ABC’s Of Vaginal Health

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I added this page to help inform girls and women about the ABC’s of women’s health.  More specifically, vaginal health.   Some of these things you may already know, but some you may not– and its very important.

But please note: Nothing substitutes the advice of a medical professional, be it natural and holistic health care, or conventional.

I will try to organize this page so that the information will be easy to sort out and read. There are several kinds of vaginal infections, but here, I’ll discuss 2 of the most common types:

* Yeast
* Bacterial (also known as BV or Bacterial Vaginosis)

As well as their causes, and how to help prevent them.

Yeast– What is it?

Everyone has natural yeast (Candida) in their body. But its not exactly the same kind you find in food, although the yeast in food can encourage bodily yeast problems. The body’s yeast/Candida is basically a tiny, microscopic flora that lives and grows inside you. You have some in your ears, mouth, throat, stomach, intestines, and of course the reproductive area. Some other areas have it too, but the areas I named are the most common problem areas.

A certain amount of natural yeast is good for you. But when you have too much of it, or when the “colony” of yeast grows too large and out of control, you then have a “yeast/Candida infection”. These infections can develop in any part of the body that has natural yeast.

Bacteria– What is it?

Bacteria is a microscopic living organism in your body. There is both good bacteria, and bad bacteria. The bad bacteria, of course, causes infections and can make you sick. The good bacteria will actually eat up all the bad bacteria, to help heal you. It also eats some of your body’s natural yeast, to keep it down to a safe level and prevent yeast infections. Good bacteria– is a very good thing!

What makes a “healthy vagina”?

A healthy vagina is one who’s PH levels are normal. This means you have just the right amount of natural yeast, and natural good bacteria, complementing each other and creating harmony inside the vagina. If something happens to upset that balance one way or the other– the result is an infection.

What causes a vaginal yeast infection?

Typically anything that upsets your PH levels. The following things can either cause or further irritate an existing vaginal yeast infection, as well as yeast problems in other parts of the body:

* Douching (even with water, because it washes away your good bacteria, leaving you defenseless)

* Soap in the vagina (It kills your good bacteria)

* Body lotions, oil-based products and anything labeled “for external use only” going in the vagina

* Dirty hands/toys/foods or other objects going into the vagina

* Sex lubes with oil or glycerin (glycerin is a sugar, which can cause/aggravate yeast infections)

* Poor diet (high in sugar, starch, yeasty foods, acidy foods, mushrooms, nuts, cheese)

* Tight pants or underwear, clothing that does not allow airflow

* Wet clothing

* Sugars touching the vagina (using whip cream, syrups, candy, etc during sex)

* A sexual partner who has a yeast infection (men can get them too)

* Wiping from back-to-front (you are supposed to wipe front-to-back. If not, you can drag germs from the rectum forward and they can get in the vagina)

* Something touching or entering the rectum, and then touching or entering the vagina (for the same reason as above)

* Certain forms of birth control (spermicidal, etc)

* Starting a new diet (for some reason, this tends to upset your PH levels)

* Being allergic to something that touched or entered your vagina

* Poor hygiene

* Your period

* Pregnancy

* Having vaginal sex, with your partner entering “from behind” (it drags the rectal germs forward into the vagina)


What causes a bacterial infection in the vagina?

Either killing off your “good bacteria”, or adding more “bad bacteria”. Bacterial infections such as “Bacterial Vaginosis” , or “BV” are actually MORE common than yeast infections, and can be pretty dangerous. When you do something that kills off your good bacteria, one of two things will happen:

1– Your natural yeast will be allowed to grow out of control and cause a yeast infection.

2– The BAD bacterial will take over, causing a bacterial infection.

What makes a bacterial infection dangerous, is that 1– a lot of people do not notice any symptoms until it is REALLY bad. In fact, bacterial infections are usually discovered by accident during a routine vaginal exam, or PAP test, which is why its so important to get them. 2–Many women confuse it with a yeast infection, and self-diagnose because they don’t want to go to the doctor. Then they try to treat it themselves, from home. That’s really a BAD idea, unless you are 100% certain of what it is (like if you‘ve been diagnosed by a doctor before, and you know the symptoms very well).

Some of the same things that cause a vaginal yeast infection, can also cause a bacterial infection in the vagina. Other things as well:

* Soap, lotions or “external use only” products in the vagina

* Dirty hands/toys/foods or other objects going into the vagina

* Douching (even with water, because it washes out your good bacterial, leaving you defenseless)

* A sexual partner who has not washed properly

* A cut, tear, or other injury inside the vagina

* A rub-raw irritation in the vagina, particularly near the cervix (cervical infection is called “cervicitis”)

* Using over-the-counter yeast infection cures, when you don’t really have a yeast infection (please do not self-diagnose. Go to a doctor and get tested, to be sure).

* Wiping back-to-front (you are supposed to wipe front-to-back. If not, you can drag germs from the rectum forward and they can get in the vagina).

* Poor hygiene

* Thong underwear (because the string rests so close to the rectum, germs and moisture from the rectum travel forward through the fabric to the vagina, and introduce germs– especially when the underwear shifts and moves about with you)

* Having vaginal sex, with your partner entering “from behind” (it drags the rectal germs forward into the vagina)


What are the symptoms of these infections?

First, please be aware that not everyone’s body works the same way. Knowing these symptoms does not mean you are prepared to self-diagnose. Sometimes these infections can have similar symptoms, sometimes not. Sometimes it is neither yeast nor bacteria; other types of infections and sexually-transmitted deceases have these symptoms too. So it is always important to see a doctor.

However, in many cases, medical professional have found the following symptoms:

Vaginal Yeast Infection:

* Discharge that looks white and clumpy, like cottage cheese, or ricotta cheese

* A yeasty odor in the vagina, such as a “beer” or “bread” smell.

* Itching and burning in the vagina, outer labia, and groin area

* Redness and irritation around the vagina, outer labia, and groin area

* Skipped periods (with no chance of pregnancy)


Bacterial Infection in the vagina:

* A strong, “fishy” odor in the vagina.

* Discharge that is milky-white, yellowish, or greenish in color

* More discharge than usual

* Skipped periods (with no chance of pregnancy)

* Pain in the lower abdomen (in very severe/untreated cases)

Please be aware that an untreated bacterial infection in the vagina can travel up into the cervix, the uterus, even the ovaries, and cause PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). It can also damage your reproductive organs, taking away your ability to have children. In some cases, the organs may need to be removed. It can also increase your risk of cancer in the area.

In other severe cases, it can even cause nausea, feverish feeling in the pelvic area and the rest of the body, vomiting, dizziness, etc.

What can I do to prevent or fight these infections?

First off, you should always go see your doctor. Again, never try to self diagnose. Different infections need different treatments, and using the wrong treatment can make your infection worse, or even start an additional one.

Now– your doctor will diagnosed you, and prescribe some treatment medication. But that will only take care of the problem this time. Unfortunately, and for some odd reason, after you‘ve had your first vaginal infection, it is VERY easy to develop another one later. You will need to make some changes at home, to keep your vaginal PH healthy, and your natural yeast and good bacteria in balance.

Contrary to popular belief, conventional medicine usually only treats the surface of the problem. What you really need to do is treat the problem from the INSIDE, which is where it begins. So here are some things you can do at home, in addition to your doctor’s prescription, that will help a lot:

Vaginal yeast infections:

* Do not use soap on the inside of your genitals.

* Cut out (or at least greatly reduce) certain foods, such as: Alcohol (beer especially), starch (bread, rice, pasta, corn, potatoes– they all turn into sugar in your system and make yeast infections worse), acidic foods (citrus, vinegar, etc), cheese and mushrooms (both are related to fungus growth, and aggravate yeast infections), sugar (yeast feeds on sugar).

* Never put any objects in your vagina that aren’t clean, or meant to go there (don’t put foods or drinks in there, strange objects, etc.)

* Don’t douche (it washes away your good bacteria)

* Do not use an oil-based lubricant, or one that contains glycerin (oil based is not biocompatible with the vagina, and glycerin is a sugar, which is what yeast feeds on)

* Don’t wear wet or damp clothes for long periods of time

* Don’t wear tight pants / underwear, or clothing made from material that doesn’t “breathe” (leather, etc.)

* If you wear pads during your period, change them often, and wipe yourself as dry as possible.

* Dry in and around your vaginal area and rectum with toiled paper, after getting out of the shower. Yeast LOVES warm, moist areas. But hates dry, oxygen-rich areas. So the more dry you are, the more you prevent yeast growth.

* Eat yogurt (plain, no added flavors– at home, you can add low-sugar fruit, or artificial sweetener)

* Don’t use harsh soaps or fabric softeners on your underwear.


Bacterial infections in the vagina:

(please be aware that in the case of a bacterial infection, doctors often use antibiotics for treatment, to kill the BAD bacteria. The problem is, antibiotics also kill your GOOD bacteria, leaving your vulnerable to a yeast infection. So you will want to do things at home that prevent yeast over growth, and encourage your good bacteria to grow back as soon as possible)

* Practice all the tips in the Yeast Infection prevention list, to counteract the negative effects of the antibiotics.

* Take a garlic supplement EVERY day. Garlic is a true, medicinal miracle food! Not only is it wonderful for heart health as it reduces cholesterol– but it also contains an ingredient called “Alicin” which is a powerful natural antibiotic. But Alicin only kills BAD bacteria, so your good bacteria will be safe. Some medical professionals and natural healers will even compare garlic’s power, to that of penicillin. Many cultures have been using crushed fresh garlic to heal infected wounds for centuries. A supplement / pill is best, because otherwise you will have to eat large amounts of raw garlic (cooking garlic takes away the Alicin). Your supplement should have an Alicin count of 3,000-5,000 per serving. Take as directed.

* Drink plenty of (sugar-free) fluids, to cleanse your body.



  1. McBride said,

    This helped me out tremendously. I will be sure to follow all the prevention techniques. Thank you so much for posting. I’ll be back to look at it to make sure, there are no more updates. God bless && have a wonderful night.

  2. ijeoma okoye said,

    i have been suffering for this bacterial infection for 7 years and have taken a lot of drug, discharge have stopped but am till having bad odour out of my vagina and now i have use garlic up to five days, the odour it till prolonging.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      There is probably an underlying cause for the infections, if they continue to come back. Its best to speak to your doctor about ways you can cure and prevent it. It may be genetic, and manageable with diet, or it may me something medical, or a product you use, and don’t realize it.

      • There's hope said,

        I have also suffered from BV for months not years, “I’m sorry that you’re resulting to living with it” but I too had dr’s prescribe the same Meds that didn’t work and also had no answers for me. I felt like I lost all hope. A girlfriend of my mine suggested I go see her acupuncturist to help me. I thought to my what the “yeah, what’s she going to do for me.” Anyway, I sucked it up and went and with a 2 weeks I have started to feel better!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. Turned out u had a yeast and a bacteria infection. She gave me herbs to drink and to wash with. I’m still on the path of healing, but my pain is getting better everyday! Please go see a really good acupuncturist! You will not regret it!! Good luck to you! Also, changing your diet also helps too! Start juicing leafy greens and take a good probiotic like fem dophilus

  3. elizabeth said,

    Thanks so much

  4. Koko said,

    I have suffered from bv for years and after seeing doctor after doctor I have completely given up… They all give tge same medications over and over that u think they would realize are not working or I would not continuously be in their office. I have just been living with it! But the smell is so embarrassing. I am so self conscience. But ur advice here seems to all make such simple since and I am gonna make sure I follow every tip on here so maybe this can be gone once and for all. Thank you

  5. Pia said,

    i used to have yeast infections pretty much every month after my period. i guess caused by tampons because i have a very weak period. this was one of the reasons why i switched to the menstrual cup: problem solved!
    saving money for the treatment (which my insurance in germany doesnt cover) made the purchase of the cup even more profitable!
    it could be a solution for a lot of women suffering from infections related to their period!

  6. Confused Teenager said,

    I really need some help. I started masturbating by playing with myself a couple years ago. I never finger myself. I have always been more “wet” that usual when I am with a man or if I masturbate a lot. I always have had light discharge throughout the day. The left side of my minor labia is swollen and has been for quite a while. Recently: I have been itchy down there but only at night. What does this mean? I dont want to ask my mom to see a doctor, I am too embarrassed. Please help me!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      The first thing I will say is NEVER try to “self diagnose”. There are many different possible infections you can have in that area, and they all require a different treatment. If you use the wrong treatment, that can actually make it worse. There is no ONE cure that works for everything.

      It can be embarrassing to speak to a parent about something like that, but unfortunately, leaving it and allowing it to go on can really make things worse. Its better to tolerate some embarrassment, instead of risking it getting worse if it is something serious.

      It could be anything. An allergic reaction to something (which in that case, its better to know, so you can avoid whatever it is). Or if you are sexually active, it could be a sexually transmitted disease. It could be an injury or irritation to the skin. Or some kind of infection. Or several other things.

      It really is best to see a doctor, especially if it doesn’t go away, or if it is hurting, itching, burning, or there is a strange odor, or change in discharge.

  7. Jacquelyn said,

    okay i’m 22 years old, and i masturbate alot. Well tonight i was masturbating with a long, thick, rigid [it had little bumps/points on it] Well after i finished i went to the restroom and used the restroom, i noticed a little bit of pink/red on the toilet paper, and i was wondering what that meant, did i damage my vagina with my object i used? please help

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      A little bit of ripping happens almost every time we have penetrating sexual activity. But usually its so little, we never notice. But sometimes we can be a bit too rough, and get kind of raw… You should be fine, but if you have any pain or irritation, it might be worth it to check with a doctor. Don’t be to rough with your cervix (the end of your vagina) because if that gets irritated or raw, an infection can develop. And yeas infection cures will not work on bacterial infections (which are more common than yeast infections). You would need something from the doctor for that.

      I would say just rest for a couple of days. Keep an eye on things down there. And in the future, maybe try something that is not so textured… The texture could have done it. And of course, don’t be too rough. Use water based lubrication (oil based can cause infections).

  8. zay said,

    i was diagnosed with bac vaginosis for years…. and have been prescribed metronidozole (my body was tired and eventually would bleed after inserting). about 5 years ago i was told my vagina was producing an increased amout of good bacteria. this increase caused a slight odor, thickness and clumping etc. but in my case i was asked to increas my magnesieum intake. this did seem to help some but i have to take 10,000mg per day (too much) and it doesn’t cure the issue it just lessons the amount – i now douche daily with warm warm and take the mag ( also take biotin, iron daily) now and again i take acidofophilus.

    after sex – now i itch and am irritated and some times have an odor- my husband is now experiencing soreness, scabs and irritation… what a mess… i feel better when we do not have sex but my issue with have to take mag and douche is ongoing.

    oh as of last week i am taking cranberry pills daily because of a persistant UTI (self diagnosed)…

    what is a girl to do?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Its probably not a great idea to douche, that really just messes up your ph even more. Of course, I don’t know if a doctor told you to do so because you need to be wishing something out? It that case, it could be different. But normally, a vagina is a “self-cleaning oven”.

    • angela said,

      Hello, I used to suffer from ongoing BV and was constantly prescribed metronidizole. After years of.frustration and embarrassment from.the odor I began to eliminate things that could.cause the issue.

      Over since switched to fragrance free laundry detergent, doeve sensitive soap, I wear pantiliners daily, I make sure I wash my vagina first before other parts while the washcloth is still very clean, I eat yogurt daily and cut out sugary drinks. NO DOUCHING!!!! I also keep my pubic area keep odors from being trapped. I also sleep without underwear as much as I can to allow time for area to breathe.

      I have since been about 6 years free of odor and feeling more confident about myself and sex life. Hope this info helps.

  9. Mandy said,

    PLEASE HELP ME…I had a yeast infection which i left untreated for almost 4 months as I didn’t know what it was & didnt have a doctor in the country i was staying at the time. There was endless amounts of thick clumps of white discharge everyday. I later went home & the doctor gave me pills to insert into my vagina – the yeast infection cleared in 3 days. The problem I have found since is that my vagina (inside) smells extremely strong like garlic. It is an unbelievably strong scent. I never had any abnormal vagina scent before I developed the yeast infection & I do not have any thick white discharge or discharge at all since I took the pills so I am assuming the Yeast infection has gone away, but I can’t justify why I would have this scent. It is NOT a fish scent, it smells like extremely strong garlic.

    I notice sometimes my fingers and tounge smell of this horrific garlic soar scent also, but not all the time, it is inside the vagina that is constant. I wont be able to have sex or even get close to anyone I am in a relationship with whilst I have this problem, so I remain single.

    I haven’t had sex for a year & never unprotected. I have stopped using so much soap & douching down there with water, I now just wash the outside and dry well..My pants and the outside of the vagina smell fine, they have no scent. It is ONLY INSIDE. My diet changes frequently but reccently I have been eating well and extremely healthy without any of the foods mentioned which increase yeast… I have even tried eating garlic, but now I am scared to even have it in my food incase it contributes to the problem. I have also tried stopping eating garlic, which doesn’t help. When I developed this smell there was NO garlic in my diet.

    I am now living in a thirdworld country for work and I visited the doctor & dermatologist, who told me I probably have parasites and gave me two courses of pills to take and the smell would go away. It hasn’t and I assume I don’t have parasites anyway as they did no tests they were just going from the smell of garlic. The doctors here are awful and incorrectly diagniose people all the time.

    I don’t know what else to try..

    I did used to SHAVE my vagina every single day, I now leave it about 3 days before shaving, but I still do shave and I don’t want to stop. I always keep a clean razor blade. I have extremely good hygenie and I am a very clean person, so I don’t know why this is happening to me.

    My scalp has also had a horrific gone-off cheese smell for about 4 months which hasn’t gone away, I have tried all of the shampoos reccommended and I dont have any dandraff or lice, just an unbareable smell in my scalp. I have concluded that I was using COCONUT OIL on my hair for almost a year and when I stopped is when the horrific hair smell began, I assume it is excess oil. Rubbing lime into my scalp, really helped me but the doctor says I cannot keep doing this or I will develop dermantitus and I used the shampoo they recommended also and there’s been no improvement!!

    I can’t get a good doctor right now and I would love some help, at least on the vagina garlic smell.

    Is there anyway that I possibly still have a yeast infection.. even though there’s no discharge anymore? I don’t have any abnormal pains or other symptoms of the BV.

    Please any advice would be a great help until I get closer to a better doctor which may not be for several more months.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      At first, I thought “Garlic is a natural treatment for many vaginal infections, so maybe the doctor used a treatment with strong garlic base? But even in that case, it should not be lasting this long…

      Honestly the things we eat and the areas we live in, along with what we drink have a BIG impact of the smell of our sweat, urine, feces, sexual discharge, etc. It could be other things BESIDES garlic that you are eating in this country you are in. As you know, in a different country, EVERYTHING is different. The spices and other ingredients they use in the food… Even down to the composition of the water, the fruits and vegetables, etc. The only thing I can suggest (until you get closer to a better doctor), is try to make you diet as close to the diet you ate in your home country as possible (if you can). Stick to processed water, bottled if you can.

      I had a neighbor who always put the rosemary spice in almost all his food! He always cooked extra and brought it to us to share. And after a while, I noticed that all my body secretions had that strong rosemary smell after a while. So I stopped eating the things he brought, I would just let my family have it. After a week or two, it went away.

      But again, there may be things besides garlic that are causing these smells.

  10. lelo said,

    I found out I had a yeast infection yesterday nwas given a tablet to insert into my vagina,candizole. Da nurse told me to try n clean down there when I bath in the morning so I did this morning n a lot of discharge came out. White chunky discharge. I don’t know if I cleaned it the right way because I inserted my finger in there to remove the discharge now I’m worried that I may have exposed myself to more infection or may have removed the pill itself. How long does it take for the pill to disolve n be absorbed


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Don’t put anything inside there when there is an infection. and DO NOT use soap! That makes it worse. Just use plain Water. Wash off the outside area, don’t try to delve inside. The discharge will simply be there until it is healed, not much you can do. But make sure all the labia and the surrounding area are VERY dry after you bathe or shower. Try to wipe yourself dry down there (very gently) frequently through the day. Yeast loves extra moisture, to dry it off whenever you can.

      Do not wear tight clothes, it prevents your vaginal area from “breathing” and you need lots of free airflow to help cure the infection.

      Avoid sugary foods, carbs, and alcohol until it is healed.

      Do all these things, plus use whatever medication your doctor gives you for a cure, that is most important.

  11. Kracia said,

    I have used garlic for a very time but am still hving abnormal discharge n irregular mensturation

  12. lori said,

    I received my first ever bacterial infection caused by a found tampon left in for a few days this past month. My period is now late for the first time ever by 5 days. Is it common to have your period be effected after treating a bacterial infection? Thanks.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      I have heard of people having late periods many times, because of infections. Basically, anything that disrupts your body (stress, being pregnant, being sick, infections, having tumors or cysts, etc.) can cause you to skip a period. But still, its good to check with a doctor to make sure its not something else. Other conditions can actually CAUSE bacterial infections.

  13. tunrasco said,

    this is really educating. i have been a novice to all this information but now i will caution myself. i do have boils around my vigina which i dont understand why. there is this white sticky discharge which comes out of my vigina what kind of infection is this please. should i stop the antibacterial soap that i use. please help me out

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Yes, you should stop the antibacterial soap. You could be killing your natural GOOD bacteria, which keeps you healthy. It could be a yeast infection, if you look up immages of a yeast infection on google images, you can see that some people have redness and swelling, but also some people develop sores and bumps, ets. Like a rash. However, there are a few other things it could be too, so DON’T try to self diagnose. You really do need to see a doctor. If if is not a yeast infection, and you use a yeast infection treatment… You could make it worse.

  14. judie said,

    i need more information about bad and good bacteria.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Of course I’m sure goodle or Wikipedia can probably explain the precise biological differences between good and bad bacteria, a lot better than I can…. But in short, simple terms– the good bacteria will not harm you, and it has a very important job in your body of killing the bad bacteria, and eating the excess yeast. It fights infections and keeps you healthy.

      The bad bacteria is the stuff that causes bad smells, and infections, and other nasty illnesses, etc. It can do a lot of damage if it is left untreated, its definitely something you don’t want.

      Use caution when you are trying anything “antibacterial”, because the same thing that kills bad bacteria, ill also kill good bacteria, leaving you defenseless. Things like antibiotics should ONLY be used as a last resort, to kill BAD bacteria. And then special care should be taken to increase your good bacteria to bring it back as quickly as possible, and prevent an overgrowth of the body’s yeast.

  15. Kitsie said,

    My gf is having n burny pain in her vegina after we had sex

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      She needs to see a doctor as soon as possible. It could be several different kinds of infections, or it could be inflamed nerves.

  16. ruth said,

    Have been trying to get preg for some time now. Though I have a daughter. I went for pid test and was giving some drugs which I later went for the test again and a swap test and it all came out negative. Just very recently I noticed that few days after my ovulation I will see a thick white discharge that will last for only that day and the discharge is odour less. No itching or whatsoever. Please what could be the cause of the discharge? I really need your help.

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Discharge usually does change around ovulation. It normally gets thicker, and stretchy, very much like raw egg whites. normally it is clear.

      White? Hmmm, everyone has their own color, sometimes its clear but slightly milky, sometimes its completely clear. Sometimes thicker, or thin. But if this has only been very recent for you, then I think its worth looking into medically. It could very well be nothing, just a harmless change your body has decided to do (it happens). but still, its a good idea to check with a doctor about it, just in case.

  17. rocky said,

    Garlic is amazing! whenever i feel a yeast is about to happen i insert the garlic inside my vagina up to 5 days,, in the morning and before bedtime.. it has worked for me allll the time.

  18. Binny said,

    I had masterbating for last 4 years and last mounth i had sex with my bf but from last few days i have preety itchy and irritating vegina and i found a layer of some white substants.
    I cant go to any doctor so plzzz suggest me,what should i do???
    Give me some tretment for this pllllzzzz…

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      Unfortunately, there are MANY different vaginal infections which cause white substances and itching. But the treatment for all of them are very different. If you use the wrong treatment, you can make it worse… The only way to be 100% certain of what it is, is to have a doctor swab the area and do a test to find out.

      You have to find out what it is, before you try any treatments. You cannot risk making it worse, because infections in this area growing too strong are very dangerous. It can cause you to lose the ability to have children, or if it gets really bad, it can even cause death.

      Why can you not go to the doctor? Is it money? Do you live in a place where there are any medical services for poor people? If its not money, then I would say go see the doctor, no matter how embarrassed or worried you are.

  19. Sex Shop Paraguay said,

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  20. saba mehboob said,

    Very helpful. .

  21. Lisa said,

    For anyone living in the US who is embarrassed to tell their parents about a problem…you can always go to Planned Parenthood! I think I went there when I was 15 because I was curious and fantasizing about having a boyfriend and having the need to get on the pill! (I am now 42 so it’s been a while.) In any case the woman who spoke with me was completely non-judgmental and helpful.

    Some of the clinics still have sliding scales, in case money is an issue. If you are on the border of a state you can call a few of them within an hour or so driving distance and see which ones can help you financially.

    Something that helps the vaginal environment tremendously is drinking kefir. It is the original amazing probiotic. For anyone with vaginal or other issues (someone mentioned garlic smell and hair issues) it could be systemic candida (which is dangerous) and kefir basically cures that. Since I have been drinking kefir every day I have not gotten any yeast infections. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and used to get them now and then.

  22. Yest infection No more said,

    If you suspect that you have a yeast infection, and you have never had one before, see your doctor. He or she can give you an accurate diagnosis. This is important, because there are other serious infections that can mimic the symptoms of a yeast infection. Treating the wrong infection will prolong your misery and could lead to long-term problems for your reproductive system.

  23. Endometriosis said,

    I have Endometriosis,, is it safe to use the Fleurcup?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      As far as companies and doctors know thus far, menstrual cups have not been linked to the worsening of Endometriosis, and people who have it do use cups.

  24. Asta Overgaard said,

    This helped me so much! It is so difficult to ind helpful stuff about bacterial vaginosis online as people do not talk or write about it so much.

  25. Shauna said,

    Im 16, I masturbated on and off these last few years. About 2 years ago my period became quite irregular and came every 4-8 months. I kinda cut down on eating at that time and it’s never been the same. Last month I found a cyst like object under the layer of skin and found another the other day. My discharge can be quite heavy and there is sometimes an odour. Help?

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      This could be many things, from an infection, to cysts, to more troublesome things… Do not try to self-diagnose, or “guess” what it is. And do not try to treat the problem based on a guess. If you are wrong, and you use the wrong treatment, you can cause the problem to get much worse.

      The best thing to do is see a doctor. If you have never gone to the doctor about things in “that area” before, I know it can be very scary. I myself waited until I was in my 20’s before I finally did it! I never had any problems until then, and a pain in my lower abs finally forced me to go. It turned out to be something very simple, and easily treated. But the things that can happen if you don’t go to the doctor, are much, much worse than whatever problems you are having right now. Or the fear of going.

  26. starlight said,

    Help, I am 29 y.o and for the past year I seemed to have had a constent yest infection. I went to the doctor and he game me a pill that was suppose to cure it. It has gotten to the point my vaginal area smell like onions there is a very thick discharge along my lips, oh and in the past week or two I have been having the worst pain like I am being stabbed in my vagina and lower stomach. I am very clean, wear cotton panties to allow air, I dont know what else to do. I called my gyno and they said they will just give me the same before. Oh and I have been with the same guy for 9 years so there is no.chance for std. Please help!!!!

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      You need to make sure you and your man are not passing the infection back and fourth. Men can get yeast infections too. And while they may not show signs, they can still pass it back to you. Refrain from having sex during treatment time, until ALL your symptoms have cleared up. Go to a natural health store, and buy a “candida cleanse” candida is yeast. This helps rid your body of excess yeast. Start taking “Garlicin” it is a natural antibiotic derived from garlic. But it only kills BAD bacteria. Not good bacteria. So it does not cause yeast infections, like other antibiotics. The alicin in garlic helps avoid yeast infections. But you lose all the alicin when you cook garlic. So only raw helps. but you would have to eat cups and cups of raw garlic to really fight infection. So Garlicin is a high concentrate of alicing (5000mg per dose, the highest in the market). Take those as directed. And strictly AVOID sugar, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and alcohol. All these things either have a lot of sugar, a lot of carbs (which become sugar in your stomach). Yeast feeds on sugar, so it must be avoided if you have yeast problems. Also beer has yeast, and eating yeast just makes it worse. Also stay away from foods derived from fungus—- cheese, mushrooms, etc. These tend to aggravate the infection.

      Basically, you want to eat and drink only plain water (or flavored drinks with no starch or sugar), fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, etc. And LOTS OF YOGURT!!! however, make sure you get PLAIN yogurt from the store, and then flavor it yourself with fresh fruit or flavor extract and splenda (artificial sweetener).

      Creams and pills only treat the symptoms. You need to treat the REAL problem, which starts from within. With diet.

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