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NEWS:  I now sell menstrual cups at my new store:

I did this page just for fun, basically.  Putting the cups into groups.

All the cups I have so far:

Picture 601

The clear cups:

Top row, left to right:  small MoonCup UK, Femmecup, Medium Meluna (no stem), Small Yuuki

Bottom row, left to right:  Small Keeper Moon cup, Mpower, Large Lunette, Small Diva.

Picture 603

Opaque cups (not see-thru):

Left to right:  Small Miacup, Small Keeper, Small meluna (traditional stem).

Picture 605

The smooth cups (for women who don’t like pronounced grip textures):

Left to right:  Keeper Moon Cup, Meluna, Keeper, Ladycup

Picture 606

All the different Meluna stems:

Left to right:  No stem, ball stem, ring stem, traditional stem.

Picture 607

Green cups, left to right:  Meluna, Ladycup

Picture 608

Blue cups, left to right:  Ladycup, Meluna, Lunette Selene.

Picture 609

Orange cups (all Meluna’s, large and small)

Picture 610

Yellow (both are Ladycups)

Picture 611

Purple, left to right:  small Fleurcup, small Ladycup, small Miacup, large ladycup:

Picture 613

Other colors– red and black (Meluna):

Picture 614


  1. C.K. said,

    Hi Melissa,
    First I just wanted to say thank you for your reviews and videos, they are very helpful!

    I was hoping you could help me with some questions I have. I have a very long vagina so it’s making cup use very difficult for me. I first purchased a small Ladycup, and I like how tiny it was so insertion and removal were not painful at all, but it’s just too short and the stem was painful. Since it sits so high inside me, when I’d sit down or stand in certain positions, the stem would be poking the inside of my vagina. I trimmed the stem just a little bit which helped somewhat, but I can’t trim it completely because then I’m worried I won’t be able to remove it at all (even when bearing down I absolutely need the stem to pull it so I can reach the base!)

    I decided to buy a small Divacup after that after hearing how long it was. However, the stem still was painful. I trimmed it a little bit too, but I still feel that I will not be able to remove it if I cut off the stem completely. Removal hurt a bit too when the rim would come out because of the width.

    I have been watching your brand comparison videos and photos to determine which I should try next. I would not mind a stem providing that it is outside of my vagina so that it doesn’t stab my insides. The ball and ring stems of the Meluna look like a great idea but I’m afraid those will be too short as well. It looks like, from your photos, the Femmecup and Keeper Moon cup are the longest, stem included. However, they have very pronounced rims which I’m worried will be painful, since the Diva rim is painful when it is removed. I’m still willing to give it a try though, length is my biggest concern. I am 17 and not a virgin, but capacity isn’t really an issue so I would like to stick to a size small if possible.

    What would you recommend giving my situation? I live in the USA so it will have to be able to ship here. Money is definitely an issue right now too, as my mother is going through bankruptcy and a divorce, I’d feel awful asking for funding to buy yet another cup! I read a reply you wrote to somebody on here saying that some companies are generous with their donations. Which companies did you find were most helpful in donating? I would of course be glad to do my own reviews for them if they were donated.

    Thank you for any help, and thanks again for all of your helpful reviews.


    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      From your story, it seems that you definitely want to stick to “skinny and long” for a menstrual cup. The trick is finding a balance between the two, because most cups are either/or.

      However, if you are able or reach the Divacup just fine, then perhaps a small Lunette would work? Its rim is a bit slimmer than Divacups, but with the stem included, it is equally long. Also, the Lunette stem is flat and flexible, so it may bother you a lot less, if left intact. Since Lunette is now FDA approved, you can have it shipped here to the USA. In fact there is now a US distributor.

      True, lunette is not the cheapest…

      So of course there is Meluna, which is much lower in cost. The neat thing about Meluna is that their large is much longer than their medium or small, and it has grip rings. Also, its rim is thinner than the medium/small. But the larges rim is still thicker than Diva, so that may be a concern. Its not too short though, the large ball stem is about the same length as a small Diva with the stem trimmed off.

      Also, when you do trim your stems, have you tried beveling them? As in taking a pair of nail trimmers and making your cuts more like this \_/ instead of this |_| ? That can really help in keeping the stem from bothering you.

      I usually like to help people try an make the cups they have work, if its at all possible, because I know cups are not cheap. The only reason I have a lot is because 90% of them were free to me. I would never be able to purchase so many, lol.

      So with your Divacup– have you tried partially folding it as you remove it? Or maybe easing out one edge of the rim? The first part of the rim should come out on the side, rather than the front/top, because the side doesn’t hurt as much… your urethra is on the top/front, so for some people, the rim coming out there first can hurt. That’s how I do it.

      As for the stem, of course the above beveling tricks can help. But also, try flipping your Divacup inside out just to see if you can reach/remove it that way. If you can (and maybe you can, if you managed to get a small lady cup out), then you will know weather or not you could trim the Diva’s stem completely off. And of course, wearing it right-side-out with stem totally trimmed would be easier that doing it flipped inside-out, because the natural way, it’s a about ¼ inch longer and it has grip rings at the base.

      Hope this helps,


      • C.K. said,

        I can’t reach the Diva just fine actually, it still sits so high inside me, that’s why I wanted to find a cup that’s even longer than the Diva with the stem intact. That’s why I don’t want to flip it inside out or remove the stem completely because I’m afraid I won’t be able to get it out! It was still difficult to remove even bearing down, so it’s very frustrating for me because I know the Diva is one of the longer cups! The stem is very short compared to most cups though so I do want to find another cup with a longer stem.

        And yes, I have tried making the stem more like \_/, it actually poked me even worse! If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind taking a photo of the longest cups you have side by side? Particularly the Keeper Moon cup, Selene, and Femmecup? Those look the longest to me. The Selene looks really comfortable, do you think the stem is pokey at all compared to most?

        I will definitely have to try your suggestions for comfortably removing the Diva.

        Thank you very much for all your help, you’re wonderful!

  2. galthea said,

    hi, i just photographed all of mine, so wanted to share:

    but i only have fleurcup, both new and old mooncup uk and smallest meluna…

    • menstrualcupinfo said,

      These are great pictures, thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. Beth said,

    Hi, wonderful site, it convinced me to go for it and make the change! I am on my 4th cycle of my large keeper moon cup and I love it except for one thing. On some days it is a little long for me even turned inside out. Any suggestions on a similar shorter cup? I really need the same width (maybe even a smidgen wider) as I do sometimes leak a tiny bit on heavy days. I am afraid to just guess on the correct size because my husband will kill me if I keep buying “the wrong one” lol! Thanks in advance for any info. You rock!

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