Si-Bell Cup

My video for this cup:

I got my Si-Bell cups from  I think the boxes are cute, pink and white with lots of information printed on the outside.

The pouch looks like its made of un-bleached cotton, and its pretty durable.

As for the cups themselves, I got to try them out on my cycle, because they arrived just in time.  My first impression was that the cup body reminded me a little bit of Fleurcup, as did the hole positions.  But of course, it has the ridges going up the side (one on all 4 sides).  They are on the outside, but they don’t bother me, because they are very smooth.  It also has its own cord-like stem with pronounced grip rights and a little ball at the end.  Really flexible, it didn’t bother any more than a tampon string would.

Both cups are very soft, I could honestly say the softest ones on the market.  So if you need something that has really good capacity, but is nice and soft, this would be a good choice.

As for the sizes, and how insertion/removal go:

When I folded the cup it was easy to keep pinched in a folded shape.  I mean it didn’t feel like the cup just wanted to spring out of my grip or anything.  Insertion was easy– I have taken a fancy to using lubricant with insertion now, because it just makes everything a breeze.  With a really soft cup, I actually find that it works better if I insert all the way, and twist it around a few times to open it.  With really soft cups, my usual method of inserting halfway and letting it pop open is not the best way.  It did take some coaxing to pop open, but as I always say– that is the trade for  the comfort of a soft cup; you have to be patient.

As for removal, the stem was GREAT with those grip rings!  I was able to grab it and coax the cup down a bit, until I could grab the base.  Of course the base was really smooth and a little slippery, so I just used the old “dry fingers” trick, just keep some toilet tissue in your hand to dry off your fingers so your grip will be better.  I always do a partial fold when I remove a cup, so the rim won’t feel so wide.   But with this one I actually didn’t.  And it still did not bother me, because it was so soft.  So that was really nice.

I guess all I can say is, if you plan to trim the stem off, cradle the bottom of the cup from underneath with your fingers to keep from dropping it, as it is smooth.  Hold it upright with your thumb against the rim.

Basically, everything I described about the small, also goes for the large.  But of course, I seem to be a bit too small for the large…  lol.  When a cup is too big for me, it will not pop open.  But of course, I’ve never had a baby or anything, so smalls usually work perfect for me.  But if there are any moms out there, or anyone with a heavier flow, who wants something really soft– this is a good one!

Cup length  – small 7.4 cm / large 7.4 cm

Stem length  – small 2.7 cm / large 2.2 cm

External diameter – small 4.1 cm / large 4.6 cm

Transluscent cup and beige cotton bag

Made from 100% medical grade silicone platinum

Two sizes are available: S and L (Small and large).  Size choices are based on your age and your maternal history.

Choose size Small if:

You are under 30 years old

You are under 30 years old and have given birth by caesarean section

Choose size Large if:

You are over 30 years old

You are under 30 years old and have given birth vaginally

You can order Si-Bell here at Femininewear:

Or at the company’s website here:

Here are some photos:



  1. Candice said,

    Hi, I’ve been writing you on the cup forum. 🙂 I have a low cervix and I am very sensitive, never been pregnant and early twenties…

    A few follow-up questions I hope you will answer soon, as I’m anxious to order my cup. 😛

    For my specific needs, of the 3 you recommended (small Lunette, small Si-Bell, or small soft Meluna) which do you think would be both the shortest in length/diameter AND the softest and/or all-over least noticeable of the three?

    I’m in the U.S. so Fleurcup seems impossible to get here and Si-Bell (Italian?) looks much the same but softer. Is femininewear a good place to order?

    Last question – the Meluna cups are made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) instead of medical-grade silicone. I don’t know which is safer to choose, silicone or TPE and I haven’t been able to find too much out about TPE. How does it compare? Thanks! =)

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You can easily order almost any brand on the internet. Any of those cups can be ordered from femininewear, its a great place to order, I myself have paced orders there. It usually arrives to the USA in about a week. Week and a half, maybe. Depends what day you order.

      I would say small soft Meluna is the smallest and softest. But length wise, they are all close to the same, now that Meluna has their newer model.

      TPE is just as medically safe (and used just as often in the medical field) as medical silicone. TPE is offered is because there are people with silicone allergies, latex allergies… So more material options means that more people can be cup users. 🙂

      • Julie said,

        Is there much of a difference softness-wise between the Fleurcup and Si-Bell? I already have the fleur in a size S, but am curious about the si-bell; though I suppose there isn’t much of a point in getting a si-bell if the difference is negligible.

    • Eva said,

      I live in the US and ordered my fleurcup from their website. It arrived in about a week with no issues for me so I would still consider it if i was you 🙂

      • Canice said,

        Thanks, I read some updates that it’s available for ordering here, but I think that with my sensitivity the textures on the Fleur may irritate me and the charts list it as being less soft than this one, not to mention the customer service with Fleur being all spoken in French. Someone did offer to translate for me though if I needed to speak with anyone over there.

  2. Mary Cool said,

    I’d like to know, as you say the Si-Bell is the softest cup, is it the most difficult to pop open or does exist a cup less soft but more difficult to pop open than the Si-Bell?
    And what about the Natù?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      In my experience, softer cups are more difficult to pop open, but its like a trade– extra comfort for a little more work to pop it open. Haven’t tried Natu yet though…

  3. Marie said,

    I think the Si-Bell cup has changed.
    I got mine (the small one) yesterday, it is still very soft but it is very easy to pop open, easy like the Fleurcup, easier than the Meluna classik that is not so easy for me (maybe due to the flabby TPE).
    So, the Si-bell is AWSOME (for the softness AND the poppiness)!!

  4. Michele said,

    Hi thanks for all the great info.
    I use cloth pads, love them. I rarely use tampons because of cramping.
    I can’t even use super tampons because they hurt and I just want to
    Get it out. Regular and light fit okay but when I have menstrual cramps
    I don’t like to wear anything but pads and a hot water bottle : (
    Anyway I’m interested in purchasing a cup for times like swimming
    and travel. I’d like a small si bell because of its softness and it seems like it
    Won’t cause pressure like lg tampon just worried as it does not seem like popular choice. Also like idea of long stem so I can reach if my cervix is high and could always trim if I end up having low cervix. What is your opinion on this brand and any feedback you have gotten on it. Also is the platium silicon safe.
    Sorry so long, thank you for any input. Michele

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      If pressure really bothers you you might like a soft cup. I’ve used a si-Bell and I like it. Also please check my measurement chart here, it has a softness rating list at the bottom so you can find soft cup brands.

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