – they have been really useful for a new cup user!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I recieved an interesting email from SheCup about this– they informed me that ‘Boiling in water for fifteen minutes will kill most vegetative bacteria”, so they advise 20 minutes just to be safe, as they care very much for the health of their customers.

      They also informed me that this information is available on Wikepedia, for anyone who is curious and wants to confirm.

      In fact, that bit of information makes me want to start boiling mine for 20 minutes now 🙂 Before, I would only do 5 minutes… Yikes! lol

  4. Meig said,

    I love the multi-colored cup and I hope they market it. I just ordered a regular one, can’t wait to get it. Thanks for the review.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Welcome, give us an update when your cup gets here!

  5. sunita bhatia said,

    hi, iam using it since last six months ,its excellent my days of period is so easy without any tension with good saving of dollars per month what i use to spend on pads.Its wonderful i just love it.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      6 months, wow! good to have the word of a long-time user 🙂

  6. bella said,

    how would you say it compares to the large or small Lunette in terms of squishiness? =)

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Softer than both 🙂

  7. monica said,

    Hello melissa, and aloha to all the other gals who love this much needed and informative site as much as i do. I’ve got some questions i’d like to ask about the shecup, i tried to find thier email to contact them directly with my questions but I haven’t found it. the first question is can i use milton’s sterlizing tablets, instead of boiling the cup for 5 min ( after i’m done using it for the month)? if yes then how much water do i use per 1/4 of a tablet & if I’m sterilizing two cups do I use half a tablet and do I use regular tap water & should the water be hot ,cold or boiling hot? the second question is how much is the cost per cup in American dollars, 7 the cost of ground shipping to Hawaii? again for some reseason my broswer will not show pictures of it on the shecup website, so I can’t view the price,also do they aceept visa debit cards? & what website is selling the pink/purple multicolor cup?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I don’t think they post their business email out in the open, but if you go to their website and click on the “contact us” tab, you can send them a message with your email, and they can get back to you. That is how I contacted them. 🙂

      Weather or not you can use the tablets depends on what they say, because all cups are made from a slightly different silicone, so its a good idea to get their approval first. Some companies say yes, and some companies say no. I have never used those tablets, so I’m not sure of the measurements.. Also, their cups do come with soap strips that both clean and sterilize the cup, but I think they still want you to do a seperate sterilizing practice, just to be safe. You may also want to ask them how they feel abotu soaking a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, swabbing the cup with it, and then rinsing it VERY well after it dries. Again, some companies approve this for their silicone, and some don’t.

      All total for the cup, when you convert Rupees to dollars, you can expect to pay around $35 (last I checked, with shipping included, I’m not sure if it has changed). You an either ask them about payment methods (mine was a free sample, so I’m not sure). Thus far, I have not heard any word on weather or not they are actually selling the pink/purple multi-colored cup… I think until they decide, it was just a sample they sent to me to evaluate, and get other potential customer’s opinions on it, before they decide for sure. Hopefully they will be selling it in the future, because several people seem to like it.

    • Mary said,

      If it’s of any help, I’ve used Milton since I first got the cup, and it’s had no bad effects that I can see. It restores the original colour much better than boiling, and it’s far more convenient. I make it up to the concentration recommended for sterilising baby feeding bottles, but only use half a tablet (and therefore half the water), as the cup’s obviously a lot smaller than a feeding bottle!

  8. monica said,

    Hello melissa from monica, thank for you very much for taking the time to promptly & throughly answer all the questions in my detailed post comment

  9. monica said,

    hey there melissa, I’ve tried to purchase the she cup , so far thru the three links you mention above, but so far have only come againest roadblocks, i filled out an order form on the company website but so far I haven’t recieved,any emails reguarding it, then i tried, and they said they’ve only got one left & there not going to restock & they don’t ship to hawaii, then i tried amazon got halfway through the order process then was informed they can’t ship the cup to Hawaii,no good reason was given. I even tried Ebay thinking I could get a good deal thier, but was outbid so many times i gave up. i really like the desighn of the shecup with just a little button for a stem plus vertical grip rings now that is what i call a thoughtful & practical desighn made to fit a woman’s sensitive parts plus you said it doesn’t leak!, your great review helped me decide which features i wanted to look for, the stems on all the other models scare me, they all look so pokey! ( even on the yuuki & the lady cup, even though you said, thier stems were’nt as uncomfortable as other models) if it was women who were designing the cups I’m pretty sure they would all have ball or ring pull stems, not long pokey stems! i mean i realize the stems are there to help get it out easier,but i’m sure those desighners could have put more thought into it!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hmmm, that’s very strange, I will have to speak with Teresa from femininewear, and ask her why she is not going to restock… As for the company, I don’t know why you are having trouble…. That too is strange. Since I didn’t “order” mine traditionally, I’m not sure how that process works… If ebay will ship to Hawaii, I would still say that is your best bet. I am an ebay seller (not for cups though, other things). I buy things a lot there too, and I usually do win what I bid on, but it’s tricky… I just wait until the last minute to make even my first bid (that keeps the price low), and then maybe I will but $2 more than the last person. Then there is no time for them to enter another bid, and I win, lol.

  10. Femininewear said,

    Hi Monica
    I did receive your email and replied with a link to the shipping prices, Hawaii is no problem and we have posted there before.
    We had one left but unfortunately it has now been sold.

  11. monica said,

    hey, melissa, thanks again for replying to my comment so quickly, i’ve a question from what i understand so far about proper cup placement, from reading your blogs and other blogs and from the miacup site is this and please correct me if i’ve got this wrong. The placement of the cervix( the entrance to the womb, which on its tip contains the slit where our menstraul blood comes out of the womb and into the canal). It either rides high, low or somewhere inbetween and angle of the vaginal canal is also different on every woman, in some women the cervix moves down near the opening of vagina when we are bleeding with other’s it stays high or low no matter where we are in our cycle. So, If we have a cervix that is in the low position, than we have to place the cervix in the center of the cup, and cup seal is formed around the upper part of the cervix? however if we have a cervix that rides high, than we place the cup way lower down the vaginal canal, near the opening , but far enough in so that the cup stem doesn’t stick out , then the cups seal is actually formed with the walls of the canal?

  12. Nadia said,

    What size is it, even though there’s only one size? It doesn’t say on the website.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Its equal to most other brand’s small size. I’m not sure of the exact measurements, as I have lost my tape measure, but I would say if you were to remove the Diva stem completely, SheCup would be about as long, nub stem and all. About as wide too. Although its suction release holes are lower. Pretty much same size as small Miacup too.

  13. anu said,

    wont it hurt when putting?? i have not tried anything else except sanitery pads so am really scared if it hurts or irritates.. or feel uncomfortable while walking n stuff.. please tell somethign abt that.. am a 17yr old girl.. n yeah if we keep wearing it wont our vagina become big??or loosen up?? my mom said its gud for women who r married n have kids.. because the vagina would be loose for them already!! so..wt would u say?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      The vagina is a flexible muscle, it can stretch to the size of a baby’s head, and then shrink small again, enough for a husband and wife to enjoy intimacy. Even women who’ve had sexual intercourse, if they go 6 months to a year with no sex, they can shrink down very small again, to where sex will hurt again, as if they were a virgin. So certainly, a cup is not big enough to do any such damage. A virgin may find it a bit uncomfortable the first few times she uses it, but that will go away with more use. Your nerves simply need to adjust to having something inside, they will be more sensitive the first few times. And of coruse, some virgins have very little or no pain, it depends on yoru body. Of course, that’s assuming you have no medical conditions that cause unusual pains. 🙂

  14. Rajesh gadge said,

    I love shecup wth my new wife.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Its good to see a person supporting their wife 🙂

  15. Pinky said,

    Hi, I just started using SheCup. First time wen i inserted it, it went soo inside tat i got scared. Whenever i tried to pull it out, it started slipping more and more inside. Finnaly i removed it with lot of effort. CAn anyone tell me if its harmful if it goes completely inside. Will it be possible to take it out without much harm? I am thinking wat if it goes completely in and not be able to remove it out?
    However now i am cautios while inserting it. I wud be relieved if anyone confirms me tat it will not go completely in.
    Ohter than this , SheCup is simply amazing!! Thank u Shecup team for coming up with such a wonderful product!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,


      The end and the sides of our vagina are closed, like a pocket. So the cup cannot get lost in our body, meaning it cannot go outside the vagina. Very often, a cup might want to sit at the end of the vagina, but again, it cannot get lost, because the end is closed. So its ok for a cup to go completely inside. It will always find a place that it likes to stay. But if this is the case, you will have to find ways to push your cup down lower with your muscles and get hold of it to take it out.

      We each have a different length in our vagina, some of us are longer, some are shorter. If you are longer, you can push down with your lower stomach and pelvic muscles, like you are having a bowel movement. This will shorten the vagina, and bring the cup closer to your reach. Another trick is to keep some toilet tissue in your hand and stop a few times to dry off your fingers. then continue trying to remove it. The more dry your fingers are, the better you can grab it.

      I will say this– the more you pracice, the easier and faster it gets. I hope this helps,


      • Pinky said,

        Thank you soo much Melissa. I am very much relieved now 🙂

  16. urvashi said,

    hey melissa!!!
    i am using shecup since last three months, but most of the times its leaking and its not even half full after removal.
    i have a low cervix(around 4mm) during my periods and my cup sits low with 1mm of lower part of the cup alongwith stem ball at the opening of tissues of my vagina(i hope its not harmful with the long use) though i can barely feel it and its not discomforting. and i have v.heavy flow(clots and all) on 2nd and third day.
    do u think that i chose a wrong cup since shecup is the only one easily available in mumbai.
    please help as i really want my cup to work for me.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If you have a low cervix, sometimes it can take up space in the cup and cause it to overflow sooner. You can try emptying it more freequently if you think this may be the problem. Also does it leak all the time? Or only after a while? If it leaks all the time, then it may be the angle you insert. While inserting in the vagina, always make sure you aim back toward the rectum– never aim straight up.

      Another thing you can try– when inserting, try it with the fold crease facing down, or maybe to the side. Some women find it opens and seals better this way.

  17. urvashi said,

    hey melissa!!!!
    can you reply to my earlier post at the earliest as i am expecting my periods tomm.

  18. Ciolazar said,

    Hello there. I received a shecup today in the mail. This is just in time for my period as it will be here in a few days. No one I know has heard of this product, and I am wondering why none of our gynecologists have ever mentioned this to us? I know you don’t know the answer to that, but how did you first hear about them? I stumbled across this product by accident, which was a good thing.

  19. Ciolazar said,

    Oh, one question. Once I have used all of the sanitary wipes that came with the cup, how do I clean it from then on after each usage? I would like to know if there is a type of soap I could buy in the store. They don’t sell these cups anywhere near me, in any brand, at least not that I can find. I know I could order something online, but do you have any other suggestions in case that isn’t available when I need it?

    Thank you for this great review site!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Of course the exact brands are goin to be different in the stores, for every part of the world. But normally, most menstrual cup companies recomend using a mild, fragrance-free soap to wash a cup. Usually the “natural” brands work well. They do not leave as much residue as regular brands, so they wash off clean. Always follow the care instructions given by your cup manufacturer, as all menstrual cups are made slightly differently, and the manufacturer knows best how to care for their product.

      I first heard about cups by accident as well (2 years ago). The reason even some doctors still don’t know about them is because they only recently started to become popular in europe. Not people in the USA are starting to hear about them and some other countries. Also because they are made very carefully, in clean rooms. They do not make them with big factory machines, like many other products. So they usually have to be ordered online, or purchased in health food stores. They are sort of a “specialty” item, but those of us involved in educating, we are trying very hard to psread the word far and wide. hopefully, they will be just as main stream as other methods.

  20. urvashi said,

    hey, melissa!!!
    thank you for replying to my earlier post, i took time to get back to you again as i wanted to test my shecup again with my cycle first and then get back to you.
    i alwys make sure to aim my cup towards my cervix during insertion and i make sure that it has popped open well by rotating the cup(keep folds at the side) and pushing the tissues away from the cup to make space to fill air in the cup with the help of my finger.i alsohave with my finger checked that my cervix is not lying outside the cup. this time though my cup didnt leak for 3 days including my heavy days, but it leaked on 4th day which is a v.light day,almost no bleeding day andafter removal i found it empty except only one small clot in it oterwise, i have observed that it does not leak all the time, bt on my heavy day,when there is gushing of clots(even if its first clot after i have jst used the cup), it leaks.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh dear, it sounds like you are doing everything right. For most women, its does not leak, but sometimes it depends on your anatomy and such. I always try to help someone try to find a way to make the cup they already have work first, because cups are not cheap. But sometimes I meet someone who’s body simply does not agree with a certain brand. This can happen.

      But since SheCup is the softest brand, it might be possible that your body needs something more firm, and with more capacity. If you ever want to consider a different brand, firmer cups are:

      Large Lunette (the large is more firm than the small)
      Fleurcup (large or small they are both firm)

      Of course, all the other brands are a bit firmer than SheCup, but the two above also hold more liquid as well as being some of the firmest. A soft cup is not a bad thing, in fact many women prefer it. But we are all very unique, so there are times when a different kind of cup may be needed.

  21. urvashi said,

    thank you so much for your quick response to my post, melissa!!!
    i know cups dont come cheap, but i would like to consider a new one, as i want my cup to really work for me as i hate periods and tempons and pads.

    when considering a new cup, i was wondering if i should go for the large size of brands u have mentioned in the reply, or the smaller size as i have low cervix(5cms),heavy bleeding and in the earlier post as u mentioned that in a case of low cervix it takes up much space in the cup. so should i go for a small or medium or large size,

    for your reference, my shecup sits a little low with its lower part(5mm) and stem ball sitting at 1 or 2 cms inside of the opening of the vagina, although its not uncomfortable,and i can hardly feel it, i dnt know if its harmful in the long run.

    please help.

  22. Jacky said,

    Will the two tone one ever be available on the market? I like it a lot

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I like it too. But I’m not sure if it will be sold or not. I haven’t heard much about it since then….

  23. Pinja said,

    About boiling time: I believe the time is so long because the water quality in India isn’t what we in Europe/USA are accustomed to. If the water is unpolluted enough so you can safely drink it, boiling for 5 minutes is enough. If the water has been in contact with fecal matter, it may contain nasty bacteria that is harder to kill, and the boiling time is longer.

    This information is from European water utility authority. We had a dire situation in Finland few years back, when they connected wrong pipes and raw fecal matter was mixed with clean drinking water. They advised people to boil all water at least 15 min before usage, and if you wanted to sanitize something, like menstrual cup, the recommended time was the same.

  24. Manisha said,

    Thanks for all the info and the pictures and all! I placed an order right now. I am from India and I have wanted a menstrual cup for ages, but ordering a Mooncup or Divacup wasn’t really feasible.
    I love the khadi idea!
    I am so excited about this 🙂

  25. Lisa said,

    OMG This sounds like such a cool and amazing cup! I have a Ladycup and Yuuki (had some leaks) and just ordered a Fleur and a Si-Bell, now I want to order a She-cup too, just because the company is sooooo cool!

  26. CupUser said,

    I am using shecup from past 2 months and my very happy with it. Earlier I used pads (they are tooooo messy) and always stained my clothes and bedding. I knew about menstrual cups from a long time but was not aware of its availability in India (Getting it from some other country is not so easy). It was a lucky day when I came across shecup on net.

    Now those days aren’t “those days” anymore, they are just like any other regular days.

  27. Snigdha said,

    Your blog is awesome and full of useful info. I need some help.
    I want my mother to get rid of the sanitary napkins and use a cup. She is 45. But there is a problem. I tried to give a tampon once (a regular ob tampon) but it kept coming out when peeing. Dont know what caused that. Shecup is the one easily available in my location (I am using one and very happy with it). Will it be wise to buy her a Shecup? I am afraid if the same problem occurs with it, I dont want the money to be wasted. Can u help?

  28. sonali said,

    how should i order my cup…….plz inform me….i am waiting 😦
    my id

    • CupUser said,

      go to They have a link which says- order shecup. U can get it dere. Thats where I got mine

  29. Shannon Currence said,

    I would love to try a Shecup! I have searched online looking for a free sample of any type of menstrual cup, but haven’t had any luck. I have very heavy menstruation with clotting. It’s messy and I end up with it on my clothing, toilet seat, and hands each time I change my sanitary products. I would really like a sample to try it out before I spend the money for something that may not work for me. Any suggestions?
    Respectfully : Shannon

  30. Help needed! said,

    I have a delema!! i ran a crost this idea of a cup & really wanted to try it so i got the insted cup but thanks to a low cervex it dosent fit right & leeks. i want to try a reusable one & have done lots of reasearch. i have it narowed it down to eather the she cup or small MeLuna. any sugestions?? i am 19 years old, 5 ft and 100lb, not sexualy active & i think i have a normal to light flow.(on my heavy day i go 2-3 houers with a large tampon) i really could use some help! i want to find somthing that works better then tampons & dont even what to think about pads!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Luckily, our height and weight do not factor in what kind of cup we can use 🙂

      But it sounds like you have about the same flow I do. In ease of use, you might like Shecup better. I find it easier to pop open. But if you really like the idea of different choices in stems, then I say Meluna.

      If you do go for meluna, then you fold and insert– make sure one of the suction release holes is inside the folded crease. That will help it pop open better. meluna only has 2 suction release holes, so one of them needs to be exposed to air as long as possible, which putting it inside the fold will provide.

      But Shecup has a few holes.

      Price is also something to consider. and choice of color.

      • Help needed! said,

        Well I went for the MeLuna & come to find out the small is too long for me. i dident realise how short i am. I would really like to find a menstral cup that works for me. Would you try the Meluna Mini?? I’m thinking that may by my last hope becaus Insted is also too long for me!!

  31. Kate said,

    I also have a super low cervix, I went with Meluna. They had a deal for a small and medium cup, which was a great option for me. I like how both fit and on the days that my cervix is lowest, the small will work if the medium won’t. They also have an extra small I believe if you need a smaller size.

  32. lalli said,

    I saw ur video on youtube.I want to buy this shecup but i have few doubts.

    1.I saw in some site telling not to use it if we have an IUD. Is this true? because i have please help me if there will be any problem if we use with IUD.
    2.i gave birth to a child so will this be suitable for me.

    I stay in dubai please let me know where can i buy them.Even if i can buy in india it is fine my parents are in india and i m planning to go.
    so india or in dubai where and how can i buy one.
    Will be waiting for ur reply.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You can try they usually ship everywhere.

      Many people with an IUD use a cup, but you do have to be very careful removing it… You need to use a finger to dent int he side of the cup and break the suction, and keep it there, to keep the suction broken (allowing an air channel up to the rim), during the entire removal process. This way you won’t have that suction as you pull down.

      • CupUser said,

        I would suggest buying it from their official website and getting it delivered in India itself (as u said u r coming to India). This way u would b spending the least amount (relative to all the other sites which sell them and delivery to any country other than India). I got mine for INR 760 which I find cheapest of all the cups available.

  33. foam said,

    I ordered a SheCup from the website a few months ago. It took a little persuading my mother as I am from India and internal menstrual products are something unheard of over here. I am 18 years old, never used a tampon and not sexually active. From the comparison photos on your website, SheCup seems to belong to the bigger/larger end of the spectrum of cups. I have heavy flow on the 2nd and 3rd day and normal to light on the rest.

    The PROBLEM is that I am unable to insert the cup beyond a certain length and have tried every fold. If I push too hard, it starts to hurt. I am sure that I have a high cervix. where does the problem lie? Is the cup too big for me. Do I have to go for a smaller cup? Or should I make my vagina larger? lolz

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Try aiming BACK toward the rectum or tail bone, rather than up (if you are not doing this already). The vagina naturally slants, back. But most people think it goes up and this false image of our insides often makes inserting things very difficult…

      Also, try some water-based personal lubricant and see if that helps (if you can, if not try wetting it with water or saliva). Sometimes this helps.

  34. vid said,

    Hi Melissa,
    First of all thanks for doing such a great job!! I am from India and I just got my shecup yesterday.. I thought i would go in for a dry run..But it seems too huge for me..but it seems huge and wouldn’t get in!! what should i do..I’m afraid things would go wrong..


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Just relax, that is the big key. If you are very tense, it can be more difficult because your muscles down there tighten when you are nervous or tense. Cups always seem big at first. Try different folds, see my folding video here:

      You can also use a water-based personal lubricant, or just wet the cup with water to ease insertion. Remember to aim BACK toward the rectum or tail bone. Do not aim up. The vagina naturally slants back. So aiming up will make it very difficult to get in.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      • vid said,

        Hi Melissa,
        Thanks for ur reply! I tried again..dry run.. I wasn’t tensed this time.. This time it got in.. not fully though.. i’d say 80%.. but beyond that it seemed impossible.. and it started hurting.. do u think i need to try when i have my cycle?

      • menstrualcupinfo said,

        It usually is easier when you have your cycle.

  35. vid said,

    Hi Melissa,
    I got my cycle last week and tried it! It was pure magic I must tell!! Thank you so much!!! 🙂 But I still have another question.. I do not seem to get the right angle for insertion, since it seemed to leak slightly on my third day.. Is there any way to find that out?


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