NEWS:  I now sell menstrual cups at my online store:

I purchased this cup from  Currently, they do not carry this cup because Glenda (the owner of Mpower) is working on changing the design, which I will explain at the end of the review.

I haven’t been able to find much in the way of photos or reviews on this brand, so I took much pleasure in putting up this review myself, and making the video for it.  I also appreciate the efforts the founder of this company has been putting out to make menstrual cups available to more women in South Africa, and elsewhere.  So I hope the new design will be ready soon.

With this order, I received:

*  The Mpower box (lovely, by the way)
* 1 Mpower cup
*  Denim storage bag with a ribbon drawstring
*  Clear and colorful information leaflet
*  Bi-lingual usage/instruction pamphlet.

Picture 400

The Cup:

If I had to compare the (original) Mpower cup to any other, I would say definitively the large Lunette.  Its about the same size, if not slightly larger.  Stiffness is about the same.  Although the Mpower cup actually holds slightly more liquid.  So if you have a super heavy flow, or its hard for you to get a cup to pop open, this brand will definitely help.

The stem is just like Lunette’s, but slightly more squared at the end.  Also, the bottom of the cup is more “rounded” and had 3 very subtle grip rings– meaning subtle enough to where they are not really detectable when worn up inside, but still helpful for grip.

Holes– there are 4.  And by far the largest I have seen, so if keeping the holes clean is a chore for you, larger holes are a good thing.  Rinsing it out under the sink, I noticed that I really didn’t even need to put any effort into flushing the holes out– the water would naturally clear them.

As for the material– Its different from Lunette– more clear, and quite honestly the same kind used to make the old Femmecup (there’s a new one now), or the Naturcup I believe.  I was told by Glenda that more hardener was added to this cup’s material, so it would be easier to pop open.  For those of you who have never handled the old Femmecup, the difference is, its basically not as “rubbery” as other brands.  Its closer to a soft, flexible plastic, actually.  When I place Mpower side-by-side with the old Femmecup, the material looks and feels very much alike.  But of course, Mpower is stiffer, as I mentioned.  Mostly due to the thickness, particularly around the middle.  So definitely no nonsense, when it comes to popping open and staying rounded up inside.

When I tested the cup out, I did use the punch-down fold, since it is a wider cup.  But as I expected, it popped open quite easily.  I did feel the stem, but that can be trimmed, so no problem there (however, I won’t be trimming mine, because I want to keep it in good shape for photos and videos).  Otherwise, it was comfortable.  I’ve made mention a few times that I prefer small sized cups…  However, because I’m married and have been sexually active for the past 5 years, I can get away with using larger cups on a heavy day.  Mpower is one of the larger cups, so it would be ideal for someone who needs lots of extra capacity.

It is, however, shorter than even the small Diva (in the body at least).  So you won’t have to sacrifice a shorter length for better capacity.  The rim is just a hair wider than large Lunette, although the difference is almost unnoticeable.

The Pouch:

Its very durable, basically made of denim.  Definitely won’t be falling apart anytime soon, and its VERY roomy.  I’ve heard some women say that they want a thicker, tougher material to store their cup in, to better protect it from all the items in their drawer or purse…  So if that’s you, this pouch is something you might like.  Although — as a friendly suggestion to the company from someone who loves to sew– I would say bring the seam of the drawstring ribbon’s sleeve up a bit higher to form a more snug fit around the ribbon, and possibly use a wider or more textured ribbon.  This may help the bag to catch on the robin better, and stay closed, as the material’s stiffness tends to want to slip open with the satiny ribbon.

The Box:

I REALLY like this box, it is so pretty!  Lovely designs on the top and front, with a “beige-white and gold” color theme.  All around the bottom, there’s a nice rainbow-glitter pattern.  The logo is kind of exotic-looking, in a very good way.

Information leaflet & Instruction Pamphlet:

Very clear, direct, and easy to understand.  In the leaflet, they took care to point out all the financial, environmental and health benefits of a menstrual cup, offering clear, life-like photos of the product and its box.  As well as contact information and links to the Mpower website.

The usage instruction pamphlet is black and white print, and 3 fold.  Bilingual, with English on one side and (I believe) Africaans on the other?  In the center, there is a clear picture diagram of how to fold and store the cup, as well as detailed writing, describing insertion, removal, and cleaning.  As well as some additional product information.

My Personal Opinion:

I’m happy that I got to try this cup out.  For a while it was not available in the USA, but finally I got my hands on one.   Currently, there is an issue of design similarities between Mpower and Lunette.  So I’ve been told that Mpower will be changing their cup design in the near future.  If or when that happens, I will do my best to get the new design, and show it to everyone.   🙂



  1. glenda tutt said,

    Thank you for a stunning review of my product my dear. I am pleased that you picked up on the well thought out features I researched so thoroughly. Pls pop me an email to ‘chat’ through any further info about my product and my business.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      It was my pleasure. I will certainly send you an email 🙂

    • Ina Jones said,

      How can I order this – I am in Canada now but came overseas.
      Closest town Fernie, BC. Will be in Edmonton/Calgary for a week or two too.

  2. Soubreterrord said,

    Enjoying reading the posts here, thanks

  3. melissa gardner said,

    One thing that I loved about the Mpower cup from the get go was the actual company. When you write Mpower you are writing to Glenda not some big corperation. Not to mention that the Mpower seems to be the most perfect cup out there!!!Maybe it is just me! But I do think that using a cup is a political statement as well as a personal choice and that our choices in what brands we choose should follow. Mpower is hands down a great cup for many reasons.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Agreed, I’ve especially had more than one woman email me saying what a blessing Mpower is for their heavy flow, and how easy it is to clean.

  4. Cruttchenue said,

    hi everybody

    great forum lots of lovely people just what i need

    hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

  5. KildNolainwal said,


    I just wanted to say hi to everyone


  6. Seancelen said,

    Hello people!

    I am new here and I just wanted to say hi!


  7. Melanie H. said,

    Hi there!

    I have been doing a lot of research on menstrual cups. I currently have a Diva cup. However, I was hoping to find something bigger. According to this site:

    It is similar in capacity to the Mpower…how do you feel the comparison is for that? I personally have to change my Diva cup hourly for the first 2 days of my cycle, it would be great to find something with a possible bigger capacity! 🙂

  8. samantha said,

    what do you do for removal of this cup

  9. Sonia Balder said,

    Not a big reader, but I emphatically didn’t mind scanning this. My mom constantly told me to read more; brilliant what you can pick up from reading.

  10. Ivory Beauty Kiddie said,

    Hi everyone. I’m new here. Just wanted to say hi

  11. Imartviania said,

    This website is very entertaining.

  12. Fikelephi ndisile said,

    Thankx 2 the info this product seems like will help in the society.

  13. Sezzy said,

    Great concept but in a public toilet, work and school environment this is dangerous.

    Do you realise that you will have HIV/AIDS patients rinsing their cups in shared general areas? What about public safety? What happens in the case of a spill on the toilet seat or what is left behind on the taps? In the large majority of “shared” environments bathrooms are not kept clean.

    The public bathroom is already a gem hazard and I feel that with this cup the general public will be even more exposed. How many bathrooms in these environments don’t even have hand sanitizers?

    I know you most probably won’t publish this on your website but think about public safety!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I have no problem publishing it.

      I thank you for the concern, but unfortunatly, disposable products do not protect our hands, the toilet seats, or the sinks from menstrual blood contamination. Using a cup would be no more dangerous than the use of disposables. People can get blood on their hands from handling their own used disposable tampons and pads and then touch the toilet seat, the handles, the paper dispenser, etc. Or a dirty tampon could hang down and touch the toilet seat or someone’s hand during removal. Then putting a pad on your underwear, you are now touching the nice clean pad with the hands that have been touching contaminated parts of the public stall. Or the new tampon you are about to put in could touch the toilet seat on the way down, or your contaminated hands would be touching the applicator, which will go inside you.

      How about everybody touching the dirty bin to throw their used pads and tampons away? How many people have touched their bloody items, and then touched that bin? A cup user dosn’t have to touch it at all.

      And if you can be careful not to let your hands or your pad or tampon touch anything contaminated, then you can also do so with a cup. There’s really no difference. Women’s bathrooms (and our hands or clean period products) can be contaminated with traces of other people’s menstrual blood no matter what we use. Nobody is capable of using the bathroom with absolutley no part of their hand touching their private parts or risking getting blood on them. If we were capable of that, there would be no need to wash your hands after going to the bathroom. Because your hands would still be clean.

      As far as rinsing them in the sink goes– you don’t do that in a puclic restroom. You bring bottled water in the stall, or just wipe it with a paper towel. Again, keeping everything limited to the stall, just like with pads and tampons.

    • Jo said,

      Just to add my 2 cents: I have used a similar product (just a different brand) for about a year and find that I am actually more careful – for the simple reason that I’m very squeamish. As the moderator said re people rinsing in public toilets: I have never rinsed mine in a public setting, just wiped it down & that more than sufficed until I could give it a proper wash at home.

      I heard Glenda on the radio yesterday and am now going to donate at least one cup this month to her Karabo Initiative. As a South African woman who does a great deal of work with other women, I think this is an incredible initiative which can go a very long way towards assisting women in difficult circumstances. I sent the link to every woman in my database.

      I do however feel that proper training in the womens’ mother tongue will be vital to address the very concerns Sezzy raises above due to the high incidence of HIV/AIDS in our country to promote safe disposal of cup contents.

  14. Patience Mntubu said,

    This sound very interesting, please give me more info on distribution opportunities.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You can go to the Mpower website and email Glenda, who owns the company. She can help with distribution information.

  15. Priscilla said,

    Please tell me how this product works and how long can you keep it in

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I have a video which shows how to use a menstrual cup: . If you have a very light flow, you can wear a menstrual cup for up to 12 hours. If your flow is heavier, you may need to empty it more often. Most women with heavy flows can wear it for 4 to 10 hours. But you should never wear it longer than 12 hours, withotu emptying and washing it. After you have emptied and washed it, you can put it back in. It will last for years if you take care of it.

  16. Viera said,

    Hi Melissa
    Do You have any information where I can get MPower cup in UK? Seems that Teresa is not selling them anymore.My friend has a heavy period and her MeLuna overflows so she wants bigger cup.I think regarding capacity this is the biggest.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I think the only place you can get Mpower now is on their acutal website. But the thing is, they are currently in the process of changing their design, because of too many similarities between their cup, and large Lunette (there is legal case regarding this). That is why Femininewear cannot sell them, if they did they woudl face legal action as well.

      But Actually, rigth now, the cup with the absolute MOST capacity is the large Yuuki– which you can buy at Femininewear, I think. It hold more than large Lunette, Large Fleurcup, large Diva, or Mpower. Its a bit softer than those brands, but it does hold the most. It is a large cup. You can find some comparison photos here in my photo library in my discussion forum. Maybe she woudl be interested in looking at them:

      • Viera said,

        Thanks Melissa
        I`ve already ordered large Yuuki for her.I didn`t noticed You now own Large Yuuki and I still assumed that Mpower is biggest.

  17. Ria said,

    My daughter are still a virgin can she also use it

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      She can use a menstrual cup, but I would suggest searching my website to look at smaller cup brands for a virgin. Mpower is a bit large for a young girl. There are smaller cups like Yuuki, Meluna, Ladycup, Lunette, etc. They have a large size for older women, and a small size for younger women.

  18. Marianne said,

    Thanks very much for this excellent review

  19. RFID Reader said,

    ,”* I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives great information ““

  20. BiancaW said,

    Just thought I would pop in to say that I have been using my MPower Cup for over a year and have loved it! There are only a few to choose from here in South Africa, but I am so glad that I chose Glenda’s cup. It has worked out perfectly for me.

    I also think she is doing an awesome job trying to get them to lower income (ie: no income) people in our country. They are in desperate need of something to help them cope with their period every month!

  21. Drow6 said,

    Hi I just wanted to comment on how awesome I think these cups are.
    It has made traveling and general life during the time I menstruation so easy. Society seems so finiky and grossed out so easily but I think it is as gross as tampons. Its just a matter of changing perceptions. the benefits out weigh any of the gross factors. We just Need more stockists in Johannesburg!

  22. quitterie said,

    I can’t wait to discover the next (new) design of the Mpower!! 😀 And then, there would surely be a small size available too.

  23. TG said,

    I would love to buy an Mpower cup but I live in the USA. Is there any way to acquire one?

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