About Jasmine Cup


I do not personally have any samples of this cup.   Any photos you see here were from reviews done by LiveJournal members, or other places.

Jasmine Cup seems to be a copy, borrowed from the body of the DivaCup and the stem of the Lunette.   The website listed in the packaging does not seem to work.  A review on live journal found here http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/3015476.html describes some concerns about the validity of the product, and conflicts on where it came from (Canada or France?  It says made in Canada but the instructions are French although it may just be a “French Canadian” thing…)

It seems to come in 2 sizes:

Large:   For Women with heavier flow or who have given birth. Max diameter 52mm, 20mm slide, Vol 30ml”

Small:   For light flow or young women. Max diameter 47mm, 25mm slide, Vol 25ml.

Packaging is green with a pink flower, and a green cloth storage pouch.

I won’t put a lot of effort into advocating this cup, as it really does not seem to be from a legitimate source.  No information on exactly which company made it, or where to buy it.  I cannot find any websites for it.  It just seems to be a blended copy of other existing brands, and like all “copies” if they operate on less than legal standards, then I also have to question the quality of the product which, if the reviews are anything to go by, is not the best.  Here are some photos of the product:

Jasmine 1 jasmine 2 jasmine 3 jasmine 4

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