About Angel Cup

I do not personally have any samples of this cup, but I will ask about it.  These photos are not mine, any photos you see here are either from members of the Live Journal forum, or other blog sites.angel 1

Angel Cup appears to be made in Mexico, and while their facebook page looks active, their actual website is shut down for now (May 20th, 2013).   Hopefully they will get it back up and going?  For now, I can just offer some basic details, based on what I have seen in forums.angel 2

Angel Cup on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Angelcupmexico

Angel Cup Website:  www.angelcupmexico.comAngel 3

This cup kind of reminds me of the Naturcup, in shape and style.  Although the stem is more of an egg shape, rather than a ball.  4 Suction release holes under the first rim, and measurement lines.  Grip rings at the base of the cup.  Made of clear medical silicone.

It comes in a box with instructions and a cloth storage pouch.  The pouch is white with the Angel Cup logo.  The box is green, white and pink.  They seem perfectly legitimate as a company, like they put some effort into their product, and I would really like to get a sample of it, if possible.

It looks like a really nice cup, and I know a lot of people who leave comments here looking for cup retailers in Mexico, so there is certainly a market for this.

As far as I know, they have 2 sizes:


height: 6.4cm without stem: 5.3cm
Diameter: 4.55cm
Vol: 15ml
Stem (height):1.1cm diameter: 0.7cm

height: 5.9cm without stem: 4.8cm
Diameter: 3.91cm
Vol: 10ml
Stem (height):1.1cm diameter: 0.7cm

Here are some product photos:

   angel 4 angel 5 angel 6 angel 7 angel 8 angel 9 angel 10 angel 11 angel 12 angel 13 angel 14


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