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PLEASE NOTE:   I have decided not to get the Green Donna brand.  The design appears to be copied from Lunette.  In fact, a few users of this cup have suggested that in matters of appearence, feel and size, Green Donna and Lunette almost seem to have come from the same casting mold.  Also, I have been hearing questionable statements about the quality of the silicone?  I respect the Lunette company, and as a Lunette distributor myself, I know the Lunette cup fairly well.  When I look at the photos of Green Donna, I can accurately say– YES, it is an exact copy.  Sure, the brand name on the side may have been changed, but other than that, the two are identical.  So I cannot support a product that I am fairly certain is an exact copy.

However, I will not put anyone down for buying it, because I understand that many people buy them without knowing all the details fo the companies.  I will still offer what I know about it for those who are curious about all this, though.

The Green Donna cup is manufactured in China, although the company began in Brazil.   They do not directly ship to the United States, and I have heard that they have stopped (or limited?) production all together?  I’ve been told that they have gone out of business,, and that Lunette has taken legal action against them.  Although some sellers are still selling the leftover stock on eBay and other websites.

But please be aware that I have seen several ebay sellers selling these cups, and calling them “Moon Cup” in the listing.   So for your own safety (or perhaps just your own satisfaction), before you purchase a cup on eBay, ask plenty of questions and be sure it is the exact brand you want.

I didn’t want to “copy” photos without permission, so instead, I simply linked photos from URLs .  Here are some “Google Image” linked photos of green Donna.  For some people, the pouch has been green.  But for others, a satiny pink with beaded draw strings.  And (I cannot find the photos now) but I have seen photos of someone showing a large pink Green Donna, that really looks nothing like the small, or any other cup.  This concerned me too, because it didn’t exactly look like the best quality.  For now, I can only provide the mroe popular photo links:

These were donated from a Green Donna owner– hence the guessing game in the coments down below 🙂 :

It comes in 2 sizes, large and small.   The design of the box has been up in forums for a while– is it solid green with white lettering, which makes it pretty distinctive in my opinion.  And like the Lunette, it comes with a pretty, satiny storage pouch with the Green Donna logo.

Forum discussions about Green Donna Cup (with photos):

Green Donna Cup website (for orders):

Photo of Green Donna:

Photo Of Green Donna Box:


  1. Debt Relief said,

    Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

    • loucheena said,

      Well, on menstrualcups.org in the Green Donna section, there was a big disscussion( more specifically, the one with 39 comments) on the green donna cups because it was found that they were illegal, because the company copied the lunette cup exactly.

  2. Jacky said,

    Is it possible to order these? O_o

  3. Jacky said,

    Haha, nevermind. I think its better I just save up to get a real Lunette

  4. Roberta said,

    Hi, I’m from Brazil and I want to buy a LadyCup, but your website is out of order.. what a pity! Hope you can fix it asap.

    By the way.. I’ve never heard about this Green Donna Cup here in Brazil..

    Best Regards,


  5. rebekka said,

    That photo of the pink pouch is mine 😛 lol I have a photo of the pink box the cup came in and some of the cup compared to other cups if you want them?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Oh really? It was a nice photo! I made sure to include photos via links, so as not to unlawfully
      “copy” them 🙂 Sure, if you have other photos, I would love to get a look at them, and maybe include them here, if that’s ok.

  6. rebekka said,

    I have two of that pretty pouch if you’d like one ? It is by far the nicest pouch out there shame it comes from such a bad place .If i send you it you get a nice pouch without supporting the bad cup!. Im Bekki2308 on LJ and my photobucket is stabilloboss2 im on facebook too you might see my name on fem wear page possibly.

    MCUK and gd
    Fleur S and gd S
    lunette S and gd S
    lunette selene and gd
    gd and lunette selene both size small
    gd and lunette

    the titles of the photos have details of which cups they are if you cant guess, id be surprised if you cant but 😛

    • rebekka said,

      You’re more than welcome to use my photos 🙂 btw

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Thank you for the photos, 🙂 I wish there were a game where we could win prizes for guessing the brands 🙂 You know my husband gave me a test once… He took all my cups and held them in a box and randomly gave them to me one by one. But I wasn’t allowed to look at them, only feel them. I managed to get them right! lol. I think that means I have handled them too much…..

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      PS– I *think* the first photo is green donna with a….. Diva, yuuki, or Mooncup?? Really looks like a Mooncup though with the thick rim and flat base. The others look like Green Donna with Lunette Green Diana.

  7. rebekka said,


    first one is MCUK and green donna
    second is a lilac fleur and green donna
    third onwards is green donna and lunette green

    all of the cups are the small sizes

    and now for a bit of a comparison of the lunette and gd

    1) the gd and lunette are almost the same squishyness 🙂 , the gd is a wee bit more squishy
    2) the lines from the mould on the the green donna arent as smooth as the lunette
    3) the air holes are in different places compared to the mould lines
    4) the shape of the upper rim is more rounded on the gd and a bit more tapered in shape on the lunette
    5) the gd and lunette both have a ridge where their names are embossed , the ridge is more defined on the lunette than the gd
    6) the lunette feels soft when you “stroke” it , the gd doesnt
    7) the grip rings at the bottom of the cup are identically spaced and raised by the same amount.

    basically they are identical at first glance but there are subtle differences between the two if you really really really look and try to find them.

    and btw the offer of the free pretty pouch is still there 🙂

    Hope all my subjective information is of some use to you and your website

    good night (its bed time in the UK almost!)

  8. rebekka said,

    ps all those comparisons are with a lunette green diana as thats the only lunette cup i own so far

  9. rebekka said,


    see if you can name those 🙂 especially the clear ones !

  10. Quitterie said,

    Melissa and Rebekka 😀
    thank you so much for your insights !

    Ahah i love this guessing game, as the one you had with your husband, Melissa, awesome :)!

    So for the clear cups — i’d say *perharps*, lol, from left to right and from the ‘up line’ to down one =
    small Green Donna – not the MPower cup? lol!
    small Moon Cup us (but it looks like the holes are below the rim?) – hm not a small Yuuki?
    small MCUK
    small Diva

    I wrote they were all small ones, but not sure at all of course ;-D

    Hm yeahh not a very conclusive guessing of mine! ahah ;))
    Cheers 🙂

  11. rebekka said,

    yeah you’re right its a small yuuki as I dont own a us mooncup !

    • quitterie said,

      Eheh thanks Beks, that was fun! 😀
      (Yay!, so you could finally see how transparent the Yuuki cup is — .. remembering your post on fem wear, on the discussion board, lol 😉 )

  12. jen said,

    so that picture of the pink moon cup package is that the moon cup or the green donna? Or something else entirely? I have one that came in the pink box and love it. It is the smaller one and even though I am over 25 (nearly 30) and have 2 children both naturally the smaller one fits well though I did have to remove all of the stem and turn it inside out because the nub that was left was not comfortable. I am still fairly new to it though only using it for 3 cycles so far but I will never go back to tampons!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Its a Green Donna. But they put it in the pink “Moon cup” package for 2 reasons– 1, in some countries, all brands of menstrual cups are refereed to as “moon cups”. 2, the moon cup name pulls attention away from the Green Donna name, since Lunette is putting out effort to stop the sales of Green Donna, as it is an illegal copy of their cup.

      I agree though, I can’t even remember the last time I used a tampon since switching to cups 🙂

  13. Coppe ecologiche. | _____________________JAULLEIXE________________________ said,

    […] (modello finlandese – il cui uso è mostrato in questo video – molto capiente, per alcuni “copiato” dal marchio – da cui diffidare –  Green Donna. Sul problema delle copie illegali delle coppe mestruali si veda anche […]

  14. Quitterie said,

    Beks, hello ^_^ i’d have this question for you^ : Does your Green Donna cup only had 2 holes (and not 4, as on the Lunette) ?
    I kinda guess it must be, as you wrote “the air holes are in different places compared to the mould lines” (so, it’d be similar to the MeLuna’s holes :)..)

    I’d be very curious to know about this, as a friend of mine recently got a large GD cup, in pink shade, on the French ebay space, and hers only has 2 holes….
    Cheers 😎

  15. Screw Compressor Manufacturer said,

    These are good looking cups to me. I need to buy online from PK? what will be the process?

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