Mooncup UK / MCUK

NEWS:  I now sell menstrual cups at my new store:

Ah, this is where it all started!  The MoonCup U.K.  (MCUK) was actually the first menstrual cup I had ever heard of, or seen (courtesy of Lucy’s video on YouTube). It was December, 2008 and after watching an “old west” movie, I started to wonder– what did women use for their period a long time ago?  What did thy use in cultures where they wore animal skins, and did not have cloth-like rags?  I started doing searches on the subject, and found the “Museum Of Menstruation” online. There, while browsing around, I kept seeing the term “menstrual cup”, and I wondered what on earth that was!   So I did a Google search on that phrase alone. That’s when I found the LiveJournal discussion forum about menstrual cups, and a video by YouTube member “Scottishboomerang” about MoonCup UK.  I was very stand-off-ish at first, but eventually I decided that I wanted to try one of these items. Since then, I have started my own YouTube channel devoted to them, and acquired many different brands to review and promote to the world!

Here is a promotion video the Mooncup UK company has released, featuring a song about loving your lower body.  They sent me the link, and I think its rather upbeat, entertaining and catchy:

And now on to my MoonCup UK review…

I emailed the MCUK company, and asked them for a sample for their newer model.  I already had a sample of their older model, but I wanted to be able to show the new design changes to everyone.  Normally, they do not give out samples, because it’s a 5 to 10 year customer loss every time they do, and most of the samples end up going to waste.  But they agreed that in y case, it would not be going to waste (and that’s true, it certainly will not).  Mostly because it will be used for the purpose of helping to educate thousands of people about this brand, and I am very happy to do so.

Since the sample of the old model I had was a small size, I asked for the new model sample to be a size large.   Normally, I prefer to use only small or medium sized cups, because larges usually tend to be a bit too wide for me.  Of course, I can fully insert a large, and get it to pop open.  Larges will work for me, without leaks.  But I personally find smalls more comfortable for my own body.  I’ve never had a child, and my flow is only average, to slightly heavy.

However, again I went for the large, because their sizing has remained the same, and I wanted to be able to show the difference between large and small sizes (you can see it in the video).

So of course I always test a cup out, when I do a review.  I check out the look, the feel, the design, the firmness/softness, insertion, removal, comfort while wearing it, etc.

The Cup

With the new MCUK, the first thing I noticed was that the silicone was more clear than the old model.  It was a little bit softer too.  The holes were now slanted a bit (lower on the outside, higher inside, for more capacity.

Also, I noticed something unique– the holes began facing downward, underneath the second rim.  For me, this made the suction easier to break during removal.

For insertion, I almost always use the C-fold (the only exception is with very stiff cups, in which case it’s the punch-down fold).  And to make popping open easier, I always insert with the folded crease facing back / down, because it seems that the back wall of the vagina offers more freedom to a cup to pop open that the front wall.   Many other people have reported the same experience too, so I’ve made a regular practice of it.  Particularly with softer cups.

MCUK popped open just fine for me.  I always let a cup pop open a little early, and then coax it up the rest of the way, because cups just seem to pop open more easily when they are about halfway in– again, something others have noticed as well.

The cup created a good suction.  I wore it for a while, just to test the comfort.  I like the softness of the new model, it is pretty comfortable!  If I were making this my full time regular cup, I would most likely trim the stem off.  But I do that with any cup that I intend to use regularly.  I have a very low cervix during my cycle, so for me, the shorter the better.  But other people with a higher cervix may need some of the stem, or even all of it.  So as I say with any cup– DO NOT trim the stem, until after you have worn it for a while, and you know where the cup likes to sit most of the time.  And then trim only a little bit at a time.  Never trim more than what is necessary, you always want to make sure you can reach your cup for removal.

Also, the stem now has grips rings all the way to the end.  This I like because for people who need all of the stem, they now have grips down the entire length of it.

As for removal, I found that the softness made it easier to remove than the original model.  I tend to do a partial fold on a cup, just before I get the rim out, and the softness makes that much easier, particularly with the rim.  Because the holes face downward, and are directly under the second rim, I found that pinching the base of the cup made enough of an air channel to break the suction.  Well, that combined with gently rocking the cup from side to side, and I coaxed it down.  That did the trick!  I could feel the seal breaking as I “walked” it down.  Then I just partially folded the rim a bit, and eased the cup out, one edge of the rim at a time.  I usually ease the rim out from the side, since the urethra at the front is really sensitive.

The Pouch

With this one, the pouch material felt a little thinner, like the fabric could “breathe” more, that the old cup/pouch.  I actually think that is a plus, because it seems easier to open.  Still made of un-dyed cotton though, I believe, which gives it that nice classing “beige” look.


Before, the instructions were actually like a little book.  Now, they come in a folding pamphlet, in English and also I believe Spanish?  The old book-like instructions had several languages.  But I think probably the U.S. marketed MCUK is sticking with just the 2 most popular languages in the USA.  I’m not sure if the European version offers other languages, I will have to ask.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with the changes made by the company.  And I cannot say how happy I am that their product is now available in the USA.  It used to be unavailable here, because of an American company had given their product the same name.  But now with the new MCUK label (a nickname given to their cup by forum members), American customers can purchase the company’s products again.

Thank you to the MCUK company for providing me with this generous sample, I am so happy to take part in promotional efforts.  I will be working on updating the measurement charts, and the photo library in my forum, as soon as I can.



  1. María said,

    I just wanted to confirm that Mooncup Uk is a great company. They have answered back all my e-mails dealing with positioning and leaking so quick! and besides, they offer any kind of help to solve my problem, even if that suppose a loss of money for their part.
    They really are great!

  2. CiCi said,

    So I was wondering, out of all the cups which is best for someone who has never had anything inside before, is a teenager, and would be “short” (no longer than middle finger), and I don’t want a coloured cup (I prefer one that is a natural colour but not the keeper). I live in Canada, but I don’t want to spend like a bunch of money on something if it doesn’t work, you know what I mean?
    Could you please help me? Thank-you!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If ur a virgin, you woudl probably do well with a small lunette, a small yuuki, etc. It also depends on how heavy your flow is, if its extremely light, you can probably get a clear meluna (small)

  3. CiCi said,

    P.s. I just wanted to say unless you happen to know (from experience and such) of a very good cup that happens to be in colour, then I don’t mind (I just read something about the coloured ones being dangerous cause of toxins etc). Thanks again! (Please give me the link to it)

  4. CiCi said,

    Ok thank-you so much! I’ll try out that small lunette (looks a bit more…pretty? lol) Thanks again =)

  5. CiCi said,

    And would you recommend trimming the stem when I get it? Cuz I’ve read that they poke you alot.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You can trim it if you want to. But how much you trim it depends on how much is comfortable for you. Trim it a little bit at a time until you don’t feel it, but make sure you can still reach it. Some women trim it completely off, and file it down a bit, just take care not to damage the cup 🙂

  6. Danielle said,

    Thanks for the great review! I’ve watched a few of your videos on YouTube and I think what you’re doing is fantastic!

    I first came across menstrual cups a few years ago but had remained undecided due to the fact that I’m a student and was concerned about investing in something I may be unable to use. I finally took the plunge today and ordered a MoonCup from the UK (they’re able to ship to Australia). I actually intended on purchasing a Lunette Selene but given the exchange rates at the moment the MoonCup was much more affordable. I figured I can spend more later if I find that menstrual cups suit me (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that with some perseverance the menstrual cup will become a tampon/pad replacement).

    I love that the cups are environmentally friendly; I’ve always been conscious of the impact that using tampons and pads has on the environment (especially as I go through so many with my heavy periods). I’m also looking forward to being able to wear the MoonCup to bed at night without worrying about the risks of TSS. Menstrual cups seem like a much healthier alternative!

    Do you know how frequently I’d need to empty the MoonCup when I have heavy flow (I generally need to change a super tampon hourly on heavy days)? I ordered the Size B. I was tempted to order the Size A due to the larger capacity but the sizing guide said the sizing is based on the tightness of the muscles and as I’m 25 and haven’t had children I thought I’d better stay on the safe side and order the recommended size.

    Out of curiousity, is there a particular menstrual cup that you prefer? Out of your extensive collection is there one particular menstrual cup that you opt to use over the rest? Or do you use all of them on a frequent basis?


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      First off, congrats on ordering yoru first cup! 🙂

      The only thing I will say, is that even those of us who believe we have “heavy periods” are often surprised to see the actual amount we really bleed (its usually less than what we thought). But if you still have heavy periods compared to other women, and if moooncup UK doesn’t hold enough liquid for you, know that there are plenty of cups out there which hold a lot more liquid. Its true that its difficult to know what you need in a cup, until you have tried at least one. And about half of the women out there are perfectly happy with the first cup they buy. But for the rest, there most likely is a “perfect cup” out there.

      Another thing is, many companies say “12-hour protection”, and some women are frustrated when they can’t go that long without emtying it. So I usually like to help bring those expectations down to a mroe realistic number. In my experience, only women with light periods (or women on the last/lightest day of their cycle) can go a full 12 hours without emptying. The rest of us will empty every 3-10 hours, depending on how heavy our flow is, and what size/brand of cup we choose.
      That’s why I put up these pages, to help women figure out what their best cup might be.

      Please let me know how it goes with your new cup, after you get it and ask me if you have any questions/problems, ok? Hugs! 🙂

  7. Rosalie said,

    Hello, just a quick question. I’ve recently started using the mooncup and its my first time using a menstrual cup. I have a problem that I can’t keep the mooncup from slipping high up inside. It’s not really a problem, except that it makes removing very difficult. I do “bear down” on it, as you suggest in the video, but it still takes a few minutes of pushing to get it close enough, and angled in the right way, so that I can grab onto the base of it and fully release the seal. As I do that I try to push in the sides to try to release the seal but have difficulty doing this. I guess I shouldn’t have cut the stem so much, I’m not really sure, but do you have any other advice besides what is posted on your mooncup page, or in the video? With practice I am getting better at it, but it’s still tricky.


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Depending on how long you are up inside, the cup will basically sit up high if you are long, down low if you are short. A lot of women have tried to manipulate this, bit without much success… A cup tends to want to go up as far as the vagina will allow, lol.

      But as for removal, yeah, trimming the stem can make it harder if you’re a little longer (aka have high cervix). But I find that with the more pronounced rims, simply squeezing the base, or inserting a finger, doesn’t work as good for breaking the seal… For those, its better to rock the cup from side to side while coaxing or “walking” it down.

      Have you tried squatting? for some people that works better. Or if you’re in a public restroom, you can just squat on one foot on the toilet seat, that’s almost the same.

      But if you do fancy trying a different cup, I woudl say get a longer one. The longest (in the cup’s body) is Divacup. But the longest overall (cup and stem together) is Keeper, or Keeper moon cup, mainly due to their long stem. But that one doesn’t have any grip rings…

      Hope some of that helps… 🙂

  8. Rosalie said,

    Thanks a lot! I will give it another shot. I was thinking the problem was creating a sufficient suction, and that’s why it kept creeping up, but perhaps I have a high cervix, I don’t know! Most often I can’t even reach the cup enough with more than one finger to “walk” it down as you said, but I will see if it improves at all this time around. Thanks!

  9. galthea said,

    about the company, they are really nice. I ordered some flyers in english and as well in my language and they let them translated and sent me some just so:). really nice, and always helpful!

  10. Helen said,


    I bought my first mooncup 3 months ago and so far everything is great. The first month was “interesting” ! Took a little getting used to but just like tampons, once you’ve sussed it, its great!

    My question is (admittedly i have aneamia which i’m trying to sort at the moment) but when i have heavy periods with a Size A Mooncup, it’ll be in for an hour and be start to be a problem… so we’re actually talking heavy ( i’m 27 and have had 3 kids).. I’m just wondering. Aside from getting my aneamia under control, are there other cups out there more suitable to this kinda of flow? It’ll only be for 2-3 days tops and then it’ll settle right down but its rather frustrating especially as i dread it ‘overflowing’ lol

    Looking forward to hearing back

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hi Helen,

      Really heavy flow cups are large Yuuki (the largest with the most capacity), Large Lunette and Large Fleurcup. Also Divacup. They hold hold a of amount more than mooncup. But mooncup is great for medium or lighter days.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  11. Lava said,

    Hi, do you know how tall is size A and B including stem? Some website says it is 50mm, so says it’s around 30mm. I am very confused. Can you answer? Thank you so much.

  12. Amanda said,

    hi. thanks for making this page. ive been using a mcuk size b since 2005 or whatever it was. still works fine, i justfeel like getting another type, this page has been very helpful!
    anywho, i just wnated to say, i saw a newly bought mooncup uk a month ago, and its quite different frommine and yours on the pictures.
    So, its seems they have changed and, id say,improved the design a bit.
    The material feel slightly softer,the rings on the inside were not there if i remember correct, the print on inside smaller, bigger and slanted holes, it all looked more frosted velvety like.
    these are good improvements,cause basically what im displeased with in mine isits difficulty to clean and uglyness. It gets even uglier beacuse its difficult to clean, mines brownish now after all years.
    So, id recommend anyone, if you order one, try to make sure you get the new model, they seem a lot better!
    Besides, im pretty sure models a and b are the same length, and model a is 46 or 47 cm in diam.
    apart from above complaints, im a very satisfied cup user, im real happy i found them!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Someone in LiveJournal put up lots of pictures of the new one, I think its interesting 🙂 I’ll see if its possible to get one, I might be visiting the UK within the next year, so I will try to get one, maybe from Boots or something.

  13. moominmama said,

    Just wanted to confirm what everyone said about the mooncup uk guys, they are very helpful and patient, even with seemingly silly questions.

    Also, if you are in the UK trying to buy a Mooncup, Boots is not in fact your best best, very few large chain pharmacies sell cups. likely to have better luck with an independent health food shop of in a whole foods market

    .I thought you could buy them from someone or other on Ebay who’d ship to the US?


  14. Save $14.00 on Moon Cup – Size B MoonCup – $20.85 said,

    […] MoonCup UK « MenstrualCupInfo’s Inside that was an instruction booklet in several languages, and a durable unbleached cotton drawstring pouch, that contained my small (size B) MoonCup itself. » […]

  15. Radianceunveiled said,

    I am now trying the New mooncup UK and I love it! It is sooooo comfortable I did not realize how much softer and comfy it would be compared to my Keeper US and Meluna which was my favorite cup! Now MOONCUP UK and Meluna are my two favorite cups but Mooncup is Number one!!! This cup is so soft I literally have no idea it is there. The first day I put it in I was like OK is it there? Is it open? Mooncup UK opens well, supper comfy and has decent capacity for women with light to medium flow. This cup can handle heavy flows but you will just have to empty more. Compared to the US brand I love the material of the silicone of this one it is much softer and really moves and conforms with your body.

  16. Mimi said,

    Most reviews say the mooncup UK is best so I want one. I’m in the US so how long does shipping take? And how much will everything cost total?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      They can only sell to US customers by marketing it as “MCUK”, but this is where you purchase it on their website:

      I’m not sure how much they charge for shipping, because they only recently began shipping them to U.S. customers. I got mine a couple of years ago, so I’m sure it has changed. They will probably tell you though, if you email them. This reminds me too– I need to update my MCUK page with this information! 🙂

  17. Rose said,

    Dear Menstrualcupinfo – any chance you would consider using an affiliate link for Mooncup UK/MCUK? Obviously you could always get your own affiliate link, or you could use this one; – you get 20% of the sale via your affiliate link, the proceeds of this affiliate link goes to support women’s health projects. Thank you.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Hmmm, now there is an interesting idea 🙂

  18. Fiona said,


    I’m 18 and not a virgin, and I have the small mooncup. I’ve been persevering with it for nearly 6 months, but whenever I lie down or exercise or even sit on a couch it slides up inside me and then leaks. I try to position it as low as possible but then the tip sticks out so if I sit down it gets pushed up anyway.
    Do you think I should try the larger cup? I do have a heavy flow too but the volume of the smaller one isn’t a problem.
    Otherwise are there differences in different brands that could work better for me?

    Thanks, I really want this to work 🙂

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Before getting another cup, try these things to help with the leaks:

      1. Allow the cup to pop open about halfway in. Then coax it up the rest of the way. This helps to make a better seal, and ensures that your cervix is not peeking out the side.

      2. Try inserting with the folded crease facing down or backwards. The back wall of the vagina has more room and lets it pop open better. This also helps create a better seal.

      3. Make sure when you fold it, at lease one of the suction release holes is inside the fold crease. Keeps it exposed to air longer, letting the cup open better.

      Its possible it could be a sizing issue. If you feel like the mooncup is much too tight in there, it may be too wide. Or if you feel like its just not holding its place, it may be too small. Both can cause leaks.

      Or if you think the design of this cup is just too rigid for your shape inside, you could try a large Ladycup, its softer and sometimes it can suction into your shape better.

      But as for comparing them by looks, just to see what is shorter, or wider, you can take a look at my comparison photos here:

      Hope some of this helps

  19. Si said,

    Hi, I wanted to know where,or how i can purchase a MCUK in the US? thank you…

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      The MCUK company is not allowing American store owners to carry their product yet (its and issue with the Keeper company, and FDA approval fees, etc.).

      If you want to buy one, you still have to order them from over seas. But here is the direct link where you can order it. Just click “buy now” at the top of the page:

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