JuJu Cup

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The Australian JuJu cup company graciously agreed to send me 2 samples of their product– one of each size.  They sent them in the boxes, with samples of all 3 of their satiny storage pouches.

Here is a video I did on the product:

And some photos I took:

JuJu comes in 2 sizes:

Model 1 for those under 30, who have not given birth vaginally
Capacity: 20ml
Diameter 40mm
Length from rim to base of cup 46mm
Length from rim to stem tip 65mm

Model 2 for those who have given birth vaginally, or are over 30
Capacity 30 ml
Diameter 46mm
Length rim to base of the cup 50mm
Length rim to stem tip 69mm

The first thing I noticed when I opened the samples, was the boxes.  As I’ve seen another reviewer comment, they do open up like a flower– so pretty!  You can see this in the pictures I have, and also in the video I made.  Inside, you have your cup in its satiny pouch, and an instruction leaflet.

When you first open the box, it kind of reminds me of those Chinese take-out containers 🙂

The cups are a really clear silicone, very smooth.  They are medium in firmness, just right I think.  Not too firm, but not too soft.

I was able to try the cups out during my cycle.  They were easy to keep folded.  Insertion was comfortable. and I did not have any trouble getting them to pop open.  Not with either size.  Removal was a bit slippery though, so I just used the ever famous “dry fingers” trick, where I keep toilet paper in my hand and re-dry the fingers a few times to make my grip better.  I just bore down a bit to bring the smaller size cup closer to my reach.

The larger cup was a bit easier to remove, because I am very short inside (low cervix) so the body of the large was slightly longer and easier to reach.

Both sizes have excellent capacity, but especially the large.  On my heaviest day, it lasted me all day long!  Pretty comfortable too, I didn’t feel it.  I would recommend both of these cups for people with heavier flows, for sure.  But of course, I think maybe some more defined grips might help.

Cleaning was a breeze, because the material is smooth, and the second rim is slanted a bit, so nothing gets in there.  All in all, its a great cup, very classy and well presented.   I would say a lot of design went into this, and its going to be a brand well sought after.  I would like to say thank you very much to the JuJu company for allowing me to review their product, and for their generous samples!  🙂



  1. Racheal (@keylime29) said,

    it looks sleek. i like the shape, the clarity, and the logo is cute . i like the box and pouches too. i wonder if there will be colors. if there are i will have to get one!!

  2. Rose said,

    Do you think that for a first-time cup user the JuJu would be a little hard to remove because of the minimal grip on the stem?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It can be challenging to remove for a first-timer. Although people who have a lower cervix might have it easier… I would say the JuJu stem is not really for grip or pulling, its mostly to help you locate the cup. You should try to pinch the bottom of the cup. If its slippery, try keeping tissue in your hand and re-dry your fingers a couple of times for better grip. They do have great capacity, I will say that. Especially the large! and the step is comfortable, doubtful it would need to be trimmed. If its the first and only cup you’ve used, you would learn the tricks.

  3. Dana said,

    Do you think that someone who has a heavy flow should get the large even if they haven’t had children and are under 30? My cervix is 5-6cm from the opening and I have a heavy flow but in my twenties and a first time user.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      There are lots of people under 30 with no kids who can still use a large. I can use either large or small just fine, but I find the small more comfortable 🙂 If your flow is heavier, it way be worth while to try it.

  4. Eva said,

    I’d love to try a juju cup but their website says they don’t ship to tge US 😦 How can I get one?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh wow, I was going to suggest Femininewear, but it seems they cannot ship the JuJu to the USA either? 😦 In that case, I would say buddy up with one of the people in the LiveJournal forum http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/ or the MC Sales page attached to that forum http://mc-sales.livejournal.com/ who is an Ausie and see if you can order one through them? Like have them ship it to you?

  5. Annie said,

    Is it firm as Fleur cup S? Could you compare it with Fleur cup or Lady Cup S (it is much more soft)?
    Sorry for my English. Thank you for your blog.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I think it may be a bit firmer than the “new” Fluercup, I hear they have softened it from the old model of a few years ago. It is a bit firm, but some people like it because its easy to pop open.

  6. Aikia said,

    I just stumbled on to their site. I’m an Aussie and I had been thinking of getting a menstrual cup for a while (I’m 14). I wasn’t sure whether they were only showing positive reviews on their products so I looked around for reviews. I found yours, and I’m convinced! Well worth the awkward conversation with my mum.

  7. Lily said,

    Im 13 and from Australia and i hate periods full stop. I use tampons at the moment but still find them uncomfortable and i have to change the quite a bit. So lately i have been thinking about using a menstrual cup for a while but was not sure where to ask my mum to buy one for me or what brand. Is the JuJu cup available in WA in places like health food stores and chemists??

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It should be, its an Australian brand. If not, you can contact the company and ask how to purchase, if you are not able to purchase online. I’m sure they will figure out a way to get one to you. Most of these companies are pretty understanding about that.

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