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I emailed the Naturcup company and asked them if they could send me a sample of their product.  So they graciously agreed to send me one!   I would like to thank them very much for their kindness. 🙂

So this is what they sent me:

– 1 large (size II) Naturcup menstrual cup
– 1 cloth storage pouch (reminds me of the Mooncup pouch, very cute!)
– Naturcup box
– Folded instruction page
– 3-fold glossy finish information pamphlet

The Cup

Naturcup is from Spain.  They only recently began selling their product, they seem to have been working on marketing for quite some time.

When I examined the Naturcup, the material reminded me a lot of the Mpower, or the original Femmecup model.   Although the bottom half was thinner, which made it softer.  Meaning its more like a soft, flexible plastic, rather than a rubbery feel (although it is still made of medical silicone).  There were 4 suction release holes under the top rim, and they were the right size to where they would be easy to clean.

The cup is thicker/firmer in the top half.  The softest part I would say is just above the ball stem.  There are 3 measuring lines inside the cup (5, 10 and 15 ml).  The size of the cup is marked down inside the bottom of the cup.  It has 3 very subtle grim rings on the base, subtle enough to help a bit with removing, but not pronounced enough to bother you while wearing it.

Testing The Cup

Per the company’s instructions, I boiled my cup and gave it a test run.  My experiences are  probably related to the firmness of my body on the inside–  I normally have to do extra coaxing to make a softer cup pop open.  Not true for everyone, but for me, yes.  Especially a large.  Mediums and smalls are much easier for me.  It may also be because I have a very low cervix (I am short inside).  But I know plenty of women who really do prefer a softer cup, and it is the only kind they will use, so everyone is different…  I found the cup comfortable to insert, and to wear.  Easy to fold and hold.  It is a longer cup, so if you need some length because your cervix is higher, then this should be easier to reach.

For insertion of a softer cup, I normally use a C-fold.  But for the Naturcup, I actually found the “origami” fold to be much easier.  I inserted with the folded part facing down (this tends to help most cups pop open better).  I always make sure that one of the suction release holes is inside the fold crease.  This keeps it exposed to air longer, allowing the cup to pop open more thoroughly, since the inner folded crease is the last part of the cup to touch the skin.

The first time I tried insertion, it was just a “dry run”, meaning while I was not on my period.  But when my cycle finally arrived, I was able to try it out “for real”.  Many people, myself included, find that its easier to insert a cup during their period (everything seems to be more relaxed).  And I must say, everything was much easier during my period.

Normally, I have to insert a soft cup halfway, let it pop open, and then coax it up the rest of the way.  But with Naturcup, I actually found it better to insert the down-facing origami fold all the way, and then carefully rotate the cup until it opened all the way.

Since I have a low cervix, every cup will stay down very low in me.  But even still, the ball stem did not bother me.  I found the cup fairly easy to remove with the ball stem, because there is a little bit of length between the ball, and the bottom of the cup, so there was a place for my fingers to grip.  With this cup, it was easy to do a partial fold during removal, which some people need to do.

I can tell by looking at it, it has pretty good capacity.   It performed well on the heaviest day of my period too, the firmer rim and popping it open gave it a good seal. 🙂  Its another good option for people who can’t use cups that are “too short” because this one has enough length to let you grab it.

I’m glad to finally be able to give everyone a closer look at Naturcup.  A lot of people have been curious about it.  For right now, I have been told that they are only selling Naturcup in Spain, because they have not yet made their box and instructions in other languages.  Perhaps in the future they will be selling to other countries, we will have to wait and see…?

Measurements (these were given to me by the company, I will try to update my chart information as soon as I can)

Size 0, size I, size II
– length of the cup:   56mm, 65mm, 65mm
– length of the stem:   10mm, 10mm, 10mm
– diameter:   40mm, 43mm, 47mm

Capacity, I got from a LiveJourrnal member who emailed to company:

– capacity up to the air holes:  15ml, 22ml, 26ml
– capacity up to the rim:  16ml,  23ml,  27ml


  1. quitterie said,

    So interesting as always, thank you ! 😀

    Ah so it seems all three sizes of the cup have the exact same shape and lenght, firmness and all, only the rim diameter differs..

    The lenght of the ball stem is the same each time,
    –> and just wondered if the ball diameter itself would be slightly different, from size 0 to II, lol… you know, kinda as for the MeLuna balls.. on the S size, the ball is smaller, so ‘thinner’ than for the other 2 sizes.

    Thus, the Natur must be the longest available cup so far (not including the Alicia, since we don’t have all the sizes measurements for it.)…..
    –> given that the Shecup is 59.5 mm long, if i’m not wrong.

    I again have two questions :s… am curious, sorry..
    – What would be the risk of wearing this sample without the use of the condom = err if you would use the cup for one single use only for instance ?
    Is the risk about the outside surface being more porous ? 😉

    – What does ‘cured’ refer to ? 🙂
    Oh hmm i’m asking as i guess you must know some few things about this ;-D..
    I wondered what kind of technical procedure was involved to make the surface even smoother and even less porous….. ah!

    Sweet kisses 😀

  2. quitterie said,

    Howdy again!
    You may take some comparison photos for your (amazing, yep ;)) library on the friendhood forum anyway.
    eff well… if ever you don’t mind, would you compare the Naturcup holes with the ones of the *Mpower* and of your *large Miacup* especially 🙂 ?
    I wonder what is the growing level of these holes largeness hehe — the Mia holes being the largest? – maybe – and the Mpower’s the least large among the three cups?, lol.
    = But the size of these holes must be pretty close..

    Cheers :D-

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Actually the size of the holes is pretty close, almost identical on all 3 cups. That was the first thing I noticed. I did take comparison photos for the photo library, I just have to finish cropping them, and get them all posted 🙂

      I was just told by Naturcup that there is no risk in testing Naturcup without the condom, even pre-cured– so long as I boil it first. So I have done that now, and re-written my review. I also figure out an easier way to make it pop open now 🙂

  3. Silvia Coppola said,


    I just wanted to clearify some mistakes about measurements….

    size 0 size I size II
    – length of the cup 56mm 65mm 65mm
    – length of the stem 10mm 10mm 10mm
    – diameter 40mm 43mm 47mm

    We sended Melissa a cup not postcured , what does it mean?
    It means that all medical grade silicone cups are put on an oven for at least 8 hours after fabrication, just to kill anything that could posible be in the surface of the silicone, it has nothing to do with a porous surface!

    Melissa, if you boil the cup, you can use it, please don´t use condoms, since it probably doesn´t help for opening the cup! 😉

    Kind regards,


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Ah, thank you Silva 🙂 Sorry about that, I was given the impression by another company that cuing helped to smooth the surface… I will post the updates here on this page, and on my chart. I have also re-written the review after trying the cup without a condom, after boiling it. Much better now, thank you. 🙂

  4. Elizabby said,

    Hi! I’ve been looking at your site, as I’m now back in the market for a new cup after having two children. One think I notice your site doesn’t say much about (including on your comparison charts) is what each cup is made of? In your review you say this cup is “plastic” but the manufacturer’s comment down the bottom says it is silicone?

    I can’t have a latex cup, so this matters to me, and I’m not interested in plastic either (or the glittery MeLunas would look fantastic!) So maybe this would be something to add to your comparison page (which is wonderful) as I think this is at least as important as stiffness, and related to that as well.


    Elizabby from LJ.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Elizabby,

      Naturcup is silicone, but when you touch it, it “feels” like a very sift and flexible plastic. Whereas a lot of other brands feel more like rubber. Here is what the cup brands are made of (although you do make an interesting point that a page specifically for this might be helpful 🙂 :

      Keeper– Latex rubber
      Meluna– TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer, used to make catheters, and equally safe to silicone)

      All the others are silicone. Although some use a firmer silicone, and others a softer kind. And some change the thickness of the material in various places, varying the firmness from one part of the cup to another.

      • Elizabby said,

        Also, if you do decide to put the information together, I suggest rolling into a single page the information on material, stiffness and “texture” of the surface. I only like smooth cups (easier to clean) not the more “velvety” surface that some of them seem to have, especially the translucent ones. This is why I think I will probably go for another LadyCup in a different colour – I just don’t have time to go through all the separate brand comparison posts on LJ to find out all the differences! All this info in one place would be stellar! Can I hope that you might be inspired to…? 😉

        Thanks for your help – you have a great site here!


  5. emma said,

    is this cup softer than the large Lunette? or large yuuki?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      In the rim, its a little softer than large Lunette. Almost equal to Yuuki, but in the bottom, its a lot softer, since the material is thinner at the bottom.

  6. Kristina said,

    I’m really happy with my naturcup!!! It’s my first menstrual cup so i cant say if it’s better or worse than other ones, but im really satisfied!!! I dont feel the cup AT ALL!!!! It’s not difficult at all to insert it, i just had a little trouble making it unfold… I was getting disappointed thinking i maybe got too big a cup, but then suddenly it felt with my finger that the cup was round all the way and it had opened!!!! I was so happy i had managed to do it!!! The feeling was that of success! 😛

    Just one question…. Can chlorine from the tap water do harm to your vagina???

  7. Jenna said,


    I recently started using the Naturcup. 2 days ago to be exact…. This is actually the first time I ever use a cup. Is it normal for it to have suction. When I took it out I felt like I was going to vacuum something out… It doesnt hurt but being as this is my first cup ever I want to make sure that’s normal and will not cause harm.

    Please let me know!!!


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It is normal for a cup to have some suction. But try to break the suction a bit as you remove it. Its just nicer for your insides. See if you can do a partial fold as you bring it out. Or just pinch the bottom of the cup, and rock it from side to side and you coax it down. That breaks the suction much better than simply pulling down.

      Hope this helps,


  8. Julie said,

    I thought I should let you know the naturcup size 0 is 46 mm long, similar to a Ladycup, not 56mm, which is basically the other end of the spectrum, more like a Diva ! The other 2 sizes should be around 55-56 mm long. It never made sense to me why a small size would be this long, and the sizecharts confirm it. Keep up the good work ! 🙂

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