About Natu Cup


I do not personally have any samples of this brand.  any photos I have listed here are from other websites, forums or blogs, and were not taken by me.

 Hmmm….   Well there is not a lot I can say about this brand, as it seems I have already reviewed it in the form of the “Si-Bell” cup.  Yes, Natu cup is basically an exact replica of Si-Bell, and I’m afraid going into detail about it would basically just be repeating myself, lol.  So for further details, you can read my Si-Bell review, there is a link over in the right hand column of this blog.

 But as for a web page, I found one here:  http://www.natulovesyou.com/natu_menstrual_cup/what_is_nat%C3%B9.html

 I’m thinking this cup has Italian roots, as I see “Italia” all over the web page, and “Made in EU”.  But here are some photos of the product, for a more detailed look:

Natu 1 Natu 2 Natu 3 Natu 4


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